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Medically Fragile Changes to legislation put Texas children at risk Lori Martin loves living in the Houston Heights. She and her husband Neil are raising two children in the community: a daughter, 3-year-old Quinn, and a son, 8-year-old Will. Will’s school is just a few blocks from their home, which is helpful as he is what healthcare professionals call “medically fragile;” he is a child at constant risk of a life-threatening health crisis. Will Martin has Mitochondrial Disease, or Mito, a rare, inherited disorder of the mitochondria, a substance found in almost every cell of the body. Symptoms include loss of muscle coordination, vision, speech and hearing problems, heart, liver and kidney disease, and neurological issues involving activities such as walking and swallowing. Like other disabled children in Texas, Will’s care fell under the state’s Medically Dependent Children’s Program, a Medicaid, fee-for-service waver program. MDCP allowed the

Martins to keep Will healthy and at home, while helping them meet the challenges faced by a child with Mito. Under the waiver program, they have amassed a chorus of Mito specialists, care providers, and pharmacies to keep their son’s lifesaving medical needs flowing. Then, that changed. “In November, 2016, state legislators took the Medicaid fee-for-service program away, and replaced it with the STAR Kids program - a collection of ten, private, for-profit, Managed Care Organizations, or MCOs. The transition has been frightening, and has put some children at great risk,” stated Natalie Gregory, Director of Public Relations for “Protect TX Medically Fragile Children,” a nonprofit agency raising awareness for the state’s severely disabled kids. Lori Martin has witnessed this situation personally. “We are lucky in Harris County, there are so many fine medical professionals here. That is not the case throughout Texas. Still, after the transition to STAR Kids, Will went three weeks without a critical

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chiropractic care

Northwest ChiropraCtiC George G. Junkin, D.C. D.A.C.B.N. Nutritionist 11500 NW Frwy - Suite 201 Houston, Texas 77092 Tel: 713-686-0828

Major Hospitals

Memorial Hermann Greater Heights 1635 North Loop West Houston, Texas 77008 Tel: 713-867-2000 Physician Referral 713.222.CARE

Photo supplied Heights resident, 8-year-old Will Martin is one of 5,600 children in Texas defined as “medically fragile.”

Memorial Hermann Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation to open new Heights clinic For The Leader

Contributed photo The benefits of Essential Oils are gaining more traction in the news of late.

Essential Oils 101 By Betsy Denson



Medical Suppliers

Complete Medical Supply 1714 W. 18th Street (At Ella Blvd) Houston, TX 77008 Tel: (713) 880-4000

Texas Medical Supply, Inc. 1906 W 18th St. Between Ella Blvd. & 610 N. Loop West Tel: 713-864-7636

Pharmacy al

Solutio ing ns

st o n


in The Heights 1917 Ashland Street Houston, Texas 77008 Tel: 713-757-1000 Physician Referral 713-757-7575

H ou

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Memorial Hermann Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation-Greater Heights is making it easier than ever to get back to daily living and sports activities with the opening of a new stand-alone, outpatient facility. Slated to open on March 13, this 5,000-square-foot clinic features advanced technology and exceptional patient care, along with free, convenient, curbside parking. Moving to 300 North Loop West, Suite 300, between Shepherd Drive and Yale Street, Memorial Herman Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation -- Greater Heights will be located just two exits east of Memorial Hermann Greater Heights Hospital. Patients will continue to receive high-level treatment from certified physical and occupational therapists who are exceptionally welltrained and eager to help patients reach their goals. “Our patients will keep benefiting from our outstanding staff that includes several therapists who have been with us for more than 20 years,” said Donnita Burrell, PT, ATC, LAT, clinic manager. “In addition to convenient parking, they’ll enjoy an intimate, light-filled interior space, new technology and three private rooms for treatment and evaluation.” Therapies Help Patients Resume Activities Memorial Hermann physical therapists take great pride in helping their patients correct and prevent short- or long-term movement problems that affect their ability to perform everyday activities. Whether patients are recovering from surgery, a sports injury or managing chronic pain, physical therapy usually includes a combination of exercise, strength training, gait training, manual therapy techniques and education to promote optimum health and functioning. Occupational therapists, including a certified hand therapist, help patients gain greater movement and range of motion. Whether treating carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, trauma to the hand, wrist and/or forearm, Memorial Hermann therapists use proven treatment techniques such as manual therapy, soft-tissue mobilizations, splint fabrication, myofascial release and more.

Specialized Treatments for Back, Neck and Athletic Injuries Also available at Memorial Hermann Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation -- Greater Heights, is the McKenzie Method, a reliable assessment process intended for all musculoskeletal problems, including pain in the back, neck and extremities. This treatment uses the body’s potential to repair itself. Memorial Hermann Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation is one of the few physical therapy programs in the Greater Houston area employing the McKenzie Method. The new clinic continues to offer sport-specific rehabilitation under the guidance of a licensed physical therapist-athletic trainer. In addition to helping athletes return to their sport after injury or surgery, this specialized rehabilitation can improve an athlete’s performance and prevent re-injury. For example, multi-directional agility training improves quickness, while plyometrics promote proper jumping and landing techniques to help athletes gain explosive power. New Technology Improves Strength and Conditioning Patients at Memorial Hermann Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation -- Greater Heights will also benefit from advanced technology including the Total Gym® jump trainer, which allows for a range of squat and jumping variations to strengthen lower body muscle groups. TRX® Pro Gym Suspension Trainer enables users to engage in unlimited movements which enhance fluidity and range of motion and decreases the risk of injury. To learn more about Memorial Hermann Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation -- Greater Heights, or for a physician referral or to make an appointment, please call 713-8772300.

St. Joseph Medical Center


I have been reading a lot about essential oils lately – both about the benefits that people say they derive from them, and about the dangers of not using them correctly. So I asked Leader reader Tara Lehr, who sells essential oils, to give me the low down. Lehr says that basically essential oils are what gives plants their wonderful smell. “Technically speaking, they are the ‘aromatic compounds’ found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of the plants,” she said. “The oils provide plants with protection against predators and disease, fight infection, initiate cell regeneration, and possess wonderful properties from the plants they come from.” These oils are extracted from the plant material by a gentle steam distillation process which separates the essential oil from the rest of the plant material. That is the pure oil that is bottled. Lehr thinks that essential oils are gaining popularity due to the simple fact that they are extremely effective, and very potent - so potent that Lehr says they can create changes, improve normal detox, improve circulation, or improve neurological function because of the ability to cross the blood brain barrier. “The molecules of an essential oil are so minute, smaller than the cells in our bodies, [so] they are able to enter through your skin, cross through the fatty lipid area, enter your blood stream and support every cell within 20 minutes,”

she says. There are hundreds of essential oil companies to choose from and Lehr cautions it is important that you do your due diligence in researching a company since there is no regulation of essential oils. Questions include: Do they provide complete distill or first distill oils? Do they distill their oils using solvents? If so, which ones? Do they distill their own oils or purchase from third parties? Do they bottle their own oils? Do they own their own farms? Can they provide you with a Certificate of Analysis? Do they recommend to NOT ingest their oils? What sustainable practices are in place for their global footprint? If essential oils are something you want to know more about, Lehr suggests the following resources: Essential Oils Desk Reference by Life Science Publishing, The Essential Oil Truth: The Facts without the Hype by Jen O’Sullivan, Healing Oils of the Bible by Dr. David Stewart, The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple by David Stewart and www. Although there are many oils with many different benefits, here’s a sample of a few Lehr likes: Frankincense - inhale directly to increase spirituality and inner strength, lift mood, and inspire balance. Apply to face to help smooth the appearance of healthy looking skin. Lemon - inhale for a clean, fresh, and uplifting citrus scent. Use directly to easily remove sticky residue or add to natural household


Advance H e

By Kim Hogstrom For The Leader

Preferred Health


Advance Healing Solutions of Houston 5740 W. Little York Houston, Texas 77091 Tel: 281-447-7648

Women’s care

Sharon Smith, M.D. & Amber Dobyne, M.D. The Preserve 2010 N. Loop West, Suite 260 Houston, Texas 77018 Tel: 713-697-8555

Scheduling your next appointment just got simpler. Memorial Hermann’s online scheduling tool, ScheduleNow, lets you schedule and confirm your appointment with just a few clicks. Visit our website to choose the best time and reserve your spot today at the Memorial Hermann location near you.

