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Buro North Studio / Botantical Gardens INITIAL IDEAS

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Case Study 70 Oxford Street and Peel Street Alternative furniture located just off Smith Street. The furniture composes of both organic and geometric forms. The purpose of this installation type furniture offers alternative ways of interpretation. In terms of the context of the botanical gardens, the furniture possess a playful feature, this may detriment the heritage feel of the gardens. However it can be interpreted in many ways. In order to prevent visitors to move the furniture and use existing furniture is a degrogatory way, there are many ways to interpret the furniture..

Ross Arnold

B端ro North Multidisciplinary Design Client B端roo North Studio Project VFT Network

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Document Briefing Job No 110101 Pres_110101 Date 02/08/11

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Only use figured dimensions. Do not scale. If in doubt consult an authorised representative of B端ro North for approval. Check all dimensions on site before fabrication or set out.

Case Study  
Case Study  

Off Smith Street