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Welcome to the October Burbage News! Burbage News Editors The Burbage News is proud to help BRATS bring some great entertainment to Burbage for your enjoyment. The first BRATS event was the very popular Tammy Weiss Jazz evening and now it is the turn of the Kevin Brown Quartet to appear in the Village Hall on Thursday 11th October. This gives YOU, dear reader, a perfect opportunity to support both BRATS and the Burbage News, and to have an incredible evening out, locally, with some world class performers to entertain you. Don’t come along expecting just to exercise your ears, though. We need a LARGE audience for this. If we get enough support then we can continue putting on entertainment and not just music events. Perhaps you would like a play, or stand up comedy. Let us know what you want and with the help of BRATS we will try our best We need you to support these events and prove beyond all doubt that Burbage really is a great place to live. I look around and I see so much happening here and all of it done by people who care, people who do their bit for no financial reward or gain and who want to make a difference, however small or quietly, to our community. Well done, all of you With autumn and winter rapidly approaching, it is time to consider the return of a page of quizzes so that there is something to do whilst having a nice cup of tea or coffee for that half hour relaxation during the day. Are YOU willing to produce a monthly quiz page for us? Don’t forget – another date for your diary is the Festive Celebration on Sunday 9th December. As no-one has come forward with any suggestions of what extra mischief we can get up to, well, erm, we’ll have to make something up. There will be a definite break in the middle so people can rest – and buy more mulled wine (did you Google it last month?). We hope the hall will be filled again this time so once the tickets are on sale – announced next month – make sure you get yours! Gavin & Keith

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Your Letters to the Burbage News Great Western Trains Dear All, The DfT recently published the Invitation to Tender (ITT) for the Great Western Franchise. This is the document which the four potential franchisees will bid against. Around the time of its publication we were in dialogue with Martin Holt (the DfT’s franchise sponsor) who made the following statements, via email:

What I suggest is that you engage with the 4 bidders as they develop their proposals and, of course, with us as we approach the next stage of the process to ensure an equitable result for Bedwyn. We would expect bidders to propose how best to serve those stations, based on the minimum number of station calls which we have specified based on today’s level. The DfT then published the ITT. This ties our hands behind our backs (in terms of negotiating with the four bidders) by:

1. Separating the Paddington to

Bedwyn service levels into Paddington to Newbury and separately Newbury to Bedwyn. In short this would allow the train operating company to run a diesel shuttle service from Bedwyn to Newbury with no direct services to Paddington. Not mentioning the Paddington to Westbury/Exeter semi fast services that, if all else fails, we hoped would give us our Paddington service with a diesel shuttle to Newbury filling in any gaps. This is very bad news, and really a cop out by the DfT as they have given the franchise bidders an easy option.

The BN has shortened the URL link for BTPG’s detailed response to the DfT’s ITT: We have been in contact with Richard Benyon (MP for Kintbury and Hungerford) and Claire Perry (MP for Bedwyn). They are being very supportive and are setting up a meeting with the secretary of state. If you would like to lend your support by writing to Claire or Richard, the address is: House of Commons London SW1A 0AA Yours sincerely Steve Smith Bedwyn Trains Passenger Group More details are available on the Burbage News website (see ‘Latest Issue’ page)

Dog attacks Dear Sir, Could I please through the Burbage News draw the attention of dog walkers in the village that, recently, there have been at least two attacks on animals[ on leads] being walked on public footpaths. Both of these incidents resulted in vet's treatment being required. The dog in question, a bull terrier type, on both occasions was off the lead. The local police have been informed and are investigating. This sort of event is very upsetting - the Burbage News website

5 for the animal involved and also for the person in charge of same. It is very irresponsible to let such an animal run free. Details withheld

happily spent at Wolfhall and, although many years have gone by, I wonder if there are any people still around who may be interested to read about some of my pre-war experiences. If you are, my book is now available on Amazon

There is an article from the NPT regarding this matter, later in this issue

Yours sincerely Laurie G Trowbridge Newquay, Cornwall

Mud On My Shoes Dear Editors A couple of years ago I had a book published by Athena Press and it was my impression they were proceeding with marketing. Unfortunately some twelve months later, I was informed the publisher had gone into liquidation and although the book was available through distributors Amazon - no progress had been made. Fortunately another printer has now contacted me and things might go ahead I have mentioned this because I wanted to ensure my book was made known in the area where I spent some very happy childhood years Because I am getting on in years I have not been able to visit my old home - the bungalow at Wolfhall Manor (I believe that building no longer exists). My Father was Head Gardener at the Manor but things changed quite a lot when World War 2 broke out and in various ways we left Burbage for good My book details a lot of the events affecting some fifteen years or so,

A direct link to the Amazon page is available on the Burbage News website. The Burbage News will be happy to pass on any correspondence to Laurie

Plant swap On Saturday 15th September a small group met up between 10.30 and 12.30 in the car park of the village hall to bring whatever plants they had available to swap. Knowledge was also exchanged and I think I can say that although it was a small start the theory did work and we all went away with new plants and with no need of any money in our pockets (or handbags ). I hope that all my other ‘swappers’ also enjoyed it and I thank them for their contributions. I intend to help run a regular swap event twice a year, once in the spring and once about Sept. I would welcome anyone who would like to help me organise, or get involved in any way-however small. Please get in touch or watch this space… Sandy Rex 01672 810 854

