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From The Publisher’s Desk Spring is in the Air! The much anticipated warmer weather has people excited and new energy seems to be everywhere. At this time our hearts and prayers go out to the people in many Countries around the Globe who are experiencing some sort of traumatic event. We believe it is important to be thankful for the blessings bestowed upon us. What are you thankful for? We have invited readers to share ‘what they are thankful for.’ We appreciate those who offered what they are thankful for and allowed us to publish their thoughts in this March edition. Hopefully one or more of these thoughts will resonate with you and allow you to reflect on what you are thankful for. At Inspiring Kids Today we are building a brand that allows us to enter into strategic partnerships to develop projects that represent ‘social purpose business enterprise’. Over the next several weeks we will reveal exciting projects that we have been working on and developing with professionals who have expertise in a variety of areas of interest. Our social network continues to expand and through our Global Volunteer Program our Inspiring News Magazine will start to reach out into different corners of the Globe. This will include gathering educational, motivational and inspirational news from around the Globe that we can showcase in our magazine.

Our Social Mission “The Inspiring News Magazine aims not only to educate, motivate and inspire parents, families and kids, but also to provide them with information and resources that foster their success.”

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What I am By James D. Scott

Thankful for...

With everything going on in the world today, we wanted to hear from people about what they are thankful for:

I’m grateful for surprises. They keep life interesting.

I am thankful for my mom and dad who love me unconditionally and for my sister who is cool and loves me lots too.


James D. S.

I’m thankful for my family and for my health. If you have that you have everything you need!

Increasingly as I age I am thankful for My Health.

Jodi S.

Being healthy allows me to “do my living”. If that is to play, laugh, cry,

I’m thankful for the peace and safety in which I get to raise my 4 boys.

work, family, stress, or whatever life has in store, I am especially

Marc S.

thankful for being healthy so I can tackle, or enjoy, all of it.

I am thankful for my parents. When I was younger I couldn’t understand their ways, nor their rules. I thought at times that I had the worst parents in the world. Taking me to sports, feeding, clothing, protecting me just wasn’t enough in my mind.

Marc P. I am thankful that I have a God that loves me for who I am. Keith B. To have finally discovered that inspiring others to greatness is far more rewarding than a big pay cheque from some company. Andrea S.

· · · · ·

Why did they make me do chores? Why nag me so much about grades in school? Why make asking for something such an ordeal? Why do I have a curfew? Manners, Manner, Manners….who cares! continued on page 6...

Inspiring Books By Inspiring Kids Today

“The Taekwondo Kid” is a book written by James D. Scott (and his team) to help educate, motivate and inspire kids and parents. Coming soon you will be able to read about and be inspired by James D. Scott, a 9-year old Black Belt, with tips for Kids and parents about being the best they can be. “All some Kids need is a friendly nudge to begin challenging themselves in sports. James has provided exactly that, outlining his evolution from nervous first-timer to confident black belt. Got a shy Kid who could benefit from martial arts? His or her journey begins here, with The Taekwondo Kid. Enjoy.” - Steve LeBlanc Sports Editor, Milton Champion Newspaper

are you getting it Send us an e-mail at: to order your copy in advance.

Out of the Ordinary Design

The Inspiring News Magazine March 2011


how to change teeN habits: By Ivana Pejakovic

7 Simple but Effective Steps

Everyone has habits. This includes teens! In fact, we start forming our habits as children and solidify them in our teen years. Knowing that habits can break us or make us, parents frequently ask how they can teach their teens (and young children) to develop efficient and productive habits. Below is a method, that if committed to, can help your teen (and you) form better habits. 1. Schedule a time with your teen to sit down and complete the following exercise. The timing should be convenient for you both. Perhaps you too can pick a habit to work on. It will make it a family effort and your teen will feel supported and better about him/ herself. 2.What habits do I want to change? Ask your teen to write a list of all the habits s/he would like to change (e.g., better opinion of myself; stand up for myself to my friends, keep up with chores). If necessary, give your teen some suggestions. 3.What habit do I want to change right now? Once your teen has completed the list above, ask him/her to pick the habit s/he is most interested in changing. This habit can be small or big, most important or least important. Start with the habit of your teen’s choice; your child will get to the others soon enough if dedicated.


