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BURNAWAY: INTERIOR (2013) Published by: BURNAWAY Magazine, Atlanta
 Publish date: August 2013 44 pages, full color with perfect bound cover, 7 x 10 inches
 Edition of 500, with limited edition print of 50 by Ben Roosevelt ISBN: 978-0-615-85613-1

ARTIST PROJECT 2013: Jody Fausett

Executive Director: Susannah Darrow Editor: Rachel Reese Designer: K. Tauches Copy Editor: Rachel Chamberlain Printer: ElandersUSA, Acworth, GA Funding provided by: MailChimp Support provided by: Fulton County Arts & Culture, Georgia Council for the Arts, LUBO Fund, Possible Futures Foundation, Sara Giles Moore Foundation, Straw Hat Press, Tokio Marine Management Introductory interview: Carolyn Ramo, executive director of Artadia, with Cara Benedetto, artist and former Artadia program director

With contributions by: Kate Doubler, Lilly Lampe, Amy Mackie, Phillip March Jones, Rachel Reese, Karley Sullivan
 Including: Radcliffe Bailey, Louis Zoellar Bickett, Chris Chambers, Mike Goodlett, Jason Kofke, Jiha Moon, Robert Morgan, John Otte, Out There Atlanta, Parse Gallery, Ben Roosevelt, SeekATL, Sunday Art Salon, Zen Dixie Limited edition print: Ben Roosevelt, in collaboration with Straw Hat Press, I Like America and America Likes Me, 2013, photogravure, 6 x 8 inches, edition of 50, from the painting, I Like America and America Likes Me, 2013, 36 x 48 inches, oil on panel, courtesy the artist and Get This! Gallery, Atlanta. BURNAWAY Magazine is an Atlanta-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing critical coverage and dialogue about arts in Atlanta and the Southeast since 2008. BURNAWAY, Inc.

261 Peters Street SW

Atlanta, GA 30313



Artist Project: Jody Fausett


A neon sign hangs at Get This! Gallery during Ben Roosevelt’s Blue Flame exhibition [March 17-May 12, 2012]. Photo by Jason Travis.

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These images originally published in BURNAWAY Magazine online for an interview entitled Studio Visit: Chris Chambers’s Analog Archive [June 25, 2013] by Lilly Lampe. Photos by Lilly Lampe.

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What does this mean for a city’s contemporary art scene? Does this allow for flexibility or hinder curation? And, as part of a larger picture, how does artistic output reflect this landscape? Are artists creating work for the spaces they present their work within, or is that an afterthought? Are there times when the work thrives best in the studio? Which initiatives, programs, and exhibitions have really exemplified a site-specific use of space? What are the myriad ways artists are making use of and creating “studios” within the city?

INTERIOR is the inaugural annual print edition produced by BURNAWAY Magazine, and presented as a curated visual essay.

A crowd gathers at Get This! Gallery during Ben Roosevelt’s Blue Flame exhibition [March 17-May 12, 2012]. Photo by Jason Travis.

Visit” column, launched this year, addresses both the process of making and how the site of production can change the working context. Atlanta’s art community is very decentralized and the landscape rather horizontal; spaces pop up and are, in large part, repurposed on an individual—and not communal—case basis. Galleries and exhibition spaces as well are unique, and most do not fit within the contemporary white-cube model.

Funding generously provided by