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Burris Gazette FALL 2010

October 25, 2010

Bob Burris entered heaven on September 19, 2010 at 11:30, at his home here in Milford. As you know, Bob I would like to share a was diagnosed with cancer a heartfelt thanks to all who have year ago June. The doctors expressed appreciation of Bob and condolences for us, his family. gave him 6 to 12 months to live, but in typical fashion, We have been overwhelmed by your outpouring of sympathy and he passed that goal and then concern shown through many and some. The Lord blessed him various ways. I’ve read every card with many extra days with his and note and have been uplifted by Robert Donnan (Bob) Burris family, friends, & co-workers. your support. September 23, 1944 - September 19, 2010 His departure was quick, just It has been my joy over the years like Bob had always wanted to meet so many of you. You are all to go. In one moment Bob was here; in the next, he was at home with the a vital part of Burris Logistics Lord. For Bob, to be absent in the body was to be present with the Lord. and our great big “family.” I pray as we journey on that God With great passion and sincerity, Bob shared that message of eternal hope will bless you and continue to draw in Jesus Christ his Savior with so many people, and now he is enjoying the you closer to Himself. company of the Lord forever. We’ve lost a great leader and a good friend, but the Lord gained a great soldier. Bob’s birthday was this coming Thursday, With much appreciation, September 23, 2010. This morning, he is celebrating his first birthday in Susan Burris and Family Heaven. Now Bob would not have us to cry over him or be distracted with his passing. Just like me, our day won’t be the same as we planned it, but there is much to do. Even in his weakness on Friday, Bob reminded us to “Focus on the business.” So, let us honor him with that request. Dear Team Members of Burris Logistics,

Please pray for Bob’s family, his wife Susan, his mother Lillian, his 3 children, Donnie, Robin & Megan along with the entire Burris family. Written by Ed Krupka, CIO, Burris Logistics “These words were shared with the Burris Logistics, Milford office, on Monday Morning.”

“Make It Happen” (Our discipline), “Get It Right” (Our focus), and develop “I AM Burris” (Our commitment)!


I imagine

that anyone who has spent more than a few minutes with Bob Burris was affected by him. Most of us will remember his words of wisdom, deeds performed without fanfare, and his way of putting others at ease in otherwise stressful situations. Here are a few “Big Bob” stories shared by members in the IT department. The single data cable had served its purpose. Two faster data lines were now in place. “By balancing the load on these lines, the traffic will move even faster,” or so I thought. It didn’t take long to learn that something went wrong. All data communication on both lines stopped altogether. Harrington was without access to the computer system and without the ability to print reports. After the ensuing mad scramble to restore lost communications, I was summoned to the upstairs corner office. Bob asked me to sit down and said, “Jim, tell me what happened.” Without alibi or excuse, I replied, “Bob, I was trying to configure load balancing so we could get better performance for the users in Harrington. Through my ignorance, I set up a loop and the data could not find its way to its destination. It’s completely my responsibility.” He looked at me for about 10 seconds, then said, “We seldom learn anything from what we do right.” -- Jim Bontrager A few months ago I was on my way to the main conference room and found Bob on his hands and knees in a suit and tie, using a screw driver to fix a hinge on the door to the Finance department. I asked if I could help, but Bob replied, “I found the problem. I’ll fix it.” -- Garrett Coleman Two feet of snow blanketed the ground this past winter. I walked in at 5:30AM and was greeted by the sound of dripping as melting snow leaked from the ceiling onto the front hallway. Knowing that this must be cleaned up ASAP, I dropped my belongings off at my desk and went to attend to the leak. It wasn’t long before I heard a Wet Vac running in the hallway. Bob had already arrived and was busy getting the mess cleaned up. This was before 6AM; after 2 feet of snow had fallen during a declared state of emergency! -- John Love “Six to 12 months.” In his characteristic matter-of-fact tone, Bob shared with me what the doctor told him regarding the severity of his cancer. I was not surprised by his peaceful acceptance of this news, dire as it was. He made it clear (on numerous occasions) that his trust was in Jesus Christ. Characteristic of Bob, he saw opportunity where others saw misfortune. Rather than shrink in fear, Bob chose to use the news of his cancer as a springboard to share the gospel. In those “six to 12 months,” Bob had the opportunity to speak to both groups and individuals to share the good news about his final destination. Bob’s faith is what I will always remember the most about him. Those who did not have the privilege of seeing the video shown at Bob’s memorial service (or those who would like to see the video in its entirety), can view it online at: -- Brett Venable

Jason James receives congratulations from Wayne Romanczuk on celebrating 15 years with Burris Logistics. As the Corporate Controller, Jason is the key to making sure all of our financial reporting is accurate. Thank you Jason for “Making It Happen” all these years! Wayne Romanczuk, CFO, celebrated his 60th birthday by taking a little spin around the office. Happy Birthday!

