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The Statistics During September, our operations increased three times more than August, reaching the 5 position in the Top 5 Airlines with more hours made in September with approximately 490h.

Top 5 Pilots by Hours September

PILOT OF THE MONTH Osman Daniel Burgos Alvarez Shareholder-Atlantic Logistics International Member since: Founder IVAO VID: 534126Â ATG001

Hours: September 65.35h Total 482h

Screenshot of the Month “Rocket luxe service on time�

By: Fabrizio Spicuglia ATG016

THE NEWS After many analyses in order to find a way to multiply the operation of our airline, we take the decision to open Atlantic Cargo, our cargo subsidiary based in Rionegro, Antioquia that today harvests more than 100 hours flown around the world full of special deliveries. To ensure a more realistic operation, the Atlantic Logistics International administrative staff has decided that all flights within the cargo subsidiary must be made with communications entirely in English wherever flights operates. After a brief meeting with the Atlantic staff, it has been decided to optimize our fleet like this:

The planes to be removed from the fleet would be:

The Boeing B787 BBJ will be B787-8 with a capacity for 60 Perfectly accommodated people that initially will have a minimum of 200h for its habilitation. Flights to be made with this plane will be under authorization and must be flights of more than 6 hours. Their registrations will be N563AG and N564AG. We also decided to open a new base of operations for Atlantic Cargo in Bogotรก (SKBO) that will initially have the following 5 Flight Flows: 1) SKBO-KMIA-EBBR-SBKP-SKBO 2) SKBO-TJBQ-EDDF-HKJK-SBKP-SKBO 3) SKBO-SBGR-FACT-LTFM-VHHH-PANC-SKBO 4) SKBO-SKBQ-KMIA-EDDP-OMDW-VHHH-PANC-SKBO 5) SKBO-SKBQ-KMIA-EDDF-WSSS-PANC-SKBO

IN DEVELOPMENT Actually, the Atlantic Group development team is working on the textures for the entire executive fleet that would look similar to the following image:

In addition, a delegation has been created that is working on a new Operational Procedures Manual, in which each and every one of the movements to be carried out within our aircraft during its operation will be standardized.

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Atlantic Logistics Group Newsletter October  

Atlantic Logistics Group Newsletter October