The Inspiring News Magazine March 2011

Work towards changing only 1 habit at a time. Changing 2 or 3 at a time can be hard because it takes a lot of energy, discipline, and control. Once your teen masters one habit and demonstrates that success is possible, s/he can go onto the next one. 4.Do I really want to change? Yes or no? If your teen’s answer is “No” or “Maybe,” it will be harder to change because his/her heart is not in it and s/he will feel unmotivated. Perhaps another habit would be more appealing? 5.What will I do instead? If your teen doesn’t know or doesn’t plan out what s/he will do instead, s/he will fall back into old habits. The new habit that will replace old habit must be planned out (e.g., I will the following positive words to describe myself instead of negative ones; I will find friends that treat me with kindness, respect, and appreciation, I will get up to do my chores instead of procrastinate). Ask your teen to make a list of what s/he will do in place of the old habit. The more detail the less confusion there will be and less chance s/he will fall back into the old habits. 6.How will I benefit by changing this habit? Knowing the benefits will motivate your teen to stay on track when the going gets tough. This will solidify the reason the old habit needs to be changed (e.g. I will feel better

about myself; I will be more successful; I will be happier when I stand up for myself; I will gain confidence). 7.Be consistent! Practice makes perfect! It’s hard to change a habit if your teen’s behaviour is not reliable. If possible, make a short plan on when and where the new habit will be used. Over time this new behaviour will become a habit. 8.Weekly meetings. Pick a day to have weekly meetings to check how well your teen (and you) kept up with your new habit. This will demonstrate your interest to your child.

Kids Fitness Training

Helps Other Sports

By Andrea Savaard

Family is the name of the game at FirePower Training, and with kid’s classes running simultaneously to the adults, you can bet the car ride home will be filled with tales of physical feats coming from both the front and back seats. With three different classes spanning ages four to sixteen, the FirePower SuperKids program aims to strengthen the physical and mental stamina of the kids, in an educated, entertaining and always fresh manner. Twelve year-old Jacob Reynolds and his mom Zena have been with the program since its inception 2 years ago. “I like that the program makes the kids work beyond what they think they can do. Jacob can push himself further in other sports and has become a lot stronger.” And Jacob’s thoughts don’t fall far from the tree. “Even though I’m working hard, it’s a lot of fun. I’m doing my bronze medallion in swimming and notice I can swim a lot more laps with out getting tired. Also I can run longer when playing soccer.” Utilizing full body movements of CrossFit training, the aim of the program is to instil proper technique when performing basic movements such as a push-up, squat, even picking up any object from the floor. Both skills and tools monumentally important for the health and safety of children.

Kids are gaining confidence, determination and success in a family friendly environment that pushes you and your child to be better and grow together. Not bad for an hour once a week.

Give the gift of homemade

Cupcakes or Cookies this


Visit our website and click on the Easter icon to see our menu and place your order Today!

E mail

i n fo@ c ooki e c or p o r at e .co m

w w w .cooki ecorporate. com The Inspiring News Magazine March 2011


... continued from page 3 As I grew older, I learned that they were actually preparing me for life. I now totally appreciate that they were actually “loving me” all the time. Their greatest gift to me which I will be always thankful for is giving me the skills to be a successful adult in a very competitive and complex world.

I am very thankful we live in an area and a Country where we do not have Earthquakes like the ones that have been happening in Japan and Haiti; and or the Floods that have been occurring in other areas, I am also Thankful we do not have such devastating disasters like hurricane Katrina and others;

Keith L.

I am Thankful that our Country is not being bombarded with Bombs and other gunfire like the wars in Iraq and Libya and other places! That we have freedom of speech and are able to do what ever our hearts wants to work and live without feeling like we will be persecuted!