PCP s • s P e C i a l i s t s • M a M M o g r a M s • C o l o n o s C o P i e s P h y s i C a l t h e r a P y • er s • h e a rt & s t r o k e s C r e e n i n g s L O C AT E D AT 610 A N D E L L A B LV D

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Put Your Best Fork Forward! By Melissa Hawthorne, MS, RD LD, CDE March is National Nutrition Month®! The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has chosen “Put Your Best Fork Forward” as the 2017 theme. This catchy phrase reminds us that every bite we eat counts towards our health. We hold the tools to make our lives healthier by making small changes in our food choices for greater health results in the future. Americans are on-the-go more than ever these days and choose to eat out for more of their meals. In 2016, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics found that 92% of meals from large-chain and local restaurants provide more calories than the average person needs per meal. Based on this knowledge, unless Americans start to make smart food choices, the frequency of dining-out could result in excess calories and expanded waistlines. Here are some simple changes to help make your dining experience a little healthier: 1) Choose a restaurant for dining-in or take-out that has a wide variety of menu

Melissa Hawthorne, MS, RD, LD, CDE

items. This variety increases the chance that a healthier choice will be made. 2) Before you go to a restaurant, review the menu online and identify some healthy options. Use this information to create a list of restaurants where you frequently dine and several healthy choices for each restaurant on your list. Keep the list in your wallet, your car and at home

Essential, from P. 1B cleaner. Lavender - inhale for a calming and comforting scent. Unwind by adding a few drops to Epsom salts for a relaxing nighttime bath. Cedarwood - inhale or diffuse to support rest and to oxygenate the brain. Thieves - blend of 5 single oils cinnamon bark, rosemary, clove, lemon & eucalyptus to support the immune system. Apply topically (bottom of feet) to stay above the wellness line. Thieves is an excellent cleaner and degreaser and can be found in many household products. While essential oils are getting more attention from doctors for their benefits – including Duke University plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Hollenbeck who told a Durham, NC news station that they’re looking at the use of essential oils to help patients as they recover from surgery – they also can be dangerous if misused. Although there is some difference of opinion on this among devotees of essential oils, because some companies do label their essential oils for internal use, the University of Maryland Medical Center cautions never to take essential oils by mouth unless under the supervision of a trained professional as some are toxic. Essential oils Dos and Don’ts Do use your essential oils often as a first line of defense to support your immune system, hormones, emotions and brain health. Do use a carrier oil when using an essential oil on children. Essential oils are live and work off of frequencies and can cause irritation to the thin skin of children. It is always safe to apply essential oils to the bottom of their feet, since their skin is thicker and easily absorbed into the bottom of their feet. Do be careful when using citrus oils on skin and exposure to sunlight. Citrus oils contain natural molecules that react with sunlight (UV light) and cause a sensitivity reaction. Never put essential oils in eyes, ears and sensitive areas of your body.

so you will always know what to order to keep you on track. 3) Do you crave sweets? Instead of denying yourself dessert, next time when the opportunity presents itself, order one dessert with several spoons to share. An occasional bite or two of dessert will not expand your waistline. 4) Boost the nutrition in your sandwich or wrap by asking for extra lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles etc. If you are someone who is reducing their carbohydrate consumption, then ask to skip the bread and make it a lettuce wrap instead. 5) Picking up dinner at the grocery store? Choose simply grilled or baked protein from the prepared foods section or a rotisserie chicken for your entrée. For the sides, choose whole grains and pick-up a bagged salad for a quick and easy vegetable serving. Other healthy choices may include: ready-to-eat sandwiches, salads, hummus kits and sushi. For more information about National Nutrition Month® go to

Neighbors: Girl Scouts of Emerald Oaks enjoy weekend at Camp Myra Pryor By Elizabeth Villarreal On Friday, March 3, the weather was glorious and sunny as 220 very excited three, four and five year old students from Garden Oaks Montessori Magnet School made the school’s traditional annual trek down Garden Oaks Blvd., across N. Shepherd Drive and into the Sears, Roebuck & Co. parking lot. The students were escorted by their teachers, school administrators, HISD Police Officer Lee and Officer Garcia, Harris County Constable’s Office Precinct One Officers and many, many parents. A few of those walking alongside the children were Principal Dr. Lindsey Pollock, Nurse Cheri Edwards, as well as teachers Rebecca Scott, Terah Kuhnen, Elida Perez, Susan Morris, Sara Harlan, Suzanne Powers, Irene Lezaun, Donna Raines, Adriana Garcia, Patricia Dore and their Teacher Assistants. Despite dire warnings of rain, the Girl Scouts of Emerald Oaks Community enjoyed a wonderful camping weekend at Camp Myra Pryor, nestled along the Colorado River between El Campo and Columbus, Texas, last weekend. Some Troops camped all weekend with three Troops tent camping and others enjoying rustic cabins for the weekend, and yet other Troops came only for day camp on Saturday. The camping weekend was given a Hippie 60’s Day Camp theme by Emerald Oaks’ Girl Advisory Board, who also designed a beautiful patch and tshirt for attendees. The day began with a flag ceremony executed by Junior Troop 122214 led by Troop Leader Toni Vega. Next came a variety of activities the girls rotated through, including firebuilding (facilitated by Marianne Oliverez, volleyball and sand castle building down at the Colorado River’s beautiful white sand beach (facilitated by Toni Vega),

Troop 122214 in front of their tent.

