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‘A Sustainable Future for Sport & Recreation’

Annual Report 2015 / 2016

Welcome from the Chair Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my predecessor Philip Avery. Phil’s commitment as a board member, consultant and Chair is a credit to him and has been a valuable benefit to the WSA and its membership for many years. This year has seen many changes in our board and I would like to welcome our new members, Suzanne Chisholm, Kate Stokes-Davies and Kevin Allen, who, alongside longer standing board members, have assisted in the continued evolution of the board and indeed the WSA as a whole. This has been a year of monumental change at the WSA. We recognise that we are not immune from the need to evolve and meet the demands of our members. The avidity of the board and executive team, coupled with the significant support we’ve received from being a part of the Governance and Leadership Framework for Wales has helped to reinforce our unique position as the independent membership organisation for sport and recreation in Wales. With our vision defined and our mission enhanced, I am pleased to say that our strategic direction is now firmly set. We have also consulted with many of you on the services you require from us. We have ambitious plans to bolster our advocacy and influence function – more important now than ever, in an era where austerity continues to impact on public funding, posing a major risk to sport. We also embrace the new Government structure which sees sport embedded firmly as part of the Health and Well-Being agenda. None of this progress can happen in isolation. We have taken our first steps into commercial partnerships this year and I wholeheartedly welcome Integro and Sports Cover as our official insurance broker and underwriting partners respectively. Their investment is already starting to pay dividends which will be shared via a unique revenue share programme , the first of its kind in the UK.  Our income for the year is up and we have delivered on our commitment to reduce reserves. We also have the ambition to drive externally sourced revenue streams in order to reduce our dependency on our public sector partners. We look forward to 2016/17 with energetic enthusiasm for the challenges that lie ahead. We aim to expand our services, as well as reviewing our membership structure to ensure our impact within the sector is as far reaching as possible. My final words are ones of thanks, to our members and also to Sport Wales for their confidence in our ability to make a difference as we go forward. The WSA Directors and I would also like to thank our energetic and dedicated team of professional officers who have excelled in delivering an ambitious programme of activities over the past year.

Ffion Lloyd Chair

Welsh Sports Association


Our Vision ‘Building a Sustainable Future for Sport and Recreation’ This is our vision for the long-term success of our members businesses In times of continued austerity we all need to evolve as businesses and set sail on what, for many, are unchartered waters. Developing new

and diverse income streams to steady this ship – called sport – must be at the top of all our agendas, if we are to continue to grow and prosper.

Our Mission It is our mission to empower, equip and inspire our members to be stronger, more successful and sustainable businesses through providing: ▶

A Collective Voice as part of an independent advocacy programme directed by our members.

A Gateway to Support for our members’ businesses, to help promote a vibrant sporting economy.



A Collective Voice As our advocacy role on behalf of our members increases, so too do the outcomes we are achieving. 2015/16 has seen a rise in the impact of our advocacy work. A steady steer on maintaining our presence on political working groups and playing an active role, representing sport on the Third Sector Partnership Council has been maintained. In all quarters, the benefits of sport for the community of Wales physically, mentally and socially are increasingly understood and valued and we maintain a high presence on political agendas through our work. Going forward we see our advocacy role as the main tool in the safeguarding of future public sector funding. A colossal £6m* has already been lost from the Sport Wales budget in the past six years which is having a direct effect on our members and is not sustainable.

Practical Impact DBS Safeguarding Checks

Community Sports Project

Following the news that the Criminal Records Unit at the WCVA was to shut, the WSA led the campaign to successfully secure an extension to the service until September 2016. Work is now underway on finding a cost effective new solution whilst communicating with government continues.

The WSA is a member of the stakeholder reference group, which will see the most significant restructure of community sport investment for decades.

*£6m is calculated on real decrease basis taking into account inflation: Source – Sport Wales

Welsh Sports Association


Communication is Key We have worked hard this year on improving the way in which we communicate with our members – here is what we have been up to: New weekly e-news round-up to keep industry professionals up to speed on matters of interest to their business.

WSA Website – Built and Ready to be Launched Our new style website is now complete and includes a wide range of useful functions. Our member only section, including helplines and governance templates linked to the Governance and Leadership Framework for Wales.

Forum Contributors We now have a regular seat at the table of many forums that help to shape the future direction of sport in Wales, such as the National Governing Bodies Chief Executive Officers forum, the Development Managers forum, BME Task-force group and many further and higher education groups. Our presence on these forums is helping to provide us with important insight into the needs of our members and a chance for two way regular dialogue which is helping to shape the future direction of our business.



