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The BurgerFi® Franchise Owners’ Newsletter. October 2013




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What is BurgerFi Marketing? Leaderboard Stats Social Update

WHAT IS BURGERFI MARKETING? By Steve Lieber, Brand Ambassador and Director of Franchise Sales

What is BurgerFi Marketing? It is made up of name recognition, brand recognition, brand awareness, “top of the mind�, consumer acceptance, brand DNA, internal marketing, external marketing, community outreach, and neighborhood events. These are all interesting BUZZwords that contribute to marketing, but how do we use them to get more guests to visit BurgerFi?


Where do guests come from? Home? Work? School? Movies? Sporting events? Shopping? Why should guests come to BurgerFi? Great food? Great service? Beautiful restaurant? Sustainable business practices? BurgerFi is the family gathering place for the future! Marketing must be continuous and repetitive. When you are getting sick and tired of a promotion, this is actually the point in time when the guests are finally noticing. Studies reveal that guests do not notice an advertisement until they have seen it at least seven times. The number of times a person sees something before it has an effect is called the number of impressions. Internal marketing like napkin dispensers, signs, bounce back coupons, menu boards, to go menus, wall murals, branding statements are all tools to help “burn” the impressions into the guest’s mind. External marketing like billboards, radio, website, social media, and cable TV are also highly effective. Other than impressions on new guests, remember that your regular guests are the easiest way to increase sales by

upselling, repeat visits, and most importantly referrals. People are seven to ten times more likely to visit a restaurant that a friend has recommended as opposed to a print advertisement. These regular customers are really an extension of your marketing team. They “love” BurgerFi and want to share it with their family, friends and coworkers. Reward them for bringing new guests with free food items, swag, or custard. How do we reward and attract guests? $5 gift cards, BurgerFi t-shirts, baseball hats, pens, stadium cups, bottle koozies, sunglasses, wristbands, menus, food drops, custard samples, temporary tattoos, stickers, hoodies, charity events, bounce back coupons. If you are interested in using these tools to attract and reward customers, contact Bob from Spectrum. He has all of the unique items for BurgerFi promotions to help you make your guests your brand ambassadors, and keep them coming back for more! BurgerFi marketing targets should be: universities, colleges, student groups, fraternities, sororities, offices, fitness


centers, residential buildings, hotels, motels, dry cleaners, hospitals, medical offices, large retail centers, large employers, police and fire departments, local radio and TV stations, schools, churches, business networking groups‌ the list grows according to the specific interests in your community. Soccer? Little leagues? Boys and girls clubs? Blood drives? Where do we find guests? Where do we find families? Where do we find active, health conscious people seeking all natural burgers? Grass roots or local store marketing is what makes BurgerFi: BURGERFI! We create the BUZZ! We create the HYPE! WE create the EXCITEMENT! We make the brand DNA come to life, and when we do; the guests LOVE BURGERFI! Start with the basics, get out on the dining room floor and talk to your guests. Thank them for their business; ask them to bring more friends and family. Ask them if they have a team, cause, charity, church or school group they would like you to sponsor. Give them a bounce back coupon for the next


visit. You are BurgerFi, supporter of families, a good neighbor, and a sponsor of local sports, charities and groups. Be the leader of the community, and the community will reward your store with its business and loyalty. Market, Market, Market! Get out in your neighborhood and schedule food drops. Show up at schools, sporting events, community activities and hand out gift cards, menus, custard samples, and BurgerFi promotional items. Take these tips and the guests will start showing up at your BurgerFi in large groups! Good luck and remember ALL NATURAL TASTES BETTER!!!

Leaderboard Stats Congratulations to September’s Top Guns. Every month we will bring you who were the top guns in Sales, Coaching Visits, and Mystery Shopper Visit Scores. Great job team! Keep up the great work!

Top Store Sales for September #1 BurgerFi Winter Park


#2 BurgerFi Mentor


#3 BurgerFi New York


Mystery Shopper Scores #1 BurgerFi Aventura 98.27% #2 BurgerFi Raleigh and Weston 98.14% #3 BurgerFi Emory Point 98.07% Looking forward to seeing who tops the leaderboard next month.


Social Update Hashtag #BurgerFi:

Digital Applause:

The social platform, Twitter, has been a great avenue for us to engage with BurgerFi fans instantaneously through the use of the hashtag #BurgerFi. Hashtags, denoted by the (#) symbol, are a unique way to categorize common stories or topics in a tweet. We encourage you to hashtag #BurgerFi while you are on Twitter to help continue the positive conversation and hear what our fans have to say about BurgerFi!

One of the benefits of social media is the real-time feedback we receive about BurgerFi on a daily basis. Often times, BurgerFi fans are praising the food, the environment and their overall experience. We encourage you to take a moment and appreciate all the success you’ve had because our fans appreciate your efforts in the digital space.

Amy Proffitt I wanted to shout out that the BurgerFi Restaurant in Lake Mary made some wonderful burgers. We took ours to go because we were in the area and wanted to try them. Two hours later, we took off the top of the bun and reheated them in the oven. They were still nice and fresh, with no grease. The meat tasted so good. I would suggest this place to go and try, and to revisit if you live in the area. Also, for those of you that like a fresh beer or glass of wine with your meal, they have that inside. We will definitely visit this place again, but this time for a sit down. Thank you BurgerFi.


Social Media Request Form: Have an event benefiting the local community that you would like us to promote on Facebook for your location? If so, make sure you fill out the Social Media Request Form and send it directly to Sean Chapman at Don’t forget, this form must be turned in five (5) business days in advance of your event.


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