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and Early Learning Centre Newsletter 3 — Thursday 14th March 2013

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Term 1 finishes Thursday 28th March At 11am …………. PLEASE DRIVE SLOWLY INTO THE SCHOOL IF DROPPING YOUR CHILDREN OFF AT SCHOOL IN THE MORNINGS— Please remember it only takes a second for a child to run out in front of you chasing a runaway handball and everyone's lives are changed forever

Email: 2-12 Melbourne St, Ayr QLD 4807 Phone (07) 4783 5552 Fax (07) 47835926

From the Principal’s Desk Dear Parents and Caregivers At Burdekin Chris3an College our teachers are called to a servant-hood teaching ministry which implies appropriate modelling of service. At Burdekin Chris3an College we have a dedicated group of staff who only want the best for your child. The teaching staff at the college have a collec3ve goal to teach the students what it is the live a “Chris3an good life”. It will only be as our students learn day by day to honour weakness, to serve one another rather than themselves, that we will play our part under God’s gracious guidance in nurturing successful servants rather than those who serve the idol of success. Our goal as a college is to set high educa3onal goals and to achieve outstanding outcomes for our students so that they may go into the world be;er equipped to use the talents they have been blessed with to enrich God’s Kingdom. Yours in Christ

Andrew Evetts, Principal

Dates for your Calendar Queensland state term dates - 2013 (College Term tba) Queensland term dates - 2013 Term



Term 1

Tuesday 29 January - Thursday 28 March

9 weeks

Term 2

Tuesday 16th April - Friday 21 June

10 weeks

Term 3

Monday 8 July - Friday 20 September

11 weeks

Term 4

Tuesday 8 October - Friday 6 December

10 weeks

NB: The first day of each term is usually a Pupil Free Day. The last day of each term usually finishes at 11am.

March Thursday 14th March—3pm to 4pm—After school sports training—Years 5-7 Thursday 14th March—3pm to 4pm—BCC Craft Club—Years 2-4 Thursday 21st March—3pm to 4pm—After school sports training—Years 5-7 Thursday 21st March—3pm to 4pm—BCC Craft Club—Years 2-4 Friday 22nd March—non-school Eisteddfod entries close 5pm Friday 22nd March—JAM Jesus and Me— Easter Show Wednesday 27th March—ELC Easter Hat Parade and Egg Hunt Thursday 28th March—end of Term 1—School finishes at 11am Friday 29th March—Good Friday

April Friday 5th April —non-school art work and written work needs to be in at Eisteddfod office Monday 22nd April to Thursday 25th April—Year 7 Camp Thursday 25th April—Anzac Day—school will be marching

July Monday 22nd July —ELC Photos Tuesday 23rd July—School Photos

Cra Club Every Thursday a>ernoon students from Year 2 to 4 are able to par3cipate in the College Cra> Club run by Mrs Watson, our Year 2 teacher. Charlo;e Agius and Shima Tus3n (pictured below) are two of the many students who are currently learning all about paper mache in the free Cra> Club sessions.

2013 Burdekin Junior District Eisteddfod 18th May to 28th May A>er the tremendous success for lots of our students at the 2012 Eisteddfod we are again invi3ng you to enter this years Eisteddfod. The classes that are par3cipa3ng in the Eisteddfod this year will receive a note home from your child’s teacher asking you if you would like your child to par3cipate with informa3on on entry fees and due dates. If you would like your child to submit something they haven’t done at school please go to the Eisteddfod website to see how to submit an entry. The College office also has spare entry forms and Fiona will be happy to help you in geDng started. Entries are due on the 22.03.13 and the art work and wri;en work needs to be handed in at the eisteddfod office (142B Young St, Ayr) on or before the middle Saturday of the Easter holidays. The Eisteddfod starts on the 18th May and concludes on 28th May. These are the sec3ons that your child may wish to submit an entry in: SECTIONS

Art Sec3on 140—Collage—Primary—A3 Sec3on 142—Any 3D Art Form—Primary—30cm x 30cm x 30cm Sec3on 144—Drawing Colour—Primary—A3 Sec3on 146—Drawing—Black and White—Primary—A3 Sec3on 148—Pain3ng—Any Medium—Primary—A3 Sec3on 152—Photography—black and white—Primary—A4 max Sec3on 154—photography—colour—primary—A4 max Sec3on 156—photography—computer enhanced—primary—A4 max Sec3on 158—special needs drawing—all ages—1m x 1m Sec3on 159—Special needs pain3ng—any medium—all ages—1m x m1

Literary Short story Sec3on 130—primary Year 7 and under—500 words maximum Sec3on 132—special needs—all ages Poem Sec3on 134—primary year 7 and under—500 words maximum Sec3on 135—special needs—all ages Func(onal Wri(ng Sec3on 137—primary—years 7 and under—500 words maximum Sec3on 138—special needs—all ages

Olly the Python On Thursday 28th February , the year 2 class were treated to a very special visit by a pet olive python called Olly. The visit was organised by George’s family as part of the ‘Show and Tell’ project at school. Pictured below is George with Olly the Python. Year 2 would like to thank George’s stepdad Mr McHardie (also pictured) for bringing Olly to school.