I am grateful to be here on planet Earth to experience emotion, connection, joy and pain... to grow and to learn who I truly am and where I come from. As I am not my body and my mind but a soul that’s on a journey to fulfill on all that I came here to experience. The journey has been amazing thus far and I just can’t wait to see what next 5 years will bring. Agnes B. People are Thankful for the good deeds that you do Deeds that are beneficial for others not only for you Deeds are what people will remember Deeds which will give you in return what you may not even expect People are Thankful for your attitude that you show them Attitude with Kindness that can win heart of people Attitude of Professionalism that can bring customers Attitude that will determine your Altitude People are Thankful for the Brotherhood that you offer to them Brotherhood of tender loving care for them Brotherhood of being available all the time Brotherhood that will make you their integral part People are Thankful for you the above as a Human Being Human Being makes you an adorable individual Individuals form the Society we live in Societies make nations in the world we live in Minhaj A. Q.

Our E-Commerce Store Our online store is now live for your convenience. Go to our website at and click on the online store icon. You will find beautiful Inspiring Kids Today promotional items. Order today, take advantage of the great items and support our programs at the same time. We would like to thank Backspin Marketing Group for their support in 6

The Inspiring News Magazine March 2011

I am Thankful that we have the technology to be able to communicate with others like never before; with skype and webcams for being able to see family and Grandkids that live outside of our province; And I am Thankful that God gave me my talent to be Creative and bring happiness to others with the gifts that I make with my own hands! And that I can share my knowledge with others if they wish to learn! Mary J. There are many things I am thankful for including, my health, my family, my dog and bird, the food on my table, and my home. I am thankful for my mentors, friends, and neighbours. I am thankful for my peaceful community, for the environment, and for the warm sun. I am thankful for the love and happiness that surround me every day and for my success and my ability to adapt and learn. Ivana P.

designing, implementing and helping manage our online store. Check out their contact information on their ad posted on this page. Continue to visit our online store regularly as we will be adding more exciting products to our inventory. If you have any questions or ideas about our online store, please send them to Jim at

Kickin’ It is a collaborative anti-bullying campaign founded by Inspiring Kids Today with the goal of recognizing ‘Bullying as a Crime’ in our society. We are working with strategic stakeholders and sponsors to lobby members of the Ontario Government to pass appropriate legislation so that kids, parents, families, educators, and police services have the necessary tools to deal with bullying and eradicate it.



llying Ca


Because there is no formal legislation to protect our children from bullying, it is one of the most difficult issues that kids, families, educators and police services face. It is imperative that we join together because ‘Bullying is a crime’ and will not stop by itself. Our Campaign takes a stand against bullying...Kickin’ It for good.

An Anti-

“Today, families dealing with bullying are becoming too common of a dilemma with limited results in resolving the matter appropriately. According to Public Safety Canada, 20% of kids surveyed in elementary schools reported being victimized more than once or twice in a term, while 10-15% of students in high schools reported being bullied at least once a week. Bullying can come in many forms where unwanted acts by the bully, towards the intended victim, can include (but not limited to): physical assaults, personal threats, name calling, intimidation, verbal insults, negative rumours, peer pressure, cyber bullying, and inappropriate gossiping - none of which are welcomed in any way by the victim.”

Kickin’ It

Our Services In order to help stop bullying we believe we must engage both the victim and the offender (and their families) in a process of healing, and accountability. Our team of professionals are solution-focused in their approach to helping victims and offenders move beyond the act of bullying, with: • Support • Consultancy • Youth Justice Advocacy • Case Management • Aftercare

• Counselling • Program Development • Victim Impact Statements • Community Referrals

For more information on our services please contact Jim Scott at (905) 872-4772 or e-mail him at Sponsors We appreciate the support of individuals, families, agencies and businesses who are joining with us as sponsors because we share a common belief: bullying must stop, and it must stop NOW! When you become a sponsor of Kickin’ It, you join a community of concerned citizens working together at a grass-roots level to create a VOICE that ensures we continue to protect our kids from all forms of bullying, allowing them to grow and develop so they can chase and catch their dreams. Healthy kids are happy kids! Individuals, families, agencies, and businesses can become sponsors of the Kickin’ It anti-bullying campaign. Check out the registration form to learn about how you can benefit from you sponsorship contribution.

