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My First Christmas without a Very Special Something This Christmas I am again filled with emotions of love With feelings of thankfulness to our Lord above For all the great things he’s placed in my path Like my beautiful wife and child and our fear of his wrath This is a time of year I always sit and ponder On all of Gods mysteries that make us all wonder Why are we here When and where will we go When God calls our number and closes the show I’m feeling much older this Christmas year Realizing for the first time in my life something’s not here Something I’ve always had at Christmas and never had to ask for But this Christmas it’s gone and I can have it no more I can still see the magic of it through the eyes of my daughter When she cuddles up to her Meme to read Harry Potter These very special relatives that we’ve all been blessed to know Is such a great gift from God but it’s so hard when they go This year I sadly lost the last of my four grandparents And this Christmas I honor each of them for their guidance They celebrated a total of 133 years of marriage together Now all of them united in heaven side by side again forever My grandparents filled a special place in my heart each Christmas And will forever be remembered and will always be missed And a final thought came to me while I thought this poem was done That no longer will someone say of me…..That is my grandson John, Peggy, Lathel and Mildred I hope your soul in heaven has heard what I’ve said


A Dedication Poem to my Grandparents after my last grandparent passed away several years back

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