Cirque, Vol. 6 No. 2

Page 11

David McElroy House on Helluva Street 78 Jennifer Met Character of Place 78 Nancy Carol Moody Controlled Flight into Terrain 79 Like a River Flows, Surely 79 Mark Muro reverie 80 Sheila Nickerson How Our Lives Become Opera 81 Douglas Pope Statehood 82 Diane Ray Intoku 85 Matthew Campbell Roberts A River Once More 86 Jenny Root Hedera helix 86 Rebecca Salsman A Love Affair with French 87 Allison Sayer Rust 87 Steven Schneider This Is Where I Live Now 88 B.L.Shappell The Waiting Hare 88 Judith Skillman February 89 Leslea Smith Listen to the River Talk 89 Craig Smith Sunday obituaries 90 Jennifer Smith Femininity 91 Frank Soos Crayons 91 Doing It Yourself 91 Mistee St. Clair Gris 92 Ali Stewart-Ito Cheeselogs 92 Carolyn Stice Note: Regarding the Dynamics of Rotating Spherical Objects 92 Kathleen Witkowska Tarr Akhmatova, Secret Keeper of the Verse 95 Carey Taylor The White Album Summer 95 Natalie Taylor Flood Plain 96 Meditation at Bat Hour 96 David Wagoner Song for the Sequence of Tenses 97 Risus Sardonicus 97 Margo Waring Alaska Rain Forest Calendar: Dictionary of Words for Weather 98 Sandra Wassilie Departure 98 Toby Widdicombe Sand into Sand 99 Richard Widerkehr A Dead Soldier Speaks 100 Tonja Woelber Closer to Home 100 Douglas A. Yates Mere Tombstones 101

FICTION Anne Coray Anne-Corinne Kell Marie Ryan McMillan Joan Pardes

Transitory 102 Road Kill 103 Trail Faith 109 Leave No Trace 115

TRIBUTES Vered Mares Transit Papers: Remembering Ernest Anthony “Tony� Mares


I n t er v ie w Emily Wall John Morgan on his new book, Archives of the Air and on his mentors, his writing process, and the Denali Park residency 125

FE ATU R ES Joanne Townsend Cynthia Lee Sims

Always a Laureate: My Friends Have Made The Story of My Life 129 Poems Mark Place 131

REVIEWS Susanna J. Mishler Rock, Paper, and the Second Person. A Review of Overwinter by Jeremy Pataky 135



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