See the ‘Latest Issue’ page on our website for links and more info from articles in this issue





Dog incidents There have a number of complaints from dog owners in recent months reporting dog bite incidents. I would like to clarify what action is required should such an incident occur. Wiltshire County Council Dog Warden - John QUINN is responsible for dealing with any dog upon dog attack and can be contacted via telephone: 01722438942 extension 58942 For a first offence a "Responsible Dog Ownership" letter is issued to the dog owner. For any subsequent incident a Dog Control order application is made whereby information is laid before a Magistrate to request enforcement measures which include keeping the dog on its lead in public, for it to be muzzled or in extreme cases for its destruction. This legislation comes under S2 of the 1871 Dogs Act. In the case of a dog biting a person then Wiltshire Police will investigate and deal with the incident. The vast majority of bite incidents reported are of a non-serious nature. Generally

To join, or for more information, email or phone Gavin on 01672 811990

under these circumstances no offence is committed under the Dangerous Dogs Act but can be dealt with under S2 of the 1871 legislation. The 1991 Dangerous Dogs legislation was introduced to restrict the ownership of certain dogs bred for fighting (Pit Bull Terriers, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino and Fila Brazilero) and other types of dogs which are a potential danger to the public. If a person has been mauled or suffered a serious bite or bites then a crime occurrence is raised and the 1991 legislation is most relevant. I hope this information is of use, please do not hesitate to contact either myself or my colleague PCSO Melissa CAMILLERI should you have any matters relating to this you wish to discuss. Teresa Pc 2460 HERBERT Community Beat Manager Pewsey East Neighbourhood Policing Team. Tel 101 or email

Burbage Neighbourhood Watch


Defibrillator Training on Thursday 18th October 2012 7:30 – 9:00 pm at The Village Hall, Burbage The training is free – courtesy of The Community Heartbeat Trust – and will cover: what to do in an emergency - basic resuscitation how to use a defibrillator and where to find them There will be lots of opportunities to ask any questions you may have, and you can ‘have a go’. Places are limited, so please book in advance if you can! Call: Sally Flippence on 07880 717 462 Or email

This training could save someone’s life!

11 In association with

Common Questions about Defibrillators Don’t you have to be an expert to be able to use one? The defibrillators that we use are specifically designed so that anyone can use them. They are fully automated so that you are given voice instructions on what to do throughout the process. The defibrillators also detect if you have put the pads in the wrong place or they aren’t secure enough. It’s very clever stuff! What if the person hasn’t had a cardiac arrest – will I hurt them? No – the defibrillator detects whether the heart has the rhythm of a cardiac arrest before the shock is administered. If the heart is working ok or if it is not in a specific state, then a shock will not be administered. What if the person has a pacemaker fitted? The defibrillator will only administer a shock if the pads are fitted correctly and if they are in the right place, then the pacemaker will not be damaged. Why are we installing the defibrillators? I’ve heard they aren’t effective. Sudden cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, any age, any time and anywhere. When it happens the victim requires immediate help in the form of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). This will buy a little time to get a defibrillator to the scene. The success of defibrillation declines at a rate of 7-10% per minute, so time is critical in a successful rescue. Having the defibrillators installed isn’t a guarantee of survival, but it gives us a chance! According to the UK Resuscitation Council, survival rates are as high as 74% when a defibrillator is available nearby. Are we the only area to have defibrillators? Community public access defibrillators are becoming more and more common and there are a number of local schemes already in place – Great Bedwyn, Shalbourne, Grafton, Hungerford and Wootton Rivers to name a few. You’ll often see them in leisure and shopping centres and other public spaces. What if I am on my own? Will a defibrillator help me? If anyone is on their own at the time of the cardiac arrest, whether it is on a walk, at work, whilst out shopping or at home, they will not survive - regardless of whether a defibrillator is to hand. This is because CPR is required immediately after the arrest occurs, as soon as 999 has been called. However, if it should happen to you, or a member of your family, a friend or indeed a complete stranger, and the person is not alone, the chance of survival (providing people present know how to administer CPR) increases from 0% with no treatment to 5% with the use of CPR only and increases further to 50% with a defibrillator. You can access more information on



Burbage Theatre Group

Good Companions Club

Mich Angel

Bernard Patterson

We would like to give advance notice that we will be aiming to set a date sometime in November to have a meeting with the intention of starting to practice in January for our first show which will be put on in February half term.

Chairman Mary Powell welcomed two new members, Enid Lewis and Margaret Clark, to the meeting bringing the member ship to 99, of who over 70 were present at the Village Hall on Wednesday 19th September. Members Roger and Glenda Pearce were presented with a gift to celebrate their Ruby Wedding. Among the birthdays celebrated in the last two months were Ivy Whittington’s’ 101st.

We apologise to all those people who have already indicated their enthusiasm to be involved in this exciting new addition to Burbage life and hope that you will again come forward to join in all the fun.

