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CELEBRATINg 30 Years 2017 – 2018


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In chocolate-making, as in cooking and baking, the best ingredients produce the best results. With that in mind, for 30 years we have been devoted to using only exceptional natural ingredients, rejecting what many will accept, never compromising our exacting standards. But, there is a final key ingredient that truly brings our chocolates to life: your embrace. When the eyes of children and adults alike widen in wonder at the Chocolate Mice, the critters’ tails shimmer more and the chocolate eyes and noses gleam brighter. When a smile spreads across the face at the sight of our hot chocolate, the melted chocolate glistens and glows. When a patron trudges through the wind and snow and opens the door to our café, the aroma of our chocolate is richer and deeper. Since we made our very first sale — 36 Chocolate Mice — in October 1987, your enthusiasm for our craft has made these 30 years a joy. We are truly grateful for the countless ways you have given Burdick’s its essential ingredient.

Sincerely, All of us at L.A. Burdick Chocolates



30th Anniversary

30th Anniversary Collection

To celebrate our 30 years of handcrafting delectable chocolates, we gathered together 48 pieces of our chocolate bonbons from past and current collections as well as new bonbons created exclusively for this special milestone. The 30th Anniversary Collection is composed of three sets of bonbon assortments: Then, Now, and Next. Then: Bonbons revived from the archive Now: Bonbons from our current collection Next: New bonbons created by Head Chocolatier Michael Klug to mark our 30th anniversary What these three sets of bonbons have in common are the unparalleled craftsmanship and exquisite natural ingredients with which they are made and, of course, the Signature Chocolate Mouse, the perennial favorite. We hope that these bonbons will delight your palate and stimulate your curiosity about what’s next at L.A. Burdick. $72

30th Anniversary Crate

The 30th Anniversary Crate is filled with some of the most iconic and beloved items from our 30 years, including the 30th Anniversary Collection; a wood box of 9 Chocolate Mice; a Dark Drinking Chocolate; a Milk Drinking Chocolate; 2 Chocolate Penguins; 2 Chocolate Snowmen; and a Single Source Bar Sampler Set. $200


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“Chocolate is a mesmerizing product to work with, in all its complexities and nuances. In the hands of Burdick Chocolates it turns into magic!” — Gray Kunz, Chef and restaurateur

30th Anniversary Collection Then

Milk Chocolate Mouse (1987) Dark chocolate ganache blended with espresso. Enrobed in milk chocolate

Plum Truffle (1987) Dark chocolate ganache with slivovitzmarinated dried plums. Hand-rolled into the shape of a dried plum

Coconut (1988) Dark and milk chocolate ganache infused with coconut milk, honey, and rum

Clove (1989) Venezuelan milk and dark chocolate with clove, Caribbean spices, and walnuts

White Kirsch (1990) White chocolate ganache infused with Swiss kirsch eau de vie

Strawberry Gâteau (2009) White chocolate ganache blended with fresh strawberries and Austrian elderflower

Grand Marnier Gâteau (2009) Dark chocolate ganache blended with Grand Marnier and pistachios

Apricot Gâteau (2009) Dark chocolate ganache blended with Blenheim apricots and baby ginger

Richelieu (1991) Dark chocolate ganache blended with gianduja and cherries marinated in house-made cherry brandy

Fig (2003) Dark chocolate ganache blended with figs and port wine


White Chocolate Mouse (1987) Dark chocolate ganache blended with cinnamon and port wine. Enrobed in white chocolate

Hazelnut (1987) Dark chocolate blended with hazelnut gianduja and a touch of orange zest

Also includes: Brazilia, Kenyan, Porto Baton, Cashew Sesame, Almond Chamomile, Orinoco, Praline Croquant, Macallan, Chartreuse, Honey Caramel Truffle, Lemon Pepper Truffle, and Cognac Truffle


Dark Chocolate Mouse (1987) Dark chocolate ganache blended with the juice of freshly squeezed oranges. Enrobed in dark chocolate

Cascara Latte Dark chocolate ganache blended with Colombian cascara and white chocolate ganache infused with Colombian coffee

Dattier Dark chocolate ganache blended with honey and dates, atop a layer of rosewater marzipan

Honey Banana Truffle Caramel cooked with fresh bananas and honey. Enclosed in milk chocolate and finished with non-alkalized cocoa powder

Pistachio Fig White chocolate pistachio ganache with house-made fig port jam

Solerna Truffle Dark chocolate ganache blended with Solerna liqueur from Sicily and zest of blood orange. Finished with non-alkalized cocoa powder


