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B4RN. Whatever is that? If you have frustrations with your internet connection, read on! A group of residents from Burton, Puddington, Shotwick and beyond have set in motion a community-based internet system that will provide an unbelievably fast (1000, yes 1000, Mb/ sec) internet connection by optical fibre direct into your house, enabling you to do anything that you could conceivably want on the internet, (like watching films or iPlayer recorded TV programmes), or downloading and uploading at the blink of an eye. No more slowing down at busy times or waiting for a connection.


Welcome to the Fifth Edition of Burtonews I hope you find it a good read – there is a lot going on at present and no doubt there will be new issues to tackle in the coming year.

It will cost subscribers about the same as the poor internet that many of us in these villages suffer from at the moment, and you can cancel at any time – no ‘lock-in’). ‘B4RN’ www.b4rn.org.uk stands for Broadband for the Rural North, and the first such project is up and running in rural Lancashire, with over 3,000 homes connected. It relies on landowners allowing the cable to be buried around the borders of their fields, which can be done very cheaply, and it doesn’t depend on BT or any of the other commercial providers. The Gladstone Village Hall, and the School, will get their connection free, if they want to take part in the project, because it is a community-based project which essentially

means we, the local community, raise the funding and build the infrastructure then B4RN take over service provision. The local group are keen to attract volunteers and investors. If you are a tax payer and wish to invest you can take advantage of B4RN qualifying for 30% relief through the governments Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS). Furthermore, B4RN is setup as a Community Benefit Society and all profits (after paying interest to investors) are fed back to support

community works in the villages. B4RN Cheshire will serve villages stretching from Capenhurst to Ness, and is already well on its way to being a reality, thanks to a group of local volunteers. Read about it on https://b4rn-cheshire.org.uk/, and if you would like to find out more, you can contact Simon Birney at simon.birney@b4rn-cheshire.co.uk, who lives at Heybridge House in Mudhouse Lane, and is a member of the B4RN Cheshire steering group.

GLADSTONE VILLAGE HALL and SPORTS CLUB We are keen to maximise the use of the facilities we have at the Village Hall and the Sports Club and to develop these for the benefit of the residents of Burton and Puddington. Very soon a flyer will be dropping through your door which we hope you will take a minute to read and we would appreciate it if you could put some ideas forward on how to make more use of the excellent facilities available at the two venues. If you could jot down your comments/ reflections/ideas on the back of the flyer and pop it into the box which will be


provided on the steps of the Village Hall, all will be considered. Feedback will also be circulated to everyone as soon as possible. There is a wealth of talent in our two villages which we need you to tap into. Also, the new bar in the Village Hall will soon be open and we hope to see as many of you there as possible!

Finally, a reminder that the hall and sports pavilion are both available for hire at very reasonable rates on either an ongoing basis or for one-off events. Please contact: Connie (336 3679) for the hall, or Penny (336 8752) for the pavilion www.gladstonevillagehall.co.uk You can make sure you’re up-to-date with all hall news by checking our website. We’re also on Facebook at ‘Gladstone Village Hall’. Please send me your email address & you’ll be added to the circulation list for all updates. Ingrid ingridsturmey@hotmail.co.uk Tel. 336 4974

Please join the Residents Association Membership is open to all residents of Burton. A basic administration charge of £5 per household is payable annually from April each year.

Our newsletter updating members is published at least once during the year. If you would like to join, please email: treasurer@burtonresidentsassociation.co.uk

Useful Links: www.burtonmanor.co.uk www.gladstonevillagehall.co.uk www.cheshire.police.uk www.aboutmyarea.co.uk/Cheshire/ Neston/CH64 www.chesterchronicle.co.uk

Please note the date and time of our AGM and come along if you possibly can – the more the merrier! This also goes for membership of the Association. The more members we have, the more clout we have when dealing with Cheshire West and Chester Council and other large organisations to protect or

promote the interests of the village and its residents. For the latest news from time to time, visit the Association website: www.burtonresidentsassociation.co.uk Michael Redmond Chairman

Burton Manor SOLD!

JUNE 2018

Annual General Meeting The 28th Annual General Meeting of the Association will take place at Gladstone Village Hall on Thursday 21st June starting at 8pm. All local residents are cordially invited to join your committee and fellow members. Complimentary coffee, tea and biscuits will be served.

