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Your Author’s Full Name Objective:

To earn the title of “Most Important Posthumous American Author”


Write four bulleted statements containing the following information (4 pts.)

• • • • •

Education: • •

Write your author’s life dates [for example: 1821-1866 (source & page)] Provide the general category(ies) of literature in which your author wrote [for example: novels, short stories, poetry, drama (source & page)] Supply some of the subject matter about which your author wrote [for example: adventure, science fiction, history, religion, small town life, etc. (source & page)] Give a few adjectives to describe your author’s writing style [for example: simple, descriptive, pessimistic, light-hearted (source & page)] Optional: Provide any influences (people or experiences) on your author’s writing OR any person influenced by your writer’s works (extra 2 points) [for example: influenced by his many travels to the West (source & page)] (Extra 2 pts.) Write one bulleted statement for each level of education you find, with as much information as you can find (2 pts.) Basic education [for example: high school diploma in 1839 from Springfield, Illinois (source & page)] Post- High School Education [for example: college diploma in 1843 from Harvard University (source & page)]

Work Experience:

• • •

Write one bulleted statement for each relevant job your author held. Include as much information as you can find, including date of employment and type of work performed (3 pts.)

Job #1 [for example: He worked as an editor for Boston Daily News (source & page)] Job #2 [for example: He worked as a professor of American literature (source & page)] Job #3 [for example: He worked as a ranch hand in California (source & page)]

Professional Achievements:

• •

Write no less than TWO publications behind bullets. Be sure to punctuate them properly, include their year of publication, and give a brief summary of their content (8 pts.)

Publication #1 [Title, year of publication. Summary (source & page)]. Publication #2 [Title, year of publication. Summary (source & page)].

Awards (optional):

Give a separate bullet for any major award your author earned

(Extra 2 pts.) Award/honor #1 (source & page) Award/honor #2 (source & page)

• •

Interests/Hobbies/Interesting Facts:

Behind bullets, write at least TWO interests of your author outside the realm of literature (2 pts.)

Interest/hobby/interesting fact #1 (source & page) Interest/hobby/interesting fact #2 (source & page)

• •


Provide names and quotes/comments of positive criticism from TWO individuals behind bullets (6 pts.)

Reference #1: [For example: Critic Harold Bloom writes, “John Jones is one of the most successful comic writers of his period in American literature” (source & page)]. Reference #2 (source & page)

• •


For extra points, include a photo of your author

___________________________________________________________________ Clarification: • All bulleted items should be written in SENTENCE FORM. • The information represents 25 points. • The internal citations and Works Cited represents 25 points. • Every piece of information should be cited. • 2 sources must be used: a print source and an approved internet source.

Name Mrs. Lesh Academic English 9 30 April 2012

Freshman Author Project  

Freshman author research project.

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