Make It Happen


Harrington, Delaware Burris logistics was just beginning its largest growth spurt when Paul Chandler came to work. Paul was a young man of eighteen with a new family and all the obligations and promise held therein. He needed “a good job with benefits” and we’re fortunate that he found us.

Paul and men and women like him were instrumental in laying the groundwork for our great company’s future and long-term prosperity. Paul started work here in June of 1976. Throughout his career here he held many positions. Like so many of us, he started as an order selector. He then graduated to forklift operator, crane operator, receiver, and finally settled on the coveted day shift Safety and Sanitation crew. Paul was a simple man of simple pleasures. He worked hard to provide a good living for his family and he succeeded as any good man would. Paul Chandler passed away on May 12, 2010 after a short but courageous battle with lung cancer. Where we lose a great friend and partner, heaven gains a smiling angel.

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Eugene Donald. Eugene died Saturday, May 1, after a courageous battle with the devastating effects of a stroke. Eugene leaves behind a legacy of hard work, diligence and customer service with our organization that will be forever hard to match. He started with us in November of 1975 and retired last year.

Eugene C. Donald April 23, 1934 - May 1, 2010 Eugene always put his customers first and they loved him for it. They often celebrated his birthday with a cake when he arrived at each store! In fact, before he retired, some of his stores threw a party for him on his last delivery. When they discovered he was ill, they routinely called to check on his progress. We can learn a lesson about life from the way Eugene lived his and the way he interacted with everyone he met. Thank you Eugene and God bless!

Our company has lost another good man, at least where Earthly bounds are concerned. George Burton was promoted to the church triumphant on Monday, September 27th. George Burton spent his entire career at our company and made his mark along the way. He began in the chicken processing room when it was part of what we now recognize as the break area in the corporate office! He worked alongside many of the originals such as Jack Robinson, Louise Short and a young Bob and Howard Burris. He was there when we broke ground in Harrington, the first of what would eventually be a string of distribution centers known for their service and loyalty to the customer. It is thanks to George and those like him that we are able to enjoy the success of our wonderful company. They were the ones who taught us how to “Make It Happen.” Thank you George, until we meet again! George leaves behind his loving wife, Virginia, who shared with him more than forty-three years of marriage and their five children, Michael, Matthew, Edwin, George and Gerene. They are blessed with twenty-four grandchildren and sixteen great-grandchildren. What a wonderful legacy.

Congratulations and sincere thank you to Sam Layton, Phil Toothman and John Hupp of the Harrington Transportation Team. These three gentlemen were voluntary representatives in the annual Special Olympics Convoy. Each year the Special Olympics committee organizes a “convoy” to raise money for their cause. In Delaware, the convoy meets at the state fair grounds and begins a fifty-mile trek through local towns. All along the way people are cheering and kids are doing the fist pump, which is the old signal for “let me hear your air horn.” And of course the drivers comply, especially for the Special Olympians. Thousands of trucks across the country are involved and in keeping with the giving spirit of our organization, we’re honored to do our part.

Get It Right


Rocky Hill, Connecticut

On July 24th at Hawk’s Landing Country Club in Southington, CT, Rocky Hill held their second annual golf outing for team members, BJ’s our customer and some of our vendors that were able to attend. With the weather at 95 degrees and what seemed to be 90% humidity it was an effort just to finish all 18 holes. This year was very successful for us as we doubled our players from the 1st outing we had a year ago. The outing was put together to enjoy a day with our customer and our vendors to have fun and talk about other things besides business. This year’s event also raised money for the Cancer Society through donations, and sponsorships of some of the holes of the course. Players enjoyed a great day on the course and then a buffet lunch indoors at the course pavilion where raffle gifts, golf awards, and great conversation took place. I’m sure everybody had a great time, and we are looking forward to continuing the gettogether next year. Many thanks to all that attended and for all the contributions from players and vendors. In the end we donated $1,300.00 to the Cancer Society to continue to try to put an end to cancer. Pete Montana | Produce Cat. Mgr./Acct. Exec. Though I do not have one particular story about Big Bob, like many others I will never forget him. I have been with Burris for a short period of time (2 1/2 years) and had limited contact with Big Bob (being in Rocky Hill) but I can tell you that his influence he had on me will never be forgotten. I am a better person for knowing him, and the rest of my life and my family’s life will be positively affected because of him. Big Bob had this positive presence, influence on everyone that he met and so many of us are better people because of him. That is a story in itself. Thank you for letting me share this with you. Charles L. Agganis | Transportation Manager | Burris Logistics

