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and Early Learning Centre Newsletter 11 — Thursday 16th August 2012

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Monday 20th August Family Fair Meeting 6.30pm All Welcome!

ELC Enrolments for 2013 Are open to the public from Monday 20th August. Current enrolments need to have their enrolment forms back by Friday 17th August

Email: 2-12 Melbourne St, Ayr QLD 4807 Phone (07) 4783 5552 Fax (07) 47835926 Our new website is up and running!

From the Principal’s Desk A big hello to all our parents and grandparents out there. Wow!! What a fantastic sports carnival Burdekin Christian College had last week. Wasn’t it fantastic to see the students taking part in every event and doing it to the best of their ability that God has blessed them with. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Caine for doing an excellent job. I would also like to thank Wendy, Kim, Tanara and Luke for their hard work on the day. Without parent support these activities don’t happen. A big thankyou to all the parents who helped out at any event, baked for the P&F cake plates, and also to those parents who took part in the parent race, well done. I hope there weren’t too many sore legs the next day. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome any parents to come and make an appointment with me if they would like to discuss any school issues. My door is always open so feel free to make an appointment with Fiona any time. I have always worked on the theory that open communication is the best way to deal with any issues. Yours in Christ

Andrew Evetts,

Ayr State High School Musical By Ruby-Royal Pegg and Jenna Power On Friday the 3rd August, grade 6/7 went to the Burdekin Theatre to see and enjoy the performance of Ayr State High School. They spent hours a day practicing for the The Great Australian Rock Musical and their work certainly paid off. BCC and the other primary schools in Grade 6 and 7 travelled to and from the Burdekin Theatre by bus. As we waited for the performance of the High School we were all anxious and excited. In the performance there were dancers, singers and actors. As they continued in the musical they reached to every level to give a great performance. There were Jazz and Rock (dancers) who were very skilled. Some of the singers sung some of these songs—Eagle Rock, Jessie’s Girl, Achy Breakey Heart and others. It was amazing to see the comedy, romance and action of the High Schoolers put it to the Musical. The audience applauded in every scene and couldn’t stop talking about how great it was. We wished the musical never ended because the performance was sooooo good! Any day we would recommend this Musical to others.

Camerata of St Johns Performance By Jessi and Clay Year 6/7 Brendan Joyce’s String Orchestra Camerata. At the orchestra they showed us different things like higher and lower and how when you touch the string when its vibrating it changes is sound and they told us how to say lower and higher in Italian. They showed us that when all the instruments are playing it sounds thicker than when just one is playing.

What’s happening in Year 5! Term 3 sees the year 5 students blasting off into space on the Galaxy Orbiter as they study the Earth and its place in space. So far they have looked at how big the universe is, the size of the planets in relation to each other, the sun and other suns in the galaxy and have realised how small our solar system is and how vast space is . They are now looking at the individual planets. For SOSE they are looking at the Gold Rush in Australia in the early days. In English, we are studying forms of poetry and certain poetic devices such as similes, metaphors, alliteration and personification. The forms of poetry include shape poetry, narrative poetry, ballads, odes and national songs. They have also become TV reporters and designed a TV report on the Riddle of the Black Panther and have then written a newspaper article for the “Flotsam Times” about the black panther. In Mathematics they are all improving in their number facts as the students challenge themselves daily to improve their time for 50 speedy facts. In Technology this term the students are working as teams to design a Rube Goldberg invention to get a marble in a cup in ten steps. The students have also joined the Year 6/7’s at interschool sport on a Friday which they are enjoying. All the students are working well this term and all have a positive attitude to their work which makes teaching the class very enjoyable

Mrs Kedar and Mrs Fowler

Prep Open Morning Wednesday 12th September 2012 9am to 11am

Dates for your Calendar AUGUST 12th August—Woolies Earn and Learn finished—please hand your stickers into the office 14th August—Coles Sports for Schools finishes—please hand your vouchers into the office 17th August—40 Hour Famine starts—starts at 8pm and goes for 40 hours. Donation books available from the office. 20th August—2013 ELC enrolments open to the public 22nd August—B & C Schools Athletics Carnival—Term 3— everyone attends (Cross Country Fun Run—Term 3—after Athletics carnivals) SEPTEMBER 12th September—Prep Open Day—9am to 11am 18th September—Astronomy and Stargazing Night with Rob Black at BCC 19th September– Prep Information Night for parents—6pm to 7pm 20th September—Walk-a-Thon 20th October—BCC Family Fair 2nd November—Fancy Dress Disco—ELC and BCC

