Annual Review 2019

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OUR VISION To promote independence and increase self-esteem for adults with learning disabilities in a stimulating working environment, while providing quality printing and related services.

OUR MISSION To offer a base for vocational training and work experience within a sheltered working environment, providing a service based on individual needs. To promote self-advocacy within an organisation where all can be fully and actively involved in every aspect of its operation. To run a high quality community print and graphic design service. To raise awareness within the local community of the potential of people with learning disabilities.






Once again, I welcome you all to our Annual Review. 2018/19 has proved to be another challenging year for us, however I am pleased to be able to report that due to the dedicated effort of all the Staff supported by our Volunteers and Trustees that the Print Centre remains in a strong position for the years ahead. Over the last five years the two main sources of income have remained relatively flat, while our cost base has increased slowly resulting in a progressive erosion of the annual surplus/ deficit. The constraints on local authority budgets are likely to continue and we operate in a competitive environment for all other sources of income. A sum mary of our Financial position is provided in the Treasurer’s report, and as you will see we have managed to retain a strong financial base. I would like to highlight a specific initiative that has been launched this year. Over the last five years we have seen an increasing dependency on income from our commercial sales. Following a series of strategic reviews, a programme to increase customer awareness and improve the visibility of the Centre’s capabilities to the local community was agreed. This involved a targeted set of actions to raise the Print Centre profile on Social Media, a business relaunch with new web page, logo, signage, and an upgrade to the facility. More details on these projects are covered in the Report from the Business Development and Marketing Team. The Print Centre continues to provide outstanding work experience and training to our Printers, and I thank all Staff, Volunteers, Trustees and all other supporters of this organisation for their dedicated efforts. John Smith, Chair of Trustees




The Print Room is the heart of Burwell Print Centre, where our Printers complete a wide range of tasks and produce quality print work for our customers. Over the last year we have expanded the range of jobs that our Printers do. Printers are now involved in almost every step from start to finish in producing print work, from helping set up jobs on the print queue to monitoring the printer and refilling the paper and emailing customers when the work is complete. A considerable amount of new work has come from an existing customer, Iliffe Media, with the production of their local directory magazines, I’m Newmarket and I’m Haverhill. This has kept us very busy and we look forward to starting work on a third directory soon. As always, the Print Room has its ups and downs in terms of workload. Some days there isn’t a quiet moment as the printer is running to full capacity, the booklet maker is churning out work, and everyone is busy. Other days are quieter, but we still keep working. The craft group has been expanded to all days and we’ve discovered some secret pompom enthusiasts who have been busily making them for our stalls at the Burwell Carnival and our Christmas Fayre. There is now an extra gardening group that has taken on the courtyard garden with enthusiasm. We even have a Pokemon Go group that goes out walking in the village. Although not print related, we aim to encourage other skills, including team working, healthy living, the use of technology, and working independently, to name a few. With our beautiful new website we are getting a lot of online enquiries and orders coming directly to us, but despite this increase we still continue to offer a personal service that larger printers cannot. Customers can pop in or email us to have anything from a single A4 copy to a set of A0 plans printed. We embrace the “can do” attitude and tackle every job from printing last-minute boarding passes to laminating and assembling more than 100 flower identification charts and everything in between. Jess Earnshaw, Support Worker



Being kind to our planet is a responsibility we all share and here at Burwell Print Centre we are always looking for ways to improve our green credentials. We installed solar panels on our roof many years ago and we have supplied electricity back to the grid during this time, thus offsetting our power usage. To further reduce our power consumption we have just had new low-power lighting panels installed throughout the Print Centre. They have the added benefit of being daylight balanced, which improves our colour print accuracy. I suppose it goes without saying, but we use a lot of paper. Recycled paper products are available but all of our paper carries a Forest Stewardship Council mark. This means we can guarantee that the paper comes from responsibly managed sources and is ecofriendly. Although we have always recycled our printer cartridges, waste paper, card and plastic, we are trying to reduce our plastic usage. We have recently switched from supplying business cards in plastic boxes and changed to 100% recycled card boxes. As these are supplied to us flat packed it also creates a new job for our Printers and helps improve their dexterity skills. This may be a small change, but every little helps. Mel Mason, Support Worker