KB&I Services

(Inspiring Kids Today is a dynamic and progressive community organization that is committed to educating, motivating and inspiring kids & parents to be the best they can be, with a focus on kids and healthy hearts.)

CoolRIDES by Autumn V.

Interested in a great adventure, check out Canadian Hummer Adventures. They are an outdoor tour company that offers a variety of exciting off-road adventures for all ages and levels of adrenalin.

No smoking or consumption of alcohol is allowed during any tour.

Young and old alike will find their tours an adventure to remember! Take it from us, we have had the privilege of touring with them in the Collingwood area. Canadian Hummer Adventures is an awesome experience. They have a perfect safety record and we have never had to cancel a tour. There are no age restrictions to be a passenger, however if your child requires a safety seat please bring your own. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Receipts will be provided upon request.

Reservations are required however they may be made the day of the tour. There is a 48 hour Cancellation Policy for all tours. Waivers must be read and signed before participating. They accept cash, gift certificates and major credit cards as payment for services rendered.

Canadian Hummer Adventures care about the environment and have taken many steps to lesson our impact on the environment. Contact Canadian Hummer Adventures to book a tour, ask a question or request information. They are always happy to hear from you! Email: Phone: 705-795-6133 or 1-866-979-7701 Office Hours: Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m - 5:00 p.m. Weekends 9:00 a.m. – noon Website:


Whether you’re a car connoisseur or a first time car owner, you still need to know the basics. So, here’s a few tips to help you out: • Oil plays a very important part in car maintenance. Make sure you have the right and proper kind of oil needed for your car

• Make sure you have enough anti-freeze in your radiator • Make sure that you have enough windshield washer fluid in your windshield washer fluid container • When driving, always be ware of the drivers around you and be careful

• It’s crucial to check and verify that your lights are functioning, clean and working

Hope these tips are helpful!

• Parking lights, brake lights, emergency flashers and fog lights are vital to your safety

about auto, and will

• Remember to check the air in your tires from time to time t make sure that they have enough air pressure (check the owner’s manual)

and Auto Care Tip

• Don’t let the engine idle for more than a minute or two, especially on cold morning start-ups • Have your tires rotated every 10,000 miles. This will ensure that your tires are working properly and will prevent wear and tear • Check the tire valve stems for cracks Or damage and make sure all valve stems are capped tightly to minimize air loss


The Inspiring News Magazine March 2011

Autumn V. is a grade 9 auto student, is an a+ student in this course, is passionate write the Cool Rides columns each month.

5 simple ways to increase your company’s social media presence, without using social media by Andrew Bartucci So your company has jumped into the world of social media and everything is going well. Your content is rich, you’re monitoring, measuring and you’ve hired a community manager to make sure things are running smoothly on a daily basis. But, good content and a solid strategy will only take you so far. To really kick-start your social media campaign and increase your company’s social media presence and followi ng, you need to leverage some simple, traditional forms of promotion to maximize your social media efforts. What does that mean exactly? It’s simple; your social media campaign shouldn’t exist within a vacuum. You need to use your other promotional and communications efforts to boost your social media presence. Here are 5 simple ways to increase your company’s social media presence: 1. Email blast Surely your company has a database of contacts that have either expressed interest in your company or have you somewhere on their radar. So, make use of it. When your social media efforts start rolling and you’re proud to share what you’ve started, send a simple email blast to all your contacts, informing everyone of your new microsite, blog, Facebook page, Twitter account, etc. Then, ask them to follow you and engage with your company online.

your business cards, add your Twitter handle, Facebook page url, Blog url, Microsite url, LinkedIn profile, etc. 4. Make use of your digital email signature Your digital email signature contains corporate info and your contact information, so why not add your Twitter handle or Facebook page? It’s quite simple and most people receiving your emails will see what social media sites you’re currently using. You increase your presence online with every email sent. 5. Offer promotional incentives Whether your company offers products or services, you are obviously selling something. And since customers love sales, offer a 15% discount; a buy-one, get –one deal; or various other promotional coupons in exchange for a simple retweet, like, link or friend request. Even if you only have 100 followers on Twitter, send out a tweet that says something like “RT this and receive a 15% off coupon for ……” Now, that tweet may only reach 100 people, but once retweeted, your presence is exponentially expanded. Then, just send that Retweeter a coupon via Direct Message. See, it’s really quite simple to leverage ‘things you’re already doing’ to help increase your social media presence. You don’t need to be extrasocial-media-saavy to increase your online presence.

