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How to cut out the extra in your life and focus on happiness & adventure

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How to get money from flight disruptions

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‘Hop’ping into an artistic career

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Garrett Miller discusses the indie music industry, and social media’s rise.

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An exclusive talk on who inspires him and what you can learn from those who inspire you.


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Body types and Exercise vs. Diet 03

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FOUNDER’S ISSUE This issue is dedicated to, and hence focussed on, the founder of RJTIO, RJ Tolson. We have an exclusive interview with him, on his inspirations, how he has learnt from them, and how they have shaped him. We also have articles on the various sectors which RJTIO and its divisions operate within - including web design, consulting, and media production. This is the first issue of BurstOut Magazine, and we look forward to bringing you many more.

15 The Age of the Internet

07 A Thoroughly Modern Company 23 How to take it to the ‘Epic’ Level

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The BurstOut team would like to thank you and the network of contributing writers for their support. We are proud to showcase our first issue, the founder’s issue, it being an example of our dedication to our mantra: Dreamers, rising, aspiring, and up and coming successes have a community with the magazine; a place they can go to learn how to forge ahead, persevere, and make their goals a reality. We are aware that everyone is just trying to make their best way in life, we believe that to be unifying quality of the human-race, everyone wants to achieve and has dreams. For this reason, BurstOut is first and foremost a magazine for people - people who want to achieve, and dream bigger - therefore it is a magazine for everyone. BurstOut Editor in Chief, Aaron West




Think of a 100 years ago. All large companies were mammoth machines of industry, with the goal of maximising the supply (and hence market share) of a single product or service. This can be seen very easily in US Steel, or Ford Motors, or Standard Oil - 3 of the largest companies ever. John D. Rockefeller, owner of Standard Oil, is thought of as the richest man of the modern age, with a wealth of $350billion. Although after WW1, with the increase in urbanization, the demand for a wider variety of products increased exponentially,

thus began the consumer age. Diversification and globalisation became necessary for all large companies; the standard business model had to change. Company’s suddenly needed different divisions running autonomously. This heralded the dawn of a new age of business, where multidivision companies became the norm. RJTIO, based in London, United Kingdom, is one example of a modern multi-divisional. RJTIO and its divisions have been showcased on many TV Networks such as NBC, ABC, CBS, and

Fox. RJTINC, Forever Trust Charity, The EPIC Consultancy Firm, and BurstOut cover a wide variety of industries; Web Design & Computer Software, Charity, Business Consultation, Niche Publishing Network, and Small Press Industries. You can read and learn more about these divisions in this very magazine. In recent years the phrase “company culture” has become much more popular. But what does it even mean? The best way to think of it is to start with “culture”;

the ideas, behaviour, routines, and collective beliefs of a group of people. So by extension company culture is simple - it is how employees interact with each other, and with clients. Having a healthy company culture is quickly becoming the biggest factor in a company’s success - having happy and motivated workers, good customer relations and ethical practice. Google, for example, has a famously thriving community, offering things like flexible hours, free lunch, and even doctor visits. Because of this Google can demand for only the best workers.

RJTIO is extremely proud of the unique culture they are continuously building. Filled with passion for business, opportunity, and fun.

A mantra of believing in our people, trusting our collective passion, encouraging innovation from everyone, and actively developing a workforce which is diverse in style and background. RJTIO is a place where anyone can use their limitless potential to the fullest, a business where everyone loves their job. This makes RJTIO stand out, where other companies may only care about meeting revenue targets and market dominance. RJTIO was created as a spinoff from the original RJTINC in 2010, to manage the various divisions. RJTIO LLC has become global company always looking to innovate and expand into new industries and services - going from approximately 40 percent of profits coming from outside the U.S. to almost 60 percent in 2013.



WHO INSPIRES YOU? It seems a remarkably simple question, although it is vital to discovering the root drivingforce in all of us.