craft stations (headbands facilitated by Corrie Davis and Elizabeth Navejar), creation of a “Peace Wall” (facilitated by Kathy Armstrong) and during Songs and Games, Scouts were taught songs by the mother-daughter team of Nancy and Shannon Boone. Girls were able to try their hand at canoeing on the brand new lake at Camp Pryor (facilitated by the certified instructor mother-daughter team of Elizabeth Villarreal, Ariel Briceno, Allison Villarreal and Abby Villarreal) or archery (facilitated by certified archery instructor Cindy Clayton) and the girls really burned some energy on the inflatable obstacle course and while rolling around inside enormous bubble balls. Jennifer Kurtz, Matt Carey, Cindy Trevino, and Safiyyah Bilal also worked behind the scenes at

camp and it showed! Many hands worked for hours ahead of time to make the weekend possible, but the E.O. Community Leadership Team of Alice Bohlae, Sandra O’Guynn and Angela Richard really covered every possible angle. 400 girls and 300 adults participated in the camping weekend – and that is a huge number of people to move to activities in the rain, on dirt roads and paths, fit into canoes, and move through the archery range smoothly. Kudos to these strong, experienced and miraculous volunteers! Smiles were seen in every quarter. Girl Scout events usually have a service project, so this weekend Girl Scouts created craft bags to be donated to Memorial Hermann for children and their siblings who have appointments there and this activity was organized by Vanessa Hernandez. Yvonne Woolard served as wandering photographer to provide every troop with a group photo as well as many more wonderful shots of the day’s adventures. No need to cook on Friday night! Friday, March 10, from 4:30-7:30 p.m. is St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church’s Men’s Club’s Annual Lenten Fish Fry, a special tradition in the community and an evening of fellowship that should not be missed. The succulent, fresh, handbreaded catfish, flash fried on the spot, along with hush puppies, french fries, coleslaw and iced tea, is sure to please. Coffee and delectable desserts will be available, too. You may dine in or take out at the East Hall at 3600 Brinkman between Wakefield and W. 34th St. Tickets are $8 for adult plates and $5 for child plates. Tickets are available at the Parish office, from any St. Rose Men’s Club Member, and at the door. The Men’s Club is always very generous and each year the Fish Fry proceeds go back to the Parish and benefit Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and the St. Rose School.

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Fragile, from P. 1B medication to keep him well. We have friends with fragile kids who have not received medications at all, or supplies such as feeding tubes or breathing machines, which means a child can’t eat or breathe. I just don’t know what lawmakers were thinking when they did this,” Martin stated. “Once you start looking at the details of the program, it’s really hard to understand,” Gregory agreed. “Lawmakers say that there was no financial incentive for

the change, but an MCO is a for-profit agency and, like any business, an MCO protects profits by cutting services, and denying access. The transition has caused many of our kids to suffer greatly.” The STAR Kids program addresses the needs of about 180,000 disabled children in Texas. Of these, only about 3 percent qualify as medically fragile. These are the children who cannot forgo medications or care without risk to their lives - they are the most vulnerable.

“There are only 5,600 kids in the medically fragile group,” Martin stated. “For these children, we should go back to the waiver program. I feel that legislators have put a dollar amount on the value of my son’s life; a dollar amount on the lives of each of Texas’ most vulnerable children. This new program is failing our medically fragile kids miserably.” How can you help? Martin suggests that readers call and write both Texas house and senate legislators to register concern.

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Hockley - Texas

23931 Nichols Sawmill Rd 281-252-9640

Monday-Friday 7-7, Saturday 8-5, Sunday 10-4

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Patel named OFHA Platinum Sponsor For The Leader Dr. Neela Patel, with Texas Center of Dental Excellence, is Oak Forest Homeowners Association’s 2017 Platinum Sponsor. She is a graduate of Baylor College of Dentistry and completed a post-graduate residency at the Houston Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Houston. Dr. Patel’s office is located at 2525 N Loop W Frwy, #230. She has been practicing dentistry in the Oak Forest area since 1999. Dr. Patel and her team’s focus is keeping her patients’ teeth in a state of health, function and esthetics for their lifetime. Dr. Patel’s generous contribution will help provide needed monies to continue our programs for the neighborhood. Dr. Patel will also be an integral part of this year’s activities, including the Crawfish Festival/OFHA Family Fun Day, Oak Forest Uncorked

Dr. Neela Patel

and the 5K Pumpkin Run to be held in October. With Dr. Patel’s support, the OFHA will be able to continue the programs already in place and hopefully add more family-oriented programs to bring the neighborhood together. We have so many young families moving into the neighborhood and we need to be all inclusive in our programs. Dr. Patel and her team have committed to helping the organization do just that.

Houston Happy Hikers event set for March 25 For The Leader The Houston Happy Hikers walking club will hold a 11k/5k (6.82mi/3.1mi) walk in the Heights on Saturday, March 25. The event is noncompetitive and non-timed, so those participating may walk, jog or run at their own pace. The event will begin at Carter & Cooley Company, 375 West 19th St. Participants may start anytime between 9:00 a.m.- noon, and must finish by 3:00 p.m. The trail will lead down the middle of Heights Blvd., along White Oak Bayou, and through neighborhoods. Registration fee for the event is $3 per person. For more information on the

event or how to register, readers can contact Mary Wheat at 832-646-4319 or by email at Founded in 1979, the Houston Happy Hikers are a nonprofit which has maintained an active membership since its inception more than three decades ago. The Houston Happy Hikers sponsor roughly ten events (such as this walk) per year plus take part in seven year-round events. Anyone is welcome to participate in the club which has sponsored more than 270 overall events. For information on the Houston Happy Hikers, visit their website at


IN HEART We are setting the pace in cardiovascular care. Memorial Hermann treats the most hearts in Houston, with our affiliated physicians performing more than 50,000 procedures last year alone. This award-winning, innovative care includes nine accredited Chest Pain Centers. Our technologically advanced cardiac catheterization labs provide precise imagery that can be seen by your physician from anywhere in the world. So for true strength in cardiovascular care, contact the body of experts at Memorial Hermann Greater Heights Hospital, part of the Memorial Hermann heart and vascular network.

Learn more at

Located at Loop 610 and Ella Boulevard

At }ÙÄұ–Ýññ¨ÓÄұĂÒұ}ÙÄұ2ÄÝÓÙĦĝ you don’t move here just to live. You move here to Live Life Well™. Our Residents’ care is our passion and we are committed to exceeding your expectations. At The Village we don’t just care for you - we care about you and helping you live life on your terms.

Are you ready to LIVE LIFE WELL™? The Village of the Heights IS!

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Tabby offers guidance on caring for guinea pigs where you’ll be and what you’ll be doing for the next 7 years before you proceed with bringing a guinea pig into your home.

Dear Tabby, We’re thinking about getting our kids a guinea pig. What do guinea pigs need to lead a happy life? And how difficult are they to care for? Making plans for a piggie in Timbergrove Dear Making Plans, Guinea pigs can make lovely pets. They’re really cute, they’re larger than hamsters and mice, so they’re easier to cuddle, and they’re very social--they love interacting with humans. However, (as with all pets) they’re a big responsibility and getting one should be weighed heavily before you jump into action. Life expectancy: Guinea pigs typically live for 5-7 years--so, consider

Social nature: Truth be told, guinea pigs are terribly social and actually fair much better when they’re paired with another guinea pig in a home. Keep a same sex pair; females can be kept together as can males, though sometimes individual differences will mean certain guinea pigs won’t get along. Introducing them as babies is the best way to get a pair to bond, though even adults can usually be introduced with care. Large cage: While most pet stores sell cages for guinea pigs, by and large, these cages are considered too small to comfortably house a guinea pig (or two!). Consider making your own guinea pig enclosure--it could be a fun family project! The good news is that guinea pigs, by nature, are not “escape artists” so your homemade enclosure wouldn’t need to be quite “Fort Knox.”

Guinea pigs are quiet but… Guinea pigs make a distinctive “wheeking” or whistling type sound, often in anticipation of getting a favorite treat or when in need of some attention. Though generally not loud enough to annoy the neighbors, a wheeking guinea pig can be surprisingly loud.

