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Book of the Semester

You have already made a large investment in your fraternity. You will spend thousands of dollars in dues and spend countless hours at the fraternity house. Your fraternity is probably good, and you are probably a reason why your fraternity has reached its current level of success. Chances are that your fraternity hasn’t reached its full potential. There is something holding your fraternity back from becoming great. That is where I can help. I was a two year chapter president, as well as my school’s IFC president. I was my chapter, university and national fraternity man of the year. Most importantly, I have taken the time to share my secrets of success in this book. This book will make you better leader. It will give you the tools you need to make your fraternity great. It will help you become the type of brother that the fraternity talks about for years after you have graduated because your contributions will have been that significant. And best of all, the leadership lessons are universal, and will propel you to success after you graduate. I hope you are willing to make the commitment to invest in yourself and your fraternity with this book. To Learn more about this book goto:


1st Issue if the Burgundy Light