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ALEX LINDEN is currently an MFA candidate at Oklahoma State University. "Divorce Through Metaphor" was the last poem she had work shopped by the late and wonderful poet Ai. She hails from the desert of Tempe, Arizona, where she received her BA in Creative Writing.

BEA SABINO was born and raised in the outskirts of Manila, Philippines. Her migration to the urban quarters of Jersey City, NJ at the malleable age of 15 has proved to be metamorphic. The ordeal stirred in her an interest in the unconventional; inspired a sense of community amidst a selfabsorbed world; and sparked stray outbursts of creative tendencies. She is currently in school for Nursing, and quite possibly, a minor in Sociology.

BEN ZUCKER is a musician and writer finishing his last year of high school in Lafayette, California. He would write in freer verse if he could play the electric guitar.

CHRISTINA LUTHER lives in Frankfurt, Germany where she enjoys reading, writing, staring off into random space and dabbling around with whatever lomographic devices she can get her hands on.

GUY CRANSWICK has lived in various cities. He has written screenplays, a novel, My Wife, My Job, My Shoes, and a collection of stories, Corporate. His short fiction has been published in many countries.

JACK CONWAY is the author of a dozen books including King of Heists, Breaking Through the Bared and Bended Arm and American Literacy. His newest book, The Big Policeman, is scheduled for release by Globe Pequot Press in November 2010. His poems have appeared in Poetry, The Antioch Review, The Columbia Review and The Norton Book of Light Verse, among other publications. He teaches English at Bristol Community College in Fall River, Massachusetts and the University of Massachusetts in Dartmouth.

JOSEPHINE CLOSE is a freelance graphic designer, art director, illustrator, professional photographer, painter, artist, foodie, cook, traveler, reader, dog lover, scuba diver, swimmer, aspiring sailor, bad driver, ridiculously bad singer, wine connoisseur and bird smuggler living in Los Angeles, California.

JULIE DRU is a compulsive photographer, painter and writer from Paris, France. Her work has appeared in publications across North America and Europe.

DYLAN CARPENTER lives in Colorado and is currently attending the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, pursuing his BA in English. He can think of nothing better to do with his time than to write and climb. This is his inaugural publication.

GAIL GHAI is a poet and high school teacher. Her work has appeared in Descant, JAMA, Kaliope, Poet Works, Shenandoah and Yearbook of American Poetry. Awards include a Pushcart Prize nomination and a Henry C. Frick scholarship for creative teaching. She is the author of three chapbooks of poetry and a Color Thesaurus poster, “Painted Words� that can be found at

KELLY EVERS JACKSON is a normal person with an active imagination living in NYC. She finds the modern day virtue of workaholism to be unreasonable, unhealthy and neurotic. Her motivation to make work is a delicate balance of pleasure and compulsion. More of her work can be found at

LEAH STEPHENSON is a jack of all trades, master of many. With ongoing practice, she has acquired the uncanny ability to meditate in action. When asked, Leah loves making people guess her ethnicity. (They always pick their own.) She lives by Lake Ontario in Toronto.

Profile for Burner Magazine

Burner Magazine, issue 01 (September 2010)  

The inaugural issue of Burner Magazine, which aims to take the boring out of the literary and arts scenes.

Burner Magazine, issue 01 (September 2010)  

The inaugural issue of Burner Magazine, which aims to take the boring out of the literary and arts scenes.