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Volume Number 17

May/June 2011

!"#$%!&'%'(") Disciples of Jesus and Mary Dallas/Southwest Region

The Great Wall Week Effort DJM Formation Center From the Carolinas, to California, to Corpus Christi, volunteers began to gather on Friday afternoon, March 11th for the great “wall raising” event here at the Disciples of Jesus and Mary Formation and Retreat Center in Honey Grove. Over the course of the week, over 50 people came to pitch in and volunteer their services. Many were DJM’s…and many were not. They were fathers and sons, husbands and wives, in-laws and out-laws, friends and families. A beautiful poster of the Holy Family stood at the jobsite overlooking all the work. Each morning began with the Prayer of Protection and a Prayer to St. Joseph the Worker. After a quick meeting on the scope of work for the day, all hands set out to work. Partners quickly paired up with one another, forging friendships, and being family to one another. By the end of the first day, all four walls were standing, trusses were in place, and it began to take on the appearance of a building!

Meanwhile, “back in the kitchen” a fabulous cook team worked together to feed as many as 40 hungry volunteers at one sitting. There was plenty of work to go around for this crew…Those unskilled in carpentry brought water and Gatorade out to the jobsite, did cleanup, ran errands, caulked, swept the jobsite and the Formation House, did laundry, and prayed! As the week and the work progressed, beds emptied, and other volunteers came to fill them up, some for the day, some for the week. What an incredible outpouring of love, labor, and the Holy Spirit. Day one: trusses and 4 walls, Day two: sheathing, Day three: Tyvek, windows and doors, Day four: roof deck and siding, Day five: rough electrical and more siding, Day six: caulk siding, felt and tin on roof, 1st coat of exterior paint sprayed on in the dark till 10 pm no less, and under bright lights, Day seven: more roof, interior walls, and 2nd coat of exterior paint...again applied in the dark under bright lights.

Steps in Littleness

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Steps in Littleness: Step 34 Avoid Breaking Relationships Photos

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Volume Number 17

May/June 2011

Steps in Littleness: Step 34

Avoid Breaking Relationships


Desire to forgive all who hurt you.


-Those that refuse your friendship, pray for them asking the Lord to heal their brokenness. – Being little means building relationships. – God will send little ones in your life – look at the gift they bring. – Some relationships will be difficult, hard to maintain, or sinful to continue. – Separating yourself from certain relationships that lead to sin, does not mean breaking them.

Be on guard against the little people who come in your life , some have different ways of relating, others are mentally challenged or have behavioral disorders. – Turn to the Lord and seek His assistance in all things. – Love as He loves. – Serve Him in these little ones with great joy and dedication. Fr. Santan Pinto

True Friendship Natural friendship is often based on common interest or compatible personalities. In our religious community, we strive to live what we term graced-friendship, a friendship that is based on commitment. We choose to cultivate relationships with the people whom God has placed in our lives, knowing that He has placed us together according to His plan. We often have people of different cultures, ages, and backgrounds living working

together; graced friendship is more than just getting along or agreeing to disagree on certain matters. It requires sacrifice. It requires us to make ourselves vulnerable, to reach out to the one who has hurt us, to trust again. I often consider Jesus at the last supper. What were the thoughts of his heart as He reached out, even to Judas, offering him yet again His compassion and love. Sr. Mary Elisabeth of the Coronation


Volume Number 17

May/June 2011

Team News Ministry, Organization, Prayer/MOM, Communication, Formation MINISTRY All on going Disciples who have yet to return their DJM Questionaire and

DJM Team sign up sheet, please complete them and return them at your earliest convenience. Father Pinto asks that every on going Disciple sign up and be active on at least one Team unless, of course, they have compelling reasons not to do so. Please contact Jack Towle is you have any questions or concerns: (903) 378-7978 or email at ORGANIZATION - Since we have been having more activities at the Formation Center the Organization Team will need more help. Please realize that we are a family and you are part of it. When these events approach and you are called to help please have a giving spirit. You are important to us and we cannot do it without you. Remember also, your children or other family can be a big help to us. We will give you advanced notice so you can make arrangements to help out. We appreciate everything that you have done in the past. God loves a cheerful giver. The annual garage sale has been postponed to 2012. PRAYER/MOM – Please continue to pray for all who have requested our intercession. Also, distribute the Missionaries of Mercy cards to anyone who we think may want to sign up. Another reminder for the Hail Mary Apostolate, to pray a Hail Mary a day for the Church Triumphant, the Church Militant and the Church Suffering. Please continue to add members to this urgent ministry. COMMUNICATION – After the initial Stewardship Drive, pledges continue to come in.

We have received a total number of 20 pledges out of a total of 32. We understand that due to a volatile job market, some are unable to make a commitment. It would be helpful to let us know if this is the case. We pray for the prosperity of all DJM's. Total annual amount pledged for operating for 2011 is $ 10,380.00. Total amount pledged for the Prayer House/Building Fund $ 4,100. Total pledged for Mission Love $ 2,440. Donations to the Prayer House the 1st quarter of the year were over $9000. Thank you for your generosity! The Diocesan Quinquennial Report is a list of all the ministries our DJM members assist with in their parishes. This is due June 1st, so please reply ASAP. Please email your information to and cc: or call 214808-3669 so we can list all the ministries our DJM's are assisting in their parishes and communities. Please send changes in email, phone or address to FORMATION –There are two new PIYL classes being held in Paris, TX. One class is in Spanish and the other in English. Discipleship classes continue to be held in Plano. 3

Volume Number 17

May/June 2011

Upcoming Events FORMATION CLASSES Discipleship / Plano Group Guide Marguerite Nelson next classes are May 24th and June 7th Prayer in your Life / Paris Guides Susan & Jack Towle English 2nd & 4th Mondays Spanish 1st & 3rd Mondays ONGOING DISCIPLES Bible Study Home of Don & Pat McGee and Squires : Resuming in September SPECIAL EVENTS Day of Reflection – Open to All May 28th 10am DJM Formation Center “Steps in Littleness” Contact and cell 214-566-6162 or home 972-424-9779

Comparision of Donations 1st Qtrs 2010 to 2011 $20,000 $15,000 $10,000

wea Jan - Mar 2010


wea Jan - Mar 2011

$0 OP



“We praise you O Lord for the Formation Center and land. Thank you for our Blessed Mother’s care and protection of it.”

The Great Wall Week Effort (continued from p.1) There were a few late nights and early mornings to get ahead of the wind, and only one finger got nailed. We attribute this to the fact that volunteers took a break in the work each day at 3 o’clock to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet inside our Prayer House. What a mighty God we serve. Thank you one and all, for your prayer power, your hard work, your presence in spirit and in form, as well as your generous donations. While there is still much to accomplish this spring and summer, we hope, God willing, to occupy the Prayer House for the Wrap-Up in October. Bell tower construction, HVAC, septic system, insulation, drywall, interior paint, finish carpentry, and top out plumbing and electrical are still to come. If you have time and/or skills and would like a huge blessing, please contact Jack Towle at 903-378-7978 to schedule a weekend, or even a weekday. We’d love to have you, and can put you to work. 4

DJM Glad Tidings - May / June 2011  
DJM Glad Tidings - May / June 2011  

DJM Glad Tidings - May / June 2011