DESIGN REPORTRT Since last year’s report when Burwell Print Centre rebranded, we have also given our website a complete refresh from its past iteration. Focusing much more on the products we offer, the site now displays sample items with our new bright colour scheme and really showcases our services. Working with Shelley, our social media intern, we have been improving our online presence, which in turn has brought us new customers who hadn’t discovered us before. We have had increasing enquiries from customers in further afield locations that have found us online and receive finished work by post. So far, the feedback on this has been very positive. There has also been a growing trend for particular services offered at Burwell Print Centre this year such as, self-published book projects, personalised team clothing and work for artists keeping the giclée printer busy. This year we have also seen relationships grow with larger businesses who use Burwell Print Centre to design and lithographically print their work in huge numbers, much bigger than we could manage on our machines. The print work is still processed by our team of printers and allows us to offer a competitive service for a wider selection of clients and different paper finishes. In Design we have also said goodbye to Jules, whose skills both in graphic design and ‘Pokemon Go’ will be missed by all at Burwell Print Centre. We wish her all the best in her new adventures creating visuals for the film industry. Sarah Bevan, Designer



SOCIAL CARE & TRAINING J U LY 2 0 1 9 Another year’s worth of extremely valuable meetings between Staff members and Trustees. The sub-group still comprises myself, John Smith and Steve Verney as Trustees, and Sue Anderson and Mel Mason as Staff members. However, lately we have decided to include other Trustees on an ad-hoc basis, just so they can get a feel for what goes on, and perhaps lend a slightly different perspective where appropriate. With that in mind, Giles Cox joined us for our May meeting. We tend to schedule these meetings once every three months so, at time of writing, we’re not sure who will be joining us for the rest of the meetings this year. Trustees have day jobs too, so we’re always juggling our schedules around! This year we have covered many topics that affect our Printers, such as: initiatives that we share with other social enterprises (like Working Together with Red2Green, and the exciting possibility of a dating agency); Printer placements (how many vacancies we have, who’s joined us recently, and who’s left); any STEnG news (Sue is always right on top of this); which Printers are taking on roles outside Burwell Print Centre; any difficulties faced by our Printers (e.g. transport) and so on. There’s usually no agenda per se – Sue and Mel tend to bring things to the table each time. So, the group continues to act as a sort of bridge between the Trustees’ ‘normal’ job of overseeing the general running of the business and addressing the particular needs of our wonderful social enterprise. It’s sometimes uplifting, sometimes heart-rending, always amazing to get a snapshot of what goes on behind the scenes. Martin Ley, Trustee


P E R S O N A L , S O C I A L , H E A LT H AND WELL-BEING PROGRAMME This year some of the Printers asked to include food as a topic in our personal and social education sessions. After some discussion we came up with the title of ‘Happy and Healthy’. Throughout the Autumn a small group of four Printers took part in an hour’s discussion and activities when they considered keeping Happy and Healthy from many aspects. This eight-week session was then repeated in the Spring with another group of four Printers. The main aims of the sessions were to discuss, for example, what foods they eat throughout the day including at work, which foods they regard as healthy foods and whether these are tasty foods. We considered which are protein and carbohydrate or starchy foods and why these are important. We also talked about foods which have a lot of fat and/ or sugar in them and why these foods, in large quantities, might not be good for our bodies. This led to discussing how we can enjoy food and consume smaller amounts of sugar.

Some of the questions the Printers enjoyed answering were: What do we eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner? • And snacks? Can we list all the ‘in between meals’ foods and drinks? • Can we make a typical day’s menu including snacks? • Are we happy with our typical menu? If not why not? • How might we make small changes to our day’s menu? Are we happy with this? • In the above, which are foods containing protein, carbohydrates and sugars. Other aspects of our food and diets which the Printers enjoyed discussing and asking questions about were diets, including vegetarian and vegan. We tasted fruits and vegetables, such as kiwi fruit and avocado pear and made small platters of fruit and vegetables showing how attractively they can be arranged. These were eaten and shared with the other Printers at coffee time; a very popular part of the sessions! Jean Reeves, SHWB Programme Tutor


BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT & MARKETING Our key aim this year has been to continue to re-market the Print Centre as a more ‘commercial’ enterprise in the light of ever reducing social funding.