Pet of the Week Meet Patrick. This handsome fella was so covered in mange when he was rescued that he was unable to open his lovely golden eyes. Thankfully someone realized his potential and scooped him up. He’s become the most cuddly and grateful boy this side of the Blarney Stone! Patrick has been in foster care for over 300 days and he’s ready to find his pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow--could that be you? If so, contact Animal Justice League at: https://

Adopt, don’t shop: Many guinea pigs end up at shelters, and are in need of a second chance at a forever home -- and guinea pigs are generally so social and easy going, it should still be easy to bond with even an older piggie! Did you know? CAP (Citizens for Animal Protection) currently has 13 adoptable guinea pigs available? These piggies are fat, happy and noshing on veggies at the shelter, awaiting their forever families...could that be you? Go to to learn more. Do you have a question for Tabby? If so, email her at: deartabbyquestions@gmail. com

Women’s Health Directory of local female health service professionals. Dr. Stephanie Fulton Dr. Fulton is certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Her practice consists of obstetrics, gynecology, and cosmetic procedures such as laser hair removal. She is a graduate of the University of Texas and completed residency at St. Vincent’s Medical Center where she was a Chief Resident. Dr. Fulton volunteers as part of the health team ministry of her church. 1740 W. 27 St. Suite 301 • Houston, TX 77008 713-880-2727

Dr. Alexandra Pellicena Dr. Pellicena is committed to providing state-of-the-art health care services in an environment where patients always come first. She is bilingual English-Spanish and an experienced doctor in women’s care. Her goal is to provide firstclass medical care that consistently surpasses patient’s expectations. 1919 North Loop West, Ste#215 • Houston, TX 77008 713-370-7325

Dr. Rosemary Buckle Dr. Rosemary Buckle specializes in knee and hip joint replacement surgery, treatment of adult and pediatric fractures, and treatment of sports injuries. She is a native Houstonian and a competitive athlete and relates to her patients in a way that brings her advanced medical knowledge to life. She has over 20 years of orthopedic surgery experience using a wide range of technologies. Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon 427 W. 20th St., Ste. 303 • Houston, TX 77008 713-756-5546

Dr. Becky J. Fredrickson Board Certified Ophthalmologist. Dr. Fredrickson has been practicing ophthalmology for over 10 years. She routinely sees patients for diabetes, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and ocular infections. She specializes in surgical procedures including eyelid lifts, eyelid cysts, cataract, Botox and Juvederm, and pterygia. 1740 W. 27th St. Suite 180 • Houston, TX 77008 713-864-8652

Dr. Amy Haase Dr. Amy Haase, a podiatrist with a medical degree from Des Moines University College of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery, is board-certified by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery. And is also a graduate of Texas A&M with a Bachelor of Science degree. Being a mom has better helped her deal with child foot and ankle problems. She seeks to help patients using pain-free methods. 1740 W. 27th Suite 110 • Houston, TX 77008 713-862-3338

Dr. Erica Davis Dr. Erica Davis completed her residency at Baylor College of Medicine. She has practiced community pediatrics at Texas Children’s since 2008. Dr. Davis is committed to improving the health and well being of Houston area children through the discipline of evidence based medicine and patient education. TCP Heights 2600 N. Loop West Suite 100 • Houston, TX 77092 713-869-1692

Dr. Julia Kovacs Dr. Julia Kovacs has more than 20 years of experience practicing primary care and internal medicine in Houston. She focuses on preventive medicine and the management of chronic diseases including diabetes, thyroid disorders, HIV and hypertension, among others. She graduated from the University of Arizona College of Medicine and did her internship and residency at Baylor College of Medicine. Board Certified Internist 427 W. 20th St., Ste. 303 • Houston, TX 77008 713-231-1880

Dr. Kim J. Horn Dr. Kim J. Horn, is board certified in Nephrology and Internal Medicine. She sees patients with Kidney Disease, Hypertension and Diabetes. Dr. Horn graduated from the University of Texas in Austin. She completed her medical training at the University of Texas Health Science Center of Houston and San Antonio. She is a native of North Houston. 1740 W. 27th St., Suite 209 • Houston, TX 77008 713-863-7063

Dr. Denise Zertuche Dr. Denise Zertuche completed her residency at Baylor College of Medicine in 2010. She has been practicing at TCP Heights since November 2014. Dr. Zertuche is fluent in Spanish. Dr. Zertuche is a compassionate pediatrician with special interest in infants, breastfeeding, asthma, and obesity. TCP Heights 2600 N. Loop West Suite 100 • Houston, TX 77092 713-869-1692

Dr. Attiya S. Khan Dr. Khan focuses on the prevention of heart disease through early diagnosis and provides the latest interventional techniques to treat coronary and peripheral vascular diseases. She is one of the few female interventional cardiologists in Houston available to perform emergency angioplasties and stents for patients who are experiencing a heart attack. 1631 North Loop West, Ste. 220 • Houston TX 77008 713-365-0786

Dr. Dora E. Cantu Board Certified Ophthalmologist Dr. Cantu has been practicing ophthalmology for over 20 years. She sees patients daily for ocular problems including glaucoma, diabetes, macular degeneration, and ocular infections. Her passion in cataract and pterygium surgery. Dr. Cantu has been recently named one of the Leader’s best ophthalmologist! 1740 W. 27th St. Suite 180 • Houston, TX 77008 713-864-8652

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garrett tyra 713.882.5345

Garrett responded promptly to my texts/calls and completed all questions and requests. It was a pleasure working with him and I recommend him to others.

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1223 Overhill

1547 Chesire

1411 Overhill

1324 Du Barry

1584 Chesire

1219 Overhill

Saturday, March 11, 2017 • Page 7B

The Classifieds. Wanting to run a classified ad? CALL 713-686-8494 Monday - Friday. We accept credit cards.



Everything Goes! 6426 Lindyann Lane Sat/Sun March 11/12 1:00pm - 3:00pm Furniture, Household Appliances, Lots of misc.

1715 Oxford 77008

Indoor and Outdoor Furniture, African Art, Rustic Pieces,Mid-Century Collectibles, Electronics, Many Other Valuable Items


LOVELY 3 DAY ESTATE SALE Thursday, Friday & Saturday March 9th, 10th & 11th 8:00am until 4:00pm

7700 Renwick Houston, TX 77081 Gorgeous Charles Sligh “Marquis� Grandfather Clock, French Furniture, Large Oriental Rugs, Marble & Iron Console Table, Very Large Crystal Chandelier, Lucite Dinette Table, 2 White Brocade Sofas, Lenox “Westchester� China, Herend Figures, Silverplate Serving Pieces, Gold Leaf Mirrors, Art, Lots of Housewares & Gourmet Items, Designer Clothing, Furs (full length Lynx Coat, Red Fox Bolero, Mink & Cashmere Jackets). Shoes, Manolo B. and C. Louboutin Heels, Real and Costume Jewelry. 713-666-0970 Town & CounTry EsTaTE salEs

EstatE salE

4305 Costa Rica Thurs 3/9 - Sat 3/11 9:00 - 5:00

Household & Garage Contents, Collectables, Patio furniture, Crafting Supplies. Auto parts for late Model Fords.

EconomidEs EstatE salE

Continues Fri-Sat March 10-11 1614-A West 22nd St. Houston, TX 77008

9:00am - 5:00pm Visit our website for info

Community yard Sale Booths for Rent $20

Sat. April 8 • 8am-3pm 4802 Chrystell Ln. for more info email or 713-613-2542 GARAGE SALE: Lazybrook. Saturday, March 11, 8:30 a.m. 1800 block Nauts Court. Multiple families. Mountaineering and sky gear, furniture, homegoods, clothes and miscellaneous.