(Subject to Planning Permission) At the “ drop-in” meeting held at the Gladstone Village Hall on the 8th May, many residents took the opportunity to view the plans for the proposed refurbishment of the Manor and the erection of seventeen houses in its grounds by way of enabling development. From comments made at the time, the proposals appear to have been generally well received, particularly as they include the re-establishment of the village shop and café and the retention of the walled garden and other amenities for communal use. The Burton Manor Restoration Company, which is owned by Mr. Peter Betts , has recently submitted an application to Cheshire West and Chester Council for Planning Permission and it is hoped that the Application will come before the Planning Committee in the near future. Full details of the Application can be viewed on the Planning Department’s website under reference numbers 18/01382/FUL and 18/01383/LBC. The

Association’s preliminary observations as a Consultee can also be viewed under these numbers. The Association’s AGM has been postponed to Thursday 21st June to enable Mr Betts or one of his

colleagues to address the meeting and bring us the very latest news. Plans and drawings will again be available for viewing, so do come along.



Who are we? Burton Residents’ Association is run by a committee of local residents. The Committee meets regularly to monitor proposed developments in or in the vicinity of the village, including local planning applications. Cheshire West and Chester Council take into consideration any comments the Association has on proposals which may affect the village and its residents. Several members assist the local police team with SpeedWatch activities in a bid to help reduce excessive speeding through the village. Chairman: Michael Redmond contact: 336 3643 chairman@burtonresidentsassociation.co.uk

Secretary Renee Syme contact: 336 5852 secretary@burtonresidentsassociation.co.uk

Treasurer: John Farrell treasurer@burtonresidentsassociation.co.uk

Members: Nick Deyne Donald Howell Steve Lord Peter Nicholson Jan Peters Mark Watts The Association is committed to protecting and promoting the interests of the village and its residents. If you would like to comment on any of the issues in this newsletter, or you wish to raise a matter with us, please contact; chairman@burtonresidentsassocation.co.uk


Traffic Matters The frequency of Community SpeedWatch (CSW) sessions has continued to be low because of other demands on PCSO Linda Conway’s time and bad weather conditions. PCSO Conway has, however, used the TruCam speed monitoring device recently to conduct two enforcement sessions in the 30mph section of Neston Road. On the morning of Tuesday 20 March she recorded 8 vehicles travelling at between 37 and 42mph in a session lasting just over an hour. In the late afternoon of Sunday 22 April she recorded 8 vehicles travelling at between 35 and 50mph in a session lasting three-quarters of an hour. We have not been told of any resultant sanctions suffered by the offending drivers but, to avoid prosecution and a possible court appearance, they may have been offered a fixed penalty fine and points on their licences (minimum £100 and three points). Alternatively, to avoid all of the above, they may have been offered attendance at a Speed Awareness Course at their cost (currently £85 according to the Cheshire Police website). The frequency of TruCam enforcement sessions is likely to increase in Burton, particularly in Neston Road and The Village. This could prove expensive for any driver exceeding the 30mph limit by an excessive margin. The TruCam device will produce video and still images for evidential purposes.

Some residents in the national speed limit (60mph) section of Dunstan Lane, Burton, have asked whether a 40mph limit could be considered between the A540 Chester High Road junction and the start of the existing 30mph Burton limit. This stretch appears to satisfy the criteria for a 40mph limit set out in the Department for Transport circular “Setting Local Speed Limits” and CWaC Highways Department has agreed to conduct a speed assessment, probably in May, as the next step in their procedure for considering the implementation of a lower limit. As reported in last year’s Newsletter, CWaC Council has scheduled further week-long speed limit assessments for Burton as an area, and Bishop Wilson Primary School, Puddington Lane, in financial year 2018/19. This is year three of the Council’s policy over four years to implement 20mph speed limits on residential roads across the borough where mean speeds are currently less than 24mph and around schools where the mean speed is currently less than 30mph. The last Speed Limit Assessment Report for The Village between Station Road and Vicarage Lane was completed on 27 January 2015. This recommended that, in accordance with Department for Transport and national police guidelines for through roads without substantial traffic calming, the speed limit for The Village should remain at 30mph. The full report is still available on the BRA website under News for March 2015.

Saint Nicholas’ Church and URGENT ...... its Friends VOTE NOW! The launch last year of the Friends of St Nicholas’ Church has enabled us to host a series of wonderful events including the Pie and Pint in the Vicarage garden, the Wine tasting and meal at the GVH, Gardener’s Question Time with our very own village experts and the community concert in church and we have been able to meet lots of new people.


A huge Thank you to all those who have become ‘Friends’ and supported our events. Your generosity enabled us to go ahead with much needed urgent repairs to the church tower and to replace the oak slats in the windows made dangerous by jackdaw activity! The stonemasons did a wonderful job in getting the work done on time and it means we can now look to updating the facilities within the current vestry.