All these updates have made us far more visible in the village and to visitors to the school. The next aim is to spread our visibility beyond the local area, though not too far.

We had an ideal opportunity to co-ordinate a relaunch of the centre with the celebration of its 30th birthday in September 2018.

There is an ongoing target to market the Print Centre at some local Business to Business (B2B) events, though with the political uncertainty during the year these have been few and far between and none have been suitable. We are also looking at other opportunities to invite people to come and see what the Print Centre can do.

We completed a ‘Big-Bang’ relaunch with a new logo, new paint work to the building and a big party. Our eye-catching signage, decked out with its stunning new logo and typeface (developed by the in-house Design team) gives Burwell Print Centre a fresh new look. We are now far more visible from the car park, particularly now that all the building work at the school has finished.

This was followed up with the re-launch of the website to reflect the new image in November 2018. Our new logo and typeface has been used prominently not just on the website but on new literature, business cards, mugs and coasters. We have had a wonderful ‘Social Media’ intern working, along with our staff team, on increasing our visibility on social media. Our Facebook page is now updated almost daily and, along with our Instagram account, boasts a steady growth in followers. We also now have accounts on LinkedIn, (the professional equivalent of Facebook), Twitter and GoogleMyBusiness. 12

In May we had our second Open House event to coincide with the Print Centre Car Boot and local farmers’ market at the school. The whole Print Centre was open to visitors with teas and coffees and snacks available, whilst visitors could have a look round the car boot and at four local craft stalls within the Print Centre working area. It was very busy despite the terrible weather and several people came in who had not been aware of the Print Centre before. All the crafters who attended enjoyed meeting new people and doing a little business. Two of the crafters, who were new to the Print Centre, are now going to use it for their publicity material. Going forward we want to further promote all aspects of the Print Centre work with an aim to be less dependent on social welfare support payments to allow better support of our printers, regardless of their local NHS funding arrangements. Anne Emmett, Trustee Representative Business Development & Marketing Group




In April 2018, the social media project began with the mission to raise the profile of Burwell Print’s reach and audience to foster new business for the company. I have enjoyed my time working on the project and have been pleased with the progress it has been making. A year and a half on, and I am happy to report that the social media project has successfully been raising the profile and audience reach on all of its social media channels with great numbers of engagement and new followers. Since working on the project Burwell Print has established a good following on Facebook which now has over 500 followers, Twitter with over 300 followers, and Instagram with 150 followers, which is the newest channel created in August 2018. The Linkedin channel and Google channel are also in development and are used to share the professional side of what we do such as fundraising activities, in-house events and the promotion of our design team. In September 2018 Burwell Print’s 30th anniversary was a great success and was celebrated across all of our social media channels. There was great audience participation and our followers learned about the history of our organisation and the work we do. Press activity was conducted to help raise the awareness of our anniversary and I secured two print interviews, one in the Cambridge Independent and the other a front cover feature in the Newmarket Journal. Radio was also used with an interview by Sue Marchant from BBC Radio Cambridgeshire. Sue came into the Print Centre to see the work that we do and spoke on air to many of the Printers and Staff who were willing to be interviewed. In addition, our manager, Sue Anderson, bravely did an interview on Cambridge 105 to talk about Burwell Print. Although we had the help of a high-profile event to attract the attention of the press, I continue to attempt to get mentions in the press for our in-house events where possible. There have been many events at Burwell Print such as the Christmas Fayre 2018, several Getting Crafty events, car boot sale, carnival, and music fundraising event for the Print Centre featuring the Compressors. These events were promoted on social media reaching a large number of people. Staff noted that the Christmas Fayre was the busiest they have ever seen it. And many of the craft events advertised for the spring and summer filled all of their spaces. The Compressors gig received a lot of attention on social media. For example, one of the last posts used to promote the gig received 3,031 views and was clicked 275 times on Facebook. These are great numbers considering that no money was spent to boost or promote the event. Social media is here to stay, and it is important that we establish our following with the public. One of the biggest challenges Burwell Print Centre faces moving forward is converting the interest we see from on our social media channels into paid customers. This may require more direct marketing which I have been discussing with Sue and the design team. But the good news is that, through the social media attention we have gained, we have a great chance to turn this into a reality. Shelley Goffe-Caldeira, Social Media Project Intern 15