MANNA - DONATIONS AND VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Your neighborhood thrift store appreciates any and all donations. We can arrange pickup for large items or large donations. Call 713-686-6440 or donate at 1806 W. 43rd St. Thank you. (TF)

THE PURPLE CAT RESALE AND GARAGE SALE: Tuesday 11-3, Wednesday 10-2, Thursday 10-4, Friday 10-3, Saturday 9-2. 2126 W. 34th St. Benefiting Animal Rescue. (TF)




FOR SALE: Apple series 1 watch 38mm stainless steel case, $250 O.B.O. 713-6839906. (TF)

WE BUY/SELL GUNS: Top cash paid. FFL concealed handgun classes. 713-6944867. (TF)


FOAM store



TABLECLOTHS 136" Round White Polyester 120" Kiwi Green Round Polyester 90" x 132" Cotton 90" x 150" Cotton Napkins White Cotton 20" x 20" $1 each

Call 713-294-5678

AUTO A/C SHOP NEEDS SUMMER HELP: Must have some auto repair skills. Call 713-688-2691. Call 713688-2691 or come by 1306 Judiway 77018.

BLUE MOON ANTIQUES: Antiques and collectibles. Providing estate sale services. 3311 Ella. 832-286-7882. Like us on

GRADE A AMMUNITIONS We carry all of your Self-Defense Needs! Check out our website at **satisfaction guaranteed**

Oak Armoire Excellent Condition Holds 32� Television Has 3 extra large storage drawers & one small storage drawer $150/O.B.O.

Help Wanted for Landscaping Company Lawn service, tree trimming and general ground maintenance.

Monday - Friday and some Saturdays Start at 7am

Sicola’s Florist is Now Hiring Floral Designers and Sales Associates

TDL and English a plus Call 281-932-1142

4 retail locations. Benefits and sales incentives available. Please call 713-686-0627 to apply.

Permanent Part time Office HelP needed

Knowledge of Excel, word, plotter, some knowledge of Quickbooks. Office duties would include running blueprints, filing, sending bids, arranging bills to be paid, answer phones, general office duties. Bilingual a plus but not necessary. Hours 9am-3pm Monday-Thursday. Fax resume to 713-869-3533 or email

Experienced Salesperson Needed ď Ž Great communication skills  Bilingual English and Spanish preferred ď Ž Prior sales experience required ď Ž CLEAN DRIVING RECORD & VALID LICENSE ď Ž Go-getter attitude send resume to

DELIVERY DRIVERS NEEDED: Part-time. Retirees and housewives welcome. Must own SUV or van only, be familiar with Houston area. 713-6281385. (4-1)



BUS DRIVERS NEEDED FOR CHURCH SHUTTLE: Approximately six hours a week. Must have CDL and passenger endorsement. Call 713-681-3600. (TF)


are you looking for additional work? A new Home Services company is opening in the area and we’re looking for quality home repair professionals who are dependable and reliable. Specifically, we need contractors on a per-job basis. Our company will provide the insurance coverage for the work, the jobs, and set up the job times. You provide the tools, work and dependability. All jobs on paid on a per-job basis with repeat work for the best contractors. Full-time work is a possibility

Among others, services include:  Interior and exterior minor painting  Door install/repair  Minor tile and caulking repair  Drywall and window repair  Appliance repair  Gutter cleaning repair  TV wall mount installation  Fence and gate repair  Honey-do lists


Home, Small Ofďƒžce Computer Repair

PEST CONTROL • Termites • Roaches • Ants • Silverďƒžsh • Rodents

Free Termite Inspection


M&M Pet Sitting

Affordable Pet Care In Your Home Will Treat Your Loved Ones As My Own

Mitzi Bonded

Cell (713)444-8517 (713)682-5246

Royalty Pet Center Since 1976

• Grooming • Boarding • Pet Supplies 9900 N. Houston Rosslyn




Call for appointment


5800 N. Houston Rosslyn Houston TX 77091


Tues. & Thurs. 7am - 6pm Wed., Fri. & Sat. 8am-5pm

Thanks for reading The Leader.

PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Want to raIse your credIt score?

• Get the things you want in life and imporve your credit score today! • We assist you with removing inaccurate items from your credit report to help improve your credit score so you can one day get approval again. (888-529-1132)



Lawn & Tree Service


Great work at competitive prices! • Mow • Edge • Weedeat • Fertilize

Mowing • Edging • Mulching Flowerbeds • Trimming Pruning • Topping

Ask for Ronnie


Pressure Washing


U S Tree Experts

• Tree Removal • Shaping & Trimming Insured • Free Estimates

Frank Zenil

713-681-4079 • 713-410-4265


Trimming • Planting Removal “Train up your trees in the way they should grow.â€? • A+ Rated • Free Estimates • Insured “Making Thousands of Houston Trees Healthy & Beautiful for over 33 yearsâ€? 713-690-TREE (8733) Call or Text


• Landscape Installation • Weather Damage Replacement • Tree Trim & Removal • Lawn & Bed Maintenance • Landscape Lighting • Organic Soil Amendments


Lawn Maintenance Landscape & Design Sprinklers/Drainage Systems Free Estimates 20 yrs. exp.

713-688-4244 David Bartula

Stump GrindinG Residential Commerical From $50 23 Years Experience Free Estimates


• Tree Removal • Trimming • Topping • Stump Grinding • Pruning • Dangerous Tree Removal • 23 yrs experience Free Est.


Salazar TreeS




Landscaping services

interests, inc. Lawn Maintenance Experts

• Lawn Maintenance • Fertilize • Mulch, Tree Trimming • Flowerbed Cleanup • Grass Installation

Bob Penick (281) 914-7747


Gilbert’s Landscape

New Horizons

Lawn Care

Experienced LAWN & TREE SERVICE Landscaping • Insured Satisfaction Guaranteed

Salazar TreeS

Mowing • Edging • Blowing Flower Bedding • Fertilizing

Al Rojas 713-863-7310 Cell 713-416-1092



(281) 948-4879

• Landscape Design & Installation • Maintenance • Irrigation • Drainage • Lighting • Hardscape (pavers, flagstone, concrete) We accept all major Credit Cards


Residential/Commercial FREE ESTIMATES/Credit Cards


Lawn Maintenance Landscaping & Design Sprinkler Repair Residential/Commercial Free Estimates Taylor Herrmann

713-298-4628 713-Go-GReen


Landscaping, LLC 281-888-6643

20###6.#021 ',!

Dennis Clooney - Manager 25+ Years Experience • Tree Trimming/Removal • Stump Grinding • Fertilization • Construction Preparation • Residential/Commercial Insured Liability and Workman’s Comp

713-683-TREE (713-683-8733) FREE ESTIMATES



Upgrades, Installation, Conďƒžguration (Virus-Removal) Home - NetWorking

HOUSEKEEPING IN THE HEIGHTS: 713-391-7167. (3-11)

If this sounds like a fit for you and if you have experience in any of these areas or other home services, call us at

Sell it fast with an inexpensive Leader classified.

Available 24/7 Private homes, nursing homes, hospitals in Houston & surrounding areas. LVN & Licensed 832-439-9971


MECHANIC WITH EXPERIENCE on Econoline vans needed. Experience with A/C, alternators, brakes and suspension. Tools required. Salary commensurate with experience. 713-681-3600.

Garden Oaks Area Tax prep./30 yrs. exp. Se Habla EspaĂąol 713-697-8166 FOR SALE

Contractors and Handymen,

Adult Care Services

I WILL CARE FOR YOUR ELDERLY: Baths, meals, medication. 17 years experience. Excellent references. 281-570-9086.


