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BURN SMOOTH PETROCHEM Environment & Energy Conservation today's need and our motto

ABOUT BURN SMOOTH PETROCHEM Burn Smooth Petrochem was established in the year 2004. Our prime motto is to provide an energy conservation solution in the form of liquid and solid fuel additives.

We manufacture fuel additives for various industries and automotive engines.


Liquid Fuel Additive Burn-All(A) Burn-All(I)

Solid Fuel Additive Burn Fast/Burn-O-Therm

Burn-All(I) Burn-All(I) is a liquid fuel additive used for industries and factories. Benefits of using Burn-All(I) in Industries: This additive helps in reducing pollution, and increases burner life. Reduction in Burner choke up Reduction in Fuel consumption Reduction in scaling loses


Burn-All(A) is a liquid fuel additive that can directly be used in petrol and diesel engines. Benefits of using Burn-All(A) in Automotive Engines: Save fuel 18-20% Pickup Improvement for engines Improves engine life Reduces harmful emissions Clean Injectors

Burn-Fast / Burn-O-Therm Burn-Fast /Burn-O-Therm is a solid fuel additive that helps in extracting highly combustible hydrogen and methane gas from the coal which reduces formation of soot and smoke in the air. Benefits of using Burn-Fast: Reduction in 'CO' and excess air which can be seen in Flue Gas Analysis. Reduction of unburnt Carbon in Bottom Ash and Fly Ash.

Contact Us Address: 1st floor,”Megh” Patel Complex, Amravati Road, Wadi, Nagpur 440023. INDIA. Phone No.: 91 - 9422806536, 91 - 9422508967 Email-Id: Website:

Energy Conservation Through Fuel Additives  
Energy Conservation Through Fuel Additives  

The fuel which is added to the vehicle engine to increase the fuel efficiency is called as a fuel additive. Burn Smooth Petrochem is a petro...