So please vote by visiting: https://www. calor.co.uk/communityfund/project/list/ and casting all 10 of your allotted votes in favour of the Hampston’s Well project.

The programme of events to support the Friends continues this year, the details for all of these can be found in the Parish

Cheshire West and Chester Council is bidding for funding from Calor Rural Community Fund to restore the historic Hampston’s Well to its former glory. The Council has succeeded in getting through to the voting stage and now needs you to vote before the 29th June.

If successful, this community project aims to: magazine or on the church website. If anyone would like to become a Friend of St Nicholas’ Church then please contact me via the website www.burtonchurch.org.uk, or c.helm@burtonchurch.org.uk Thank you for your continued support. Rev’d Cathy Helm.

• Restore the Well’s green space by clearing the over-grown vegetation • Re-plant the site with appropriate native species • Install a “bee hotel” • Establish a group of community volunteers to assist with maintenance PLEASE VOTE !


RSPB Burton Mere Wetlands; a spring fling The headline news for the reserve recently has been the retirement of Colin Wells as Site Manager, who after 33 sterling years on the Dee decided to hang up his hat last year. I took over the reins just before Christmas, with Colin staying on in a part time capacity temporarily to help with the hand over. As a Wirral lad, who spent the majority of his youth birdwatching on the Dee - I first met Colin when I was 14 when he led a Young Ornithologist’s Club field meeting onto the marsh - I am extremely proud to have been given this opportunity to lead the reserve into the future. All of our breeding waders are back at Burton Mere Wetlands, and it looks like it could be another record breaking year. Our latest survey results recorded 103 pairs of Lapwing, 43 pairs of Avocet, and over 35 pairs of Lapwing. In 2016 the reserve won the RSPB’s prestigious Golden Welly Award for the highest wader breeding density on all of its nature reserves, with 150 pairs. However, this year we are (fingers crossed) hoping to get closer to 200. Avocet numbers have been very high this year, continuing the year on year increase in numbers, with a record breaking 155 counted just a few days ago. Which is incredible when considering that just 5 years ago our peak count was 52. Mediterranean Gull’s, with their jet black hoods and blood red bills,

and far more handsome than their cousins the Black-headed Gull, have also been around in very good numbers this spring, with 10 our peak count, and hopefully at least 1 pair will attempt to breed amongst the Black-headed Gull colony. Spring is always an exciting time in terms of what interesting migrants may drop in, and this year we were duly rewarded, when on the 9th April a White Stork dropped in briefly. Attempting to land in the Marsh Covert heronry initially, before being promptly chased off by the resident herons. It slowly circled off north, being re-found in east Lancashire 2 1/2 hours later. Another spring gem has been the Wood Warbler, with its delightful ‘spinning coin’ song that took up residence in Gorse Covert wood for 4 days, and was enjoyed by many visiting birdwatchers and bluebell admirers alike. Most of our winter visitors have now left for their northern breeding grounds, but a few hundred Pinkfooted still linger on the marsh at Burton Point. A minimum of 10,000 were present this winter, with birds now choosing to winter on the Dee rather than their traditional Ribble wintering grounds. On the 23rd April Barry Barnacle found a Snow Goose amongst the Pinks at Denhall Quay. As with all wildfowl, escapes from collections are always a possibility. But a spring bird with wild Icelandic Pinks has good credentials for being a genuinely wild bird from the Greenland and NW Canada population.

White Stork Photography from John Whittle

As I write our track and car park are being resurfaced. The cold, wet winter had taken its toll, and the pot holes had become more and more difficult for us to temporarily fix. This is all part of a series of improvement we have planned for Burton Mere Wetlands over the coming year. Graham Jones RSPB Site Manager Dee Estuary Reserves

DEESIDE INCINERATOR --- PARC ADFER In April, Michael Redmond attended the latest quarterly meeting of the Wheelabrator Parc Adfer Community Liaison Group which was held at the Parc Adfer site office. He again voiced the Association’s concerns about: (a) potential noise arising from the tipping of waste in the delivery hall (which faces Burton), and (b) air pollution from the incineration of the waste, particularly plastics.

We have been assured that all doors to the delivery hall (which faces Burton) will be closed when a lorry is tipping its waste thus, containing the noise. With regard to air quality and, indeed, noise and vibration, the Incinerator cannot be operated unless it complies with the requirements of the Environmental Permit issued by the Welsh environmental agency, Natural Resources Wales (NRW). This Permit has already been issued by

NRW who have confirmed that the site will be monitored to ensure that all limits placed on pollution, noise and vibration are observed. The Association will liaise with NRW when the Incinerator comes into operation and residents are urged to report any concerns they may have about noise or air quality to the Association.

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