2. Pepper your company website with links Use your existing corporate site to help promote your new social media efforts. Add links on your homepage, About Us page and Contact section to your social media products. “For more information on …….. visit our Facebook page.” “Follow us on Twitter for more product information and promotions” Etc. 3. Update your business cards You hand out cards all the time, so why not make them work a little harder for you? Someone willing to accept your card will probably be Jeremiah willing to follow or31:33 visit your company online. In the contact area of But this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, declares the LORD; I will put my law within them, and I will write it on their hearts. And I will be their God, and they shall be my people.

Applying the word of God to your life. Use them when studing the bible, so that you are able to keep all thoughts on paper.


Visit to see all our designs


linggodsw rna

We have design a unique style of journals for all ages.



Keeping a Personal a great way to build your faith!

God’s Word

Journaling God’s Word • Oakville, Ontario • Email


God’s Word

The Inspiring News Magazine March 2011


operation safety kids Talk to your Teenagers about Workplace Safety

A recent study on Workplace Safety in Ontario (The Tony Dean Report) describes young workers as “vulnerable workers”. And We agree. Our heart breaks every time we hear about a serious workplace injury. It hurts more when the person injured is a young inexperienced worker

* Refuse unsafe work * Report hazards and safety concerns without the fear of reprisals Just as important, they need to know and fully understand their safety related duties and responsibilities. Primarily they should:

If you have a teenager or know of a teenager in your family, have you ever discussed with them the hazards that they are exposed to at work. Remember your first job? Most likely a retail or service sector job. How much safety training did you receive?

* Follow the safety rules of the workplace * ALWAYS use the personal protective equipment that they are provided * Use only the equipment that they are trained and authorized to operate * Use all the safety devices such as guards that the equipment has

Did you receive the old “baptism by fire” type of training that we got. Thrown into the job, given very little training or direction. Then when something goes wrong or you mess up, you are treated as if you are to blame.

Our challenge to you..... ask your teenager or call a teenage family member tonight and ask them if they:

This makes it so that you are afraid to report hazards, or ask about safety. If your teenager is scared or intimated by their supervisor do you think that they will be capable of refusing unsafe work? Teenagers need to know and fully understand their rights before they enter the work force. That they have the right to:

* Have received WHMIS training * Are comfortable reporting a hazard * Know they safety procedures for the hazards that they are exposed to * Is a safety concern that they want to discuss with you Operation Kid Safety is a project being developed in partnership with Inspiring Kids Today and Operation Safety.

* Know about the hazards that they will be exposed to and how to protect themselves

ADHD Coaching Written by Diane O’Reilly ACG, ADHD coach


Negative behaviours in ADD children... I was asked about this scenario again this week by a parent of a child who misbehaves each time they go to visit relatives or friends. It’s a common question and one that comes up frequently. People who do not understand about ADHD in children are quick to judge, they don’t get the complexity of what is going on and how regular ways of disciplining an ADD child can actually make things worse. So what causes these behaviours? Well it can be many different factors that are exacerbating the situation, it’s up to you to become a detective in your own and your child’s life to try to discover specifically what may be going on for them, but generally there are a few things that may be happening. ADD kids have troubles with transitions, social situations, waiting, staying still and keeping quiet, all of these are related to their traits of Hyperactivity, impulsivity and inattention. Some ways you can help your child when going on a visit is firstly by telling them how long you are going for, knowing what to expect helps them with transitions, you can also set out your expectations ahead of


