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Cancer Research Project Create a media presentation (imovie, keynote, other-check with Mrs. Wilson) that includes all of the following information 1. Name the type of cancer you are researching. (SEE ME ASAP WITH YOUR CANCER CHOICE FOR APPROVAL) 2. Give a description of the cancer 3. What part of the body does this cancer affect? What is the normal function of that body part? 4. What are some of the risk factors associated with contracting this cancer? 5. What are the most common signs/symptoms of this disease? 6. How is it detected and/or diagnosed? 7. What is the staging process like for this type of cancer? Stage four, Stage 2, etc. 8. What is the rate of survival based on the stage it is detected/diagnosed in? 9. What are the types of treatment available for this cancer? What is the most commonly recommended type of treatment? 10. List and describe some side effects of each type of treatment available. 11. What type of doctor would treat an individual with this type of cancer? 12. List at least 3 current statistics involving this type of cancer. 13. Name any “famous” people or individuals in the media who may have survived or died this type of cancer. (2 minimum) additional possibility: myths / rumors v truths WORKS CITED-Minimum of 4 works cited-do not use google or Wikipedia or your book as a source. Reflection paragraph –To be turned in separately after the project is completed. Do not make this part of the presentation. ***Keep it readable from a distance—font size and color choice will be part of your grade. Consider bulleted information that is to the point and not wordy. YOU ARE TEACHING YOUR CLASSMATES WHAT YOU HAVE LEARNED.

Wilson Cancer Research Project  

Mrs. Wilson's cancer research project.

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