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Smokers Choice? Scientists have invented fire-safe cigarettes By: Luke C. Would you believe it if I told you that smoking-related fires cause at least one death every day in Europe? The answer to that: yes it does. In fact cigarettes are a leading cause of home fires in the United States. In the U.S. it is estimated that cigarette-smoke fires have killed 700 to 900 people per year, smokers and nonsmokers. Believe it or not, 25 percent of the victims to these smoke-material fires aren’t even the ones whose cigarette started the fire. The most common materials that start these cigarette fires are mattresses and bedding, upholstered furniture, and trash. Are fire-safe cigarettes more toxic? So far there isn’t any proof to show that they are more toxic. Some research and studies done by RJ Reynolds show that the level of tar, as well as carcinogens remain the same. Also in some states such as New York, it is actually a law that all cigarettes sold must be “FireSafe.” Another difference about the fire-safe cigarettes is how they work. On a non-fire-safe cigarette the tobacco and paper just burn straight back without stopping, on the new fire-safe ciga-

rettes there are a series of banded “speed bumps”. If the cigarette is left unattended it will reach one of the “speed bumps” and extinguish itself. Also the fairly new firesafe cigarettes are rolled with a special paper, which tobacco companies are having a hard time finding. So as you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering how much all this is costing. It does cost companies more money to manufacture and produce these fire-safe cigarettes. The cost of production is actually several million dollars more expensive, but it is said that the companies will eventually absorb the “small” but large fees. Some people’s personal opinion of fire-safe cigarettes is that they are nasty while others say that they feel like they make them cough more.

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The Year of the Tiger What do tigers eat? Darren M. Tigers are wild animals and they have their own eating habits that depend on a tiger’s home; they may eat buffalo, monkeys, porcupines, fish, crabs, large lizards, young elephants, or rhinos and zebras. Tigers like to hunt on

their own. They search for food using their eyes and hearing. Once the Tiger sees its food it begins to follow it, it then attacks from the side or the back in a crouch position. It stays hidden, quiet, and cautious. The tiger attempts to get within 66 feet of its victim. Once the tiger gets close enough it then suddenly rushes its prey real hard.

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Which Do You Prefer? By: Ben I. McDonald’s is the number one fast food restaurant chosen by the people in my survey. The reason why people like McDonald’s so much is because the service is quick. Some of the most popular things people get from McDonald’s are the Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, McChicken, Double Cheese Burger, Chicken Nuggets, and their Fries. McDonald’s most popular dessert is the McFlurry, and the Apple Pie. The dollar menu is really popular at McDonald’s and it gives you a good selection of items and a good portion of food just for one dollar. Wow, that’s a good deal! I enjoy McDonald’s to but my favorite fast food is Wendy’s. I like Wendy’s because they have some really good service and some amazing food. My favorite things that I get from Wendy’s are the Jr. Bacon cheeseburger, Baconator, and the large frosty .

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Super Size Obesity By: Nick B. Fast food has taken a super sized toll on health in society. It always starts out when a fast food company is advertising a burger or a taco on the television or in magazines. On top of all the advertising, the company tries to make the food look better than it is. Take McDonald’s the food looks amazing on the commercial, but when you receive your food it is easy to tell the food looks nothing like the one you saw on television. Once the food is consumed, the person will usually start having cravings. For some people it is an addiction, and it is very difficult to break. How can the United States deal with obesity? Fast food is pre-prepared. The reason the fast food is pre-prepared is because the fattening meal can be prepared within minutes after the consumer orders. The meals have a very little of nutritional value. Let’s take a look at the biggest fast food franchise McDonald’s. Almost everything on the menu has a very high amount of sugar, salt, and other fattening seasonings. Even the salads at McDonald’s have a very high amount of sugar. Fast food can raise blood pressure, destabilize blood sugar levels, and weaken the immune system. It can also raise bad cholesterol. Fast food is basically like a very addicting drug, The United States has developed many ways to get people in shape. There are weight loosing programs and workout videos. Even schools are trying to make lunches healthier by taking certain things off the menu and giving the kids healthier choices. Adults, kids, and teenagers that are overweight need to make time in their day to be active There are many ways to be active for instance you can go for a run, go to the gym, go swimming, or just do calisthenics. Make a big commitment to be active and burn off the embarrassing blubber we call fat. Eliminate fast food from your diet. Eat fresh.