Couronne Hazelnut gianduja topped with a crown of dark chocolate ganache whipped with Ron Zacapa rum

Mint Dark chocolate ganache infused with fresh mint leaves

Chicago Dark chocolate ganache blended with Morello cherries. Hand-piped into the shape of a bean


Signature Assortments

Our Chocolate In 1987, our founder Larry Burdick returned from working as a chocolatier in Switzerland with a chocolate pot, guitar cutter for cutting ganache, dipping forks, and one radical idea. He desired to make chocolate confections that could truly be called chocolate. At the time, what was called chocolate in America was often mass-produced molded candy, made mostly of sugar and flavored with poor-quality cocoa. He took to the kitchen. For 30 years, we have been hand-making fresh, delicate chocolate bonbons with the true taste of chocolate not sugar; cocoa butter not vegetable fat; natural ingredients not artificial flavors. Like wine or cheese, chocolate is a complex food with depth and breadth of flavors. We see chocolate as a complex gastronomic experience to be enjoyed and explored. We consider ourselves chocolate cooks capturing the many different flavors of chocolate in our bonbons. We cook with the finest French and Swiss couverture made from exceptional cocoa beans, usually of South American and Caribbean origin. The chocolate that we use in our recipes always takes center stage, with the subtle complementing flavors, such as fruits and herbs, playing supporting roles.

A tasting menu of our chocolate bonbons. You will experience the deep, rich flavor of chocolate elegantly complemented by subtle flavors of fruits, teas, spirits, spices, and herbs, among others. The chocolate bonbons are packaged with the same attention to detail with which they are handcrafted. They are carefully packed by hand into our classic wooden box, hand-tied with French wired ribbon, and hand-stamped with gold wax seal. As the name implies, these Assortments are one of our signatures. Large Approx. 61 pieces, including 2 Signature Chocolate Mice $74

Small Approx. 18 pieces, including 1 Signature Chocolate Mouse $26

Medium Approx. 37 pieces, including 2 Signature Chocolate Mice $42

Petite Approx. 11 pieces, including 1 Signature Chocolate Mouse $18

Bon appĂŠtit!


burdickcho colate.com

Everyday Assortments

Our Craft For three decades, we have been devoted to making our chocolates in the time-honored way — by hand. We cook, pipe, cut, dip, garnish, and pack our chocolates by hand. It is a rare approach in today’s world, but our dedication to it has never wavered. The results are delectable chocolate bonbons with elegant and delicate mouthfeel and details in both taste and presentation.

Our ingredients We use only natural ingredients and never use preservatives or artificial colors or flavors. Moreover, instead of using extracts or essences, our flavors come directly from the source. Every detail is considered. No shortcut is taken. We cook fruits and squeeze and zest oranges and lemons. Instead of mint extract, we use fresh mint leaves. We brew coffee and tea. The fine alcohols we choose are the same that we pour at our own tables for family and friends. We cook with fresh local butter, milk, and cream.

Bon Goût Ne Peut Mentir

Perfect for both personal enjoyment and gift-giving. These boxes are filled with an array of delectable chocolate bonbons to suit every taste. Each assortment of bonbons is presented in an elegant striped box and tied with a ribbon. Full Pound Approx. 80 pieces, including 2 Signature Chocolate Mice $68

Quarter Pound Approx. 21 pieces, including 1 Signature Chocolate Mouse $22

Half Pound Approx. 41 pieces, including 2 Signature Chocolate Mice $38

“I have been a fan of Chef Michael Klug for over 20 years, I love what he has brought to Burdick Chocolates. I love his delicate hand with all their chocolates, and every time I have some they keep me craving more!” — Floyd Cardoz, Chef-Owner, Paowalla, New York City and The Bombay Canteen, Mumbai, and cookbook author, Flavorwalla




burdickcho colate.com




burdickcho colate.com

“I have loved Larry Burdick chocolates ever since my first kitchen job at Bouley where we featured the mouse-shaped ones on the petits fours tray. Their whimsical forms enthralled me then, but L. Burdick’s use of the best ingredients, along with impeccable technique and well-balanced, delicious flavor combinations, has kept me a fan for all time.” — Anita Lo, Chef and cookbook author



Chocolate Mice

A Short History of the L.A. Burdick Mouse Years ago, our founder Larry Burdick worked at a confiserie in Bern, Switzerland. With typical Swiss thrift and ingenuity, chocolate ganache left over at the end of each day was re-cooked and shaped into chocolate mice for children, finished with knitting yarn bits as tails. 30 years ago, Larry brought this tradition to the U.S. He refined the design and used the finest chocolate and the freshest complementing ingredients, and the Burdick Mouse was born. With their delicious taste, captivating chocolate eyes, and endearing upturned noses, they continue to delight child and adult gastronomes alike.

