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Browns Bay Triathlon Hi Elbow Triathlon Club, in conjunction with Larne Borough Council will hold a sprint distance triathlon and an aquathon at Browns Bay on Saturday 12 May. Whilst an aquathon was staged at Browns Bay last year this is the first time that a triathlon has been held on Islandmagee. A sprint distance triathlon consists of the following distances in the following order: Swim 750m, Bike 20km, Run 5km. Each discipline will consist of 2 laps. The swim, starting from the beach, around 2 buoys and back to the beach, then round again. This is followed by a quick change on to your bike. The bike run sets off towards Ballylumford, up the hill then left down Hollow Road, swing left at the Masonic Hall and back to Browns Bay then round again. Finish the second lap at Browns Bay then start the run. Run towards Larne Golf Club and once there return to Browns Bay and repeat the journey. Important details: To compete you must have a wetsuit. Your bike must be serviceable. Registration starts at 9.30am and the race starts at 11.00am. Competitors must be members of Triathlon Ireland or hold a one day license (cannot be purchased on the day). All info can be found at

Gobbins Update In our last community update, Larne Borough council (LBC) confirmed a successful funding application of £3,541,087 from Interreg 1VA needed towards the £5.8m required to complete the Gobbins Cliff project. Since that announcement was made there has been a lengthy and complicated process to secure the necessary leases and permissions from land owners to enable the project to advance. However, despite slower than hoped for progress, Council and the Gobbins Steering Committee have worked quietly behind the scenes to keep the project on course and in the public eye. Meetings have taken place with the Northern Ireland Tourist Board, our Donegal partners and most importantly with the Central Procurement Department who will soon be in a position to begin the procurement process and to appoint contractors for the project. Continued on page 2…

All competitors will receive a commemorative crystal cube to mark the occasion. To the general public: Come along and cheer on the triathletes and, who knows, it might be you competing next year. To all road users. There will be considerable extra traffic on Islandmagee’s roads on that day (05-05-12) , particularly at the North end of Islandmagee and people are asked to be aware of the event and of the traffic and competitors that will be on these roads. Please respect their presence and facilitate them. You can contact the ICDA by email at or to our Secretary at 1 Island Village, Islandmagee.

Gobbins Update

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In the meantime Council has taken every opportunity to promote this venture. You may have seen a recent episode of “ Great Train Journeys” which featured Council Chief Executive, Geraldine McGahey, being interviewed by Michael Portillo about the history of the cliff path and the plans for its restoration. The programme also featured some fantastic footage of the attraction in its Victorian heyday. Following this programme Larne Tourist Information Centre handled a number of enquiries from the UK mainland from people planning to visit the Gobbins in the future. With further interest being expressed in the project from programmes such as ‘Coast’ increased media attention is keeping the project in the public eye whilst all the hard work behind the scenes continues! If you have any objects relating to the Gobbins we would love to hear from you. We are looking for objects that could be used to tell the story of the Gobbins in the visitors building. If you have anything that may be useful to us please contact Ainsley McWilliams on 028 2826 0088 or Email on

An Invitation Letter to the Editor Islandmagee Community Development Association’s Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday 24th May 2012 at 7.30pm in the Small Hall of the Community Centre.

In addition to the normal business of an AGM it is usual for us to have a number of political personalities present and time is set aside for discussions on issues concerning the community.

Every one welcome.

1st. Islandmagee Rainbows would like to thank the ICDA committee for the very generous funding that we received from them. The funding will go towards the purchase of sports equipment and arts and crafts materials. We are a new leadership team who, in September 2011, re-established the Rainbows in Islandmagee. We would also like to thank the parents and friends of our girls and the local community for the help, support and encouragement that we have received. Sara Henderson. For more info call 028 9338 2868.

Suicide Prevention & Mental Health Event. ‘THIS WAS YOUR LIFE’ (Ripple Effects of a Suicide) This performance road show by the Samaritans will be held in Ballygally Hall, 264 Coast Rd. Ballygally BT40 2QX on Tuesday 17th at 7.30pm. The event is free of charge having been funded by North Antrim Community Network through its Promoting Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Programme. The play is based around the format of the old TV show “This is your life” and concentrates on the suicide of a young woman and how this tragedy impacts on her family, friends and her doctor. It explores each person’s feelings on how they could maybe have handled the situation differently. The cast are all serving or former Samaritan Volunteers. For further info or to register contact Anne Lennon at: Ballygally Community Development Association, Ballygally Hall, 264 Coast Road, Ballygally BT40 2QX. Tel: 028 2858 3255 eMail

Do you live on a long lane? Hope for the best, plan for the worst! None of us wish to have a personal or family emergency. Often we drift on with our lives thinking “it will never happen to us”. Unfortunately sometimes, maybe more often than we think, it does. We have been requested to draw to your attention, particularly if you live along a country lane, the need for emergency services to locate your home quickly and to be able to access it easily. Rapid and unrestricted access can play a big part in minimising the outcome of a medical problem or, in the case of fire, damage to your property. It is recommended that you display your house number at the end of the lane where it joins with the public road, ensure that laneway hedges are kept trimmed and lane surfaces are in, at least, reasonable condition to facilitate emergency traffic, and that there is turning space available at your house to facilitate vehicles as large as a fire engine or ambulance. These simple measures could help save your life, or your property.

