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Alexis Smithers

i began in the preschool urinal bright pink tinging the cracks along the flusher nap time means sneak away time means hide and seek and they shouldn't find me here but we always do. you could say i float over the sinks over the bodies not because i angel-ed in those moments but because i didn't have any other choice. it takes so long to unlearn the hurt burned into your skin but i come to school every day and sit front row paying attention on how to turn these ash into fire turn destruction into light my way home. and now im in this body mostly in these hands that are learning touch doesn't always mean demon that hold doesn't turn to crush that here isnt damned and maybe if i stay long enough i wont be either.

Burn Something Zine | April 2016 | Issue 5: Transition  

Burn Something is a submission-based alternative media space focused on amplifying the voices of queer-, trans-, and cis-identified women of...

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