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South Australia’s most unique river lifestyle

Aruma is nothing short of unique

What a Character

Less House-Keeping

Aruma is steeped in history. Sab-Aruma Holiday Park was created in 1965 for the family and friends of SA Brewing Company’s employees. 35,000 voluntary hours of labour helped to build this popular holiday destination. These factors help to create a certain charm and warmth which can only come through a place being so loved. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to leverage off this embedded character and to help create the next chapter for Aruma.

The fact that you don’t have to maintain any of these community assets, because the caretaker does all of this for you, means you can maximise your precious leisure and relaxation time. It is really the most unique resort lifestyle on the river in South Australia.

Exclusivity is Hard to Find With a maximum of only 30 lots to be released in this rare Community Title development purchasers are guaranteed that Aruma will remain an exclusive resort where only a select few can share the luxury of the pool, tennis court, community gardens and magnificent riverfront. There will always be ample space for everyone to breathe, play and entertain. Community Aruma provides the perfect conditions for holidaying with family and friends and developing lasting friendships with a group of people who have a passion for the river, lifestyle and tranquility. If you are looking for proof, just ask the many valued SA Brewing employees who have been long-term visitors to the site. Your Resort Lifestyle Awaits There are very few, places we know of where you can own your own dwelling that takes in views of the magnificent Murray River, whilst part-owning and securing exclusive access to a magnificent pool, totally refurbished and upgraded tennis court, expansive lawns, BBQ areas, a playground and an exclusive riverfront precinct.

Investment Opportunity Until now little marketing has been undertaken since we purchased Aruma over 5 years ago and yet over 2000 people have stayed here every year. Given the site upgrades, a significant opportunity exists for increased occupancy and higher rental returns which can provide a Community Lot owner with a secure rental income stream to substantially offset a loan or associated costs with the home. Strong Endorsement It says a lot when an iconic sporting club and its players, choose to not only endorse a product but to invest in it themselves. Mark Ricciuto and Simon Goodwin were not only stars on the field, but they are community leaders and astute businessmen. They saw Aruma as a rare investment opportunity and now the Adelaide Football Club has agreed to align their brand with Aruma by building the Crows River Retreat.

A beautiful place to rest and play

A Water Recreation Haven Aruma is located at Walker Flat on a beautiful bend in the River so that you can find a protected spot for calmer water-skiing on a blustery day, maximising your valuable leisure time on the water. The width and privacy of the riverfront location also contributes to this being a truly exclusive water recreation haven. Crows’ legend Mark Ricciuto was born in Waikerie and has grown up on the River. Mark truly believes this is one of the best locations for water-skiing in Australia. The Convenience Aruma is a short 1.25 hour drive from Adelaide and a 20 minute drive to Mannum. Walker Flat offers a free 24-hour ferry crossing to the other side of the River, a general store, service station and liquor store. Once you arrive, there is really no need to leave the magnificent setting of Walker Flat during a week-long holiday retreat. Behold the Magnificence With a backdrop of tall, ochre-coloured cliffs, Walker Flat is one of the most spectacular spots on the Murray River and a magnificent location to enjoy iridescent sunsets with your family and friends.



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A guided tour

Recreation areas and facilities

Lot 11

including tennis court, swimming pool, playground and large lawn areas are maintained by the Community Corporation caretaker for the exclusive use of Community Lot owners and their guests.

is currently the caretaker’s residence, which is centrally located in the development to provide easy servicing and security of the site.

Hills Slope Vegetation

is the balance of the Joint Venture land and is zoned for Recreation and Tourism development in accordance with the current provisions of the River Murray Zone and Recreation and Tourism Policy Area of the Development Plan. A maximum of 11 dwellings can be built on the Development Lot.

provides fabulous nature walking for those who seek to explore it. The Community Riverfront Lease Area is maintained for Community Lot owners to enjoy the luxury of riverfront relaxation and water sport activities. The Community Corporation holds an annual licence to occupy this Crown land. Lots 1 to 8 are existing two storey Aruma Shacks. In accordance with the Existing Scheme Description, the permitted use for Lots 1 to 11 is temporary accommodation for recreation and tourism purposes. Lot 9 is the former Aruma recreation room, which, subject to Council approval, can be converted into a wonderful Aruma shack and is available for purchase as part of Stage 2. It is being used as the Aruma Ski Resort Sales Centre in the interim. Lot 10 is known as the front house and is perfectly positioned to take advantage of its proximity to the riverfront and exclusive open space and recreation areas. This house will be for sale in Stage 2.