C AR T ROUBLE ? By: Doug P. Imagine this, you’re on your way home and the road is slippery. You come up to a red light and you begin to raise your foot off the pedal. To your astonishment your gas pedal is stuck and you seem to be gaining speed. Terror strikes your insides, heading straight into on coming traffic. This nightmare may be the beginning of reality to many fellow Americans. Recently the Toyota automobile company has been having difficulties with their sold automobiles. Errors like these may put drivers in a life threatening position and my cost the company millions of dollars. More than 2 million cars have been recalled due to gas pedal issues. Many accidents have either occurred of came close to occurring. The owner of Toyota has recently giving an apology about the ordeal with the gas pedals and has giving a promise to fix this problem. This mishap is said to decrease the customer rate. This problem my not be the first to come, but it is Toyota’s second time with car problems. Back in 2005 there was a malfunction with the electronics that disrupted the cars functions. Hopefully this problem can be fixed and won’t happen again. Recently there was a mishap on a highway about a Toyota Pruis going about 90 mph. Police assistance was needed for the stop of the runaway car. Eventually the car was halted when the police were able to get in front of the car and tell him to apply the emergency brake. Hopefully an incident like this does not occur again.

Toyota recall may cause the economy to suffer

O LD S KOOL C ARS 68’ Cutlass

Photo by: Michael H, and Lucas C.

By: Giovontae J. 68 Cutlasses, Monte Carlo’s, Reagal’s, Impala’ are the kind of old skool cars that are driven. Monte Carlo’s, Reagal’s and cutlass are the cars you will most likely see with rims. These types of cars are in car shows like the Dream Cruise. Most people put rims on these cars and paint old skool cars because of the way they are made. Some old skool’s are strong cars and have strong bodies. Old skool cars are around everywhere. Some old skool cars like Impala’s have newer model cars. The Impalas that are brought today are the newer models. These are some of the rims on old school cars today, Ashanti, Geovontea, Dalvens; Lone hearts and there are many more. This is how old skool cars look today. These are the type of cars you see with hydraulics and TVs inside of them. Some people also have speakers. Some Cutlasses are two doors and some are four. Also, Cutlass, Regale’s, and Impala’s have big bodies.



S NOWBOARDING P HENOMENON By: Dustin D. Medals, flips, and fame are what Shaun White was born into on 1986 and he has been a super star in snowboarding and skateboarding since. He has won the X-Games countless times in both snowboarding and skateboarding. He was picked to be on the Olympic snowboarding team because of his achievements. He has been shining in that since he showed up but he has been on the team for four years and has gotten two gold medals in half pipe and has over twenty gold’s in other tours outside of the Olympics. He has made up a number of tricks and set a lot of records. He is at the top of his game. He busted out one of those tricks he made in the finals of his first run on the pipe and he scored a 46.8, which easily put him over for the win. In his second run, he busted out another one of his made up tricks called the Tomahawk, which is a double McTwist 1260.

I F I C OULD B E A F AMOUS P ERSON I By: JaQuann G. If I could be a famous person, I would be Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. King was one of the leaders of a protest in Birmingham, Alabama, that attracted worldwide attention. Dr. King was known for his famous, I Have a Dream speech. He was chosen as a spokesman for the Bus Boycott in 1955. I would want to be Dr. King because he made a change in my life and in so many other lives too. Dr. King used nonviolent confrontation to protest discrimination against blacks during the Civil Rights Movement in the 1950s and 1960s.



were individual buildings or areas for black people and for white people. Even in Northern states/cities, black people often weren’t permitted to live in more equipped neighborhoods.