A Gateway to Support In order to deliver on our mission and to strive towards achieving our vision it is our responsibility to listen to our members and as a result provide them with the business tools they need. This doesn’t mean to say that we will provide all the tools ourselves, it is not our intention to ‘reinvent the wheel’. However, we will provide those services which we are most able to deliver internally and seek to provide a gateway to other services that fit our business needs. Here is a selection of the services that have been enhanced and developed over the past year:

Training Services Our training and development courses have extended over the past year to include a whole host of topics, relevant to the modern sports organisation, with a 400% increase in take-up of courses recorded over the past 2 years. Among our most popular courses have been VAT, Event Management, First Aid and Media Development. In addition to open courses, a range of bespoke and dedicated courses have been arranged to meet the needs of our members and their members.

Consultancy Finance & Governance The long standing services offered by our Finance and Governance consultants continue to provide valuable support. In addition to the 1-1 support traditionally offered, they have also conducted a complete review of all governance template documents, available to members via are website. All these documents are linked to specific principles under the Governance and Leadership Framework Wales.

Business Development In partnership with service provider, Business Wales, a series of workshops have been held to raise awareness of the extensive range of business development support services that are on offer to all our members.

Welsh Sports Association


Workforce Development The workforce is the lifeblood of sport, without people sport simply cannot happen. We are passionate about helping our members develop the people that drive their sport forward. From volunteers to coaches to executives, we cater for many of their requirements. Here is a selection of the projects we have been working on this year: ▶

Coaching Cymru: The WSA’s flagship programme to support coaches, has seen more than 1,000 coaches, from across Wales attend this year. The development of the Coaching Cymru Portal to support online coach education is also providing to be highly successful. Performance Reviews: Development of a 360 review process for performance coaches at Welsh Cycling.

Capacity Building for Disabled Athletes: Development of resources for Weightlifting Wales to support the growth of programmes for children with disabilities.

Qualifications Review: A comprehensive review and re-write of many elements of the coach education programme for the Welsh Amateur Boxing Association.

Sport Safety Grants Bucking the trend of a decline in funding, the WSA Sports Safety grant budget was increased this year from £5,000 to £10,000, in line with the board’s commitment to continue to support organisations who provide vital, and often lifesaving, services to those who engage in outdoor recreational activities.

Shared Services Collaboration and commercialisation in the sector will undoubtedly become a high priority for all of us in the coming years. We have consulted widely with our members and have taken their direction to develop 2 pilot services, insurance being the first. Deals have been secured with Integro, who has become the WSA’s official insurance broker and Sportscover, who is now our official underwriting partner. The deals represent a minimum cash investment of £125,000 over five years.



Balancing the Books The Company had honoured the commitment it made at the 2015 AGM to reduce its reserves. In doing so, this year there has been an operating deficit of £ 42,665, which is in line with the budgeted forecast. Our turnover was £ 203,805 against our expenditure of £ 246,470. Our grant from Sport Wales, was £102,555. Further funding of £81,815 was also received from Sport Wales, in order to deliver an on-going workforce and coaching programme. This included additional funds to appoint a second Coaching Officer. Due to increased pressures on budgets and a change in priorities, the Outdoor Expeditions grant scheme was withdrawn, however the Sports Safety Grant Scheme budget was increased from £5,000 to £10,000. Our administration costs rose by a total of £ 10,201 to £ 19.414 this year. This amount includes a one off solicitor’s fee of £ 5,100 to secure sponsorship deals with our new insurance partners.

On the Horizon We look forward to 2016/17 with energetic enthusiasm for the challenges that lie ahead. An enhanced level of advocacy and influencing support is to be put in place led by our soon-to-be launched ‘Where it Begins’ advocacy document. This document will demonstrate the unique and powerful part that Governing Bodies of Sport play in Welsh society. It will become a pivotal part of our renewed advocacy strategy. Other main advocacy priorities for 2016/17 will be to take a closer look at how sport can contribute to the ambitions set out within the Future Generations Act. And, as we enter a new political era, we will also be exploring the opportunities for Sport as part of the newly formed Health and Well-Being portfolio in Welsh Government.

Continuing to explore and develop a portfolio of shared services solutions for the sector, is a challenge the WSA is fully prepared to taken on. Furthermore, the WSA will continue to work on plans to enhance engagement for its members, with the commercial sector, setting its sights on the creation of a mutually beneficial programme to link business with sport. We shall also continue to work with Sport Wales, on its commercialisation programme, set up to look at reviewing and improving the commercialisation of sport in Wales.

Welsh Sports Association




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