Make It Happen



n Saturday, September 18th the Elkton facility held their first “Softball Challenge.” The warehouse’s softball team took on the supervisors and managers in two great games. Game one was taken by a great warehouse team with skilled players and fast legs. The supervisors and managers made a huge comeback during game two with Jim Bertuola’s wicked curve ball and great at bats by the whole team that led them to a landslide victory! It was a great day of food and fun enjoyed by all. The series is currently tied - we’ll see what happens next year!

Get It Right

6 F e d e r a l s b u r g ’ s Star of the 1st Quarter

Father and Son Reach Mile Stone

Congratulations to Melvin Johnson. Melvin has been with Burris Logistics for 24 years. He currently is working in the Receiving Department. During his time at Burris, Melvin has worn many hats. Melvin is the senior team member in the warehouse. He is looked up to by his fellow team members, and sets an example in every aspect of the job, from attendance to safety to production to training. We congratulate Melvin for his achievement as Star of the Quarter and thank him for his outstanding service and dependability.

Congratulations to Anthony Deshields Sr. & Jr. Anthony Sr. recently celebrated 25 years with Burris Logistics. Anthony Sr. is cur-

F e d e r a l s b u r g ’ s Star of the 2nd Quarter Congratulations to Radames Castro-Capo. Radames is an order selector in the Shipping Department. He recently celebrated 4 years with Burris Logistics. Radames sets a high example for his peers and constantly rises to the challenges. He comes to work with a smile on his face and is always ready for what the day may offer. He has many friends at Burris and was recruited by a team member during a prime start-up phase. We would like to take the time to recognize Radames and thank him for his continued dedication.

rently working in inventory control. Anthony Jr. recently celebrated 15 years and is currently the Lead in the Receiving Department. Both men have been dedicated and loyal team members of the Federalsburg Team. We thank you both for your service and look forward to many more years to come. Congratulations to Lynn Morean for celebrating 30 years of service During her 30 years, Lynn has worked in Federalsburg and Milford offices, working in Accounting,

Transportation, and Payroll. Lynn brings new meaning to the word “dedicated,” and we are fortunate to have her as part of the Federalsburg Team !

Congratulations Our Team Members Celebrating 5 years: Paul Taylor, Ed Miller, Earl Cole, Calvin Simms, Abraham Gonzalez, Lionel Bailey, Jim Carrico, Charles Adams, Frank Banks, Terris Cannon, Mike Crisco, Jamez Justice, Raymond Smith, Dale Spence, Vaughn Todd Congratulations to Scanner Sammy Lofland on 15 years of Service. (Left) Congratulations to Supervisor Stanford Ricks for celebrating 15 years!

Congratulations to Danny Downes Jr. on his recent promotion to Blast Export Supervisor. Danny will supervise the new team as Burris of Federalsburg branches out to overseas exports. Danny is no stranger to the Burris organization, as he transferred from the Orlando facility 3 years ago. Danny’s experience in supervision as well as his vast knowledge of warehouse operations made him a prime candidate for the new position. Danny has family ties in the local area and also has family ties within the Burris Organization, as his father, Danny Downes Sr., is currently the General Manager for the Atlanta facility. Please join us is congratulating Danny Downes Jr. on his recent promotion. F e d e r a l s b u r g ’ s Driver of the 1st Quarter Hats off to Maurice “Vaughn” Todd. He has been with Burris Logistics 5 years. His dispatcher and supervisor give him high regards for his flexibility and dependability. Everyone knows the job of a truck driver can fluctuate depending on the day. Vaughn always rises to the occasion and meets the needs of the customer, vendor and Company. He has truly demonstrated his will to go the extra mile. n”


au “V

Driver’s Breakfast Meeting

Make It Happen

7 When I came to Burris (about 9½ years ago), Federalsburg had just had a massive lay-off. The morale around the facility was low, and those that were still employed were happy to still have jobs, but the future was still unsure. I came in as the first HR Manager for the facility. Not knowing what had just happened, I came in with a cheerful smile and looking forward to getting ready to start my new job. It was very dismal and not a happy place. A few days later, Mr. Bob came to the facility and introduced himself and asked if I was ready for the challenge. I smiled and thought what have I gotten myself into, but told him I was ready to get to work. He told me a brief history of Federalsburg and what had recently happened and he and his team were meeting with potential clients and he needed me to get Federalsburg ready. He said I’ll be back next week, and I want you to have a list for me of what you need to get the right people on the bus. I went to work meeting with the remaining staff….(everyone on site) and asked about their experiences at Burris. Slowly they began to come around and warm up to me. The staff talked about the conditions and