The Burdick Chocolate Mouse turns 30 this year. We handcraft the Mice from the first step to the last as we did 30 years ago. Each takes three days and 12 handcrafted steps to create. We hand-pipe each Mouse, never using molds. As delicious as they are whimsical, delectable and sophisticated chocolate ganache lies beneath the charming faces of our Signature Chocolate Mice. Dark Mouse Dark chocolate ganache blended with the juice of freshly squeezed oranges. Enrobed in dark chocolate. Milk Mouse Dark chocolate ganache blended with espresso. Enrobed in milk chocolate. White Mouse Dark chocolate ganache blended with cinnamon and port wine. Enrobed in white chocolate. All mice have crisp toasted almond ears and colorful, silky tails. Wood Box of 16 Mice $54 Wood Box of 9 Mice $34 Favor Box of 4 Mice $15


burdickcho colate.com

Novelty Chocolates

Chocolate Penguins

L.A. Burdick pays homage to these flightless, tuxedoed birds of Antarctica with our hand-piped ganache of dark chocolate and lemon and toasted almond wings. Wood Box of 9 Penguins $34

“Larry is not only a fine chocolatier but one of the finest people I know in the food business. Honest, reliable, frank, and devoted to the craft of making delicious chocolate.” — Bill Yosses, Former White House executive pastry chef and author, The Sweet Spot: Dialing Back Sugar and Amping Up Flavor

Chocolate Snowmen

Dark chocolate ganache blended with fresh clementines is hand-piped into the shape of a snowman, topped with a whole roasted hazelnut, enrobed in white chocolate, and finished with a dark chocolate top hat. Wood Box of 9 Snowmen $40



“Priscilla and I went on our first date at Burdick’s for hot chocolate almost 14 years ago. Now we have a daughter who drinks our hot chocolate for us.” — Mark Zuckerberg, Founder and CEO, Facebook


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Drinking Chocolates Burdick Blend Drinking Chocolate

Unique blends of shaved chocolates made from the finest South American and Caribbean cocoa beans. Made by melting these masterfully blended shaved chocolates with hot milk, our Drinking Chocolates have a flavor and richness reminiscent of the drinking chocolates served in European cafés. Dark Drinking Chocolate is robust and full-bodied; Milk, gentler yet still decadent and luscious; White, creamy with vanilla notes; and Spicy Dark, rich with a touch of piquant heat from Mexican and New Mexican chile peppers. Dark, Milk, White 12 oz. | $22 2 lb. | $53

5 lb. | $132

Spicy Dark 12 oz. | $24

Single Source Drinking Chocolate

Each of our Single Source Drinking Chocolates reveals different nuances and characteristics reflecting the cocoa beans’ place of origin. From the bright fruity notes of Madagascar to the earthy finish of Ecuador, the Single Source Drinking Chocolates provide a tasting tour of some of the most celebrated cocoa-growing countries in the world. Ecuador, Grenada, Madagascar 12 oz. | $24 Bolivia, Brazil, Peru, Venezuela 12 oz. | $26

Signature Cup & Saucer, 30th Anniversary Edition

The mug that has held countless cups of our signature Drinking Chocolate at our cafés. This limited-edition cup and saucer set is made of kiln-fired porcelain and adorned with gleaming gold letters. Perfect for toasting 30 years of our delicious chocolates and other special occasions. Cup & Saucer $24 Cup & Saucer with Drinking Chocolate (12 oz. Dark, Milk, or White) $45



Single Source Dark Chocolate Bars Single Source Dark Chocolate Bar Set

A set of 7 Single Source Bars. Take a voyage through some of the finest cocoa-growing countries around the world with our Single Source Dark Chocolate Bar Set. This Set is a delicious exploration into regional chocolate individuality. $66


Medium- to full-bodied with subtle grapefruit and floral notes. Made from rare cocoa beans that grow wild in rainforests, untouched by humans until picked from trees at harvest. 68% cocoa content

Terroir Like wine, chocolate reflects its terroir. Terroir is the combination of various environmental conditions, such as climate and altitude, that gives the chocolate distinct flavors and characteristics. It is the taste of place. Each of our Single Source Bars has deep and complex flavors that taste of everything surrounding the cocoa trees.