Pastor’s Pen Dear Friends Let me take this opportunity to wish you and your family a happy and safe Easter. For us as a Church this is an important 3me as we remember and celebrate the death, burial and resurrec3on of Jesus Christ. That he came the perfect man and died for our sins because of God’s love for each of us. If this is important to you we’d love to invite you to our Good Friday and Easter Sunday Services, which start at 9AM. Please know that you’re always welcome. For those who are new to the College we welcome you and hope that you find BCC a place where your children can grow and thrive in this season of their lives. We believe that BCC is a place where your family can not only have a great educa3on, but also build life long friendships with us, each other and especially Jesus. This year we have seen unprecedented growth in the number of enrolled students for the College and as such we have watched, as the College staff have had to change and adjust to support that growth. As I’ve walked a journey with each of these people and got to know them be;er, I have been impressed with their aDtude, hard work and love for the students and each other. As the Board we are working with our Principal Andrew Eve;s to accommodate the growing needs of the College. Andrew has done an incredible job since taking over the College last year and should be commended for his dedica3on, drive and resourcefulness. As we finish this Term and celebrate Easter with a holiday I pray that it is a great and prosperous 3me for you full of love, joy and peace. I look forward to seeing you again in Term 2. God Bless Pastor Peter Holmes (Chairman)


Kindy/Pre Prep

We have been having fun learning our sounds. Last week we learnt about the ‘p’ sound. We made pirate hats and we all said, “Arhhhhh”, because that is what pirates say. We have been doing lots of nice pain3ngs. We have lots of fun outside in the sandpit too. We have new digging toys to play with and we just love them. We were able to get these new toys with our Woolies Earn and Learn points so thank you to all those people who donated s3ckers last year! We also enjoy riding outside on our bikes and we all love to climb.

Sarah’s cocoon turned into a bu;erfly. It emerged last week-end at Ms Orchard’s place. our bu;erfly pain3ngs. We have a really great 3me at Kindy.

Headlice – Unfortunately headlice is a part of life when going to school and Kindergarten. Please check your child’s hair regularly to help keep them under control. Sunscreen Please apply sunscreen and insect repellent to your child before a;ending. We have sunscreen and insect repellent available. The mozzies are really bad a>er the recent rain. Have a great day!

Jayne Orchard, Director & Kindy/Pre Prep Group Leader



During the past few weeks we have been so busy! We have been staying outside a li;le longer in the mornings as the days have been a li;le cooler as the children enjoy playing outside. We ride the bikes, play in the sandpit, and climb the dome. Some of us have been climbing the ladder and sliding really fast down the slide. When we go inside, we have been playing in home corner and with the dress ups. The Li;le People farm house and buses and planes have been out on the blue carpet and have been really popular with all the children. They all like playing with these. For art and cra> ac3vi3es we have been concentra3ng on our Easter ac3vi3es. We have made our Easter crown that we will be wearing for our Easter Hat Parade. We have been singing and doing the ac3ons to some nursery rhymes. We do “Open Shut Them”, “5 Cheeky Monkeys” and “Once I Caught a Fish Alive”. Five cheeky Monkeys is really popular and the children like doing the ac3ons of the crocodile going snap. The children keep asking to dance to “Robot” - this dance is really popular. The Easter Hat Parade will be held on Wednesday, 27th March commencing at 9.30am. If your child does not a;end that day they are welcome to a;end but you must stay with them. Please bring along a plate of healthy food to share with everyone who a;ends. We will also be having an Easter Egg hunt. We hope to see you all there.

Toni Smallman, Group Leader, Toddlers

Meet the Staff Hello my fellow members of the BCC community! My name is Daniel Walsh and I am the new teacher on the year 4 and 5 class. I grew up and lived in an area called the Central Coast in NSW which is about half way between Sydney and Newcastle. I graduated from college just last year with a Bachelor of Educa3on (primary) from Avondale College. I have recently moved to Ayr 8 weeks ago so there is s3ll a lot of exploring for me to do around the area. I thoroughly enjoy playing all sorts of board and card games. Sports is another thing I really enjoy par3cipa3ng in, and I have joined a touch football team in the Wednesday night ďŹ xtures. I also a;end the Anglican Church here in Ayr. So far I have found teaching to be very exci3ng and an enjoyable profession and am so thankful to my family that helped me with the big move I undertook to take up this posi3on in Ayr. I am also thankful to Mr Eve;s for providing me with the opportunity to commence my new profession at BCC, and also to the sta of BCC for making me feel welcome and of course God for opening this chapter in my life. I look forward to watching and working with this school as it grows and grows and to be a part of the great message Burdekin Chris3an College is sending out into the community.

