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John Burroughs Gifted/High Ability Magnet and SAS

February 23, 2012

Linda Faye Long inspires students to “BELIEVE!” Linda Faye Long is a writer, speaker, and former teacher at John Burroughs Middle School. Since having retired from the LAUSD, she now continues to teach and motivate children to become lifelong learners and to always believe in themselves. Our school welcomed Long back to JB on February 17 to share her new book, BELIEVE!

BELIEVE! is about a young girl named Linda Faye who really wanted a piano, but her family could not afford to buy one. She would go to Mr. Eli’s piano store to bang on the piano every day. On Christmas Day, her family surprised her with her very own piano! Even though she had never had any music lessons, she decided to sign up for a talent show at school. Her family started to worry about the talent show because Linda Faye did not practice on her piano at home. Ms. Lopez, her music teacher, was teaching her how to sing and play the piano at school. On the day of the talent show, everyone was surprised because Linda Faye performed so well. She won “first place” in the talent show because she believed in herself. Summary by Joel Ym and Luis Rivera (7th grade)

Long has dedicated more than 35 years to teaching adults and children from diverse cultural backgrounds. While teaching at John Burroughs, Long was the founder/director of The After School Literacy Club, Junior Professors: Cross-Age Tutoring, and the Millionaire’s Club for Literacy.

An Arabian Bazaar at JB

by Elia Eisner, 7th grade The Arabian Bazaar was an unforgettable event at John Burroughs that celebrated all of our cultures. During the set up in the morning, you could already smell the diversity in the foods being represented. There were foods from Mexico, Africa, Israel, and many more places in the world. There was also the diversity of each group’s products that were on display. I saw many people exchanging or buying products that come from a wide variety of cultures. The products ranged from jewelry to art supplies in all the booths. Many of the booths, in my opinion, had items that were priced fairly well and were worth their value. But some of my customers tried to bargain down the prices with me. There were also booths that had sales and discounts. We all enjoyed talking and trading with each other to get the best bargain. The customers were leaving from our booths happy and filled with food. Overall, the Arabian Bazaar was a tremendous turn out. Many of the students were dressed properly, giving the real feeling of actually being in Arabia. The costumes, food, money bargains, and products were the highlights of the whole event. Overall, the Arabian Bazaar was a cheerful and wonderful experience with my fellow classmates.


GATE Teacher Workshop: “Interactive Student Notebooks” DESCRIPTION: ! ! ! ! ! ! ! LOCATION:! !

This workshop outlines the use of Interactive Student Notebooks, a very flexible and cognitively challenging form of not only note-taking, but creative responses to any variety of prompts. We will explore how to construct and use the notebooks, as well as apply the prompts of depth and complexity. For those familiar with ISN’s, please come prepared to share your ideas and experiences, as well as any samples you may have.

TIME:! ! ! !

The workshop will consist of two parts held from 3:00-5:00 P.M. on Thursday, March 1 and Thursday, March 8, 2011.

! !

The workshop will be held at John Burroughs Middle School in Room B30.


Kevin Brandon, NBCT

COST:! ! ! ! ! !

! ! !

FREE! All teachers are encouraged to attend. These techniques work with all students. Hours may be used to fulfill Magnet and SAS training requirements. Professional development records will be provided if you do not have one.

RESOURCES:! ! ! ! !

A variety of resources will be shared in the class, including handouts and web locations for additional understanding and materials.


Fill out the information below and leave it in Kevin Brandon’s box, or email with the information.

“John Burroughs Gifted & High Ability Magnet: Developing and nurturing young scholars to achieve and succeed.” --Ms. Pearson


CHAPERONES REQUESTED Attention Parents— If your child has Mr. Mitchell for Algebra I, Algebra R, or Geometry, you are invited to chaperone a field trip on either April 9 or April 11. The trip is to a place called “Finance Park.” It would involve riding the bus with us to and from school.You will get to experience your children using math to create and balance a budget, make decisions on loans and credit, and work through other important life decisions. If you are able to make this commitment, please send a note with your child to Mr. Mitchell.

Upcoming Events March 1 and 8—GATE Teacher Workshop, 3-5pm (B30) March 22—PHBAO Conferences, 3-5pm (tentative) April 9, 11, 12, 13—Finance Park May 17—Magnet/SAS Open House, 5-7pm May 25—Academic Pentathlon Pep Rally-Shakey’s Pizza 5-8pm (Santa Monica and Orange Dr.) May 31—Local District 3 Academic Pentathlon Dr. Steve Martinez, Principal Dr. Helena Yoon-Fontamillas, GATE Administrator Magnet/GATE Coordinator: Ms. Beverly Pearson, Rm 112 SAS Coordinator: Ms. Tina Echevarria, Rm 110 Newsletter Editor: Mr. Chang W. Lee, Rm 213

Teacher reminders: The Gifted/ Talented programs of the LAUSD require 16 hours of professional development per year. Teachers must keep ready documentation of each conference and/or workshop they have attended in fulfillment of those hours. If you haven’t already, please pick up a Professional Development record from Ms. Pearson. John Burroughs Middle School 600 S. McCadden Pl Los Angeles, CA 90005 Phone: 323-549-5000 Fax: 323-934-9051 Web:


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