They were hardly ever hired for good jobs. Their children could not go to high-quality schools. In some places they even had to give up their seats on buses if a white person wanted to sit down. King changed the world with a lot of pride and dignity. He fought for equal rights for I think Dr. King was a great African Americans. He leader to be chosen for the Civil Rights stood for as long as he could. In 1968, Movement because of his philosophy of Dr. Martin Luther king Jr. was murencouraging blacks not to act in violence dered and he died as a well known perand to use words as an alternative of son. their hands. In the 1950s, black people were not treated very well in the United States. Public places, including schools and restrooms, were segregated in many Southern states. That means that there

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W EAPONS O F M ASS D ESTRUCTION By: Michael H. In life we are faced with choices that can drastically change the course of our lives. Imagine though that you were faced to be put in the position that can not only change your life, but the life of all humanity. On August 6, 1945, former President, Harry S. Truman found that date suitable for the dropping of the first use of a weapon of mass destruction, the Atomic Bomb, on Hiroshima, Japan. With the intention of forcing them too surrender to America. Since then the world has been forced to consider the question, “Is it inhumane to use such weapons, or if the situation is without other options humane?” Since 1945, the world has sat by as the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the Cold war, and most recent Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan’s threat of possible nuclear warfare. But also their more recent, more proficient, but incredibly odd new weapons of mass destruction, the suicide bomber. We question what goes through the mind of those whose sole purpose is to use any means necessary to get their way. But in the blindness of our own arrogance, we as Americans forget our own acts of violence. So I ask you how, do you justify the murder of innocents to defeat the guilty.

Turkey in return they would leave Cuba, ending the crisis. Today’s threat comes from a region of the world know as the Middle East. The weapons they use though are not missiles. Today the use of those young members of the Islamic Nationalist group AlQaeda. Those young members who are easily blinded by their dreams of revenge, pride, and acceptance from a powerful allies. The new weapon is the “Suicide Bomber.” Younger people are easier targets to recruit because they have a more extreme emotional demonstration than the members who are older. Though there has been no physical proof Al-Qaeda motive for attacking the world is their belief that the Christian and Jewish religion leaders are aiming to destroy the nation of Islam. My questions are not to those who themselves do the attacking but to the leaders that influence the young mind that do, Is the life of a young mind that is capable of far more greatness than a successful suicide bombing worth it to get your point across.

Across all the nations in the world, the question on the lips of the people is “Are our world leaders making the right choice in deciding whether or not weapon of mass destruction in a crisis.” I feel Today’s society is well aware of the down side of war: murthat the world is not now nor has it ever been in great conditions of der and death. We as people, old and young carry the memories of peace for over a hundred years. The only way we can be sure the soldiers fighting for their government, their country and even their world can function in the way it was intended to we need to eliminate religion. The world’s first act of violence that used weapons of mass all weapons of mass destruction. It is only a scary thought to know we destruction was during World War II. America’s new development of could be destroyed with the launch of a few missiles, making me feel the Atomic bomb in the Manhattan Project. The Atomic bomb, or the the use of such weapons can ever be justified no matter the circumA-bomb, uses the science of atom- splitting. The bombs produced by stances. those scientists used a single hydrogen atom to do the destruction done to Japan. The science used by these scientists was the inspiration to many great but misguided minds. America and the world entered the 1960s; we began to go into the Cuban Missile Crisis. On April 17, 1961 America took the actions of the Bay of Pigs Invasion to attempt to over throw the dictator leader Fidel Castro. Russia was disturbed by these actions and began to supply Cuba with the materials to develop weapons of mass destruction. America and Russia began what I call a rocket race. The weapons developed were nuclear, and with the production of them, came the production of fear. When considering the potions to stop the conflict, America was considering doing an air strike of Cuba. But Attorney General Robert Kennedy said it was too much like the Pearl Harbor Attack. On October 27, 1962, Russia sent the second in a series of letters to demand America to remove their missiles from

Bombs Away Photo by: Michael H.