Daniel Walsh Year 4/5 Teacher

Spiders in Prep This term we have been looking at nursery rhymes in Prep. Last week we read Incy Wincy Spider and Li;le Miss Muet. We made lots of spider cra>s and we even made some yummy spider biscuits at the end of the week.

Staffing—Term 2 As you would all know by now, Fiona will taking a break in Term 2 and part of Term 3 as she’s going to have a baby. Sandra Saunders will be taking on Fiona’s role in the office during the 3me Fiona is away. Mrs Saunders is currently a teacher aide at the College so she knows the College very well. With her experience in home schooling her own children throughout primary school and then working in a school office prior to joining the College, the office will be in very capable hands.

Some of our students are extremely talented ar3sts. The artwork below is by Braithan Heron in Year 6.

Notes/handouts to be returned to office: • FastForward (only some students) • A>erschool Sports training sessions permission slip—Years 5 to 7 • Newsle;er distribu3on—all of school & ELC • Musical Instruments—home use permission slip —Years 5 to 7 • Cra> lessons—Years 2 to 4 • Interschool Sports—Years 5 to 7 • Camp permission slip—Year 7

The College and ELC received the Woolies Earn and Learn order this week. The ELC chose some toys, trucks, traffic signs, CD’s and a big colourful parachute. The College received musical instruments, science equipment, reading books and various learning games. Thank you to all the parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles and family and friends who donated their Woolies Earn and Learn s3ckers to the College in 2012!

Easter Hat Parade & Egg Hunt Wednesday 27th March 9.30am (until about 10.30am)

If your child does not attend that day they are welcome to come along, but please stay with them. Please bring along a healthy plate of food to share. We will be making the hats at the Centre. We will also be having an Easter Egg Hunt! All family are welcome to come join the fun!

Reminders Healthy Food Shack Tuckshop has commenced for 2013 and is available each Wednesday. The band of volunteers always welcomes new faces in the tuckshop so if you can lend a hand from 9am to 11am on a Wednesday please let Fiona in the office know. You don’t have to be cook and you don’t have to be there every Wednesday, just whenever you have 3me. Pick up zone Please remember that parking in the College grounds is not permi;ed at pick up 3me (3pm). Students will be wai3ng for collec3on under the mango tree in Chippendale Street. If you must park and walk into the College please park OUTSIDE the school grounds and walk in. If you are dropping off your children in the morning DO NOT park in the school grounds if you are geDng out of your car. Once again park OUTSIDE the school grounds and walk in. If you are driving into the school grounds to drop off your child PLEASE DRIVE SLOWLY!!!!! Please remember it is a school environment and therefore there will be 3mes that children WILL run out in front of cars. The rules are there to protect YOUR child. If parents con(nue to ignore these simple safety rules the gate will con(nue to be shut and no one will be allowed vehicle access into the school grounds. School Uniform Part of the school uniform is black shoes and white socks. Not mul3-coloured shoes or white shoes. A bo;le green, wide brimmed hat is also part of the school uniform. Your child will know that they are not allowed to play on the oval unless they have a wide brimmed hat.

Music Lessons Mr Ford and the Year 6 and 7’s have been busy with their music lessons on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Students are learning guitar, drums, keyboard and vocals. They sound great—so great in fact that we are considering entering them into the Burdekin District Junior Eisteddfod this year. Students who par3cipate in the Eisteddfod will be those students who prac3se at home and show a willingness to learn during the music lessons.

Meet the Team Andrew Evetts—Principal Brooke Vucetic—Prep Teacher Heather Mackay—Year 3 Teacher Fleur Vigerzi—Year 1 Teacher Sarah Watson—Year 2 Teacher Daniel Walsh —Year 4/5 Teacher Chris Knight —Year 7 Teacher Judy Kedar—Year 6 & Year 1 Teacher Sandra Fowler—Year 6 Teacher Ray Caine— IT & H&PE Teacher Wally Ford—Music Teacher Kim Smith—Teachers Aide & Library Assistant Leeza Goon-Chew—Teachers Aide Sandra Saunders—Teachers Aide Ronda Downs—Prep Teachers Aide Audrey Heppell—Teachers Aide Joanna Ford—Teachers Aide Paul Haller—Year 4/5 Teachers Aide Jayne Orchard—Director and Team Leader—ELC Toni Smallman—Team Leader—ELC Gessie Wilson—ELC Natasha Patterson—ELC Raywin Mayor—ELC Jill Sutcliffe—ELC Cheryl Taylor—ELC Rob Harper—Groundskeeper Bronson Hutchen—Groundskeeper Jackie Gudge—Cleaner Zilya Bunakova—Cleaner Rose Giardina—Financials (Church and School) Fiona Christie—Reception/Principals Assistant

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