Saturday 20th October 9.30am –12.30pm In the Church Centre Cost £5 Do join us - bring a friend too! Bring your own work: knitting, crochet, patchwork, hand or machine sewing, etc,etc… Help and advice always available Contact Helen 810949 or Kay 811093 for details

Peter Lemon chairman of The Wilton Windmill Society gave an illustrated talk on the histor y, dereliction and restoration of The Mill. Built in 1821, now the only working windmill in The West of England, it has a unique sail configuration. From a chicken coup in his childhood Peter has seen the mill restored to full working order to feature in films and recently the TV programme “Victorian Farmer”, a new visitor centre, a replica shepherds hut, is proving an asset enjoyed by many visitors on a recent “Heritage Day”. The mill has provided a back drop for “Crop Circles” attracting varied visitors to its charms. Next meeting Wednesday 17th October 2pm in the Village Hall when the speaker will be local resident and member Rodney Stone on “Trafalgar”

Sports Club 200 Winners Results for the September draw:£5 44 M Parmenter £5 136 M Mills £10 36 P Chatfield £10 24 L Wright £50 96 R Shepherd For more information contact: Ros McGowan (01264) 791324 or Daphne Carter (01672) 810461


Savernake Forest Scout Group Bonfire & Firework Night Monday 5th November 2012 At the Scout Hut East Sands, Burbage Gates Open 6.30pm Fire lit 7.00pm Adults £4.00 Children (4-15yrs) £2.00 (Soup & Hot dogs on Sale) All proceeds to Scout Group


Get involved in new community oil scheme and save money Join the super savvy savers of Wiltshire who have between them saved almost £23,000 in the past 10 months on fuel bills. Anyone who wants to save money on their fuel bills and help the environment too is invited to get involved in an innovative new scheme. Community First Wiltshire has developed CF Oil – a brilliant way to negotiate and buy oil for the best price and help local communities save money on their heating fuel. Members in each area can have their oil delivered every month at the same time, saving on fuel miles for the lorries as well as on cash for themselves. Once it receives all the orders Community First organises bulk purchase and delivery of the oil from different suppliers at the best prices, achieving collective savings for all the members in the group. Since starting in October 2011 we have saved clients £21,688.82 on their combined fuel bills; an average saving of £150 and the highest saving on a single order being £499. CF Oil now wants to recruit more members and more co-ordinators all across Wiltshire to make the scheme even more economical and worthwhile. Co-ordinators only have to volunteer for an hour or two each month. They save on the annual membership fee for the scheme, currently £20 a year for private households, £30 for community buildings and £100 for businesses, and don’t have to handle any money, since members pay for their order direct to the delivery company. “This is a great scheme which benefits everyone,” said Philippa Read, Chief Executive of Community First. “Every time a tanker comes out to make a delivery, it is using a lot of diesel - a full tanker can get as little as a horrifying eight miles per gallon. If deliveries are organised so that one tanker delivers to several customers in a village instead of making lots of individual deliveries, the fuel consumption is reduced and so is traffic in the village. If you want to join those who are saving hundreds of pounds on their fuel bills – or would like to know more about being a local co-ordinator please contact CF Oil at Community First, Wyndhams, St Joseph’s Place, Devizes, Wilts SN10 1DD; on tel 01380 732809 or email Alternatively contact Mary Soellner on 07557 110418, GNC.





19 aged 0-5 and their We have returned parents or carers. to our regular Each session T u e s d a y Burbage Baby & Toddler Group . meetings with the loosely follows a first session being a great start to the similar pattern with crafts and free new term; it was well attended and play time, followed by a snack then more `Mat time` involving singing, supported. music and sometimes puppets. We The children reunited themselves with have a wide variety of toys ranging the toys they had not seen during the from dressing up, wooden kitchen summer holidays and were able to and soft play to a small climbing play with the tactile activities made by frame. our visitor from the children’s centre. We have lots of plans for the rest of It is a friendly group which is a fun the term which we hope will be place for children .For the grown ups enjoyed by all. New ideas are, there is fresh coffee, tea, cakes, a chance to meet other carers with however always welcome! young children and chat (and even Our sessions are held every Tuesday the possibility of a sit down !) during term time from 9.30am to 10.30am at Burbage Village Hall. It is For more details contact Hannah on for babies and pre-school children 07833 934074 Our new term has started well and we are very pleased to welcome several new children. Our new topic for this term is ‘Autumn’ and we have lots of exciting activities planned. These include looking at leaves and other signs of Autumn and planting bulbs, as well as Harvest Festival and Christmas based activities. We are also looking forward to our Toy Fayre on Sat 24th November 2 – 4pm where everyone is welcome to come along and join in the fun! Burbage Pre-school is open for children from 2½ - 5 years during term times. Morning sessions are Monday –

Friday 9.15am – 11.45am, lunch club is Monday – Friday 11.45am – 12.3 0pm and a f t e r n o o n sessions are Monday & Wednesday 12.30pm – 3.00pm. Anyone interested in their child joining the Pre-school can contact our Pre-school Leader, Mrs Janet Burstow, on 01672 811420 during Pre-school hours or 01672 810736 at any other time. Our website is You are welcome to visit us at any time. We are located behind the primary school; however access is via the footpath opposite the church.