• AT T E N T I O N •


I AM LOOKING FOR A PART-TIME JOB TO BE A SITTER: Loved ones, home, pets. Available 24/7. References available. Trudy, 713-791-8477. (3-18)

MECHANICS, DIESEL: Tech 1 Opening! Competitive pay, comprehensive health benefits, retirement plan and more. Six years experience in repairing and troubleshooting is a must. Penske Truck Leasing: 855749-2917. (3-11)




Used 1 time, cleaned and ready to go!

DRIVERS: Excellent pay and benefits! 100% pd. Med. Options. CDL A or B haz and tank. Minimum 1 year experience. EEO Employer/ Vet/Disabled. Sun Coast: 855-347-9590. (3-18)

K. Smith Elementary

MAGNIFICENT MID-CENTURY MODERN ESTATE SALE: Antiques, furniture, collectables, washer/dryer, stove, crystal chandeliers. Home is packed full. Thursday-Saturday 9-5; Sunday 11-3. 1007 Cheshire 77018.

Memory Foam Mattresses

THANK YOU DEAR HEART OF JESUS for prayers answered. F.L.


Thursday 9th, Friday 10th, Saturday 11th 9:00am until 4:00pm



• Irrigation • Landscape Installation • Landscape Maintenance • Drainage • Hardscape • Lawn Maintenance

Northwest Lawn Mower Parts and Supply Spring Maintenance Special $49.99 + tax For walk behind mowers ONLY up to 22� cut. • Flush Fuel Supply • Check Air Filter & Spark Plugs • Change Oil Now through March 31, 2017

parts • sales • service

lawn equipment • small engine chainsaw

4560 W 34TH ST @ MANGUM 713-686-8306 NEXT TO FIESTA TACOS w w w. m o w e r p a r t s s u p p l y. c o m





12’X30’ CARPORTS: Perfect for boats, RVs, etc. Call 713694-4647. (TF)

It’s easy to place a Leader classified. Just call us and charge it to your credit card.

Joe Petrovich

Renting our little cottage out in the Houston Heights. One bedroom and family room or two bedrooms, bath with shower, kitchen, appliances, security, parking, yard maintenance and basic cable, blinds on windows. You pay electric. Back deck with furniture, front porch, playground set. Gated property. Perfect for single mom or dad, or couple. Walking distance to shops and restaurants. Available March 1st. Will allow one small cat or dog. Front yard is common area and we garden so beds are available! Call 713-863-8428 for more details or appointment to see cottage.

Oak FOrest 2-2 FOr Lease

1631 Chantilly • Completely Remodeled in 2015.

Spacious Kitchen, SS appliances, wine fridge. Lots of storage, updated custom cabinets, slab granite counters, open concept entertaining island with seating, custom baths, real hardwood floors, and Plantation shutters. Full size Washer/Dryer in house. Large private fenced backyard; a great outdoor space. Electric wrought iron gate. Alarm system. Lawn maintenance included. $2200/month. 713-666-3701





Home ServiceS Premier ProPertieS

PLUMBING Since 1977 Free Est.

Repairs & Remodels Complete Plumbing Services

Shop 281-442-7863 Cell 281-831-2302

Insured • Lic. #M8922

Daniel’s Plumbing & Drain Experts



832-441-9683 Aaron’s

WANT TO BUY TOP CASH PAID FOR YOUR GUNS: FFL concealed handgun classes. 713-694-4867.


Old Fishing Tackle and Animal Fish Mounts

713-542-3052 Philip

We Buy Guns!

Top Cash paid For Your Guns!

Black Gold Guns & ammo 2001 Karbach suite F Houston, TX 77092


Licensed FFL/Class III Dealer

STATEWIDE ADVERTISING DONATE YOUR CAR TO VETERANS TODAY: Help and support our Veterans. Fast, free, pick up. 100% tax deductible. Call 1-800-245-0398. CARS/TRUCKS WANTED!!! All make/models 2000-2015. Any condition. Running or not. Competitive offer. Free towing. We’re nationwide. Call now, 1-888-416-2330. DRIVER TRAINEES NEEDED: Learn to drive for Stevens Transport! No experience needed. New drivers earn $900+ per week. Paid CDL training. Stevens covers all costs! 1-888734-6714, AIRLINE MECHANIC TRAINING: Get FAA certification. Approved for military benefits. Financial aid if qualified. Job placement assistance. Call Aviation Institute of Maintenance, 888-686-1704. MAKE $1,000 WEEKLY: Paid in advance! Mailing brochures at home. Easy, pleasant work. Begin immediately. Age unimportant. VIAGRA 100MG AND CIALIS 20MG: 40 Pills + 10 Free. Special $99. 100% guaranteed. Free shipping. 24/7. Call 1-888-2238818. Hablamos Espanol. VIAGRA AND CIALIS: 50 pills for $95. 100 pills for $150. Free shipping. No prescriptions needed. Money back guaranteed! 1-877-743-5419. OXYGEN: Anytime. Anywhere. No tanks to refill. No deliveries. The all-new Inogen One G4 is only 2.8 pounds. FAA approved. Free info kit: 844-558-7482. DIAGNOSED WITH MESOTHELIOMA or Asbestos Lung Cancer? If so, you and your family may be entitled to a substantial financial award. We can help you get cash quick. Call 24/7: 844-865-4336. CALL CANADA DRUG CENTER to find affordable international medications. Safe, reliable and affordable. Plus, get a FREE 2017 calendar! Call 855-3893862 now. CASH FOR CARS: We buy any condition vehicle, 2000 and newer. Nation’s top car buyer. Free towing from anywhere. Call now: 1-800-864-5960. CASH PAID FOR UNEXPIRED, SEALED DIABETIC TEST STRIPS: One day payment and prepaid shipping. Highest prices. Call 1-888-776-7771. www.Cash4DiabeticSupplies. com. CELL PHONE BILL TOO HIGH? Call now and see how you can save. National 4G coverage for less! 855-663-0120. DIGITAL HEARING AIDS: Now offering a 45-day risk free offer. Free batteries for life. Call to start your free trial. 888-675-5116.

SPECIAL OCCASIONS CHARMING VENUE FOR YOUR NEXT GATHERING: Houston Heights Woman’s Club’s Historic Bungalow, perfect for small events. Recitals, luncheons, fundraisers - events up to 100 people. Grand piano, stage, round tables, small catering kitchen. Call Shea Hill, 713449-1850, regarding this Heights landmark. (TF)

SWITCH TO DIRECTV: From HEATING/AIR CONDITIONING $50/month, includes FREE Genie HD/DVR and three months HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Starz. Get a $50 gift card. Call 888-672-1159. WANTED OLD JAPANESE MOTORCYCLES: Kawasaki Z1-900 (1972-75), KZ900, KZ1000 (1976-1982), Z1R, KZ 1000MK2 (1979,80), W1-650, H1-500 (1969-72), H2-750 (1972-1975), S1-250, S2-350, S3-400, KH250, KH400, Suzuki-GS400, GT380, HondaCB750K (1969-1976), CBX1000 (1979,80) Cash! 1-800-7721142, 1-310-721-0726, usa@