things they would like to change. The supervisors told me what challenges they faced with hiring and what they would like to see. As he promised, Mr. Bob came back the next week and asked me what I thought would help Federalsburg. I had compiled a list of about 12 things (only really expecting to achieve 2 on the list). This was our Federalsburg Wish-list. Mr. Bob took the list, read it, looked over the paper and said, “Is this it?” I told him I had met with the entire staff and these were a few suggestions and but I think they would be happy for anything. He said I think we can make this work, and then he handed me his list. I looked it over, and he had a few better things on his list than what was on mine. I sat there amazed thinking Santa came early this year! He said after we make these changes, I want a good solid team. That was the changing point. I proudly met with the team members and told them of the wonderful changes…some immediate, some gradual, but all good. These men and women who were so uncertain of their future could relax and focus on the job at hand. Mr. Bob kept his promise and I like to believe I held up my end

as well. A new contract came, and we all rolled up our sleeves and got busy. That included Mr. Bob. He would come in late at night to see what was happening. It was nothing to see him on the dock talking to the supervisors or the team members. To know that you have the support of your leader was a great comfort, and to see that his desire was to make it better made me want to work harder. We got the right people on the bus. That was August 2001. During that time, every salaried supervisor that was here then is still here now. We’ve only had about 8-9 team members who were here at that time leave. The rest of the crew has remained intact. Federalsburg never forgot about what Mr. Bob put in place. Those men and women who were here during that rocky period are like a second family to me. He went above and beyond my expectations of what (at that time) a Company President would do. He truly made you feel like you were family and you knew he appreciated what you were doing. Vanessa Adams-Cannon HR/Safety Manager

Haines City competed in a softball tournament helping to raise money for the Sunshine Foundation. Team Burris was recognized for raising the most money for the organization.

Tim Gonzalez 15 years

“Red” Farmer - 15 years

Angie Cheshire - 15 years and Greg Ross - 5 years.

Haines City has begun storing product for Butterkrust Bakery. Butterkrust produces a variety of breads, buns and rolls. Now they are adding buns for Wendy’s throughout Florida to their menu. Welcome Butterkrust!

Get It Right


Hear ye! Hear ye! Read all about it! Atlanta Goes HPWP! What? Have they gone crazy? (nope) They don’t know what they are doing down there! (sure we do) It will never work! (but it is) HPWP, is it contagious? (boy we sure hope so) A High Performance Work Place (HPWP) is designed to motivate and manage all of the employees by leading in totally new ways and setting high performance expectations. An HPWP environment is non-traditional. It is based on the belief that approximately 95% of all employees are responsible workers. In a traditional work environment, management tends to focus on the marginal 5% employees. Most of the “rules” are there to manage

those employees and expectations are set and measured by their performance. An HPWP environment puts the focus on the other 95% of the employees. Working to provide higher expectations that these employees are willing to meet and exceed. After attending the HPWP workshop, I reread the Burris Culture Sheet and realized that Burris provides the basic ideas on which to build upon. Burris is about encouraging employees to “Make it Happen,” “Get it Right” and be “I Am Burris.” HPWP provides the tools for all employees to want to “Make it Happen,” “Get It Right” and be “I Am Burris” everyday! HPWP uses 8 key elements to help create an environment where people feel good about the company, the work and themselves. Here are the key elements and what some of the Atlanta employees are saying about them. 1. Positive Assumptions About People – Stiven

Sanchez, Inventory Manager HPWP leadership workshop has provided a different perspective about the assumptions people typically have about others. The workshop taught the participants to have positive assumptions about people. In simpler terms “You get what you give.” This concept is applied on a two-way street. When a person perceives they are not trusted by an individual, they tend to respond by not opening their trust either which builds distrustful relationships. Frequently people apply their attention on dealing with what is going wrong in a situation or what someone is doing wrong, rather than spending their energy and effort helpings things go right. Adopting this culture in Atlanta has created a credulous environment where all parties involved know that the decisions being made are made in the best interest of each other. 2. Identification and Elimination of Negatives – Adam Ziebell, Warehouse Supervisor A “negative” is defined as: anything that minimizes verses

maximizes a person’s feeling of value to the organization. Examples of negatives found in a traditional warehouse environment would be: limited communication, micromanagement, attendance point system, random drug testing and lack of employee involvement. The organization should trust employees to make the correct/moral decisions. To identify and eliminate all the negatives around you makes one feel enlightened. I feel that with all the negativity out of my environment I can really enjoy where I work. Being in a negative environment can bring low morale which causes low performance and increases turnover. Once most negatives are eliminated you don’t feel controlled, you feel empowered to know the organization trusts you. 3. Open, Two-Way, Adult-to-Adult Communication – Mike McGee, Operations Manager One of the elements I feel that has made the biggest difference in the way we operate in Atlanta is the embracing and use of adult-to-adult