It is such a friendly atmosphere and they never let you down or miss a beat. No matter what job you come in with they will do their best to help. Wilf Hurrell I just thought to message you to say thank you ever so much for printing our conference posters – they look wonderful and the team are very happy. You were all so friendly when I came in right at the end of the day and we really appreciated the quick turn around on getting them printed. Stephanie Casey Great to be involved with lovely welcoming people at the lovely welcoming Print Centre where everyone is treated as an individual! Sue Evans


I just wanted to say thank you for the leavers’ books. They looked great and all the children and their families loved them. It is such a nice keepsake for them. Same time next year! or hopefully a bit earlier, as we will try to be a bit more organised. Please pass on our thanks from the Friends of Exning School to the whole team. Alex Friend Just to say thank you to you and your team for the cards – they arrived yesterday and they’re perfect! Anna Jackson

The postcards arrived on Saturday. I literally took them from the box straight to Hayley who opened them and if I had money for each time she said they were amazing I would be rich! I think so too, particularly the way the postcards have come out. Nathalie Richards

lovely they were. One of our guests is even planning to use them for their wedding invitations, despite living hundreds of miles away. We were so happy with the invitations that we have since placed two more orders with them. We can’t recommend them enough! Nick & Steph Poole

We used Burwell Print Centre to design and print the invitations for our wedding. We organised a meeting with a member of the Design Team who met with us and showed us loads of examples of previous similar things they had made. They were really helpful in working with our ideas and were happy to produce many drafts before we decided the invitations were just right. The finished product was high quality and we received loads of comments on how 17

H E A LT H A N D S A F E T Y AT BURWELL PRINT CENTRE Hello, my name is Simon. I am the Printers’ Representative on Burwell Print’s Health and Safety Committee. It is my job to help make sure everybody is safe when they are working here. I attend Health and Safety meetings with Hazel (Trustee) and Elaine (Staff) where I bring up concerns relating to the building, Staff and Printers.

Simon has been a great help to me in my new health and safety role as he has a lot of previous knowledge and experience. Simon has raised some very valid health and safety queries and concerns. For example, he realised Printers were carrying watering cans from one side of the building (where we have our vegetable beds) to the other side to water our lovely flowers in our courtyard area, but not anymore! We now have an outside tap fitted on this side of the building.

I hope you all like my work.

To help increase Printers’ awareness around health and safety we have introduced a weekly ‘Working Safely’ topic that we share as part of our morning meeting. Subjects we have covered have included what to do in hot weather, keeping our work area safe and tidy, and the importance of washing our hands. We know when our Printers have understood when they remind Staff of what they should do!

Simon Peters, Health and Safety Rep

Elaine Bridges, Support Worker

I have been doing this job for about two and a half years and I like doing it. In my previous jobs I have learnt about health and safety and I have been able to use this knowledge here at Burwell Print.


BEING A PRINTERS’ R E P R E S E N TAT I V E Another year has gone by and we both continue to enjoy our role as Printer Representatives on the Print Centre Management Committee. We look at how Printers will benefit from suggestions and decisions that are made and how the work environment fits our needs and well-being. This year we have welcomed new Volunteers and Printers. Also, lots of work experience students from local schools have joined us which we really like. We have some new tasks which Printers take responsibility for, such as making sure the garden is watered every day and that health and safety discussions take place at our morning meetings. We recently had a meeting with John, Sue and Jess to discuss the future of the Management Committee as we felt some changes were needed. We suggested that the meetings could be a bit shorter, with fewer items to discuss but that more emphasis could be put on Printer issues. We also suggested a ‘traffic light’ system for showing ‘How busy we have been’. We will miss Sue and thank her for all the support she has given us. Daniel Jaggard and Adrian Cornell, Printer Representatives