Drain & Sewer Cleaning #17773 - 7 Days a week




SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY BENEFITS: Unable to work? Denied benefits? We can help. Win or pay nothing. Contact Bill Gordon & Associates at 1-855-498-6323 to start your application today. SPECTRUM TRIPLE PLAY TV, Internet and voice for $29.99 each. 60 MB per second speed. No contract or commitment. We buy your existing contract up to $500. 1-855-652-9304. LUNG CANCER? AND AGE 60+? You and your family may be entitled to significant cash award. Call 866-428-1639 for information. No risk. No money out of pocket. WANTS TO PURCHASE MINERALS and other oil and gas interests. Send details to P.O. Box 13557, Denver, Co. 80201. CASH PAID: Up to $25/box for unexpired, sealed diabetic test strips. 1-day payment. 1-800371-1136. ADVERTISE to 10 million homes across the USA! Place your ad in over 140 community newspapers, with circulation totaling over 10 million homes. Contact Independent Free Papers of America IFPA at or visit our website cadnetads. com for more information. ANIMAL LOVERS NEEDED to volunteer at no kill animal shelter in the Heights. Download volunteer application at www. or visit us in person at 107 E. 22nd Street, TuesdaySaturday, noon-6 p.m.; Sunday, noon to 5 p.m. (TF)

• Interior/Exterior • Sheetrock Repairs • Door Reďƒžnishing • Wood Repairs • Pressure Washing

713-862-7320 30+ Yrs. Exp.


Est. 1979 Ins. RMP #18131


GENERAL CARPENTRY AND PAINTING: Small jobs welcome. Excellent references. 832-523-0360, 281-743-8467. (4-8)

Looking to hire good local people? Leader classifieds get great response and cost less than the daily paper.

• Driveways • Patios • Sidewalks • Stamp Concrete • Foundations. Bonded and Insured Free Estimates





• Carpentry - Cabinets to Patios & Decks • Painting, Interior/Exterior • Sheet Rock Repair & Installation

“The Residential Roofing Specialists�


20 Yrs. Exp. - 30 Yr. Resident

Re-roofs • Repairs Hardi Siding • Gutters • Windows

All Work Guaranteed Free Estimates

3308 Ella Blvd • (713) 680-3530 ELECTRICAL SERVICES ELECTRICAL SERVICES 25 Residential & Commercial Years • Shingles: Flat - Tile - Metal • 5" and 6" Seamless Gutters • Carports • Carpentry • Free Estimates



Houston Heights


Roofing, siding, Painting, etc. Keep it local and call the pros.


w w w. h o u s t o n h e i g h t s r o o f e r s . c om




America’s Best Electrical Service


(281) 448-8615 electric

Lights-Plugs-Breakers Cover all electric needs Licensed-Insured

TEL. 713-721-5490 17823


John Kuenstle Electric,LLC

Oak Forest Resident/Office • Residential • Commercial • Service Licensed - Insured - 26 Yrs. Exp. “Aâ€? On Angie’s List MASTER #178565


281-272-6900 CELL713-569-4199

Since 1975 Low Rates

TECL# 43460

+ Quality Work + Low Prices + + Hand Nailed + Hardi-Siding + Oak Forest Area Resident 40+ years Free Estimates


D&E Electric

cc accepted


✔ Painting ✔ Drywall ✔ Hardi Plank Siding ✔ Any Type of Carpentry Work ✔ Complete Remodels

wiring and repairs


• Ceiling Fans • Lights • Breaker Box Replacement • Outlets • New Installs • Dedicated Circuits • Emergency Service


ELECTRICIAN All types of new

Since 1953 - TECL 19210 Res./Comm. Wiring


J&D HANDYMAN SERVICE For Your Home Repair Needs:


TECL #25670

Native Houstonian - 46 Yrs.

832-425-2152 - Free Estimates

02)-% 2//&).'

“Insured For Your Protection� Warranted Workmanship

• Commercial • Residential • New Roof • Re-Roof


•Patios •Driveways •Room Additions •Expedient Work American Made HEATING/AIR CONDITIONING “God Bless Americaâ€?

The Foam STore

ď‚Ť Custom Cut ď‚Ť Memory Foam ď‚Ť Chair pads ď‚Ť Couch Cushions ď‚Ť Mattress Foam 2217 W. 34th, Ste. A.


Contract Services Construction • Restoration

Johnny & Rhea Danna, Owners Retail CenteR wholesale pRiCes

AMS Remodeling

COMMERCIAL - RESIDENTIAL • Custom Homes • Garages • Room Additions • Kitchens • Bathrooms • Hardi Siding Free Estimate REMODELING



Serving NW Houston Since 1973 FREE estimates

• Repair Specialist • Springs • Rollers • Sections repaired & replaced • Cables

40 years' exp. • Low Rates

GARAGE DOORS Repair or Replace Doors/Openers

Repair Specialist 7 DAY SERVICE

½ HP Sears Openers Installed



281-807-5588 713-545-3414

Choice Door

Credit Cards Accepted


Power Wash

Free Estimates

Cell: 832-584-0725



Stevens Roofing • Repairs • Reroofs • New Roofs • Sheetrock • Painting


Fence Sale • Chain Link • Wood • Wrought Iron • Operators 35 yrs Exp. Free Est

Tony 713-680-9353 Cell 281-787-5942

Complete Pavers • Patios • Decks • Driveways • Brick Columns

Gilbert 281-948-4879

WOOD FENCING Repair & Install Pressure Washing Painting • Siding

Gilbert 281-948-4879

Castillo Paint & Co Res./Comm./Remodeling Over 30 Years Exp. Local References Owner Tony Castillo 281-217-2093 Co: Daniel Castillo 281-536-4961



ALL HOME REPAIR • Termite/Water Repair

• Sheetrock • Painting • Texturing • Roofing Repair/Replace • Shower/Bath Redo • Tile • Flooring/Carpet • Ceramic Tile • Fence Repair

35 Yrs. Exp. & Leader Advertiser

!#-AN Cooling & Heating Res. - Com.

New HorizoNs

A/C RepAiR

Commercial • Residential • Commercial Refrigeration

$20 OFF with this ad


10 Year Warranty 713-660-0370 713-GO-Green

American Standard Authorized Dealer


(713-464-7336) TACL B27781E

Call Sam 713-582-5500 713-686-2285

Pete’s Quality


Repair & Installation All Type Fences • Chain link • Wood • Ornamental Iron Small jobs welcome Call 7 Days

Jose `

Cell (281) 221-0637

Balderas ConCrete Work GaraGe slabs driveways breakouts tractor work room additions install culverts permits for driveways

48 years of experience Free estimates call Gregory at:

832-675-2485 call luis 832-741-2081 Anytime

Custom Painting

Water Damage repairs • Exterior/Interior • Pressure Washing • Sheetrock Repair • References

  WWW-ISSION!#COM   WWW-ISSION!#COM   ,OCAL–&AMILY/WNED–4RUSTED ,OCAL– &AMILY/WNED– 4RUSTED 2%0!)2– ).34!,,!4)/. -!).4!).%.#% 2%0!)2–).34!,,!4)/. -!).4!).%.#% 4!#,"% 4!#,"%



713-201-5569 832-372-5577


Hardwood Creations

Wood Flooring Services



Refinishing & Installation

All Makes & Models “We Make House Calls�

Since 1979

I Buy cracked Flat Panel TV’s


1622 W. 23rd

AW Appliance Sales & Service Washer • Dryers Ranges & Stoves Refrigerators Freezers


(open 6 Days)

Sheetrock Repair

9235 N. Houston Rosslyn 77088


Roofing Work Carpentry Handyman Services Power Washing Maid Service Good References

KINARD’S Appliance Service

HANDYMAN SAVES YOU MONEY: Plumbing, electrical, carpentry. 281-6600350.