Meet the Staff Hi No doubt you are all aware that I have been teaching your children Physical Education and Computer skills and helping the College with computer maintenance. After a brief period at the college last year when I taught computer skills, and had a wonderful time, I was asked to teach at the school in 2012 and was very happy to take up the offer. I will be teaching on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I had retired from teaching in 2008 after teaching Physical Education on the Gold Coast for 5 years and then Physical Education in nearly all Burdekin State Schools since 1984. However it’s a bit lonely at home so I decided to continue on a part time basis until my wife retires. I am married to Judy who teaches at East Ayr and team teach with her 1 day a week. We share a Year 3 class and she teaches from Monday to Thursday and I teach on Friday. We have been married for 36 years this year and have 2 children, Damien who is 25 and a graphic designer and Erin who is 22 this year and has just completed her Photography degree and waiting for her fiancée to finish his Electrical Engineering degree in Melbourne This term the children will be working on Athletics, Fitness and Dance and in computer lessons the children will be working on basic Microsoft Office applications. I’ve had a great year so far and I know this will continue because this is a great school. Please don’t hesitate to talk to me at any time about your children.

Ray Caine

Meet the Staff Hello Everyone, my name is Raywin Mayor. My husband Bill and I have lived in Ayr for the past 16 years. We love to travel when we can, coming to Australia from New Zealand in 1987. We first lived in Bendigo, Victoria, then Tasmania, before coming up to Ayr. We have two sons, Brian who lives here in Ayr, and William our eldest son lives in Ipswich. Between them they have given us two lovely grand-daughters and four very busy grandsons, all of whom we adore! Over the years I have performed a number of jobs from sewing to shop assistant, fruit packer, then as a supervisor, and until three years ago had not considered working with children. In 2009 I started working at the ELC for a few hours per day covering the staff whilst they were on their lunch breaks. I have since completed the Child Care Certificate 3. I love working at the ELC and the staff and children are like having an extended family. Outside of work my husband and I probably spend far too much time on our computers playing games etc. As often as we can, we have our grandchildren for weekend sleep overs and enjoy watching them play soccer on Saturday mornings. Also I try to get time to do crafts, sewing and reading when the time allows.

Raywin Mayor, Educator, ELC


Kindy/Pre Prep

We have been having a great time outside in the beautiful sunshine. We have been making swings with the rope. We work out how much rope we need then with help we tie off the rope to make some swings. It is so much fun and we learn to cooperate together and we have a fun swing. We went to the big school last Wednesday and we were part of the surprise for Mr Evetts’ birthday. We had to be very quiet and then when he walked in we shouted Happy Birthday. We have been learning about the letter j and the sound that it makes, it is the beginning sound for Jay, Jessica, Jessie, Jhay and Jazmyn. We made jellyfish. We had a treasure hunt. With help we drew a treasure map and then we had to go all over the playground to find some treasure. We had a lot of fun looking for it.

Jayne Orchard, Director & Group Leader 2012 ELC Sports Day Friday 17th August Please come and join us for the annual ELC Sports Day. Everyone is welcome and the children love to see all their parents, grandparents and aunts and uncles watch them run and jump.

March Past commences at 9.30am. Join us for a combined lunch at 11.30am and please bring a plate of eats to share. There will also be a free sausage sizzle.



The weather has been so lovely we have been staying outside longer. We have been having morning tea out in the sunshine. We made some rope swings in the dome. We really enjoy swinging on them and we have lots of fun on them. Some of us went over to the other play area. We have been chasing bubbles and playing catchy with the balls. For art, we have been doing lots of Olympic craft. These are all hanging up in the room so please come and have a look. We have been singing and doing the actions to “Incy Wincy Spider”, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and “Open Shut Them”. The children are getting really good at these. Our Sports Day is on Friday 17th August during the morning session. We will be starting at 9.30am with a march past with the bagpipes played by Mr & Mrs Christie. We will finish off the day with a tug-a-rope battle between the staff, parents and children. The children enjoy this. When all the sporting events are over please stay so we can have a combined lunch with everyone. Could you please bring a plate of eats to share with everyone. The children will enjoy this. If your child does not normally come on a Friday, they are most welcome to attend with you for the day.

Toni Smallman, Group Leader

B & C School Sports Carnival Wednesday 22nd August Compulsory Attendance for BCC Students All students are to attend the Sports Carnival from Prep to Year 7. All students will be competing against children from the other B & C Schools in their age group. Students need to be at the East Ayr State School oval at 8.30am. Tuckshop will be available on the day thanks to Raelene and her team at the Healthy Food Shack. Lunch orders need to be handed into the school office by this Friday 17th August. There will also be a sausage sizzle, tea/coffee and softdrinks available on the day. Please let Raelene or Fiona know if you can help out for half an hour or so next Wednesday. I hope to see lots of parents there supporting our students. This is the first time this event has been held and it would be great to have a big team of parents and grandparents there either cheering our students on or assisting with the food.

