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WHAT MAKE S E V E RY NAHGA EMP LOY E E A STAR? SERVICE That’s our entire focus, 24/7/365.

CARRIERS We serve 11 of the nation’s premier writers of health and accident insurance because of our knowledge of their products, reputation for fairness, strong security measures, and anti-fraud training and procedures.

TEAM We work together to serve you.

ATTITUDE Always friendly and positive...just


what’s needed when someone is sick or hurt.

At NAHGA, we want athletic trainers to spend more time with athletes and less time filling out claims forms, so we’ve partnered with athletic injury software companies to provide a fast, efficient

RELATIONSHIPS We’re here for the long-term.

way for athletic trainers to submit a claim directly through their injury tracking system.


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NAHGA Corporate Brochure  

NAHGA Corporate Brochure