There are no wrong answers, in fact, the only wrong answer is a lack of an answer at all. JK Rowling is a common inspiration to many people, beginning in poverty and despair, only to create a literary universe which spreads joys to billions. She was famously both the first person to ever make $1billion by writing books, and the first person to lose their billionaire status through giving to charity.

Steve Jobs is another great inspiration to many. Despite any questions into his morals and behaviour, he was an outstanding entrepreneur, and a creative mind - his slogan has remained a mantra for Apple even after his death:

“Think Differently” These are both people who inspire RJ Tolson, author and founder of RJTIO - drawing from JK Rowling’s lessons on resilience, kindness and commitment to fairplay. Drawing from Steve Jobs’ personal ethos of worldchanging business, benefitting us all through a creative approach to industry. RJ was was born 15th May 1993, and spent much of his early childhood traveling around the world, living in London and Japan. At the age of 12 he was sent of to Cheshire Academy in Connecticut, one of the oldest private prep schools in the US, founded in 1794. It was there that he wrote his first novel, Zephyr The West Wind, at the age of 17, and started his webdesign company RJTINC, which would go onto become part of RJTIO.

Although not all inspiration people have to be world-wide famous successes, they can come from closer to home. They can be your children, your partner, your teacher, your pet even. For RJ, his grandfather is a huge inspiration to him. Currently RJ is working on a new book and investing in start-ups he believes in. He also travels, reads, and enjoys playing with his dog, a black Yorkshire terrier crossbreed, Cloud. He has also recently adopted a baby kitten, called Espeon.

He has seen success many people deem a distant reality, an impossiblity. Although he is aware of this and as such created Forever Trust Charity, as his way of helping others.







here are 200 million active websites on the internet right now. With the web design service industry a $20.1B market in the US alone, and more than 16M new websites added every month. Web Design is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and it is easy to see why. There are 3.5 billion internet users over the globe.

Later the company became a division of RJTIO in 2012 in order to provide greater services in the Web Design, computer software & installation industry. The company now called RJTINC is internationalbased, running remotely out of multiple places around the world including USA (CA, CT, DC, VA), Europe (UK, Spain, Greece), and Asia (China, Korea, Japan).

Without a website, a business cannot prosper “You have 10 seconds to in the 21st century. leave an impression

RJTINC was the first company founded by RJ Tolson. In his boarding school dorms, with a little bit of knowledge of web design, he began to make websites for other people. With RJ’s eye for business, he saw an opportunity, and a gap in the market. He began to get some friends who also knew about web design, and started a little business. With a booming web design market, soon RJ’s little cliche of web designers became a business - and the rest is, as they say, history.

and tell them what they’ll get out of your website and company. After this time (and oftentimes before), they’ll leave.”. That is a famous quote from NN Group, and it highlights the importance of quality web design.

On the company website you will find words on the company’s “theme”: evolution.

“Technology is an everevolving science, especially within the web design and computer software distinctions.”... “We believe in working hard to keep evolving our current services as well as adding new additions, whether they be simple or more complicated (evolved), we continue on the path of pursuing knew web design technology (enlightenment).”

RJTINC specialises in web design and network consultation. It notably partnered and took part in the founding of wix, the globally successful web design company.







There are currently over 2 billion mobile users around the world. That number continues to grow, after eclipsing and overtaking the number of desktop/laptop users in 2014. Which, along with the fact that 90% of time spent on mobile is on apps, is a hugely untapped and uncapitalised market.

Epic is a consulting firm which specialises in business development, and have recently included app development as part of that. With connections to industry specialists, small businesses can see their revenue and capital grow to numbers unseen without utilising this largely untapped market.

If you are going to be a truly 21st century business then you need to have mobile presence,

Considering that in recent years we’ve seen the rise of the mobile and tablet, over the desktop/laptop, it is staggering that spending on mobile advertising is dwarfed by spending on total internet advertising - $13b to $50b. To an even higher extent, social media ads only represent about 14 percent of digital ad spending. Fortunately Epic offers their clients expert advice and guidance on how to capitalise on this - through branding, marketing, and social media engagement.

whether that be an app or a mobile-friendly website. Did you know that 91% of small business websites are not mobile-friendly - that is an astonishing number, and the scale of the collective revenue-loss as a result of that is incomprehensible. Mobiles are an irrefutable part of modern life, and yet businesses still lag behind.