Wildlife Watching - Conquering conkers Andrew Dawes, BBC NHU Radio researcher/producer For my generation the game of conkers was a rite of passage. Only this year the huge horse chestnut tree standing in a Northumbrian churchyard from which I gathered my conkers to do battle was felled due to old age. A sad day for me, but across the country our much loved conker tree is in trouble. So familiar is this tree in the English countryside that it is hard to believe that Aesculus hippocastanum is not a British native. The tree that graces many a village green originated from the Balkans and arrived in this country in the 17th Century as a parkland specimen. It is one of the first trees in spring to produce leaf buds, which are protected by a sticky secretion to prevent infection. These buds then unfurl into huge palmate leaves, and are soon followed by an eruption of colour as the tree becomes enveloped in a profusion of pink or white candlestick flower spikes. But maybe autumn is the chestnut’s glory season, as huge green hedgehog-spiked fruits fall to the ground only to break open and reveal a jewel of a shiny nut brown conker. But you may have noticed that many horse chestnuts show signs of browning leaves during summer. The cause of this is the horse-chestnut leaf miner moth (Cameraria ohridella). This moth was first acknowledged as being established in the UK in Wimbledon in July 2002. In its native region it and the horse chestnut coexist happily, but in the UK the moth is having a devastating effect on

the health of our trees. Strictly speaking, it is the caterpillar of the moth which is responsible for the browning of leaves, as it burrows through the leaf to feed. It is not unusual for up to 700 caterpillars to be found on one leaf. Trees are not killed by the caterpillars, but with severe infestations an affected tree is weakened and therefore susceptible to disease. How the moth first got to Britain remains a mystery, as does the question of why it is only white flowering horse chestnuts that are affected and not the pink variety. No other trees are prone to attack, apart from a few sycamores in very close proximity to horse chestnuts. But having spread at a rate of about 30km per year, the moth reached Newcastle this year, although Scotland remains free. But nature often has a way of rebalancing itself. The moth is attacked by a tiny predatory wasp though so far with limited effect. However observations by the public as part of a Citizen Science project suggest blue tits feeding on the caterpillars may be slowing the spread, so a recent follow up study has been asking the public to send in observations. Maybe the omens are good, as the word 'Conker' is a corruption of the word conquerer. Can the humble blue tit be the conquerer of the invasive moth and save our conker tree? Only time will tell.

For more on conkers, visit


BURBAGE VILLAGE HALL NOT TO BE MISSED THE KEVIN BROWN QUARTET Burbage Rural Arts Touring Supporters (BRATS) On Thursday 11th October the BRATS are having their second event. This next event is another music night, but with a difference – The Kevin Brown Quartet are going to have you tapping your feet and maybe even getting up to have a dance. You don’t want to miss this! “Kevin Brown is one of the UK’s finest acoustic blues guitarists. From the main stage of Glastonbury to the beer joints of Texas and with 11 albums to his credit, Kevin’s loyal fans not only love his touch and tone but have grown to admire his heartfelt songs, which are delivered with a great sense of humour and dry northern wit. “ We spoke with him recently and during our chat, it became apparent that Kevin loves playing the ‘Village Halls Tour’ and told us that he is very keen on the fact that the Rural Arts funding means that, despite not having a big venue or huge funding, our rural communities can still get to see a wide variety of excellent shows. Kevin Brown “Taught by Son House, discovered by Joe Boyd acclaimed by Mark Knopfler” To accompany the Texas, Blues &

Jazz music style, we have decided to offer Nachos and Chilli during the interval. The bar will be open, of course, and the theme for the evening will be to come along, relax and be prepared to enjoy yourselves. TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE from: Londis (East Sands) Burbage Post Office Phone Keith on 01672 811350 or email: Tickets are £8.50 for adults £7.50 concessions The Tammy Weiss Trio event proved such a success in February that the Rural Arts Touring has added the BRATS team and Burbage Village Hall to their list. We are sure that Kevin Brown will also be a success and enable us to bring many more events to Burbage. Rural Arts say “Our mission is to provide opportunities for all people to experience, enjoy and engage with the arts. We believe that the arts can transform people’s lives regardless of their age, circumstances, ability or interests.” BRATS, with the support of the Burbage News, are pleased to be a part of this and look forward to bringing more events to Burbage.

22 Photo: Olympic Torch Bearer Will Stevenson receives a cheque from Sandy Rex, Chairman of the Burbage Village Hall Management Committee, for ÂŁ312 - monies raised at the July Market & Meet, which is going to the Smith Magenis Syndrome Charity Thank you to everyone who helped raise such a great amount for a very worthwhile charity

Burbage Pre-School Toy Fayre Saturday 24th November 2 – 4pm. Burbage Village Hall All Welcome! If you have any items to donate, please either contact Pre-school on 811420 or call Liz on 810067. Thank you. We are a registered charity and this is our main fund raising event of the year.

Wildflowers Geoff Hill The wildflower seed sowing exercise has been successfully completed. On Saturday, 15 September a small team of hard-working volunteers removed the turf alongside the fence onto the village hall car park to create the seedbed. This was then seeded with a general purpose wildflower seed mix which contains some 20 different species. Later on the boundary at the top of the Barn Meadow was sown with a wildflower mix particularly suited to the somewhat drier and less fertile conditions along the hedge. Now all we have to do is wait to see how well the seeds germinate next spring. If all goes to plan we should have a colourful display from June to September.