Who Let the Dogs Out? We have raised the issue of dog fouling a number of times through our news sheet. Unfortunately some people seem either to forget or to ignore the advice given. We are again receiving representations from local residents who are very concerned about this problem especially in the Reids Road, Willowvale & Middle Road Square that is used a lot by walkers and by children. Apart from the unsavoury results of people collecting dog poo on their shoes it is a health risk and it is an offence to allow dogs to foul in public places. Be a good neighbour and clean up after your dog. It is also an offence to allow your dog to walk “off the lead” in public places.

Dog Owners… a Reminder. It is a legal requirement for all dogs to be licensed. However, newly introduced legislation requires dogs to be micro chipped before a license can be issued or renewed.

Van Drivers… Beware! An unfortunate member of the public recently hired a transit type van to deliver a heavy item to a friend. He is normally a car driver and strictly adhered to the speed restriction on his route, as applies to cars. Imagine his surprise and dismay when, a couple of weeks later, he received notice that he had been recorded on speed camera not only breaking the speed limit on his outward journey but also on the return leg. Two separate offences. Highway Code rule 123. Transit type vans are restricted to 50mph on single carriageway roads and 60mph on dual carriageways. You have been warned.




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Seafaring Heritage Following the success of our book “Islandmagee & Templecorran – A postcard history” we have been encouraged to take some aspects of this work and to expand them. Only some of the material collected for any historical book can be accommodated within its pages but we recognise the need to have as much historical material as possible recorded for future reference. Much of our heritage is held by the people who currently live in, or outside, the area and may well disappear when they leave or sadly pass on. If we do not record it now it may well be lost for ever.

We need your help! Dr. Steve O’Direain, author of our book, has taken on the task of researching our maritime history and recording it. How we present this work is for the future but Steve intends to progress using digital methods both to record his findings and to aid in attracting even more information inflow. What we currently need is photographs and pictures of boats and ships that have associations with Islandmagee and Islandmagee sailors. Even better if you have a story, should it be one line or a large story, to accompany them. Please help in this project by searching your archives, your attics and contacting your friends and relations, whether home or abroad, to locate material that we can use. It is not just information on well known ships that we require. Everything from a row boat to a square rigger or, in more recent times, a fuel powered ship, is of interest as are maritime events as regatta’s. Pictures will be copied and returned to their owners. Your contact with Steve is by E-mail: If E-mail does not suit then contact our Association Secretary at 1 Island Village, Islandmagee, Larne, BT40 3AL or by telephone 028 935 35 47. Thank you.

Spring has Sprung… on our roads. “They’re a bl***y nuisance on our roads. “ How often have you heard this, or words to that effect ,uttered? Are other road users a nuisance or is the complainant guilty of arrogance, selfishness and lack of consideration and respect? Our roads are multi purpose corridors for travel. Everyone has the right to use them (responsibly). Farmers, walkers, cyclists and car drivers to name but a few. Roads are a shared space and each user should show respect and consideration to others. Remember this when your frustration levels run high! Spring has arrived and will be followed by Summer and Autumn. This is a time when road usage will increase. More day trippers in cars and motorbikes, more walkers, more cyclists and greater agricultural activity. Increased risks of accident and injury? Only if we do not respect the rights of other road users and show consideration towards them. Enjoy the coming seasons and stay safe on our roads by being considerate and understanding towards other road users.

Cancer Research Group Says Thanks Islandmagee Local Cancer Research Group wishes to thank residents and their friends who have supported this charity over the years. Since its formation in 1980 the total raised up to the year 2010 was an amazing £226,117 and for the year 2011 was £13,170. Your support is greatly appreciated. Some of the events planned for 2012 are MAY FUN WALK on SATURDAY 19th MAY. Leaving Islandmagee Community Centre at 6.30pm via the footpath to Whitehead Promenade car park and back to the Community Hall. Sponsor forms are available from any member or the secretary Tel 028 9335 3547. STEW LUNCH on FRIDAY 5th OCTOBER (DV) in Methodist Church. (Our Christmas cards will be on sale). WHITEHEAD VICTORIAN FAIR on SATURDAY 24th NOVEMBER. Hope to see you all there.

NEWS Saving lives through screening. One huge achievement for the year 2011 is that, thanks to our campaigning, a new test called flexible sigmoidoscopy, or “flexi sig” will be added to the national bowel cancer screening programme. We helped fund the 16 year study which showed that this technique could cut the number of cases of bowel cancer by one third and thus save thousands of lives every year. This is a wonderful example of how our research and our policy and lobbying efforts work hand in hand to save lives from cancer. Progress in the fight against cancer would not be possible without you. Thank you for your continued support in making our vision of beating cancer a reality. As our slogan says “together we will beat cancer.”

Islandmagee Community News - Spring 2012  
Islandmagee Community News - Spring 2012  

Islandmagee Community News - Spring 2012