His sophomore year he averaged 25.2 points, 7.2 rebounds, 5.8 assists, and 3.8 steals a game. Later on that year, he led the By: Stephon A. Fighting Irish to a 26-1 record and to the Division III state championship for the second The amazing 6’8”, 250 pound time. Also, in his sophomore year, he started Cleveland Cavalier forward has been known to be the best since he was chosen as the num- to be known as Ohio’s “Mr. Basketball”. He was the first sophomore to be chosen for the ber one pick from St. Vincent-St. Mary’s USA Today All-USA First Team. High School at the age of 18. People all around the world recognize his skill within When he was a junior, his stats enthe game of basketball. If the sports reporter, hanced yet again. He averaged 29 points, 8.3 Scott Stuart, is talking about basketball, you rebound, 5.7 assists, and 3.3 steals a game. can be sure that you will hear his name with The same year he earned the Mr. Basketball of high stats being mentioned. So his stats leave Ohio again. He was also named the National people wondering, is he going to be as good as Gatorade Player of the Year. Michael Jordan? Lebron James appeared on the front Lebron James attended St. Vincentof Slam magazine, that made his name known St. Mary’s High School. During his freshman nationwide. The Slam magazine wasn’t the year, he became a starter for the Fighting only magazine that he appeared on. He also Irish. He managed to average 21 points and made his way to be on the front of the Sports 6.2 rebounds a game, and even led the FightIllustrated and the ESPN magazines. Then ing Irish to have a 23-1 record, which was every one knew exactly who he was and what good enough to get the team into the Division he did that made him known. III state championship. Lebron’s freshman year was just the beginning of something that For the third time, he followed through with wanting to win another state was going to make history. Every year he championship title. His last local high school seemed he have an extreme gain in statistics that was amazing to recruiters, coaches begame, which was the game to win the state sides his own, and other high school basketball title, he averaged 31.6 points, 9.6 rebounds, 4.6 assists, and 3.4 steals. The same year he players. With years to go, he will be the next MJ

played in the McDonald’s All-American basketball game and earned the MVP award. Lebron James finished high school with 2,657 points, 892 rebounds, and 523 assists. In 2003, Lebron James attended the NBA draft. He was chosen by the Cleveland Cavaliers who had the first pick on who they thought was best for their team. Ever since his first game, his stats have seemed to rise to what they are today, which are 43 points, 13 rebounds, 15 assists, two steals and four blocks. Today he managed to be the first person to have at least 40 points, 15 assists and 13 rebounds since the old school Oscar Robertson. So with all this said, the question is still in place. Is it possible that Lebron James could be the next Jumpman?

Photo by: Stephon A.

2012 The Final Days of all Mankind

By: Jason B. How many people have waited forever to watch the movie 2012? I know I was waiting! I thought it was going to be better than The Day After Tomorrow which I thought was a real quality movie. NOT! This movie was not at all what I thought it was going to be. Yeah, it was funny because a weird guy living in Yellow Stone National Park, who had a big obsession with pickles knew about the end of the world, and when it would happen. Then ended up letting himself get killed rather then run. That was really the highlight of the movie. The graphics are real looking most of the time but there are a lot of parts that you can tell it was fake. This movie was not worth my money! One thing that made the

movie bad was the story line. It was like “hey the world is ending and I’m going to die, so what.” The movie didn’t grab your hart and tear it apart like a good movie does. It just really left you hanging like a bad high five. The disasters where not emphasized enough. The movie really focused on the people rather than the world. I wouldn’t recommend this movie to any one besides someone who is really into the whole 2012 being the end of the world. I warn you though it will probably be just as big disappointment to you also. I would rate this movie a two and a half stars out of ten, and that’s pushing it.