23 Savernake Team Letter October 2012

Michael McHugh, Team Rector 01672 870779

Letter from the Rector; One of the thoughts running through my mind this month is that beauty is often linked to simplicity, not to complexity. The beauty of these early autumn days comes from the cold crispness of the morning and the contrast with the warmth of the late sun. In science, it is the least complicated theory that is most likely to correctly describe the world we live in. In cookery it is the combination of a few simple but good ingredients that make palatable perfection. Great complexity rarely achieves this. Ripe sun warmed fruit always taste better than fruit from a plastic bag. It is in simple things that we often find the solutions to our problems. Albert Einstein is supposed to have said –“Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them.” If we seek to establish good relationships with those around us, then we can do a lot worse than follow the simple formula that Jesus used in his everyday life. He sat down with his friends [and enemies] and ate with them. When he corrected or led people his words were simple and his thoughts different to the accepted way of working. He never considered anyone too lowly, too sick or too bad to share his time with. I am still looking for the magic simple solution to some of the problems laid on my doorstep. I suspect that the answer lies with the people that put them there. In this big, sometimes violent and almost always complex world, I leave you with this thought from the simple physicist:Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move in the opposite direction. [Albert Einstein] Michael


The Ladies Group Invites you to our

Pudding Evening Saturday 13 October at 7.30pm in the Church Centre

An evening to enjoy fabulous puddings, wine and an audience with Rodney Stone! (recently featured in the Burbage News) Numbers will be limited so please book your place early

Debbie – 01672 810853 Heather - 01672 810629

This event if Free of Charge—but if you would like, it is possible to make a donation.

Men’s breakfast

20th October 7am In the church centre All are welcome. Please contact Ralph 870478 for more information.

25 Working through

Over the past three years or so, All Saints’ Church and the generous folk of Burbage have been raising money for some of the poorest people in our world, namely those in southern Sudan.

To date we have raised almost £30,000 which has paid for the rebuilding of a bridge, HIV and AIDS education and seeds and tools to enable these people to be self-sufficient. Our next project is to pay for a Health Centre, and to this end, you have been especially selected to receive this invitation to a prestigious Grand Charity Quiz, to be held on Thursday 22nd October in the Village Hall from 7.30pm The cost is £3 per person. Please try to find a chum or two to bring along (maximum 6 per team). If you don’t have any mates, we’ll find some for you! There will also be a raffle, and the bar will be open all evening. Please come along and support this great cause. For more information or to reserve your place please contact our Quizmaster Allan Masey 810308 or or Janet Hartwell 810839

Early booking advised.

Building Bridges


Diary page


Diary page


What is God saying to us? “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” (II Chronicles ch.7 v. 14) On a bright Saturday in September, starting with the verse above, some of the PCC held a quiet morning at St. Katharine’s Church, listening for what we believe God is saying to us about the way to go in the coming weeks and months and discussing those insights. The words of the verse reminded us not to trust in our own ability, but in God’s, relying on his promise that he WILL hear and forgive and heal; this is the key to renewal and growth. Some of us were drawn to look at the letters to the churches in the book of Revelation and ask which we were like (Had we lost our first love? Are we lukewarm?), while others found that the story of Gideon had something to say to us. We considered the quality of corporate prayer in the church, and how God might lead us in taking forward the spiritual and numerical growth of the church, thinking among others of young people and of friends who believe, but don’t join us in worship. As we faced these and other issues (you can ask to look at the flip chart notes!), we felt that it was a time to re-dedicate ourselves to God’s service emphasizing the central place of the Bible in our life together and that we need to keep Jesus to the fore in our thinking and conversation. As ever, it’s not just something to talk about, but to act on – watch this space!

The Burbage Christmas tree sale is going ahead on the 8th and 9th of December. Please put the date in the diary, we will be appealing for volunteers to help run the event next month, anyone willing to help please email


Burbage School Supports Sudan Local school children (and staff) have been given a tube of Smarties each by the Building Bridges team. Once they have eaten the Smarties (which probably won’t take long!) they are using the tubes as money boxes, to collect coins throughout September and October. Just before ½ term the tubes will be brought back into school and the contents banked and put towards seeds and tools for the people of southern Sudan. The idea was r ec e i ve d wit h great enthusiasm by the staff and children alike.

Building Bridges

Cell & House Groups Wednesday 3rd October 7.45pm at All Saints Church Archdeacon Alan Jeans Is leading the Mid Week meeting All Welcome.

We have in All Saints Church, 6 Cell and House groups, all of which would welcome new members. These groups meet in various homes in Burbage, and one in Great Bedwyn too, once a week. These groups are a place in which faith can be explored, discussed, shared and strengthened in an informal setting. If anyone is interested in joining one of these groups, please feel free to contact Barry Smith on 01380 860593.