Make It Happen

9 communication. In the past we had always placed ourselves as manager/supervisors in a position of “I am the boss and I will tell you what you are to do.” That is how I was trained and had always operated in the past. Now the position taken is that we have a goal or task to be accomplished and we speak as equals to a team member as to how we can accomplish the goal and ask for ideas to do this as we as managers do not have all the answers. Since the work will be performed by another it only makes sense to inquire whether someone else doing that work may have a better idea. It just makes for a better work environment both in increased productivity and definitely lowering the stress level between team members. 4. Employee Involvement and Empowerment – Richie McCosh, Assistant Inventory Manager Burris is creating an environment in which people have an impact on decisions and actions that affect their jobs. The Employee Involvement is not the goal nor is it a tool, as practiced in many

Get It Right

organizations. Rather, employee involvement is a management and leadership philosophy about how people are most enabled to contribute. One way we in Atlanta have implemented employee involvement is through Hiring Teams. Hiring Teams involve hourly employees interviewing applicants and deciding whether they “fit” into our culture/environment. Hiring teams know that skills can be taught but attitude and behavior cannot. Having employees decide who gets hired gives them a sense of responsibility to make sure this employee succeeds. They will ensure the employee is trained and can come to them with any questions. It also makes the new employee feel they know somebody when they come on board and are more likely to ask questions.

because if you don’t have trust you have nothing. Also, when you have mutual trust people are more likely to do the right thing.

5. Mutual Trust and Respect – Kevin Reed, Shipping Supervisor I think trust is very important because you need to be able to trust the people you work with and around. Of all the eight elements, I think trust is the most important

7. Competitive Wages and Benefits – This is not an element that can be controlled by any one manager or supervisor. It is the joint responsibility of all management of the company in an HPWP organization to assure its

6. Training – Herman Littleton, Receiving Manager Since implementing HPWP, training has gone by much easier. I have learned to ask more questions of the trainee and recognize that not every employee reacts to training the same way another employee does. HPWP has taught me that open adult-to-adult communication really helps the training process. When the employee feels comfortable with their trainer, training goes much smoother. This gives an employee a comfort level and they are not scared to ask questions. Which when they ask more questions you’re getting quality training.

existence. The goal is to make wages and benefits a non-issue. I think Burris does that. 8. High Expectations – Hernan Guerrero, Transportation Manager High Expectations is fundamental to High Performance, it means to maintain an environment that maximizes employee contributions by establishing the highest expectations for performance. Managers and leaders need to convey a clear message of what is expected and make it clear that we expect a lot. When you expect someone to perform well they do. Good people always want to do their best. We are trying to achieve exceptional performance through the highest of expectations. I would like to share with you some quotes from a group of our hiring team employees. I was listening to an interview being conducted by 3 of our employees. Listening to these guys talk to the applicant about our company made me feel very proud to be apart of Burris Atlanta. Brandon Rumph, who has been here less than 1 year, - continues next page

10 told this person that this was a great company to work for and he enjoyed coming to work everyday. He said that he had never worked for a company that actually listened to their employees and implemented their ideas. Brandon said he was very proud to be a Burris employee. Kenneth Lupoe, who has worked for us before and came back after HPWP was implemented, said “being part of the hiring team is good because I get a chance to gain my friends’ trust and the company’s trust. I also get a chance to learn more about people in different ways so far as interviewing them. It gives me the skill I need and lets me know who I would be working with. I really like being a part of the Burris Logistics family because of things like this.” Kenneth also went on to say how things have changed since he was here before. He used to come to work, do his job and go home. Now he feels he is part of a team that works together and everyone has input. Nate Baskin, who has been here from the beginning, said that he now enjoys coming to work. The other day he was able to lead the startup meeting and get the work going while the supervisors were in a meeting that had run long. Nate said in the old environment that would have been unheard of and had he made any sort of suggestion he would have been told to do it the way he was told or hit the road. Now things have changed and the managers/ supervisors listen to what you have to say and there is communication both ways instead of just one. I know you might be thinking we are crazy. No point system? No attendance policy? We do still have an attendance policy and it states the expectation, be to work everyday you are suppose to and be on time. All employees are held to the same attendance policy. Attendance is still tracked but not with points. This gives us a chance to coach and counsel our employees by opening the communication between employee and supervisor. HPWP has a proven track record in Atlanta. Production is up; turnover is down; communication is running rampant …. Just the way we like it. Beth Bryan | HR Manager | Burris Logistics - Atlanta

