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It is a story of Atria that knows olive soil, olive tree and olive that is located in Aydin, Turkey. We process olives that we raised in our farms in our institution naturally and organic. Our aim is to deliver delicious and natural olive oil.

There is the difference from the others in this step, too. We pick olives from our trees meticulously. We do not use any of mechanic system or machine. Rotten and crushed olives are used for making olive oil soap by us. In the world, firms are using them for making olive oil, because of the bad smell and bad flavor they are refining these then use them. It is not proper process to our brand and quality.

We give the same care in the carrying process to our olives that we picked up by hands. Olives are put to baskets. We protect them from external factors. We provide that stay natural and clean. The point we pay attention is saving olives up to the production phase. We aim to provide extra quality to people that we want to experience that gift of nature.

While passing to the production phase we store olives’ baskets to tractor and deliver them to factory. The factory is our and it is also at Aydin. So, they are close to eachother, olive filed and factory. We do not have to go so far. It means there is no harmful issue for olives in this way.

Our factory is totally proper to healthy issues. It is approved by ministry of health. There are safe and hygienic conditions. We are using the same factory since the day that being set up of establishment. It is restored, so we are working in traditional environment and modern circumstance.


Our factory is restored but techniques that we used are not restored. Atria olive oil is healthy and %100 natural, we do not use chemical solutions to press them. We only use cold press technique. We want to serve fruity olive oil that we produce since being setup of establishment. Because the olive oil is an ancient health symbol so it is crucial to be loyal with traditional and natural techniques. Olive oils go to bottles directly. In additon, with these cold press technique, olives can not be used more than once. After this proceeding there are olive pomaces. We used olive pomaces for making olive oil soap. In this was anything is not waste.

Extra Virgin: It is composed of immature fruit. It includes max %0.3 acidity. Cold press technique is used for making. You can taste intensive flavor. It is used for salads and raw usage. Virgin: It is composed of mature fruit. It includes max %1 acidity. Cold press technique is used for making. Its taste is less intensive. Smell is still intensive. It is used for fish or middle cooked meals. Riviera: It is composed of extra virgin and drained olive oil. It includes max %2 acidity. Taste and smell is not intensive, it is lighter. It is known as culinary olive oil. It is resistant to heat.

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process of making atria olive oils

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