The Inspiring News Magazine March 2011

time for the behaviour you would like to see, if you think they’re likely to become bored or restless you can plan for that, plan an outdoor break where they can run around freely for a while, always give a 5 minute warning or a countdown for transitions, take some of their own toys, books or whatever you know will help keep them occupied, don’t over stay ,if you said you would leave by X time, stay true to your word, if there are other children, help your child be successful by contracting up front what they can and can’t do and what toys/games they can play with. Making sure they are occupied, stimulated, well fed, feel safe, have opportunities for a physical break and predictability can help greatly reduce some of the behaviours. The more you do this the better you will get, you will begin to see your child’s specific triggers and you can plan up front to mitigate them. Written by Diane O’Reilly ACG, ADHD life coach,

Aspergers911 By Julie Welch

Aspergers through the Ages Aspergers is a mild form of Autism. Here are some examples. Preschool: A child who has trouble getting along with others socially. He requires a lot of follow up. A child whom you feel you need to watch at all times around others. Even when corrected, sharing does not come naturally. School Age (JK-grade 4): A child who can read, can spell, but has trouble understanding what he is reading. He struggles to fit in with peers. School Age (grade 5-8): A child who used to excel in Math now having a hard time understanding it. He is very literal in thinking/talking. He has memorized many facts/information. He is still struggling to make friends.

Adulthood: 80% of adults with Aspergers unemployed. He/she is socially isolated. He is living with parents. These kids/adults have so much POTENTIAL if given the right kind of support at ANY age! Contact me: Julie Welch Wootton, RECE Founder of Aspergers911 905-825-9099

High School: Strengths in some subjects and challenges in others. Socially he has the most struggles ever. Has trouble understanding conversation. Kids speak in jargon, sarcasm, banter and do not say what they mean.


By Michael Langlois

Youth sports is supposed to be about having fun, making friends and staying fit. Youth sports Clubs often use phrases such as “It’s about the kids” to promote their programs. Yet unfortunately, as adults, we sometimes muddy the waters a bit when it comes to our own priorities for what’s “fun”—or what is “best” for our kids. It’s with that challenge in mind that our website “Taking you Beyond the Game” was developed. The site offers a range of articles, tips and resources to help parents, youth coaches and young athletes be better able to appreciate the many wonderful sports that youngsters can not only enjoy but derive benefit from.

The vast majority of young “athletes” will never play at a professional level. And while there is absolutely nothing wrong with aspiring to achieve “big dreams” in sports, for most youngsters sports is primarily an opportunity to stay fit, be active and learn about competing and sportsmanship—all good things to take us through the rest of our lives. If you’d like to read more, visit the Prospect Communications Inc. website at or the youth sports blog and become a “follower”. You can also follow us on Twitter at YouthSportsTYBG.

Are you interested in advertising with Inspiring News....? For more info contact us at 905.872.4772 Bringing Families and Business Together

Adopt A School Programme by Kea Noko

Good day to you all. My name is Kea Noko and I am originally from Zimbabwe in Southern Africa. Many of you probably have never heard of the country, after all even alphabetically it is the last in the world, so who scrolls down that far. Zimbabwe is a land-locked country in Southern Africa with an area of 390,757 square kilometers; approximately 96 558 157.546 acres. Zimbabwe has three official languages: English, Ndebele, and Shona. Ndebele and Shona are the official languages of instruction, in those areas where they are predominant, during the first three years (Grades l-3) of primary education; English becomes the official medium of instruction. English is also the language of commerce and business and the main language of communication in government. Zimbabwe acquired its independence in 1980. Independence was followed by an unprecedented expansion of the education system at all levels. The first task of the new Government of Zimbabwe in the 1980s was to dismantle the inequities which had characterized the colonial education system. To accomplish this task, and to keep faith with its electorate, the government declared education to be a basic human right and, with the help of local communities, set out to expand access to primary and secondary education within the framework of a unified and non-racial system of education. The Zimbabwean economy is in shambles and schools are not in the best shape resulting in the prospect and educational endeavours to be an extreme challenge to already under paid teachers with limited resources. Access to information at all levels of learning; libraries, information technology implements, transportation, school furniture and office furniture are almost nonexistent or extremely limited. Children are our future and short changing our future means will result in a stalled economy going back to the Stone Age. As a society this should not be an option. Zimbabwe’s education system, once the best in Africa, now faces immense challenges. Public financing of the sector continues to dwindle in real terms, school fees is soaring beyond the reach of many, depletion of educators and low morale have unravelled past successes in the sector. The crisis has not spared tertiary education sector, which saw all major State Universities failing to open for the first semester of 2008/20009   academic year which was supposed to resume in August.