Burwell Print Centre, previously known as Burwell Community Print Centre, certainly lives up to its name in all respects. This year we have been involved in running or participating in many community events. Here are some highlights... CHRISTMAS FAYRE 2018 The best-ever Christmas Fayre that we have organised on the first Saturday in December for five years! Thanks to a successful application to the Co-op Community Fund we were able to restock our Santa’s Grotto and pay for some entertainment. A special thank you here to Jane Sulch who truly had the bit between her teeth when getting all the publicity for the event out there. BOOT FAIR In the spring we held a car boot sale in the car park at Burwell Print Centre raising £250. Despite the wet weather it was enjoyed by both booters and punters alike. At this year’s event we invited Pippa Mason, with family support, to run the burger and drinks stall to raise money to join an expedition to Borneo and Malaysia where she will be visiting and helping at ‘Eco Projects’. We also invited five local crafters to have stalls inside our building to help them promote their products.

CARNIVAL In June we participated in Burwell Carnival with both a float and a stall. The theme for the parade was Transport Through the Ages and we created a rocket-themed design. Our stall had the ever-popular sweetie jar tombola as well as selling the latest creations from our craft time, pompom garlands. THE COMPRESSORS CONCERT In June we had a fund-raising gig at the Gardiner Memorial Hall where ‘The Compressors’ got us on the dance floor. A special thank you to them, and also to Jo and Steve Cooper who, as always did a fantastic job of running the licensed bar.


“I joined Burwell Print to run a series of craft workshops. We ran two workshops in felting plus one jewellery making for beginners and another for wool dyeing. We are planning to run another series of workshops in the autumn. Feedback from attendees was very positive and several people attended more than one workshop. A great way to spend a morning.” Jane Starnes, Crafty Workshop Tutor BURWELL ACTION FOR YOUTH Prior to Carnival Day, Burwell Print Centre opened its doors to members of Burwell Action For Youth (BAFY) so they could come and use the T-shirt press to create their own cool graphic T-shirt designs to wear on their float as part of the parade. “This collaboration between two key community groups was a great opportunity for young people in Burwell to see the professional work that goes on at Burwell Print Centre and feel pride in making their own designs using professional facilities.” Zoe Chamberlin, BAFY CRAFTY WORKSHOPS Following an amazing POP IN AND ART day as part of our 30th birthday celebrations in 2018 we asked Jane Starnes if she would like to run some Saturday morning art workshops. All of them were fully booked and not only did people go away with beautiful products they had made, many people stepped through our doors who had never been before so several new customers have now joined us.

DUXFORD TRIP “Burwell Print Centre had a trip to Duxford museum. I was in a group with Sue, Robin and Jason. It was a very windy day but that did not stop us from having fun and there was lots to see. Some of the planes were interactable like the Concorde that you can walk through. On the second floor there is an activity centre where you can watch videos and play around. The videos showed how planes worked and what happened during World War Two. Lucky for us they were practicing for an air show the next day, so we got a sneak peek and saw lots of planes flying. My group took a mini shuttle to the display of tanks and houses of war time. Afterwards we ate our packed lunches in their dining area. It was a great day.” Georgie Allpress, Printer 21

THE CHICKEN SHED Throughout the summer, Usman has joined Dan to work at Fordham-based community café, the Chicken Shed on Friday mornings. They have been busy serving customers with drinks and delicious home-made cakes and love meeting new people while they are there.

CAFE PROJECT In the autumn Burwell Print Centre took part in a working together Café Project at Red2Green, working with Darwin Nurseries, Camtrust and Red2Green once again. The group’s focus was to plan and produce food to be sold at the Red2Green Café on a Thursday. It was a great opportunity for everyone to work together in a different environment and develop new skills. We have received very positive feedback from the café customers and everyone enjoyed the experience. NATIONAL VOLUNTEERS’ WEEKS In September we initiated and supported a Burwell and Reach event to celebrate the hundreds of local volunteers who are the life-blood of lots of local organisations, often the unsung heroes. This was a great success with 16 groups bringing information to share and members of the public coming along for afternoon tea and to find out what’s going on. Hopefully this will be the start of yet another annual event which Burwell Print Centre will be involved in.