Development Lot 12

Lots 13 to 20 are proposed vacant lots to be created from the existing Development Lot and a portion of existing common area adjacent to Lot 9.The subdivision of these lots in subject to DAC (Development Assessment Commission) and Council approval.

You’re writing the story of your life one moment at a time Doc Childre and Howard Martin

An exciting new chapter

Our plans for Aruma will launch this spectacular holiday destination in to an exciting new chapter. We believe there is no other location on the Murray River in South Australia to rival what we are creating. A series of upgrades will improve the visual beauty, functionality, accessibility, safety, and long-term maintenance of the community assets, while protecting the exclusivity, character and historical charm of the site. Essential Services Water The water supply to Aruma shacks and buildings has already been improved and plans are in place for the installation of a larger capacity holding tank to service the forthcoming community. Power The electrical connection to every site will be upgraded to allow all buildings to be separately metered and will also provide the capacity for upgrading of existing dwellings. Waste Water Treatment We will deliver a standard of wastewater treatment that meets the requirements of the Mid Murray Council and the Department of Health. Road Works Upgrades to the road and kerbing will be carried out to improve access and safety after years of movement and general wear. Fire Safety The larger holding tank already planned for Aruma and an increase in the number of fire hydrants will ensure compliance with fire safety requirements.

Common Areas Swimming Pool We are giving the community swimming pool a comtemporary makeover to add to the luxury of Aruma as well as upgrading the filtration and water quality system. Tennis Court The tennis court is also set for a quality upgrade with resurfacing, lighting, landscaping and a shade structure. River Front Consultation has been carried out with local authorities to develop a landscaping plan for the riverbank with native vegetation to improve the habitat for local bird species, reduce weed infestations, and ensure that minimal water is extracted from the river. We have approved plans to build up to three floating pontoons in the river for safer boating and water skiing activities which will complement the shady and tranquil riverbank. Playground The Playground and lawn areas behind the existing shacks were completed in late 2009 and provide a wonderful area for children to play and socialize in a safe and secure environment

A range of flexible options are available to you

It is our objective to create an environment where people have a choice in relation to what they can buy, what they can build and when they can choose to upgrade or build. We have carefully created a set of design guidelines to encourage innovation and hopefully facilitate an understanding of quality architecture that complements the natural environment at Aruma. The Community Corporation’s Design Consultant administers these design guidelines. Purchase an existing shack The existing shacks are basic in their form and yet subtly complement the natural environment. These humble homes are now 46 years old and very well loved. They are bright and well ventilated and filled with character and charm. This option provides a rare opportunity to invest by securing an existing dwelling at an entry level price in a quality resort setting, yet allows people time to renovate or build when circumstances allow. The exterior of the existing dwellings will be painted as part of the site upgrade works to further revitalise and improve the visual appeal of the site. Renovate an existing shack We took it upon ourselves to prove up the potential of the existing cabins by engaging designer George Majda & Associates to review the floor plan and exterior elevations of the home to maximise the available space for families to relax and entertain and to improve the visual appeal of the homes. We are thrilled with the outcome and believe the renovation option provides an opportunity for those who like contemporary luxury, but who choose to work with an existing building.

Select from a range of house and land packages

Build your own design

There are no vacant lots in Stage 1 at Aruma, but we understand it may be appealing to demolish an existing dwelling and build from new. There are a number of vacant lots to be released in the latter stages of the project. To facilitate this process we have developed a unique architecturally designed Aruma dwelling called the Riverview, which has the same visual form as the renovation product, but with a larger floor plate. Rivergum Homes have jumped on board and packaged up this home for those who would like to build. The Riverview is under construction and will be on display on lot 3 at Aruma in 2012. This new home may also be purchased under a lease back arrangement.

There is no need to be locked in to any of the above options. We understand that some people may wish to build their dream holiday home at Aruma. Providing your design meets the criteria set out in the Aruma Design Guidelines, there is no reason why you cannot secure any one of the lots at Aruma and go about fulfilling this dream. We encourage innovative, creative and thoughtful architectural design.

Given Rivergum Homes have a wide selection of holiday homes to choose from we have also handpicked a number of designs from their range that complement the Aruma landscape. All of the Rivergum Homes house and land package prices include the cost of land, the demolition of the existing dwelling and construction of the new home. Secure the Crows River Retreat The Crows River Retreat is a partnership between the Adelaide Football Club, Rivergum Homes and the Aruma Joint Venture. This stunning home will be located on lot 4 and has been designed to take in the 180-degree views from the upper balcony. The proceeds from the sale of the Crows’ River Retreat will be directed to the Crows’ Junior Football Development Program.

