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and Early Learning Centre Newsletter 15 — Thursday 1st November 2012

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Mr Mario Pavone has very kindly donated and installed a new, automatic, electronic bell at the College. Thank you for your kindness and consideration Mr Pavone. The College appreciates it very much. Students, please remember to thank Mr Pavone when you next see him at the College.

Email: 2-12 Melbourne St, Ayr QLD 4807 Phone (07) 4783 5552 Fax (07) 47835926

From the Principal’s Desk Dear Parents, This week we received notification from the Queensland State Government that state recurrent funding has been cut for all independent schools in Queensland. Whilst we were given some warning that there would be a decrease, it is the size of the decrease and how it has been determined which has been a surprise. The percentage of the decrease is different for each school. The reduction for BCC is 13.98%. The represents an actual dollar amount in the order of $35,000. This has resulted as a direct consequence of cuts being made by the government. Public school cuts have been made in head office and not directly in schools. Christian Schools in Queensland alone save the government a massive 169 million dollars a year. Imagine if all Independent schools closed their doors. You will probably hear more about this in the media over the coming weeks as schools think through the implications of these reductions. Schools with higher socio economic populations have had very low cuts, as low as 1.7%. Schools with a lower SES rating have received much higher of a percentage cut. It really doesn’t make sense. It would be helpful if you would write to your local member, the Minister for Education, and the Premier expressing your concern about these cuts. The cuts being made in government schools have largely targeted Head Office and advisory/resource people and have not had a large impact on the staffing levels of individual state schools. This is not the case for Independent Schools. At the end of the day I am glad as an organisation that I know that I serve a faithful and wonderful God who has never let us down and isn’t about to start doing so now. On a sad note our condolences go out to Mrs Porchun for the loss of her grandmother.

Andrew Evetts, Principal

Walkathon Results All the participating students will receive a voucher from ToyWorld for 20% of the funds they raised. Highest Fundraisers for each class Prep—David Mottin raised $131.00 Year 1—Emily Holmes raised $513.50 Year 2—Dylan Moore raised $147.60 Year 3/4—Kyle Magatelli raised $82.00 Year 5—Bree Dudfield Robinson raised $144.35 Year 6—Anne Piva raised $125.00 Year 7—Tobias Moore raised $112.00 Each of these students will each receive a ToyWorld Voucher for 25% of the funds they have raised. The Highest Girl fundraiser was Emily Holmes and the Highest Boy fundraiser was Dylan Moore. Emily and Dylan each win an extra $40 which has been included with their ToyWorld voucher. The highest fundraising class was Year 1 and the class receive a $50 voucher for their teacher to spend on the class. The total funds raised for the College was $3330.70. A huge thank you to Mr Caine for organising and coordinating both the Walkathon and the sponsorships.

Year 7 Parents REMINDER RSVP for the Year 7 Graduation due 16th November (with payment for smorgasbord)

If you haven’t received an invitation from your Year 7 child as yet please see Fiona in the office or phone 4783 5552

Dates for your Calendar Friday 2nd November—Fancy Dress Disco—ELC and BCC Friday 9th November—Prep’s Adventure to Reef HQ and Beyond—students need to be here by 7.45am!! (permission slips and $9.40 due Friday 2nd November) Monday 12th November - Penelope Gilbert-Ng—students Pastel Workshop Tuesday 13th November—Penelope Gilbert-Ng—students Pastel Workshop Tuesday 27th November – Year 7 Graduation (RSVP due 16th November) Tuesday 4th December- Swimming Carnival Wednesday 5th December—Ayr State High School Induction Day Thursday 6th December – College Awards Night Friday 7th December – last day of school Friday 21st December - ELC closes for 2 weeks Monday 7th January—ELC reopens Monday 21st January 2013 – College Office reopens (uniforms available) Tuesday 29th January – students start Term 1, 2013

Queensland term dates - 2013 Queensland term dates - 2013 Term



Term 1

Tuesday 29 January - Thursday 28 March

9 weeks

Term 2

Monday 15 April - Friday 21 June

10 weeks

Term 3

Monday 8 July - Friday 20 September

11 weeks

Term 4

Tuesday 8 October - Friday 13 December

10 weeks

Easter 2013 - Good Friday 29th March

The very talented BCC students who are performing in Aladdin From left: Charlotte Piva, Chiara Ferrando, Eliza Licciardello, Dylan Moore, Anne Piva, Joshua Ferrando


Kindy/Pre Prep

We had our first wet day for the season last Friday. The three water troughs were filled with water and green and blue power paint which made the water really bright. The shells were filled with bubbles and we used a bucket and washers and we washed the bikes. Now the bikes are nice and clean. We washed all the baby clothes and hung them out to dry. Then when the baby clothes were dry we dressed up the dolls again.

