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Meet Aldermanic Candidate Wil Burch

he has a plan and a platform! PAID FOR BY:CITIZENSFORBURCH.ORG



With a platf orm and a p lan!

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Who is this man? That's the question many residents of Chicago's 15th ward are asking these days. This man is providing a community uprising. There are a few things that are important to remember. His plan, his platform and his name! Meet Mr. William Burch! Chicago Aldermanic candidate William Burch is looking forward to becoming a great community leader for the 15th Ward. His passion for a better place for all Chicagoans is more than evident. William Burch is looking forward to the future and he is looking forward to February 22, 2011. His "the time is now" tag line, introduces a sense of urgency for the ripple affect that effective community leadership will bring to the 15th ward. His name is William Burch and he wants your vote!

Meet William N. Burch

Aldermanic Candidate for Chicago’s 15th Ward

Community first!

There are many reasons William will be a great Alderman, and they center around a couple of key concepts–ability and vision. For over ten years, William has dedicated himself to helping people and organizations in our area. As a businessman, William

see a need or an opportunity, get others around him interested and motivated, and then working hard until the goals are met. William Burch has been called many things

Burch is widely recognized as one of the best. His goal has always been powerfully simple: provide great products great service to all his customers. His involvement in and for local industry stems from his ability to

over the years–an encourager, a motivator–but one term that fits him perfectly is achiever. Some leaders have the gift of persuasion and the power to communicate a need, while others have the ability to focus and get things done.

William has both. The number of people who have done business with William over the years are considerable, yet it

pales in comparison to the number of lives he is touched as a concerned and involved citizen. His decades-long work with nonprofits and charitable

he has a plan and a platform! burch15 - 5

generated record increases in fundraising, he routinely becomes a champion of their causes and educates the public to their message in the process. His service and dedication also extend to education where he is quick to share his story and his lifelong passion for reading and learning. William motivates and encourages students of all ages. Finally, his participation and efforts to establish community economic partnerships are a vital part of his vision for a stronger, healthier community. William Burch is an individual who, like all of us, has to be intensely focused on the present, but you will not meet anyone who has a more

Meet William N. Burch

Aldermanic Candidate for Chicago’s 15th Ward

In his Ten years of working with the people it has taught William that important community issues should not be about politics, but about passion and teamwork. Helping the most vulnerable, supporting our faith, educating our youth and keeping our economy strong: these are things we all want. They are the essence of every successful community, and they transcend any boundary. Our new Alderman must be someone who shares the community's views and is willing to preserve the ideals we hold dear. We must also insist on someone who has the ability and vision needed to move the 15th Ward forward in good times and when times are tough. Focused and positive–our choice for Alderman is William Burch.

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Community first!

WHO IS THIS MAN? With a platf orm and a p lan!

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Q&A WITH COMMUNIT Interview by: Maria Flores > Maria: Why is the 15th ward so We thought that it might be good to get to know the man behind the man! Yes William Burch is a great community leader, and sure to become the next Alderman of the 15th ward (with your vote February 22, 2011) because of this, we wanted to see if there was anything else! What we found is that there was so much more to discover about William Burch, enter the Q&A interview! > Maria: When it comes to Chicago, why do you have a great love for the city? > William Burch: I have a great love for Chicago because I personally feel we are the most progressive and entrepreneurial minded city in the United States.

important to you?

> Maria: What do you feel is the

> William Burch: The 15th ward is so important tome because I have watched our ward deteriorate over various leaders and administrations and when I here individuals reference the 15th ward I often here people say how our ward is unattractive. Well that may be because our leadership has not really put the thought and creativity into getting the community involved in the tactical revitalization process.

most important thing an Alderman can do for his/her ward? to say that including the community in all decision making processes and taking their feedback in consideration when working to revitalize the community is the most important thing that an Alderman can do for his/her ward.

> Maria: How important is family to you?

> William Burch: Family is very important to me because they are the backbone of all projects and events. Without a strong family spearheaded by my >Maria: Do you think that Grandmother I would not be able to Chicago has "untapped" be the person I am today. Not only resources? If so, what are they? is family important but a praying family is the most important > William Burch: Chicago is because God is the center piece of a very much untapped resource, our Family. primarily because of all the raw talent and creativity we have right Read More of my Q&A here in our midst. interview with Mr. William Burch in Issue Two of Burch 15

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> William Burch: I would have

Lemon Garlic Baked Tilapia

> Maria: Let’s talk about some of your favorites...What is your favorite Chicago food?

> William Burch: Baked Tilapia Fish.

> Maria: What is your favorite quote?

> William Burch: “problems are opportunities� - author unknown


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Burch15 Magazine - Preview: Focus On William Burch  

Welcome to burch15 Magazine! The time is NOW! With February 22, 2011 fast approaching, the would l...

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