Fast Facts

1. What do Mark Ricciuto and Simon Goodwin have to do with Aruma? P. & J. Hurley Pty. Ltd, Mark Ricciuto and Simon Goodwin purchased the Aruma Ski Resort in 2006 from the SA Brewing Company. Mark Ricciuto, is “a river man” and loves Walker Flat and Aruma. Burke Urban was invited to participate as partners in the ongoing development of Aruma, particularly because of our involvement in the Bowhill Freeholding Scheme. 2. What house is Mark Ricciuto going to own? Mark and his good mate Simon Goodwin are going to retain one dwelling as their family holiday retreat. “Roo” and “Goodie” could be your river neighbour. They are tossing up between renovating a cabin on Lot 2, or retaining the new dwelling being constructed on Lot 3, but they are committed to a river lifestyle at Aruma. 3. Can I live permanently at Aruma? Permanent occupation or residency is not currently permitted at Aruma under the Tourist Accommodation Zone. This may change in the future 4. Do I have to build a new home at Aruma? Although we encourage owners to renovate or build a new dwelling at Aruma to maximise the living space of a dwelling and ultimately maximise the value of the asset, there is no binding obligation on an owner to do so.

5. Do I need to take out insurance? You will need to take out home contents insurance to cover the cost of fire, flood, damage and theft to the contents in your dwelling. The ‘bricks and mortar’ of your building and the common property are covered by insurance taken out on your behalf by the Community Corporation, which is paid out of your ongoing quarterly management fee. You will need independent advice about your home content insurance. 6. How do I know that someone isn’t going to build a structure that might block my view? Burke Urban have created a set of design guidelines which outline building restrictions including building envelope and set back plans. These design guidelines are annexed to the By-Laws. The design guidelines encourage innovative and flexible design and aim to protect and enhance the quality of the development. 7. When are the upgrade works to the community facilities and essential services going to occur? The upgrades to the essential services and community facilities are scheduled to be completed before April 2012 The upgrade to the riverfront will occur when the water-level subsides and fluctuations in the river level stabilize. It is anticipated the riverfront landscaping and first pontoon will be completed before April 2012, but it cannot be guaranteed. The Community Title Scheme Description legally binds us to complete all of these works by 31st December 2012.

8. How can I be assured that these upgrade works are actually going to take place and to the quality that is being promised? Whilst the artist impressions of the pool, tennis court and riverfront are concept designs only, the Aruma Joint Venture are committed to undertake these development works to the same quality of workmanship presented in the artist impressions and are bound to do so by the Community Title Scheme Description. 9. Who owns the Riverfront land? The Community Corporation holds an annual licence to occupy this land issued by the Department of Environment and Heritage. The nominal license fee is paid out of the ongoing quarterly management fee. 10. Where can I store my boat? It is anticipated many potential owners at Aruma will be water-sport enthusiasts and own a ski boat. The By-Laws of the Community Title outline that boats on trailers can be stored at the owners dwelling, or associated storage outbuilding within the lot boundary. The Community Corporation also may permit boat storage elsewhere in the community parcel, for example the designated possible boat storage area. 11. Is the boat ramp being upgraded? Burke Urban have not made an application to upgrade the boat ramp as it is in reasonable working order. The Community Corporation may make its own application and commission the upgrade of the boat ramp at their own cost in the future if they elect to do so.

Fast Facts

12. Can I rent my house? You are permitted to rent your house for holiday purposes only. Permanent tenancy is not permitted. 13. What does the Caretaker do? The caretaker ensures that your investment is maintained and managed professionally. The caretaker responsibilities include lawn maintenance, pool maintenance, site security, site safety and general maintenance of all common property owned by the Community Corporation 14. Is the Caretaker a Property Manager? The caretaker can provide a property management service for a fee. The quarterly fees do not include rental management for individual dwellings, however the caretaker’s have confirmed their willingness to manage the rental and servicing of the dwellings if any owner would like them to do so. 15. Who pays for the Caretaker? The cost of the caretaker is paid by each Community Lot Owner as part of their ongoing quarterly fee. Refer to paragraph 20. 16. What is going to become of the Sales Office? The sales office may be sold as a community title dwelling when the Joint Venture decides that its use as a sales office is no longer required.

17. When will the additional lots shown as Future Release be created and sold? Demand dictates when new stages of the development will be released by the Joint Venture. Any of the existing dwellings in Stage 1 can be released whenever the need arises and Lots 13 to 20 can be released subject to creation of titles for those Lots.