Meet the Staff Hi everyone, I’m Audrey Heppell. I am a relative new comer to the Burdekin having moved here nearly two years ago. Originally I am from Amarillo on the plains of the panhandle of Texas. You may be familiar with Amarillo as it’s featured in numerous country music songs and is located on route 66 (for all you Cars fans). I enjoy running and ran cross country competitively in my high school years. I think I was a little crazy when I remember back to running in snowdrifts in winter and 40 degree heat in summer! I came to Australia in 2009 as part of Youth with a Mission (YWAM) where I met my husband, Joel. Joel is an agronomist and works for Rugby Farms. YWAM was an excellent place for me to deepen my passion for working with young people. Part of our YWAM experience included travelling to Azerbaijan, a former USSR country, to teach university students English. We had some very interesting experiences in Azerbaijan including watching cattle being slaughtered in the main street and riding in lifts where the doors don’t close! I consider it such a privilege to play a positive role in your children’s lives and assist in their development.

Mrs Audrey Heppell, Teachers Aide

The Annual Class Pizza Party It’s that time of year again! Who is going to win the Class Pizza Party! The annual competition starts Monday 20th August and will end on Friday 12th October. Parents keep an eye out for softdrink specials and drop the cartons of softdrink into your child’s classroom. The class with the most softdrink cans collected at the end of the competition will win a class pizza party. The totals will be averaged according to class sizes. Classes have been allocated specific flavours detailed below: Prep—Fanta or Sunkist Year 1—Coke Year 2—Coke Zero or Diet Coke Year 3/4—Lemonade or Sprite Year 5—Creaming Soda Year 6/7—lemon squash or ginger ale

Parents and Friends Committee Hold on to your hats!!!! The Family Fair is just around a corner… yes only 9 weeks away. There is still a lot of organising to be done, so if any of you Mums and Dads are willing to help out just a little, we are more than happy to take you up on this. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Caine and all the staff of the BCC for a great sports day last Thursday. All children, parents/caregivers and grandparents had a great day. Oh yes! We cannot forget a BIG THANK YOU to our very own barista, ‘Miss Fiona’, BBQ King, Mr Cowen, delegator, Mrs Bonanno and of course all the parents who stepped up and helped out with the preparations and service on our food stall on the day. Our tuckshop is taking on the catering for the B & C schools sports day next Wednesday and Raelene is still looking for helpers for the day. If you can spare half an hour or any more time she would greatly appreciate this. You can leave you name at the front office. Reminding all parents next Friday, 24th August is our ‘Glow Party’ Disco starting at 6.30pm and finishing at 8.30pm. The disco is fully supervised by teachers, staff and P &F members, so this is your chance to have a nice meal together without your children.

Kim Smith Secretary, P & F

Reminders Enrolment forms for 2013 for both the College and the ELC have been handed out to all current students and children. If you haven’t received one as yet please call into the office and collect an enrolment package. Prep open day and info night for parents will be held late this term. Please see the office for more information.

Permission Forms to be returned Interschool Sports Carnival (asap)

Tuckshop orders for Interschool sports Carnival due Friday 17th August

Walkathon (by 13th September) Musical Instruments (if they are taken home)

Helpers Required! This Sunday 18th August to help with Interschool Sports Day preparations Chopping, putting lollies into bags etc Can you spare 1 hour from 9am? Please let Fiona in the office know. Thank you!

Meet the Team Andrew Evetts—Principal Jocelyn Lovelady—Prep Teacher Heather Mackay—Year 1 & Year 3/4 Teacher Fleur Vigerzi—Year 1 Teacher Natalie Porchun—Year 2 Teacher Ezet Snyman— Year 3/4 Teacher Chris Knight —Year 6/7 Teacher Judy Kedar—Year 5 Teacher Sandra Fowler—Year 5 Teacher Ray Caine— IT & H&PE Teacher Wally Ford—Music Teacher Donna Higginson—Teacher/Librarian Kim Smith—Teachers Aide & Library Assistant Leeza Goon-Chew—Teachers Aide Sandra Saunders—Teachers Aide Ronda Downs—Prep Teachers Aide Audrey Heppell—Teachers Aide Joanna Ford—Learning Support Teachers Aide Jayne Orchard—Director and Team Leader—ELC Toni Smallman—Team Leader—ELC Gessie Wilson—ELC Natasha Patterson—ELC Raywin Mayor—ELC Jill Sutcliffe—ELC Cheryl Taylor—ELC Rob Harper—Groundskeeper Bronson Hutchen—Groundskeeper Jackie Gudge—Cleaner Zilya Bunakova—Cleaner

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