Teen Depression By: Cody C. Depression is a subject of most teen’s lives. Because matters such as schooling, work, and dating can be stressful. Depression is considered a mental illness and can be very unhealthy for people young and old. Depression can alter a person’s sleeping habits and appetite. In some serious cases can lead to suicide. When you suffer depression you may have a lack of joy/happiness in daily activities, and don’t want a part of anything. Someone who may be suffering from depression my seem shallow at times or doesn't show symptoms at all. Teenagers seem to struggle with depression more than adults in most cases.

Therapy may help out in some cases. But does not always work out for the best, sometimes therapy doesn’t help at all.

Photo by: Michael H.

Family Guy VS The Simpson's By: Josh T. Family Guy or The Simpson’s? That’s the real question. This has been a big debate around here and today I’m going to ask around BTS to find out which is the better show.

Well, it’s clear that Family Guy is the better show here at BTS. Family Guy won the survey by a land slide 15 to 8. That is including staff, teachers, and residents.

Which show do you think is better and why?” Doug P.: “I like Family Guy because its funny and it makes fun of life.” Mr. Lewis: “I think the Simpson’s is a better show because I grew up watching it.” Darren M.:“I like Family Guy because its funny and Quagmire be getting all the girls. Gigidy, Gigidy, Goo.” Anthony M.: “I think the Simpson’s is colder because Bart is pump.”

Photo by: Michael H. Mrs. Smith. “I dislike both shows but I would say Family Guy is better because of the characters and the content.”



Taking The GED vs. Getting High School Diploma What’s your choice going to be? By: Alvin N. I know that a lot of students in Children’s Village have thought about whether or not they should graduate from high school, or go ahead and take the GED. Well, I’m here to tell you that either choice has its advantages.

Pros for GED Many community colleges accept people who have their GED. Taking the GED test is easier than four years in a traditional high school. Its cheaper to pay for your GED test, than pay for four years of high school supplies.

Pros for High School Diploma People who have their high school diploma are more likely to get hired for a job than somebody with their GED. While getting your high school diploma you have a chance to meet a lot of friends. Additional scholarship opportunities present themselves to those who attend a traditional high school diploma.

Let’s Go To School! By: Quentin L.

Should you go to college? One important answer to this is we as people have more opportunities for a work process, to provide for our families, and to have an opportunity at a good life. College is the key to education, without college we as people don’t really have anything to do what ever it is you would like to do. So we need to do Photo by: Lucas C. what’s right, so we can be that somebody, we always knew we could be. This reasoning does not begin or end with the aspect for a good job or education. While it is beneficial to have a college education, some people don't have enough money to go to college.



H OW ’ S Y OUR J OB : A N I N TERVIEW WITH M S . M EACHAM What’s Up? By: Dijan L. 1) Q.) What is your job title here at Children’s Village? A .) Children’s Village Administrator. 2 Q.) What are some of the things you are required to do here? A.) Ensure that residential programming is operating efficiently. 3 Q.) What degree do you need to get your job ? How many years of school? A.) Bachelor, Masters and 6 years of college. 4) Q.) Where did you go to school? A .) Central Michigan University. 5) Q.) What about your career do you enjoy the most? A .) Seeing kids succeed and improving positive behavior. 6) Q .) Why do things change so much in Children's Village? A .) Programming is reviewed consistently to evaluate program effective ness. 7) Q .) Do you think the changes are positive? A .) Yes. Rochelle Meacham, Administrator, Children’s Village 8) Q .)What has been the hardest struggle for you and your job? A .) Accepting that behavioral change doesn’t happen over night. 9) Q .)How do you feel your job impacts Children’s Village? A .) Coming from outside and bringing in new ideas allows for continual growth of the program. Ms. Meacham is a hard working person who cares about our well being as residents and how we act upon being released from

P AGE 10


D O Y OU W ONDER ? Mr. Davis By: Eli W.

