Burning Bush 2, issue 8

Page 53

The Burning Bush 2, issue eight, Summer 2015

Michael Dooley Last Passage Helmer: Nora! Nora! -

Henrik Ibsen

Our palms pebble-map inflections of limestone. Cocked like hammers, we wait – unsettled by the heat. Hung awkward for desuetude, suits mark us to traffic, their moth bites fervoured by neighbours suddenly shawled, Kissinger-glassed. They sign crosses as you are lifted over frayed and lichened headstones – faces careful not to mark strain. The first of yours in this foreign place, you are now handled well – a Helgason longboat shouldered over Plassey Falls.

Michael Dooley was runner-up in the 2013 Charles Macklin Poetry Prize. His work has been published recently in The Stinging Fly, Crannóg, and The Honest Ulsterman. In 2015, further work is forthcoming from The Poetry Bus and The Ogham Stone.