The Savernake Team’s Children’s Holiday Club A venture by our newly-arrived vicar, the Rev. Michael McHugh, saw Thursdays during August filled with a Holiday Club for primary school children held in the Churches. A few younger ones came along with mummy and some older teenagers came too. A small core of regular helpers was joined each week by around ten more other local helpers. Never before has the Savernake ‘team’ worked so well as a ‘team’-a taste of the future we hope. Helpers came from as far away as Ham, Collingbourne, Savernake and from towards Pewsey. We all got to know each other better and put faces to names. The Club rotated around the Parish Churches starting the first week of August at far-flung Collingbourne (!) where we looked at Noah and his life, with songs, games, cake baking, making pipe cleaner men and card models of the ark and rainbow mobiles. Our next Thursday was at St. Katharine’s where we discovered Moses and his travels. For this we made pillars of fire, walking stick snakes and decorated cakes, we also followed the usual format of stories, songs and games and managed a picnic outside in the sunshine. Next stop was Shalbourne, centred on the nervous Jonah, so we made hiding places for him, and ran fishy games, a fishy feely box and decorated biscuits with fish. (Icing paste not real ones!) On the fourth Thursday we visited Burbage, in the Church Centre, where the main activity was baking bread and ships biscuits for Paul’s journeys zigzagging around the Mediterranean. We also made lunchboxes of card, sang, picnicked and played games in the sunshine. Our final stop on the journey was at Great Bedwyn, where we prepared all we needed for our Christian Journey-lots of messy activities including sand pictures and flavoured lip balm! Michael divided a loaf between some forty-odd of us for our picnic baskets, and we sang and played games again. The final Sunday saw a special family service at Burbage, based on our activities. A banner with photos and some artwork has been completed and will tour the Churches, look out for it soon! The whole project was enjoyed just as much by adults as the children, many coming to every venue. Next year’s promises to be bigger and better - put it in your diary now! Rev Michael McHugh led the core team of Jo McHugh, Rev Linda Dytham, Wendy Holmes, Sue Challen and Heather Moore


During the Clergy Vacancy For enquiries about : Weddings, Funerals or Baptisms, go initially to Mrs. Debbie Brown, Church Administrator, who will liaise with the appropriate people; Debbie is in the Church Office every weekday morning: 01672 810853. For problems which you feel need the help of a minister: For questions concerning Young People’s worship: go to Rev. Linda Dytham: 01672 811025.

From the registers: Baptism: May they grow in the Christian faith: 26th August: Menzies James Campbell Archibald Sinclair Campbell Hamish Christopher Campbell We welcome them into the life of the Christian Church.

For matters which Lay Pastoral Assistants may be able to help with, go initially to Mrs. Sue Masey, who will liaise with the appropriate people: 01672 810308.

Weddings: For House groups, cell groups, the first Wednesday of the month Mid Week meetings, the Renewal Day and the parish weekend at Ammerdown (including bursaries), go to Mr. Barry Smith: 01380 860593

Wishing every blessing and future happiness for those couples who have recently married : 1st September: Richard John Christopher Fieldhouse Kathryn Holly Julia Jackson

On Sunday the 21st October 6pm – 8.30pm We’ll be meeting again in the church centre for a different look at the Christian faith! If you’re secondary school year 7 to secondary school year 11 please come along and join us for the evening. Please contact Alan & Debbie Brown for further details - 810357

Looking for new clergy We hope to meet candidates and hold interviews on 1st and 2nd October for a new Team Vicar to be based in Burbage. Please pray that God’s choice will be clear to the panel and to the candidates themselves.


From the Diary Further events/dates: 3rd Oct

Midweek meeting at All Saints Church Lead by Archdeacon Alan Jeans

13th Oct

Ladies Group—Pudding evening—a social evening, come along and enjoy some scrummy puddings and a glass of wine. Call Debbie on 01672 810853 for more information.

20th Oct

Men’s Breakfast—with speaker. Contact Ralph for more details 870478

21st Oct

Youth Group—See Debbie & Alan for further details on 810357

7th Nov

Mid Week Meeting 8pm—with Don Brewin, a Trustee of Resource based in Wells in Somerset and a past International Director of SOMA. Don led an excellent away weekend last year. Don is an inspirational speaker, all are welcome to come along.

8/9 Dec

Christmas Tree Sale!!! Keep this date free to come along and purchase Your Christmas Tree and presents locally. Lots of new stalls for 2012

Please see our website for further information on any events or services detailed in this section:

REGULAR EVENTS Fill The Gap - every Thursday between 12 and 2.00pm for warming soups from October onwards. Coffee ‘n’ Browse First Friday of each month 9am-12noon in the Church Centre, meeting locally to help families afar! See you on Friday 5th October

Booking the Church Centre: Please contact: Rob Hartwell on 01672 810839 or email:


Who’s Who at All Saints’ Team Rector .....................

The Revd Michael McHugh ...........

01672 870779

Assoc Priest......................

The Revd Linda Dytham ................

01672 811025

Asst Curate .......................

The Revd Robert Grist ..................

01672 811431


Joy Guy.......................................... Peter Devenish ..............................

01672 810767 01672 810296

Church Life Coordinator ...

Barry Smith ....................................

01380 860593


Debbie Brown ................................

01672 810853

Church Centre Manager ...

Rob Hartwell ..................................

01672 810839

Lay Pastoral Assistants ....

Sue Masey .....................................

01672 810308


October Service Pattern 3rd Oct


7th Oct

8.00am 11.00am

10th Oct


14th Oct

8.00am 11.00am

Morning Prayer Family Communion

21st Oct

8.00am 11.00am

Holy Communion All Age Worship

28th Oct

8.00am 11.00am

Morning Prayer Family Service


Morning Prayer

Every Friday Morning

Mid Week Meeting Holy Communion All Age Worship Mothers Union Communion


Burbage Flower Club Are you interested in flower arranging? Would like to be able to arrange flowers in your home?

