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the causes of anxiety attacks Millions of men and women of all ages can be left bewildered about the causes of panic attacks. The attacks can range from mild to severe and in many cases can be very serious and disruptive condition. For an accurate diagnosis you must consult a doctor though. There are too many variables involved, and often times a person can be completely mislead by the symptoms. That is why it's best to see your doctor, and you actually may do that for the wrong reasons. Causes can often be as vague as the symptoms of panic attacks are. The purpose of this article is to increase your understanding of panic attacks by highlighting a few of the causes. It is widely recognized by researches that there is a tendency of panic attacks to run in families. This, of course, doesn't' mean that they always run in families. Right now, there is no genetic proof of this at this time. Deficiencies of important nutrients such as zinc and/or magnesium have also been decided to be probable causes of panic attacks according to some studies. Other studies however refute the findings of these studies rendering them inconclusive. We are certain there will be more studies on this particular topic in the future. Then we can speak of certain risk factors such as we just mentioned about nutritional deficiencies. Until that day comes, there are other potential risk factors to zero in on. Anxiety sensitive people who also have a disposition to panic attacks can consider another concept as well. The tendency to take on a skewed perspective of an external event can be common in some people. These same people also react the same way to internal events or feelings. "Catastrophic misinterpretation" is what this phenomenon is called. For them, it is commonplace to feel that something will cause extreme problems. Their imaginations and thoughts basically run wild, leading to a panic attack. Panic attacks and their symptoms then are underscored by the heavy psychological elements and components. Don't rule out a medical condition though, since it could still be the cause for your panic attacks. Direct physical causation can be the cause, due to an event in the body. If you feel that you are having, or have had, a panic attack, then it is highly recommended to see your doctor. Medical issues like hypoglycemia, hyperthyroidism(not hypo and heart conditions that involve valve closure can sometimes cause panic attacks. An over-active thyroid gland is what causes hyperthyroidism. The second condition, hypoglycemia, is a state of chronic low blood sugar. There is a tremendous amount of information available on the causes of panic attacks. We persuade you to consult your medical professional and become knowledgeable as much as you're capable of. You can come across a tactic for handling this circumstance. Furthermore, do your best in trying not to complain about the method, as your medical professionally will more than likely have to run some tests to discount as many applicable and related possibilities. These guidelines can help you with the anxiety and panic attacks, even so if you really want to enjoy the best results, then Check This and discover about a popular program to reduce panic

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Panic Attack Causes And How To Figure Out Them  

Listed below are a couple of useful tips and hints that could aid you to stop panic disorders.

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