In the summer of 2012 RJ Tolson began his business and marketing consultancy firm, “The Epic Consulting Firm”. Specialising in a wide range of consulting services, Epic offers the best business services to potential clients who want to excel. Also offering premium business plans, design ideas, innovative solutions, and strategies that are fit and tailored to clients’ needs and goals.

Writing this, a occurred to me:


How do you even “start” a start-up? It is a question which sounds almost too simple, and one which I hadn’t thought of before. Yet knowing the answer is the key to business in our age - we are living in the age of the start-up. Googling this question comes up with things like “Communicate with peers who have been there and done that”. Lucky for any who has a grand idea, one which they want to make a reality, Epic has a team of people who have “been there and done that”, offering you outstanding advice and guidance, taking you stepby-step to your success. Whether you need help with branding or legalities, Epic has you covered, being specialised in Branding, Management, Advertising, Start-ups, Law, business strategy, app development, and social media.









Craft Brewing

Hopping into the

Artistic cAreer


California has been central to the growth of home brewing This is said by American Homebrewers Association Director Gary Glass. This well crafted art may seem like a very difficult hobby to pick up, to most people. But you shouldn’t fear it. With the market doing well; home brewing - if you’re just as a huge fan of beer as I am - is the direction to seek. The founder of The Bruery in Placentia, Patrick Rue, started his way in craft brewing while he was studying law and in the need of a “distraction to the banality” - and like most, left an incredible mess of the kitchen in the beginning. The lovely aromas that wandered throughout his house (and into the neighbor’s) raised a lot of eyebrows no doubt. Regardless of all the mess and stress, Patrick Rue gave birth to his career by sharing with his friends and family, going out and marketing his crafts. Above all, instead of studying and taking the Barrister exam after finishing law school, Patrick entered his Belgian-style beers into several competitions and won a few awards. Then in 2008, the business was founded. Patrick’s really innovative idea though was to form a membership clubs for customers, so that each will receive exclusive beers and merchandise from the company on a quarterly basis. The first club is the Preservation Society; where each person will receive “three specially released beers from The Bruery” for a price of $58. The next club is the Reservation Society that offers the client special hard-to-find beers and a whopping 15% off all items purchased from The Bruery. This tier costs about $300, and before you think to yourself “that’s crazy”, understand that this is for the selected few that truly love the art of beer that this place delivers.

The cost helps cover the funding for aging those beers and to open bigger and better opportunities for the company. I say that this is a phenomenal idea to help raise money for the business and something to think about after you have developed several aging batches. To get a much closer idea of how to start, we interviewed Cal State L.A graduate, nutritionist and Le Cordon Bleu Chef Johnny Zegarra. What is it like to begin the process of becoming a home brewer? His initial plan began a couple years ago. He explains that before starting “be sure of yourself”.

“Be sure that this is something you’re planning to truly pursue “Of course you’re going to have to extinguish a bit of your funds, but most of it is the equipment you will be using to create different batches, after that it’s usually the ingredients you’ll need to get going again and again”. We asked Johnny what are the benefits of being a former student of the culinary arts; how does it affect his craft: “there are a lot of benefits to having this kind of knowledge in culinary arts, you know your way around the kitchen fairly well, but that doesn’t mean that the average Joe needs to be like me, everything is in simple measurements and basic math” “I just want to bring out the best in me [which is in the kitchen, cooking] and share it with the world. In this case it’s not just food alone, but with beer. And that’s what I am going to do” - Words by Mario Ibarra






















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RJ Tolson


Aaron West

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BurstOut Issue 0  

A ‘premier urban magazine’, providing definitive coverage of literature, music, art, fashion, technology, business and culture.

BurstOut Issue 0  

A ‘premier urban magazine’, providing definitive coverage of literature, music, art, fashion, technology, business and culture.