Patient Liaison Committee June Brew, Chair FLU INJECTIONS

Our meetings will be held on the 2nd Thursday evening of the month. 7.30pm £3.00 per person payable on the door. Dates for your Diaries: Thursday 11th October , ***Venue Change *** Burbage Church Centre Flower Workshop by Julia Russett – A vase of flowers (Please bring a vase, flowers, sharp scissors and string) Thursday 8th Nov *** Venue Change*** Village hall Flower Demonstration by Mary Keily Vice Chairman South West Area of NAFAS Thursday 13th December Village hall Flower Workshop by Megan Jackson – Christmas Thursday 10th Jan 2013 Village hall. New Years Drinks Party, AGM and Flower Competition Please register your interest by calling Julia 01672 810829 - 07969311153 or email

The FLU CLINICS start on SEPTEMBER 27th . The Doctors have asked me to STRESS the IMPORTANCE for all patients over 65 or at risk to phone the surgery (01672 810566) as soon as possible so you can be fitted into a clinic at a time that is most convenient for you. It would be of great assistance to all at our hugely busy surgery if you would NOT wait for them to call you, even call if you have decided not to have your injection this year. PLEASE, PLEASE do this as a matter of urgency. I have mine booked so see some of you there. Defibrillators There is an information evening for the defibs, booked for the 18th of October from 7.30-9 in the village Hall. Richard Schofield from the Community Heartbeat trust will be there to do a talk on the defibs, show how they work and he will have some of those resuscitation dolls there for people to 'have a go' at CPR. This event is for everyone and is free, and we hope a great many of you will attend. ~oOo~ Hope you all have a good month. See you at the Flu Clinic! As always we look forward to hearing from you.



U rennans b f j iltshire Z roundwork 9 [ aulage V ontractors

Driveways ~ Tarmac or Gravel Road Surfacing All Weather Gallops Drop Kerbs & Horse Menages Car Parks Aggregates Soakaways Supplied Concreting Top Soil Block Paving Tipper Hire Digger Hire Patios General Haulage

For FREE Quotations & Advice Tel: 01672 810380 ~ 07802 217301 Local Authority Approved




Meet Your Community - Lionel ‘Dennis’ Vallis Many of us have days in our lives which we never forget. For Lionel, or Dennis, as most of us know him, that day was June, 1st, 1940. On that day was he was in France with the Army Service Corps as a truck driver, as part of the British Expeditionary Force who were retreating to Dunkirk. On that fateful day he had just moved away from sitting with a group of about twenty other soldiers when they were hit by a bomb or shell and Dennis was the only one to survive. He told me that this day still haunts him now. He was eventually taken to Dunkirk beach and carried by the lads waiting in the water to a hospital ship and brought back to England very badly injured. The left side of his face had been blown away. He was then taken to Park Prewitt Hospital in Basingstoke where he was for six months. After this he went to a hospital in Cornwall where he had four operations to rebuild his face. He then spent some months in Shaftesbury and Weymouth training others in the art of driving the army's enormous lorries. He remembers walking over the hills as part of his rehabilitation. When he was finally discharged, it was late one afternoon and the only way he could get home was to walk, which he did until he eventually managed to get a lift from Tidworth by an American army jeep. Dennis is a Burbage lad; he was born in a thatched cottage which was where Well Meadow is now. There were three brothers in the family; Cyril, Charlie and Billy. They also had a baby sister who died very young. He went to school at the old Burbage school in Eastcourt, the infants being in what we now know as the Church

Hall. He explained to me that he did very well there and actually passed the exam to go to the Marlborough Grammar School, but was unable to go because his parents couldn’t afford it. There were three teachers at Burbage school at the time he remembers; Miss Hawkins, Miss Edwards and the headmaster, Mr.Webb, whom ‘Webb’s Way’ is now named after. On a good day he can still recite the register! The first job he had when he left school was as a delivery lad for the baker in Taskers Lane, the large white house where the Fieldhouse family now live. Then he worked with his brother as a scaffolder around Tidworth and Bulford until 1939, when he joined the army. It was during this time he was badly injured in France, as I have already described. When he was discharged from the army, he returned to Burbage and went back to his old job delivering coal for a while. After this he moved to Reading where he worked and trained as an electrician until the work ran out. Following another spell back in Burbage he went to Avonmouth where he did electrical work on the ships. He remembers climbing the masts to check and repair the lights. He had managed to save up enough money by this time to buy a plot of land at the end of East Sands; he remembers having to borrow £5 from his brother to clinch the deal. Then he built his bungalow, with part of it to be used for the doctor’s surgery. He did most of the building work himself. Many local children remember having swimming lessons in the swimming pool in his garden. This was followed by building the shop and attached house which he ran for some years, his