Education remains the engine to drive Zimbabwe’s long-term prospects. It is critical that the sector is not left to collapse, enduring solutions on salaries, food and working conditions should be reached soon, monitoring 12

The Inspiring News Magazine March 2011

visits should be beefed up, the situation in schools require urgent action. Zimbabwe’s children are already suffering on multiple fronts, denying them an education to better their prospects is unacceptable. Any human development is based on knowledge, needs and opportunities. Learning provides the gateway to opportunities, advantages of economical and social transformation and development. Furthermore, the global effort to achieve education for all is adding momentum to the development of learning strategies. It is countries such as Zimbabwe who get left behind in this knowledge race. Globalization is necessitating this, and the related increasing demand for more sophisticated, highly skilled and innovative labour force in the knowledge based economies. According to UNICEF schools should offer children not only an education, but a safe haven from home pressures, amid Zimbabwe’s current challenges. Currently the children are not receiving such support. Over the years my family have sent clothing and whatever we could find but realised that it only gives children temporary assistance and as they grow and become independent their needs change and then their children require the same help and assistance. It becomes a vicious unending cycle. Most recently, we have been collaborating with Inspiring Kids Today and are excited to announce that we have founded the Adopt a School Programme as a strategic partnership together. We are developing the framework for the Programme and will update readers again in the next edition of the Inspiring News Magazine. Please join with us in helping to bridge the gap for children in Africa.

Crafty Corner

By Maria-Teresa Andreacchi (CC event hostess & aspiring teacher)

Benefits of a Crafty Corner home party When it comes to your child, you always want the best. So why choose a home party instead of an outside venue? The home is a place filled with memories and stories close to those who reside there. These memories and stories congeal to develop a comfortable and safe space- one that the child feels is their own. As opposed to a venue, your home is a space that is known. Your child knows the physical space but also the psychological space. They are aware that the home is a space where it is okay to express yourself to the fullest. In addition, the home is where those who are closest to the child are. The presence of these known characters makes the child feel even more comfortable within the space. For example, your child is more likely to run free in your home with a family member watching as opposed to a daycare with all new faces. Therefore, the child experiences a freedom in the own home that may not be felt in a venue. The home is also a more controllable space. With large venues there may be multiple parties going on at one time. There are also rules that not everyone may agree with. For example, parents must stay in one part of the venue or a limitation on the number of people allowed present. These multiple parties or rules may be dwelling on the child and make them feel as though it is not their day. In contrast, the home is a space where only those who are invited can enter, and a space where the owners of the home decide the rules. Therefore the child and the parents exert more control and power within the space of the home as opposed to a venue.

So for your child’s next birthday why not add to the memories already present within the home? Book your home party today with Crafty Corner and we will customize your child’s party into an event they will never forget. Michelle Andreacchi Crafty Corner Milton, On 416-523-6004

“We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.” ~Stacia Tauscher

The Inspiring News Magazine March 2011


A Drive Home by Vishal Badiani

I recently drove to work, my Real Estate brokerage, (Royal LePage Meadowtowne) and when I arrived, I forgot about the last minutes of the drive. I know that I was driving. But my mind must have been somewhere else, since I couldn’t tell you what street signs I passed, lights that I stopped at, turns I made etc. But, I’ll bet that when I am lost, I can tell you exactly where I went. When lost, my brain is working overtime to figure out what to do next. The difference in the two situations has to do with which part of the brain we are mostly using. When going on a routine drive, you primarily use your subconscious or habitual mind. But when you are lost, you primarily use your conscious mind.

