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Megahn Burke Pennsylvania State Univeristy School of Architecture 2013


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Designing with Equality A Chair Inspired The Learning Facotry Enoteca House for a Musician Brooklyn Bridge Museum Wine Wall Light Weight_Load Bearing Sphere


Model Making

James Kalsbeek 1st Year Architecture Fall 2012 6 weeks Arch 132

Sum; a book by David Eagleman talks of all different scenerios for life after death, I focused on one intitled Egalitare, where everything and everyone is equal in all ways possible. This “room� is made of hand cut one inch by one inch cubes of all the same material. The model shows that anything made by the human hand is never going to be completely equal and identical, no matter what measures you take.

My chair was inspired by Richard Meier. I used his house on the beach for my inspiration. I focused primarily on his idea of lines. All of the mullions of his windows really stand out when you look at his house. The shelves and drawers in my dorm chair are layed out in a way that Meier may lay out windows. They are also accessable from the back for use when the chair is pushed in.

A Chair Inspired

Richard Meier_ House on the Beach Jodi LaCoe 1st Year Architecture Spring 2012 4 weeks Arc 132h

Design Build;

The Learning Factory

Rebecca Henn 1st Year Architecture Spring 2012 10 weeks Arch 132

Design Build gave us experience not only in design but in the actual process of building the structure as well. A group dynamic to work in added an extra layer of difficulty, but reality to a real job where you need to work with many different people to get a job done. My group, for which I was elected project manager of, made a display unit that doubled as a divider for the lobby of the Learning Factory, which is a reception area for big name sponsors as well as a work space for engineering students.

The Enoteca was a transformation project where we were given 2 floors of an existing building to renovate and turn into a wine bar. I used a wine wall I designed earlier in the semester as a focal point of my enoteca. The main aspect of my enoteca is the element of light, with recessed ceilings and large windows on either end and one side of the building the lighting effect is unique, especially mixed with the shadows created by the wine wall.


Shadi Nazarian 2nd Year Architecture Fall 2012 8 weeks Arch 231

House for a Musician

Jamie Cooper Second Year Architecture Fall 2012 8 weeks Arch 231

The house is set at Bald Eagle State Park, a very scenic area of Center County Pennsylvania therefor views became a necessity in the design of this house. Not only were views emphasized but I tried to utilize space as best as possible. Making as many rooms with out creating walls. Dropped ceilings, floor level changes, differend ceiling heights, and as few walls as possible made the space feel like there were many spaces, yet still be open to be one space.

The Brooklyn Bridge Museum is an NCMA design for which I focused on the inbetween and underneath conditions of the bridge. The two piers on the exterior of the building create the massive feeling that the piers of the Brooklyn Bridge have, with entrances to rooms in the museum through these piers patrons get to experience the depth while walking through the piers. The core of the building is a light weight structure to emulate the light weight feeling of the steel structure of the Manhattan Bridge.

Brookly Bridge Museum;

The Condition of Underneath and In Between Loukas Kalisperis 2nd Year Architecture Spring 2013 16 weeks Arch 231

Wine Wall

Daniel Cardoso 2nd Year Architecture Fall 2012 4 weeks Arch 204

Before designing an Enoteca I had to design a wine rack that could utilize the entire wall, a Wine Wall. My design focues on the idea that the wine bottles, of varying colors will create beautiful images when light is cast through them, yet even when the wine wall is empty the design itself will still leave a intricate shadow for the viewers pleasure. The wall also doubles as a bench, where one could sit and enjoy his or her glass of wine. The wall can be used as a single units or paired with multiple units, up to the discretion of the user

Geodesic Sphere

Eric Sutherland 2nd Year Architecture Fall 2012 4 weeks Arch 204

The sphere had to be geodesic, light as possible, attached without adhesive, and be able to hold a fifteen inch mac book. Once the structure was done and stable a facade was implemented to clad the exterior of the sphere. For my sphere I chose aluminum sheet metal attached with steel rods which were mig welded on either end once they were through both the metal of the cladding and the wood of the frame.

M_Burke Penn State 2013  

2nd year architecture portfolio

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