Frank Montes

free estimates




Commercial/Residential Free Estimates Call Raymundo @



You may have been affected by a storm and not know of your damage. Let us give you a FREE damage inspection! CALL NOW


713-703-8488 Jim

$10 off w/Ad (713) 682-3528

GOT KNEE PAIN? BACK PAIN? SHOULDER PAIN? Get a pain-relieving brace at little or NO cost to you. Medicare patients call Health Hotline Now! 1-844-502-1809.

Martinez Concrete Works

Call For A Comparison Free Estimate

Independent Master Plumber

CARS/TRUCKS WANTED: All makes/models 2000-2016. Any condition. Running or not. Top $$$ paid. Free towing. We’re nationwide! Call now, 1-888985-1806.

VIAGRA 100MG AND CIALIS 20MG: 50 pills $99. Free shipping. 100% guaranteed. Call now. 1-866-312-6061. Hablamos Espanol.

Ramiro Garcia

House Painting

Thank you for your continued business

ALWAYS UPFRONT PRICE$ “I want to be YOUR plumber� Call Sonny and SAVE! Single Homeowner Discount


CALL CANADA DRUG CENTER: Affordable international medications. Safe, reliable and affordable. Free 2017 calendar. Call 855-768-0762 now.



,#)!,( ()


SUPPORT our service members, veterans and their families in their time of need. For more information visit the Fisher House website at

AIRLINE MECHANIC TRAINING: Get FAA Technician certification. Approved for military benefits. Financial Aid if qualified. Job placement assistance. Call Aviation Institute of Maintenance, 866-453-6204.




At Reasonable prices



Since 1974

ROOFING REPAIRS AND INSTALLATION, flat roofs also. FENCING installation and repairs. Call Sam, 713582-5500. (TF) | 713-678-0904


TECL #18335

Cottage for rent




Page 8B • Saturday, March 11, 2017

Painting Interior/Exterior Match any texture

(713) 962-3474


WOOD FLOORS Installation Repair Sanding Finishing



Washers - Dryers Dishwashers - Ranges 281-350-6255 713-857-2050

!PPLIANCE ,$ 2EPAIR • Refrigerators • Ovens • Washers • Dryers


EUGENE HAULS TRASH: Cleans garages, trims trees. 832-890-5453; 713-6315348.


Junk Remover

Fast & Quick

you read this, then classified ads work. Call today to advertise


Appointments Cleanups Haul-A-Ways

Call Manny




Painting - Exterior One Story House........$795 Two Story House .......$1,495 Includes: Pressure Washing, Caulking-Labor Only Rotted Wood - Extra Charge 10% Discount - Interior Painting



• Painting • Sheetrock • Tile Work • Rooďƒžng • Carpentry • Carpet • Concrete • Power Wash • Burglar Bars • Brick • Trees FREE ESTIMATES - Hector



CRyptO fun Answers: A. teacher B. class C. educate D. grades

The sports. Saturday, March 11, 2017 • Page 9B

LHN baseball drawing on experience, maturity By Jonathan Valadez For The Leader The Lutheran High North Lions baseball team enters the season with a handful of upperclassmen for the first time in Andy Moore’s three-year tenure as head coach. “This year, we’ll have three seniors and three or four juniors,” he said. “This is the oldest team we’ve had since I’ve been here, which is a really positive thing.” It is beneficial because when Moore inherited the team in 2015, all but two Lions were freshmen and sophomores, and are now those same juniors and seniors, so the success of this season hinges on the experience, leadership and familiarity that they bring to the club. And through two games

already this year, the skills that the older players have acquired has paid off immensely for LHN. The Lions were able to put up 31 runs combined against Providence Classical School and Scarborough High School in those two games, while also shutting out both teams. While Moore is counting on all of his upperclassmen to help guide the team, he said it is especially important for seniors Andrew Santillan and Jacob Elizondo to take on leadership roles, although he has been pleased with what he has seen so far. “They really showed that (against Scarborough) during the game,” Moore said. “With plays happening on the field, they were being good quarterbacks by letting everybody know where their plays are.”

Moore said that his coaching style and philosophy have remained mostly unchanged during his time at LHN, but having several older players has allowed him to step back a bit and let them mentor the younger ones, which has added value to the team. “I would say that if there is anything that I am doing differently, it is to be a little more patient and let the guys police themselves as opposed to having to be the motivator,” he said. “It helps a lot because with accountability as coaches, we only go so far.” Although Moore will rely heavily on his juniors and seniors, he said that he is excited about the incoming crop of freshmen and expects them to contribute right away. Freshman Travis Malkowski, who played under Moore at

SPX soccer in the midst of historic playoff run For The Leader Editor’s note: The state championship match was played after we went to press, but before we recevied the papers back. We will post the results and a story online Thursday morning regardless of the result. Be on the lookout for a follow-up story on SPX soccer in next week’s edition.

The St. Pius X High School soccer team headed to the TAPPS Division I State Championship for the first time in school history last week. The Panthers (13-13) face Central Catholic (14-1-1) at 5 p.m. on Wednesday March 8 at Waco I.S.D. A golden goal from junior Nic Medina with only minutes remaining in extra time of the

Panthers’ semifinal game advanced SPX to the state finals. When asked what it feels like to be playing for the state championship, third-year head coach Nick Merricks ‘09 said it feels like a dream come true. “I’m not sure it has hit me yet,” Merricks said. “This has been a dream since I was a player here at St. Pius X and to have an opportunity like this is amazing.” Not bad for a team that wasn’t ranked all season and enters the state finals with a record of 13-13. How did they get here? In the bi-district round, the Panthers defeated the No. 2 seed out of San Antonio, St. Joseph 3-2. SPX followed with a victory over crosstown rival St. Thomas 2-1 in the regional

round. The Panthers defeated Antonian 2-1 in the semifinals. Freshman Abraham Lopez found the back of the net in the first half to get SPX out to a lead before Antonian scored the equalizer and eventually sent the game into overtime. “The team has an unbending trust in each other,” Merricks continued. “They believe in the game plan and play until the clock runs out. The team is focused and ready, know their roles and assignments, and have continued to execute.” The last St. Pius X team to play for a state title in any sport was Panther baseball in 2013. The last time SPX won a state championship was in 2012 by Panther baseball.

the Oaks Dads’ Club when he was four years old, will be one of the five starting pitchers on the team. He will also fill in at first base when he’s not on the mound. “He’s a fantastic baseball player,” Moore said. “In fact, he threw three shutout innings against Providence.” The other newcomers to the team are Brandon Ruiz, Brandon Willey, Cooper Benedict and Seth Eifert, who is the younger brother of junior standout pitcher and third baseman Erich Eifert. The brothers Eifert are set to join the Lions full time this week following their playoff stint with the boys’ soccer team. Moore and his team saw a minor jump in the standings from his first season to the

Photo supplied Junior Ronnie Spanos takes to the mound and faces off against one of his own teammates during practice. Spanos will be one of the leaders head coach Andy Moore will look to to lead the squad in 2017.

second, but with a bevy of experience and talent, the Lions expect to make a leap. “This year is going to be a

very solid year for us because of our age,” Moore said. “Maturity is going to be a huge difference.”


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