Since I’ve been in Children’s Village I have been on Mr. Davis’s floor twice. Everyone I know likes Mr. Davis. I chose to interview Mr. Davis because he is a good man, is funny and means well. I have wondered why Mr. Davis works at Children’s Village and others may have wondered too. Q1: Why do you work at Children’s Village? A: I hope to make a difference in someone’s life. Q2: How long have you been working here at the Village? A: Four years. Q3: Do you enjoy working here? A: Without a doubt. Q4: Have you ever worked at any other lock up facilities? A: Crossroads for Youth. Q5: What is your favorite thing about working here? A: Watching young men grow into men. Q6: What kind of training does it require to do your job? A: Patience, understanding today’s social environment, and being a good listener. Q7: Do you feel that you benefit out of your job? A: By seeing changes young men make in their lives. Q8: How do you feel seeing young kids come in a lock up facility? A: Sadness to the heart. It is interesting to know why people like to work at lock up facilities. I don’t know if you think it is, but I do. Staff members all have different purposes for working here, some have particular reasons and others don’t. Some staff like their jobs and others are doing it because it is the only job they can get. Remember to always ask yourself if it is worth your while to work somewhere if you do or don’t like it.


P AGE 11

Main School now has “Up on the Hill” Voice Thoughts on Teen Pregnancy By: Chelcy S. There are many teens having children. I have interviewed a 17 year old mother-to-be, who is at G-cottage. In this interview you’ll read about her thoughts, feelings, and concerns. Chelcy S.- What’s the first thing you felt and thought when you found out you were pregnant? Erica C.- When I first found out I was pregnant I was with my grandmother. I used to eat a lot and get sick. My grandmother works at a hospital, I took my test there. C.S- How are you financially going to raise your child, and are you going back to school? E.C- I’m going back to school. My baby daddy is graduating this year so I hope he gets a job. C.S- How do you think this is going to change your life? E.C –I use to go everywhere. But now I’m going to have to ask my grandmother to baby-sit. I don’t plan to do as much as I used to. C.S- Before you got pregnant did you think this was ever going to happen? E.C- No I used to never think this was ever going to happen. C.S- What was your parents/guardian reaction when they found out you were pregnant? E.C- My grandmother took it okay. My dad, he was mad, and my mom, I don’t know. C.S- Do you have any experience with kids? E.C- Yes I do, with my niece. C.S- Being a teenage mom, what advice do you have for young girls that aren’t? E.C- Don’t get pregnant while you’re in school and if you already are then handle it as well as possible. C.S- Since being in O.C.C.V are you going to raise your child different from the way you had previously planned? E.C- Yes! I’m going to have my child, stay in school and find the right friends. C.S- How do you feel about abortions? E.C- I don’t think it is right. C.S- Do you have baby names? E.C- I like the name Genesis. C.S- How many months pregnant are you? E.C- 5 ½ Months.

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A Helping Hand Serving the Veterans who Protect us By: Wyatt D.

Did you know that there are 45,130 elderly people in the V.A. Hospital that made it possible for us to go outside and enjoy our country and its hospitalities? They’re alive and real, and they have the first lady marching to the front lines to commend their heroic patriotism. You can too! Children’s Village School has taken the liberty of helping the Ann Arbor Veteran Hospital with a hand made gift of thanks. The gift was twelve, 12x12 custom crochet blankets. Would you have these local heroes go without thanks? Or will you join the cause the crochet a lap blanket for hero near you? Enlist today to make a veteran’s day! The following individuals who are involved include: Ms. Harvala CVS Art Teacher Ms. Wells CVS Math Teacher Ms. Dannenberg Teacher Assistant Ms. Shano Teacher Assistant Ms. Hartzman Administrative Assistant Ms. Himmelspach Administrative Assistant Ms. Wiltfang Former CVS Math Teacher This initiative is in place because both Ms. Obama and Ms. Biden have taken it upon themselves to help our fallen heroes. Several CVS students are also involved in making these blankets. These individuals continue working hard to appreciate the work of our veterans.

Photo by: Linda Smith

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Volume 2, Issue 4, April 2010  

Up on the Hill, Volume 2, Issue 4, April 2010

Volume 2, Issue 4, April 2010  

Up on the Hill, Volume 2, Issue 4, April 2010