Atlanta Celebrates the Warehouse with a Black Tie Festival! Here we go again. Atlanta has come up with another crazy idea of celebrating the warehouse employees. And what a celebration it was! Our Recognition Team came up with the idea of having a banquet for the warehouse employees and their significant others. We came up with the ideas of having a sit-down catered dinner, music and photography. We then wondered how we would pull it off. As the plans came together the event began to become a reality. We then wondered how we were going to make a banquet room out of the warehouse. As the day drew closer everything started falling into place. Everyone pitched in to help set up the part of the warehouse we were using. After the tables were set up and the drapes were hung we realized the room was looking less like a warehouse and more like a banquet hall. When employees and guests arrived they were pleasantly surprised at what they were seeing. Each employee and guest had their picture taken and were told they will receive a copy of it. They were then

Make It Happen

11 free to enjoy hors d’oeuvres and find a table for their crew. Dinner was served beginning with salad, then main course of roast beef or roasted chicken with sweet potatoes, green beans and mashed potatoes. Dessert followed with a choice of cheesecake, german chocolate or red velvet. It was all delicious. During dinner several employees, managers and supervisors got up to speak about their time at Burris. Several talked about Burris as a whole while others talked about the teams they worked with. It was great to hear all of the positive things they had to say about their coworkers, supervisors, managers and Burris. To keep things rolling and fun, superlatives were given to employees for things like Best Smile, Best Hair, Freshest Dresser, Biggest Ego, Most Talented, Safest Employee, Most Reliable, Most Likely to be Late, Most Likely to Bust a Move and Most Likely to have their Pallets Fall Over to name a few. When the superlative winners were announced they came up to claim “awards” like a toothbrush, comb, lint brush, mirror, watch, air horn, piece of a pallet or handiwrap to name a few. This kept the evening fun and entertaining. The last piece of business was to handle the giveaways. Each employee received a ticket upon arrival and had a chance to go home with some great

Get It Right

gifts like gift cards, mugs, hats, TV’s and more. Everyone received a gift bag full of goodies and all of the ladies received a rose to top off the evening. We could not have pulled this off without help. Many of our vendors and suppliers helped to make this event a huge success. Without them and all of the hard work of our employees we could not have “Made it Happen.” Thanks to everyone who helped to make this our 1st Annual Black Tie Festival! Beth Bryan | HR Manager | Burris Logistics - Atlanta I am pleased to announce that Nia Mayfield has joined our organization as Director, Team Member Relations, effective Monday, October 18th. Nia will be located in our Elkton, MD, facility and will report directly to me. Prior to joining Burris Logistics, Nia worked for Southco, Inc. as a Human Resources Manager where she was primarily responsible for developing and implementing key programs in the areas of training, compensation, staffing and employee relations. In this role Nia will be responsible for developing and implementing Corporate training programs, employee engagement as well as providing staffing administration, training and management development support to the facilities and Corporate. Nia holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resources from Temple University and a Masters Degree in Human Resources Management from St. Joseph’s University, both located in Philadelphia, PA. We are excited to have Nia on board and are confident that her background and education will serve her well in this new role. Please join me in welcoming Nia to the Burris Logistics team! Bob Sliwa Executive VP, Human Resources and Legal


Orlando RUNS for a great cause

... Last May several Orlando team members took on a 5K challenge! Their training and preparation paid off as one-by-one they crossed the finish line. Thank you to each of the participants for taking the time to come out and support the West Orange Habitat for Humanity. A special congrats goes out to Ken Grable who won a medal for his age group. Way to go Ken!

Leadership Development “Everything rises and falls on leadership,” says Dr. John Maxwell

That is why our management team dedicated their time during the first six months of 2010 to enhance and broaden their leadership skills. This program was designed to provide crucial information on the principles and practices of great leaders. Thank you to our management team for your commitment in making Burris Orlando a successful leader in refrigerated logistics and an employer of choice.

C o n gratulatio n s to Jose Mercado who was recently promoted to a lead position and a warm welcome to our newest supervisor, Julian Davis.