Looking to the future, our Christmas Fayre stalls are already fully booked (7th December) and there’s talk of a ceilidh in 2020 so watch this space.




STEnG has been established for more that 18 years and is made up of ten individual Social Training Enterprises in Cambridgeshire. Across STEnG members a wide range of work and training opportunities is provided, including printing and print finishing, plant nursery, community café, charity shop, organic products, gardening services and upcycled items, for people with learning disabilities, people on the autistic spectrum, people with poor mental health and people with physical disabilities. The main purpose of STEnG is to bring representatives of each member organisation together so that we can promote opportunities for people marginalised by society by • • • • • • •

Sharing information Campaigning Jointly bidding for funds and contracts Sharing policies and practices Advocating on behalf of services users Supporting new staff Having a single point of contact for Cambridgeshire County Council Officers and others

The highlight of this year was to commission Nicky Stevenson and Elaine McCorriston of Social Enterprise East of England (SEEE) to produce a report showing the SOCIAL IMPACT of our work. This report is available on request but in summary the report shows that STEnG members add value to the statutory funding for their service users by: • Improving their quality of life, well-being, skills and confidence • Supporting their families and other carers • Supporting Social Workers and reducing the time they need to spend with their clients and families • Providing early intervention when problems arise that could otherwise result in the need for crisis support from Social Services • Increasing the funding and range of opportunities available, which often encourages informed risk taking that often takes people out of their ‘normal’ comfort zones • Improving the quality of each individual’s experience by creatively raising and investing additional income in each organisation It has been a privilege to Chair STEnG over the past couple of years and I look forward to hearing about the use and impact of this SOCIAL IMPACT REPORT. Sue Anderson, Chair STEnG, 2016 to 2019 25


During March and April students from Highfields School in Ely and Soham Village College came to do their work experience with us. The three students from Highfields came one day a week over six weeks. It was great to have them here and they learnt lots about print work and how we produce it. Alex, Chantelle and Ellie had the opportunity to try out many of the machines we have and enjoyed being part of the team. Also our Printers like meeting new people and sharing their skills. Owen is in Year 10 at Soham Village College and came to see us to arrange his own work experience and then joined us for a week during his Easter break. It was great having Owen around and he was a dab hand with the hot press and helped print a huge order of sports tops for a local rugby team. Then, most recently we enjoyed meeting and working with Alex Watton. Alex joined us for a week to add to his already extensive work experience. We wish all the students well in the future and thank you for choosing us for your work experience.


Spending a week of work experience at Burwell Print Centre was one of the most fun and enlightening experiences I’ve had. All the staff are extremely friendly and lovely to be around they taught me so much about working around people and adults with learning difficulties and showed me how life in the workplace can be an extremely joyful experience. I’m going to miss all the different people with all their different unique personalities; one of my favourite aspects of life at the Print Centre. Owen Crisp

I just wanted to say that I had a really good time at Burwell Print. I learned a lot of things and it has been a very useful experience for me. I really could not have asked for a better work experience placement. Thank you for giving me the opportunity. Danial Rees


S TA R T E R S A N D L E AV E R S THE HELLOS... LU C Y R U S S E L L | Volunteer Lucy is our new Tuesday morning volunteer. Lucy lives in Burwell with her family and two dogs, Ruby and Lola. Lucy has worked in schools for many years. She is creative and loves making stuff. Her hobbies are sewing, walking, gardening and cycling. Lucy loves coming to the Print Centre, she says it is one of the highlights of her week. Lucy very much enjoys spending time with the Printers and having a few laughs along the way. P R Z E M E K J U R C Z A K | Printer Przemek is our newest and youngest Printer who joined us in July after leaving West Suffolk College. He is currently working through his induction and learning about all aspects of print work. We have learnt that Przemek loves music and has a great singing voice!


DAV I D R O B E RTS | Volunteer I’ve been a volunteer for about six months now, and have enjoyed every visit very much. From the outset, I was made to feel very welcome, and my contribution to the various activities always valued. The environment for the Printers is very supportive and relaxed, but there is still work to be got out on time. The Volunteer’s role is more about talking to the Printers and supporting them emotionally, than just helping with the work (but we do that too!). The Printers are great characters, and great fun to be with. They got to know me very quickly, and I soon just blended in with everyone else. The experience offered to all those that attend seems so positive, and its so nice to be a part of this.