Light- to medium-bodied with a hint of almond and traces of lychee and dried apricot. 70% cocoa content $10



Earthy with notes of black tea, mint, and Indian spices. A robust chocolate with a very long finish.   70–72% cocoa content $10


Strong cocoa profile with layered complexity. Earthy with a hint of nutmeg. A portion is made from cocoa beans grown by farmers supported by Burdick’s non-profit initiative. 75% cocoa content $10


Fruity and bright with a hint of vanilla. Light-bodied and mild. A terrific starting point for exploring dark chocolate. 64% cocoa content


Full-bodied with hints of vanilla, dried fig, and cinnamon. 74% cocoa content $10



Subtle nutty flavor with a delicate cocoa acidity. Mediumbodied with hints of dried fruit. 70–72% cocoa content $10


burdickcho colate.com


Powerful but elegant with well-balanced nutty and floral notes. Very smooth finish. 80% cocoa content $13

“L.A. Burdick chocolates are simply amongst the finest to be found anywhere! Herr Klug and his team are exceptionally passionate about their craft and wholeheartedly committed to delivering excellence with each and every offering. Uncompromising quality — bar none!” — Troy Dupuy, Chef



Pastries Engadiner Nusstorte

Our founder Larry Burdick frequently made this Swiss specialty during his years in Switzerland and introduced it as our first pastry. Caramel, honey, walnuts, cranberries, and a touch of lavender are wrapped in a shortbread crust. 6.5" diam. | $32

Harvard Square

Named for our store in Cambridge, MA. A decadent chocolate cake studded with walnuts and topped with a generous layer of dark chocolate ganache. 4.75" x 5" | $28

Chocolate Raspberry Cake

A succulent dark chocolate cake soaked with French raspberries and framboise liqueur and layered with French raspberry dark chocolate ganache. 6" diam. | $38

Linzer Torte

A traditional Austrian approach. Lattice-topped, lingonberry-jam-filled torte made with a batter of ground hazelnuts and almonds and warm spices. Delicious on its own or with whipped cream. 6" diam. | $34

Christmas Stollen

Handmade in the traditional German way. Deliciously filled with raisins, candied citrus peels, and spices; enriched with local New England butter; and finished with a dusting of house-made vanilla sugar, our Stollen is a wonderful taste of Christmastime. We recommend pairing with a cup of our Drinking Chocolate. 400 g. | $24

“Burdick’s Linzer Torte is a modern classic full of nuts, butter, and holiday spices! It’s so simple yet so heart-tuggingly compelling — there’s something so nostalgic about this cake. It’s the real deal! I always remember it fondly the day after having a slice.” — Andrew Chase, Owner, Cafe Katja, New York, NY

For more pastries, including gluten-free selections, please visit burdickchocolate.com.


burdickcho colate.com

Gift Crates

Holiday Crate

Ideal for holiday festivities, this wood crate is brimming with some of our most popular holiday selections: a wood box of 9 Chocolate Mice; 2 Chocolate Penguins; a Quarter Pound Everyday Assortment (approx. 21 pieces); and a wood box of 9 Chocolate Snowmen. $98

Fine Fruits Collection

A celebration of the bounty of fine fruits we cook with, from flavorsome Blenheim apricots to fresh, in-season clementines. Our wood crate is filled to the brim with chocolates and confections with deliciously bright fruit flavors: Pâtes de Fruits (20 pieces); 4 Dark Chocolate Mice; a wood box of 9 Chocolate Snowmen; 4 Chocolate Gâteaux bonbons (Apricot, Strawberry, and Grand Marnier); and a half-pound box of Dark Chocolate-Dipped Fruits (Apricot, Mango, Pear, Ginger, and Citrus Peels). $128

Fine Nuts Collection

Perfect for those with a penchant for nutty flavors. Included in our wood crate are 4 Chocolate Mice (with toasted almond ears); a Dark Chocolate Bar with Almonds; a Milk Chocolate Bar with Hazelnuts; Chocolate-Covered Marzipan (20 pieces); a half-pound box of Chocolate-Covered Nuts (Almonds, Cashews, and Hazelnuts); and 4 Pavé Glacé chocolates (blend of hazelnut gianduja, dark chocolate, cocoa butter, and hints of cognac and saffron). $102




Wedding & Event Favors From weddings and anniversaries to birthdays and baby showers, celebrate special moments and milestones with our handcrafted chocolates. They make delicious and sophisticated favors to savor and remember.