Health Fair 2010 Burris Orlando hosted its Annual Health and Wellness Event this past July. This was a great opportunity for our team members to receive educational information from our participating vendors, such as LA Fitness, In Charge Debt Solutions, Solantic Urgent Care, The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and several others, while we continue to promote our Healthy Rewards program.

Make It Happen


Bringing the ISLANDS to Burris Aloha!

If we can’t get to the Islands, then the Islands will come to us. A fun-filled meal was enjoyed by Orlando this past summer as our team members were served in a Hawaiian setting by our management team.

C o n g r a t u la t i o ns t o o u r T e a m M e m b e r s o f t h e M o n t h and HUGE t h an k y o u f o r “ Ma k in g I t Ha p p e n ! ”

March 2010 – Ramon Santiago (pictured with Stacey Hayes) April 2010 – Christopher Re (pictured with Sid Souto) May 2010 – Jessica Dubose (pictured with Diana Couto) June 2010 – Jay Camargo (pictured with John Enger) July 2010 – Garfield Barak (pictured with John Enger) August 2010 – Morgan Martin (pictured with Chris Stepien)

Get It Right

14 A message from Patrick Murphy, BJ’s Supervisor - It was a Saturday afternoon at the Burris Orlando facility as we were getting ready to start the selecting for the frozen Disney. I had picked up the paperwork from the front office as the data processor at the time, Valerie Barnes, tells me that we may expect Mr. Bob Burris to stop by before he heads to the airport. I went back to the shipping office for our start-up meeting and I informed the crew that we may have Mr. Burris stop by.

the selectors come to the shipping office to pick up more orders they tell me that they met Mr. Bob Burris when they were selecting in the freezer. I can share that Mr. Bob Burris when I met him, was a very concerned person and asked questions that were both about the job that was being done and also about your position with the company. Most importantly, before heading back home he took the time to see the people that were working on our shift. “A great leader, a great person.”

Of course, it was a Saturday so I thought, why would Mr. Bob Burris stop here, he is on his way to the airport and eventually back home.

A message from Michael Holley, Transportation Supervisor - I’ve been with Burris for over nine years and I was and still am amazed by the fact that a man of his stature would stop by and say hello to everyone in our office whenever he visited our Orlando facility. He knew everyone by their name, he was an awesome man.

The crew starts selecting and no more than just a few minutes into the pick I see a tall gray haired person heading to the office. He enters and introduces himself as Bob Burris. After the introduction he proceeds to ask me my name and of course what my position is and how long I have been with the company. He also asks how I like it, and then proceeds to ask questions on what the Disney process is. I explain it all to him; he is very interested and asks if this is a regular Saturday shift. I informed him that the Disney pick is 365 days of the year. He then gets ready to leave, walks out the shipping office and proceeds to the Disney checker and loader who are on the dock. Mr. Burris stops to talk them. He then goes into the freezer and he is gone. As

A message from Ramon Santiago, BJ’s Warehouseman – While working in the Atlanta facility during the warehouse start up, I was approached by Mr. Bob Burris. Mr. Burris was recently informed by Mr. Frank Nardi and Mr. Danny Downs that I had won the Warehouseman of the Year for 2006.

that I don’t work hard; I’m just a hard worker. He proceeded to tell me that I made the Burris Company very proud. Mr. Burris had a way of making someone feel like they were part of a great family. I will always admire him for taking that time to recognize someone’s hard work and dedication. Great Job - Give ‘Em the PICKLE! We love to

recognize our team members who “ M A K E I T H A P P E N .” Kudos to all of you who come to

work every day with the “ I A M B U R R I S ” attitude and

Mr. Burris shook my hand and asked me, “how did you do it?” I told him that I just Made It Happen. He told me that I was using his saying and that I needed to tell him how I did it. I told him

continuously “GET IT RIGHT.”

Make It Happen


It’s pretty clear that the appetites were ready, the plates were full, and the camaraderie was in full swing at the recent Honor Foods annual BBQ. All warehouse shifts, office members, and even some of our drivers enjoyed the food. The event also provided our members the opportunity to jumpstart our United Way drive. The donation pail ended up with $114.80 in voluntary contributions from our members. What a great way to start this annual event. Thanks to all who participated. We anticipate that other members will choose to make an annual declaration. All in all, it was a great event with an additional bonus for those in need.