. . . A N D T H E G O O D BY E S N I C H O L A S M I L C Z A R E K | Printer After almost four years Nicolas recently left Burwell Print Centre. During this time Nicolas achieved a huge amount, learning print room skills and how to operate many machines, as well as accessing the community, often out and about. Nicholas, most importantly, made some great friendships during his time here. This year Nicholas moved into his own flat and is now living independently. Well done Nicholas on this life-changing step and we wish you lots of happiness in your new home. N I G E L H O T C H K I S S | Volunteer Nigel volunteered with us for over five years. He left in the autumn of 2018 when he and his wife Sue moved to Shrewsbury. Nigel was an exceptional Volunteer and his qualities are suited perfectly to our work and supporting people. Nigel keeps in touch and drops in for a coffee and a catch up when he is in Burwell visiting family. E M I LY L O D G E | Volunteer Emily volunteered with us for over two years after leaving CRC. She has many skills but as a person with special needs herself she had a unique understanding of the Printers’ needs. This was reflected in the way she worked, often working one to one with patience and care. She has gone on to work as a full-time support worker and we wish her all the best in her new role.

J U L I A G AW L I K | Designer After two years my time as a Graphic Designer at Burwell Print has come to an end. What a ride it’s been! Coming to Burwell twice a week for the last two years has been an amazing experience and allowed me to grow professionally as well as personally. It was a great opportunity to not only get involved in the everyday business of this lovely charity but also contribute to events outside of the print world. The personal highlights of my time at Burwell definitely include guarding Santa’s Grotto at the Christmas Faire, breaking the business card cutting machine but above all working with a team of such fun, supportive and fabulous colleagues. It was an absolute pleasure and it’s what I will miss most about coming to the Print Centre. As sad as I am about leaving the Print Centre, I am excited to move on to my next professional challenge. Working in film and television I will be an assistant graphic designer on a major feature film by the end of July creating set pieces and props for the production of the film. I will keep you updated about my upcoming adventures and please don’t forget to watch the end credits.



The year ending 31 March 2019 has been an unexpectedly tough year for Burwell Print Centre; despite this, we remain confident that we have sound finances and are working hard to deliver the best financial outcome for the new year. We have experienced challenging economic conditions, with no respite from constraints in government expenditure, the consumer focus on Brexit creating less “spend” and non-print media growing again. Income reduced by 2.12% to £239,187 while overall expenditure rose by almost 8% to £264,634 resulting in a deficit of £25,447. However, removing deprecation costs of £8,716 results in a reduced deficit of £16,731. Over the last 5 years Sales have been relatively flat within a 5% window. This year Sales fell by almost 3.5% to £115,569, despite an agreed spend of £5,737 on marketing and social media exposure, which thus far has not yet had any significant impact on income. Although it was a challenge ensuring we received what had been agreed with the Local Authority, we saw a modest increase in the income for our Adult Social Care at £106,898. There was also a significant fall in donations (NB last year we benefited from a substantial award of £3.3K from the Co-op Local Community Fund) and the Burwell Print Centre team are conscious that we need to do more to remind existing and potential donors of the benefits we deliver. Cost of employment constitutes the largest part of the overall expenditure and rose a little due to a small increase in the number of support hours deployed, though we managed to ensure that, as a percentage of total expenditure, it was the lowest level it has been since 2013. The cost of material increased by 10% to £36,180 due to the higher content of subcontract work, thereby reducing the sales gross profit from 73% to just under 64%. At year end the total accumulated assets for the enterprise were £188,119 including £71,673 held as building and equipment assets. The remaining £116,446 is the net total of cash, stock, debtors and creditors. Simon Gibson, Treasurer