Your responsibilities relate to your financial obligations, restrictions to what you can do to your property and on the common area property, and the running of the Community Corporation. Rules, also referred to as By-Laws and they exist so everyone has equal rights and obligations – created and enforceable as law.

18. What are the maximum number of lots allowed at Aruma?

For more information on Community Titles, please review the Strata & Community Titles booklet.

There will be a maximum of 30 dwellings released at Aruma as demand dictates. It may take a shorter or longer period to create and sell the additional lots. The Joint Venture have set a limit of 11 dwellings for creation in development Lot 12 as marked on the estate plan, which is included in the overall number of 30.

20. What are my ongoing financial obligations?

19. What is Community Title? The Community Titles Act 1996 regulates the development and administration of community titles. There are two types of community titles available depending on the nature of the scheme, (1) Community Schemes, and (2) Community Strata Schemes. Aruma is a Community Scheme. Both types of Community Title divide land to create lots and common property. A Community Scheme may include a development lot, retained by the developer, for later division into further lots within the scheme. Your rights relate to the services that the Community Corporation provides you for the enjoyment of your property.

There are ongoing fees if you purchase a Community Lot at Aruma. These ongoing fees are paid quarterly to the Community Corporation Manager and are set at $1000/quarter for the first 2 years, from the date of commencement of settlement of the first Community Lot. This fee is set for 2 years and reassessed by the Community Corporation at their Annual General Meeting in 2013. The Community Title costs are borne in accordance with the lot entitlement applicable to each Lot from time to time. The ongoing fees cover the cost of the caretaker’s contract salary, the Community Corporation Management fee, insurance of the community assets, public liability insurance as well as the costs of maintaining the community facilitates and grounds and water rates. The ongoing rates are reviewed at the annual general meeting of the Community Corporation. 21. Who manages the Community Title? The Community Title can be managed by any group or individual appointed by the Community Corporation, but at the outset the Joint Venture have appointed Adelaide Strata and Community Management as the Community Corporation Manager.

Together we create

Aruma Ski Resort is being re-created by Burke Urban together with our project partners and friends, the Hurley Group, Mark Ricciuto and Simon Goodwin. Burke Urban has 25 years experience in the land development industry, particularly in regional communities. At Burke Urban we are a hands-on family business that has never lost sight of what we do – create places where people thrive and lifestyles are enhanced. We do this by teaming with the right partners, who share our values and passion for excellence. We work with local communities to create places that are in tune with the people they are created for. Over the past 25 years we have have set new lifestyle standards and our commitment, along with our project partners, has been recognised with prestigious awards, including Best Residential Development in Australia in 2001. You may also know us by our local involvement in the Murraylands Region including projects such as the Bowhill Freeholding Scheme and more recently Gifford Hill, the exciting new Murray Bridge Equine and Village Development. We have been involved in a variety of successful and well-known projects throughout South Australia which we invite you to review on our company website.

The Crows Beach House at Black Point Beachcomber in 2010 and now the Crows River Retreat are indicative of Burke Urban’s passion for community. It is important to know that Burke Urban and our project partners directly contribute to the region’s where we develop from a cultural and social perspective as well as an economic perspective. As family businesses we proudly support charities and community initiatives including Variety, The Children’s Charity and the Flinders Lodge Appeal (Cancer Council), as well as offering support to many South Australian sporting clubs. We have recently sponsored regional events such as the Mt Barker Jazzfest, Murray Bridge Sculpfest and the Murray Bridge Town Hall Opening. We believe that Aruma is a unique boutique project that provides a fantastic opportunity for a select lucky few to buy in to this section of the Murray River and become part of a rare holiday community. The Aruma team take this opportunity to encourage you to share the vision.

aruma Walker Flat Mt Pleasant Adelaide

Mannum Hahndorf

Murray Bridge

Aruma Joint Venture Burke Urban Entity, P&J Hurley Pty Ltd, Mark Ricciuto & Simon Goodwin Project Managers Burke Urban Developments Pty Ltd 21 Franklin Street, Adelaide SA 5000 T. (08) 8212 0003 F. (08) 8212 0007 E. Selling Agent Anthony May May Real Estate 224 Hutt Street, Adelaide SA 5000 T. 0412 842 787 E. Community Corporation Manager Peter Edwards Adelaide Strata and Community Management 1/102 Greenhill Road, Unley SA 5061 T. 8373 7111 Sales Centre Cliff View Drive, Walker Flat SA Open times available on website

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South Australia's most unique river lifestyle

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