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Cynthia Monroe Wrangell Sestina 86 Rebecca D. Morse East of the Eye 87 Keith Moul On Our 28th Anniversary 88 Tim Pilgrim Card from Idaho, only snow on the cover 88 Peter Porco The Grace of Martha Gellhorn 89 Vivian Faith Prescott The Fire Tender 90 Diane Ray Better Than Any of the Dancers 90 Ellen Reichman Perfectly Fine Glasses 91 Sherry Rind Wildlife Rescue 91 Matthew Campbell Roberts The Lost Valley 92 Ellie A. Rogers Tide’s Aporia 92 Mistee St. Clair Until Then 93 The Finale 93 Tim Sherry At Pompeys Pillar 94 Judith Skillman Cupid, Chastised 96 Frank Soos Gulkana 96 Craig Smith After You Die 97 David Stallings Don’t get me wrong— 98 Ben Swimm To the Top of the Continent 98 David Takamura Ophelia 99 Kokeshi 99 Elizabeth L Thompson Don’t Ever Fall in Love with a Poet… 100 Joanne Townsend Anchorage 1979 100 Marie Tozier Facebook: Alaska Mystery Pictures, Investigating Unknown People 101 Pepper Trail Labor Day, South Cascades 101 Stephen Delos Treacy Topiary 102 Tim Troll The Wisdom of the Old Ones 103 Karen Tschannen Breakup 103 Proper Names 104 E D Turner First Snow After Macklin 105 Catherin Violante Dementia 105 Emily Wall Saturday Creek 106 Margo Waring The Perfect Dress 106 Lillo Way Just at this Moment in Seattle 107 Flannery White On the Morning Ferry, Puget Sound 107 Toby Widdicombe The Lovers. A Villanelle 108 Richard Widerkehr Blue Maraca 108 Paul Willis O Western White 110 John Sibley Williams [i catch my reflection in a] newly discovered specimen 110 Matt Witt Mileage 111 Tonja Woelber To J.G. 112

FICTION James Bennett Acidic 114 Vic Cavalli Steelheaders Anonymous 118 Kathy Ellis Bad With Money 119 Barbara Hood Glowing in the Dark 122 Grove Koger A View of the Owyhees 124 J.L. Smith The Afghan 126 Benjamin Toche Healthy at Any Weight 130

F E ATU R E Sheila Nickerson

One Laureate’s Way: Comments and Five Poems


F E AT U R E : A T R I B U T E T O E VA S AU L I T I S Sandra Kleven 138 Margaret Baker Safe Harbor 139 Emily Wall Care Package for Eva 142 Mike Burwell Prayer 59 142

INTERVIEWS Kenny Gerling Sandra Kleven

Now I Am Editing: An Interview with Sculptor Kate Carr 143 Staff Notes: Finding Kellie Doherty 147

C O N T R I B U T O R S 149 h ow to sub m it to cirque 156

Profile for Michael Burwell

Cirque, Vol. 7 No. 2  

A Literary Journal for the North Pacific Rim

Cirque, Vol. 7 No. 2  

A Literary Journal for the North Pacific Rim

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