We painted with flowers we had picked and the children then turned this into finger painting which is very messy but such fun! We put some Flori-Orbs (water beads) into some water and after 5 – 6 hours they expand and grow. After only an hour they grew and the children all observed the change and were so excited. We played with the water beads the next day, it felt soft and gooey. We have a real stove to play with in our sandpit area. We just love it. We make all sorts of culinary delights— pizza, cup cakes, casseroles and more. We just love it!!!!!

Don’t forget the next wet day will be Tuesday 6th November and then the following week it will be Wednesday 14th November. Our Presentation Night will be on 6th December. We will close on the 21st December and reopen on the 7th January.

Jayne Orchard, Director & Group Leader



We had wet day last Friday and it was enjoyed by all. We had the green shell pools out and added bubbles to them. Some of the children enjoyed laying back in them and relaxing. The children kept wanting to wet the teachers. Mrs Taylor has been coming in to do some of her studies with us. She has been doing the programming for the last 3 weeks and has done a great job. During this time we have done some shaving cream painting on the table that not all the children liked. We have also had stones and water in the water trough in the sandpit. We all enjoyed that as we could get muddy even though we had on paint shirts. The water trough has been popular also. The children enjoy playing in the water. Thank you Mrs Taylor for all your help. We have been singing and doing the actions to “Incy Wincy Spider”, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and “Open Shut Them”. The children are getting really good at these. Ask your children to sing them to you! We will be doing these songs at our Christmas Breakup which will be on Wednesday, 5th December in the College Hall. If you haven’t already received your invitation please see me next time you are at the ELC. Please remember to clearly name all your child’s belongings so that we can return them if they are left at the Centre. And please check your communication pocket regularly.

Toni Smallman, Group Leader

Reminders Prep Excursion—Friday 9th November Permission slips and $9.40 due Friday 2nd November to College office Year 7 Graduation—Tuesday 27th November RSVP and money due by 16th November to College office Lost Property Please check the box in the College office—there are numerous items in there including jumpers, shoes, hats, lunchboxes etc There is also a lost property box at the Ayr Pool. Apparently there was a number of items left at the pool last week.

Awards Nights ELC Wednesday 5th December All children will receive an award and they will also be performing an item. BCC Thursday 6th December Academic and Christian Character Awards will be presented as well as the 2013 School Captains and Sporting Captains. All students will be performing an item. 2013 Enrolments Thank you to those parents who have handed in their 2013 enrolments. If you haven’t already please submit your enrolments NOW. There are a couple of classes that have almost reached their maximum number and we need to know ASAP if an additional classroom and teacher will be required for those classes. If we are only over the maximum class level by 1 student we will not be making a second class for that Year level.

Meet the Team Andrew Evetts—Principal Jocelyn Lovelady—Prep Teacher Heather Mackay—Year 3/4 Teacher Fleur Vigerzi—Year 1 Teacher Natalie Porchun—Year 2 Teacher Chris Knight —Year 6/7 Teacher Judy Kedar—Year 5 & Year 1 Teacher Sandra Fowler—Year 5 Teacher Ray Caine— IT & H&PE Teacher Wally Ford—Music Teacher Donna Higginson—Teacher/Librarian Kim Smith—Teachers Aide & Library Assistant Leeza Goon-Chew—Teachers Aide Sandra Saunders—Teachers Aide Ronda Downs—Prep Teachers Aide Audrey Heppell—Teachers Aide Joanna Ford—Learning Support Teachers Aide Paul Haller—Year 3/4 Teachers Aide Jayne Orchard—Director and Team Leader—ELC Toni Smallman—Team Leader—ELC Gessie Wilson—ELC Natasha Patterson—ELC Raywin Mayor—ELC Jill Sutcliffe—ELC Cheryl Taylor—ELC Rob Harper—Groundskeeper Bronson Hutchen—Groundskeeper Jackie Gudge—Cleaner Zilya Bunakova—Cleaner Rose Giardina—Financials (Church and School) Fiona Christie—Reception/Principals Assistant

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