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How You Can Lose 10, 15, Even 20 Pounds Of Stubborn Fat In Your Next 28 Days Frustrated with your dieting attempts? Feel like no matter how hard you work or how low your calorie intake is, you will still fail to see results? This is where many people are and often, they are ‘this close’ to giving up completely. If you’ve considered tossing in the towel, I would strongly urge you to avoid doing so. There is a solution, but it’s not what you think. When most people go about the process of trying to get ‘unstuck’ from their diet plateau, they turn to very low calorie diets, very extreme exercise programs, and a whole lot of being miserable. Let’s face it, near starving 24/7 while trying to muster up the energy to hit the gym is not a fun time. Especially when it’s not producing results. Who can really blame you for wanting to give up? But, before you do, let me explain another approach.

Addressing The Root Of The Problem The big reason you have likely not met success on your previous diet approaches is because you haven’t addressed the root of the problem – why you can’t lose weight. A standard diet will simply put you on a low calorie intake and have you go along, experiencing mediocre weight loss at best. Before you actually start the dieting process, what you really must be doing is looking at how your body is functioning. Is your metabolic rate up to speed? Is your thyroid down-regulated from months of dieting? If your body isn’t functioning optimally to start with, there’s no way you are going to see optimal results as you move through the plan. You’ll be burning up calories far slower than normal, leading to sluggish results at best. The first step before dieting then is to actually correct this problem so you come out of the gates flying. If your metabolism is revved up before you begin dieting, it’s going to make the dieting process that much easier. Copyright of Burn Belly Fast –

Setting Yourself Up For Long Term Success Next, you need to learn how to diet wisely. This does not mean eat as little food as possible and cause physical and mental exhaustion (although that’s what most plans have you doing!). It means actually eating – fueling your body with the nutrients and foods it needs to see ultimate results. When you treat your body well, it is kind back and will readily give up its fat storage. If you starve it, on the other hand, it’s going to cling onto stored body far for dear life for survival purposes.

Getting Started Today So how can you get started the right way? How can you get onto a better path for success? First you need to do a complete cleanse program. Don’t do any cleanse though. Most are NOT designed to enhance your metabolism and in fact, leave you worse off than when you began. You need a cleanse aimed at metabolic health and then you need to follow this with smart and sound dieting strategies that include macronutrient manipulation and superior nutrient timing. Want to know more? Check out Burn Belly Fat Fast to get the full details on how to reset your body’s metabolic engine and turn up the gears on fat burning all in just 28 days. This life transforming plan will walk you through four weeks of programming: Week #1 - Cleanse and prime your body for fat loss Week #2 - Teach you proper nutritional habits Week #3 – Bring about greater fat loss with wise exercise Week #4 – Turn up the speed of fat burning and get you to your end goal Don’t stay unhappy with your body & life any longer. Try Burn Belly Fat Fast today so you can see a better tomorrow! =)

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