Get It Right



Appreciation Luncheon






APRIL - Bill Weeks, supervisor (left); Lorene Whitley, sanitation (right) MAY - Trinidad Fernandez (left); Marcus Hevener, supervisor (right) JUNE - Robert Mooneyham (left); Marcus Hevener, supervisor (right) JULY - Melissa Whitesell, supervisor (left); Alfredo Aguirre (right) AUGUST - Scott Bell (left); Justin Earven, supervisor (right)

Make It Happen



JULY 2010 TOTAL $135.00 for PLUS Alvin Carn (Security)


OCTOBER 2010 TOTAL $140.00 FOR CHECKERBOARD George Thompkins (Warehouse)

Summer Picnic held at Hannah State Park



Accident Free

Get It Right

January February March April May June July August September

TEAM MEMBER OF THE MONTH Ontonje Oruamabo Earl Green Alvin Carn Clinton Neighbors Marvin White Beth Smith Lynne Johnson Larry Kimmel Matt Tauscher

Warehouse Warehouse Sanitation Warehouse Warehouse Security Administration Security Warehouse



Burris Has Gone Google

As of October 27th, over 550 Burris Team Members have “Gone Google!” And we are in good company - in the last few years over 3 million companies have “Gone Google” worldwide. With benefits like significant cost savings, enhanced communications, universal access, continuous hassle-free updating, and 50 times more storage, all combined with the innovation and intelligence that is Google, it is no wonder why Burris made the decision to switch to Google Apps. Ben Salzman, a Google employee said, “Burris Logistics is one of the most prepared, most diligent customers we have seen switch to Google Apps. Ed Krupka and the whole Burris team have laid the foundation for a successful transition and quick adoption of Google Apps. We wish every customer had the support mechanisms and organizational structure that Burris does. We are excited to have such a solid, values-driven company join the Google Apps family!” Burris Team Members are excited too. A change of this size can be stressful for any company but in true - Make It Happen - Burris fashion our Team Members have stepped up to the plate to make our transition a smooth one. Thank you! Once again, Burris proves to be Ahead of the Curve! Sarah Burris | EDI/ECM Coordinator |Google Apps Training Coordinator | Burris Logistics

Diana Couto and Sarah Lauzen (Burris) in Orlando on Go-Live Day

A u to - R eple n T eam Back Row - Steve Cunrod, John Teixeira, Miguel Bernal, Jim Bertuola, Reggie Thompson, John Oberly, Bob Lewis and Ed Krupka.

i n

E lkto n

Front Row- Josh Krupka, Fernando Bernal, Donald Turner and Juan Ayon. Auto Replen Core Team (Right): Gary Walstead, Josh Krupka, Kent Garthwaite, Matt Cook, and Todd Poteet.

Make It Happen


Lakeland, Florida July 10th

Get It Right



ANNOUNCEMENTS Congratulations Chris Ensley, warehouseman, and Brittany Slack welcomed their baby girl, Skyler Nevaeh Ensley, on July 12, 2010. Skyler weighed in at 6 lbs 7 oz. Harrington, DE Congratulations to Barry Kellam and Mia Whitney on the birth of their son, Bra’yon Glenn, 7 lbs 8 oz born on August 13, 2010. Harrington, DE Congratulations! Jennifer Mann and Bryan Seichepine welcomed their son into the world, Blake Arthur, on October 20, 2010 at 7:47 am. Blake weighed 6 lbs 9 ozs. Charles Mann and wife Rose are the proud grandparents of Blake. Harrington, DE

Congratulations to David Antico, Driver, and his wife Danielle on the birth of their son, Nicholas Robert Antico, 9 lbs 2 oz, 21.5 inches, born on August 24, 2010. Springfield, MA


May 14, 2010, Kris Bruno married Nick Vathes at Baywood Greens in Long Neck, DE. Harrington, DE September 18, 2010, Patrick Flynn married Kiley McTaggart at Elmcrest Country Club in East Longmeadow, MA. Springfield, MA

Federalsburg’s VP of Distribution

“Good Samaritan” Fund and a local farmer, Ed Givens’

Emergency: An unexpected, serious occurrence or situation urgently requiring prompt action. Parameters: 1. Must be an active Burris Team Member with at least one year service. 2. The maximum amount awarded will be $2,500 per request. 3. Grant requests can be communicated via e-mail.

Your grant request will be confidentially reviewed and processed by the “Good Samaritan” Fund Committee Members Lori Metz, Barbara Smith and Maggie Owens.

pumpkin weighed in at ?

717 lbs.


F irst q u arter safet y drawing (Center) David Sorrels from our Lyndhurst facility received a $1000.00 Visa gift card.

Make It Happen

Burris Gazette Fall 2010  

Fall 2010 Burris Journal

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