Your subconscious or habitual mind controls the vast majority of human behaviour. Thus for an entrepreneur its been noted that once someone buys something seven times from you, buying from you becomes a habit. And they buy over and over and over again as it becomes habitual, until you do something like interrupt their services or raise prices. For entrepreneurs, you need to ensure that you are in tune with people’s habits. Its much more difficult to change someone’s habits as we have seen from above so in order for anyone to adopt to new products it must be easy and adaptable.

Vishal Badiani Sales Representative Royal LePage Meadowtowne Brokerage “independently owned and operated”

Email: Website: Phone: 1-800-514-3316

Fundrasier for Dorian Burlington is a wonderful place to live! We are so grateful for all the support we’ve received from family, friends & our community! Our son Dorian is 7 years old. He’s been diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). Dorian needs an education program dedicated to children with ASD with a 1:1 ratio in order to meet his special needs. We are reaching out to the community in efforts to raise enough funds to send Dorian to the Woodview Learning Centre in Burlington. The tuition is $45,000.00/year. Our first fundraiser held was a Silent Auction & Bake Sale at Tansley United Church, 2111 Walkers Line, Burlington on Saturday, October 23, 2010, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. We raised $4,285.00 at this event towards Dorian’s tuition for the 2010 – 2011 school year. Dorian joined Woodview in September of 2010. Our success in raising $45,000.00 since Fall 2010 has secured Dorian’s place at Woodview for this school year. After a meeting with Woodview we were thrilled to see that Dorian had an “excellent” report card (9 “A’s, 3 “B’s” and 1 “C”) and has made “tremendous progress”. However, he is still trying to control his aggression and isn’t always successful. We’ve just been informed that to secure Dorian’s spot for next Fall we need to give Woodview a


The Inspiring News Magazine February 2011

deposit of $7,000.00 by the end of April 2011. This was a great shock to us, and therefore we are scrambling to raise these funds by the fast approaching deadline. Therefore we are organizing another Silent Auction. Our next Silent Auction & Bake Sale will be held at the Lions Club Hall at 471 Pearl Street in Burlington on Sunday, April 10th from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. We are reaching out to our community and surrounding communities asking for donations in the form of items, gift cards, services and monetary funding.

Our family welcomes you to share Dorian’s Story with friends & family. Please visit us on YouTube.

Kids and Seniors

Inspiring People

By Jim Scott

by Curtis Sindrey

We believe Kids should understand and appreciate the contribution and sacrifices our senior elders have made and the freedoms and liberties we enjoy today (and often take for granted) because of them. Di you know that there are 50,000 seniors living in long-term care facilities across Ontario. Some are lonely and shut-in. Along with the ‘Bears for Seniors’ initiative, James wrote this poem (with help from Brianna) so it can be sent to seniors in long-term care facilities, telling them that we are care…

Robert Fones, a full-time professor at Sheridan College, is among eight recipients of the 2011 Governor General’s Awards for Visual and Media Arts. Both the Canada Council for the Arts and the Governor General present the awards annually for the career achievements of visual and media artists.

P.s. If you have a grandparent or senior elder you love, pass this poem onto them as well.

Robert taught at Sheridan College from 1987-1988 in the former School of Crafts and Design. Recently, he has been a full-time professor since 2006, in the Art and Art History, Communication, Culture and Information Technology programs. Robert Fones’ work has been exhibited in Canada, the United States and Germany. The themes in which he continually explores are: the ideologies embedded in the artifacts of cultural life, the invisible span of natural and cultural change, and the visual contradictions inherent in the two-dimensional illusions of painting and photography. In 1999, he received the Toronto Arts Award for Visual Art. He has published several books on art, and has written extensively about art and design for such publications as Canadian Art and Azure Magazine. To learn more about his work, visit

You Are Loved “A simple gesture, a kind deed, a meaningful gift, for someone in need. To show appreciation for all you have done, from previous years and for those to come. The strength, courage and wisdom you acquire, are qualities we see, and truly admire. Your compassion is that which sets you apart, and reveals only a true, honest heart. Never doubt your worth, nor never neglect, you are the one whom we will never forget. It is you who we value and want to remind, how much you are loved and one of a kind.” James D. Scott, 2001 The Inspiring News Magazine February 2011


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