“I’ll never forget the wedding we designed in a gorgeous, historic barn. I had the opportunity to nestle a Burdick Chocolate Mouse next to each slice of cake at the end of the evening! Can you believe I still get referrals from this event as they refer to it as the ‘chocolate mouse’ wedding!” — Mindy Rice, Owner, Mindy Rice Floral and Event Design

Petite Signature Assortment

Wood box of 11 chocolate bonbons, including 1 Signature Chocolate Mouse. To learn more about our event favors and customization options, including wax seals and printed ribbons, please visit burdickchocolate.com or call 800.229.2419.

Corporate Gifts Celebrate important moments in your business with our exquisite chocolates. Handcrafted with the finest ingredients and elegantly presented, a gift from L.A. Burdick marks exceptional craftsmanship and quality.

Simplified Shopping

With our 30-year expertise, from finding the perfect gift for all occasions to shipping to multiple addresses, we make your gift-giving experience smooth and simple.  

Personal Assistance

One person will assist you as your dedicated point of contact from start to finish.

Customization and Branding

Bespoke wax seal with your company’s logo and custom gift message card are among the array of customization options to choose from. For details and corporate gift pricing, please contact us at corporate@burdickchocolate.com or 800.229.2419.

Signature Assortment

Chocolate Epicure Collection

Custom printed ribbon and custom wax seal for The Fletcher School, Tufts University.

An elegant and bountiful gift for the aficionado of the finest chocolate. $350




burdickcho colate.com

Chocolate Shop & Café Locations Step inside and the bustle of the day recedes and you find yourself in an inviting setting echoing old-world European charm. Glass cases are laden with rows upon rows of freshly handmade chocolate bonbons and pastries. Gold, sage, and pink stripes on the walls glimmer in the soft glow from the antique chandeliers. Servers weave around the room bearing trays of steaming hot chocolate. Grandparents and grandchildren while away the afternoon over hot chocolate and Chocolate Mice. Busy students enjoy a coffee break from their studies. A solitary guest reads the newspaper with a croissant and an espresso. From our 20-year-old Harvard Square location to our newly-opened Chicago location, our cafés are a serene and sophisticated interlude from life’s pace, a place where time isn’t counted, but enjoyed. Welcome.


220 Clarendon Street, Boston, MA 02116 Tel. 617.303.0113


52 Brattle Street, Cambridge, MA 02138 Tel. 617.491.4340


609 N. State Street, Chicago, IL 60654 Tel. 312.635.8975

New York

156 Prince Street, New York, NY 10012 Tel. 212.796.0143


47 Main Street, Walpole, NH 03608 Tel. 603.756.2882

“Since 2000, I have come to Burdick’s every weekend morning when I’m in town for green tea and mocha. Also, I meet with colleagues at various times during the week for hot chocolate and the like. As I’ve travelled the world, no other spot has served better mocha or hot chocolate...not even the myriad of such Paris institutions!” — Agnes Bundy Scanlan, Esq., Cambridge, MA



“Nothing says Boston like Burdick’s!” — Melanie MacFarlane, Arlington, MA

“More than fifteen years ago, shortly after I moved to Boston, a friend took me to the L.A. Burdick’s store in Harvard Square. I was mesmerized by the intensity and purity of the flavors. Since then, it has been my favorite chocolate company in the country. I moved to the Chicago suburbs a few years later and have made a point of returning to that store every time I was in the Boston area. When I found out about the opening of the Chicago store I was thrilled. It is a beautiful space in the heart of downtown, a perfect spot to take a break and enjoy a truffle and an espresso.” — Pablo J. Boczkowski, Professor and author


burdickcho colate.com

“I flew 12,000 km to come to Burdick’s from Delhi, India!” — Madhav Bhandari, Delhi, India



“I do not have a favorite memory. I have a favorite daily ritual. Every day I am at home, for years and years, I visit the center of the universe and get a cup of tea and the paper. (On the weekends, with my kids, we get chocolate croissants.) I can’t imagine my life functioning without this ritual.” — Ken Burns, Filmmaker


burdickcho colate.com


Customer Care 800.229.2419 Monday – Friday: 8 am – 5:30 pm ET burdick@burdickchocolate.com

facebook.com/burdickchocolate instagram.com/burdickchocolate twitter.com/burdickchocolat

Lifestyle photographs by John Dolan Product photographs by Tom Moore



35 Main Street, Walpole, NH 03608 800.229.2419

Cooked, piped, cut, dipped, garnished, and packed by hand since 1987


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L.A. Burdick 30th Anniversary Catalog  

This year's catalog highlights our 30th Anniversary Collection as well as classics and perennial favorites, and celebrates the craft and sto...

L.A. Burdick 30th Anniversary Catalog  

This year's catalog highlights our 30th Anniversary Collection as well as classics and perennial favorites, and celebrates the craft and sto...