INCOME 2017/18 £244,371

2018/19 £239,181


£119,688 £104,575

Adult Social Care & Training




Fundraising & other Income

Print Work

EXPENDITURE 2018/19 £264,634

2017/18 £245,108




£36,180 £158,731

Employment Costs



Overheads & other expenditure


A N D F I N A L LY… Over the last few years I have put my contribution to the Annual Review at the back and headed it AND FINALLY… Well, this year it really is AND FINALLY… because I am leaving Burwell Print Centre after 16 wonderful years. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to help steer this Social Training Enterprise through many uncharted waters and meet the challenges thrown up in both calm and stormy seas. It might sound a bit corny but I have felt that I am in the middle of a huge Print Centre Family of Printers, Staff, Volunteers, customers, ‘external’ colleagues, local people and organisations. As in any family no parent will have a ‘favourite child’, so there’s no way I can highlight anybody in particular as we all do our bit and every bit is equally valued - we “just get on and do it” and along the way have lots of fun. The Trustees have been supportive of the ideas we have come up with. In this group I can say a special thank you to John, Martin, Steve, Hazel and Giles as they’ve always made room in their busy schedules to pitch in when it’s been time to put gazebos up, build grottos, put on Hi Vis jackets for car parking duties, transport people/chairs/tables, bake mince pies, put on a Santa suit, join Sub Groups. So, I’m not thinking back over this last year but to September 2003. I’ve chosen some of the exciting and innovative developments that have helped to make Burwell Print Centre what it is today. G O T E A M B U R W E L L P R I N T, G O ! 2 0 0 3 - 2 0 1 9 • • • • • • • • • •

Increased work experience placements from 5 to 10 each day Printers started running the morning meetings Printers wages agreed in line with Permitted Earnings Team tokens Volunteers and Supported Volunteers recruited Groups set up including craft, gardening, health & well-being Bi-annual Printer Satisfaction Surveys completed Film made about Print Centre We Print Stuff newsletter started New services set up including photo printing, Saturday morning openings, personalised products, giclée and large-format printing • Printer’s Representatives on our Management Committee • Our Graphic Design Team has grown from 12 to 72 hours per week 32

• • • • •

Website produced Passport and ID photo service started Re-branding to celebrate 30th birthday Social Media Project Running and participating in many community events including Christmas Fayres, Car Boot sales, ceilidhs, gigs, race night, POP IN AND ART DAY, Saturday morning art workshops, Celebrating Volunteers’ day, and 12 floats and stalls at Burwell Carnivals! • Played a key role in many partnership projects including EUROPEAN Social Fund, Chutney and Café projects with STEnG colleagues, setting up CentrePeace and Chicken Shed volunteering opportunities, the employment service at Anglia Ruskin University, Social Saturday events with Allia. And day in, day out, we’ve provided excellent printing, print finishing and customer services and earned our accolade as a model SOCIAL TRAINING ENTERPRISE, both locally and regionally. So, 8th September I begin to ‘shake my life’ up a bit. I’m going to visit friends and family in London, Liverpool, Yorkshire, Scotland and then spend most of October in the States. I have made lots of friends while working here and I look forward to spending ‘friendship’ time with you, so you’ve been warned! It goes without saying I will be keeping in touch, pop in from time to time, and I will accept all social event invitations. Here’s to the next 16 years of Burwell Print Centre. Sue Anderson, Manager




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We would like to thank the following people and organisations for their financial support through grant aid, placement fees or donations.

Burwell Day Centre Burwell Village College (Primary) Cambridge Council for Voluntary Service Cambridgeshire Acre CentrePeace Chicken Shed City of Ely Community College East Cambs District Council Highfield School Learning Disability Partnership Newmarket Volunteer Centre Soham Village College St Andrew’s School, Soham Voluntary & Community Action East Cambs

Joanne Cook Clunch Magazine Committee Burwell Community Choir Co-op Stores Ness Road Mary Patrick Pye Foundation Rose Croix Iceni Chapter Burwell Farmers Market Mattioli Woods Mr and Mrs Stoye Lucy’s Locks Burwell Carnival Cambridgeshire County Council

Thank you to Ness Road Co-operative Store for their continued support through cash collections. We received £685 through donations from these collections and our own reception bottle.

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STEnG MEMBERS Burwell Print Centre Branching Out Camtrust Darwin Nursery & Farm Shop Eddie’s FACET The Prospects Trust Red2Green Rowan Humberstone Phoenix Trust


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