40 daughter taking it over until she eventually sold it and moved away from this area. Dennis, aged about twenty six, met his first wife Violet, or Dorothy as she was known, when he came home on leave from the army. She was serving in the Land Army and was staying with his mother at the time. He told me that he proposed to her on Savernake Station as she was about to travel home to see her parents in Enfield, now a London Borough. Sadly she died in 1974. Eventually he met and later married his second wife Dorothy, known by all as ‘Dolly.’ They were married in 1984. Dennis told me that this was one of the happiest periods of his life. After twenty years, sadly she also died in 2004. One of Dennis and ‘Dolly’s’ delights was caravanning. Their first one was a static caravan which was at Rockley Park, near Poole, Dorset. After this they bought a smaller one which they towed to many parts of the country, such as Spalding, Weymouth, Bournemouth, Blackpool and Lands End. Dennis also used to attend the local Methodist Church in the High Street until it was eventually closed in 1996. As we villagers go to the local shop we have often stopped and admired Dennis’ garden, wondering why ours didn’t look so good! He was a constant winner at the garden shows and he proudly showed me his certificates and cups won for the best examples of fruit and vegetables. His ‘Dolly’ also won prizes for her needlework and knitting. He also showed me photographs of them both holding the cups and trophies they had won at different shows. They were also enthusiastic dancers. Sadly, at 93, he is now unable to do much gardening but it still looks good, thanks to his hard working step daughter Margaret and her partner Larry, who built the bungalow next door so they could be close by and care for him. Dennis told me, laughing, that many local children knew him as ‘Diddler Den.’ I can’t think why! Long may he continue ‘Diddling,’ whatever that is supposed to mean! Interview by John Guy

Burbage & Easton Royal British Legion Club The October Newsletter For members old and new, or not yet joined - this is the Official Club Newsletter By Gavin Ketchen, Chairman.

Dear All Well I am pleased to say the members of the Legion Committee are working together with the members of the Village Hall Committee to get the joint front of the buildings sorted out. As usual we have a fair bit of red tape to deal with for some aspects of it but sooner or later (sooner, we hope) we should see a tidier frontage. Please be patient The flower beds at the front of the Club are starting to take shape nicely and if we had an infinite pot of money, well, so much more could be done. Never mind! We do have an enthusiastic team working hard to keep the Club going, with lots of great entertainment coming up. So all we need is YOU. Yes. Simply put, the Club is here for you to use. Join up, get a very reasonably priced pint (or whatever your drink is, get free admission to some wonderful events and support us in our endeavours The members of the committee who run the Club are always open for new entertainment ideas - indeed we have tried many of them. Some have not been quite as good as we hoped only 2 children turned up for the Film Night! But others - well, most have a fairly average turnout but some are a blinding success and great fun!

41 Membership renewal Now due! If you are a member, come in and pick up your new card (unless you pay by Direct Debit, in which case you will already have it). There is only a limited time to renew your membership and for nearly all our members it means a short walk to the Club. Call in, have a drink, pick up your new card. Simple If you are not yet a member, what does joining offer you? An opportunity to support and help keep alive the Club for a start! You get membership of the Royal British Legion and can use any of their Clubs. You get the regular Legion magazine delivered, full of interesting articles, offers and information. You get free entry to one of the busiest Clubs around - who else offers so much entertainment on your doorstep? And you save a small fortune on your bar bill! You also have available an excellent facility which can be used for private parties, wakes, meetings and so on. We are home to the Film Club, every 2nd & 4th Wednesday. There is the increasingly popular Bingo on Suday nights with some VERY good cash payouts. Christmas is coming and there’s the now famous Christmas Raffle - last year the prizes were worth a couple of thousand pounds in total - an incredible success. How much we have this year depends on the ticket sales - the more sold, the more prizes we go out and get! Help us. See you soon

What’s happening at the Club? Members - free admission.

Every Sunday night is Bingo night Every 2nd & 4th Wednesday is Film Club Night - see posters in the Club for film details Saturday 6th October - the Big Quiz & Curry Night! Entry is £2.50 per person with teams of up to 4 people. The Curry (with naan bread) is only £1.50, even if you’re not in the quiz. The winning team get 80% of the total stake, with the runner-up team getting 4 bottles of wine. 8.00pm for an 8.30pm start Wednesday 17th October - Super Bingo! Doors open 7.30pm. Eyes down apx 8.15pm. The Flyer Full House prize is a guaranteed £100! All bingo prizes in CASH Saturday 27th October - Urban Jungle are hosting our Halloween Fancy Dress (optional) Party - prizes for the best dressed ghouls! Sunday 28th October is Bingo Night as usual but with a slightly spooky twist! Glow in the dark numbers? Creepy Calling? Fearsome Full House? Not for those of a nervous disposition… Elvis is returning - our ever-popular Elvis 56 will be coming back - uh-huh - for another great show As mentioned earlier - the Christmas Prize Raffle starts soon! Tickets will be available at the bar!

Follow us on Twitter! Simply go online to:


Coffee ‘N’ Browse Thank you to all those who attended September’s Coffee N Browse as we were able to post off a £36 cheque to Farm Africa fantastic. The members of the Mother’s Union were delighted to raise £50 on the morning too with their stall of handmade delights – the chocolate cake was delicious! Ann Kempson won the free competition prize of jam pot and homemade jam (made by Cynthia’s son). Ann correctly guessed the population of Cambridge, home town of Jonnie Peacock, Paralympic gold medallist 100 m runner, to the nearest thousand. 109,000. We’ll be having another free competition next time too to win a cuddly puppy dog toy, so come along & have a go whilst you browse for quality Christmas gifts. The next Coffee N Browse is at 9.00 am – 12.00 noon on Friday 5th October with the following exciting tables: ♦Marie Hattersley ‘s Handcrafted Jewellery ♦Jill Terry ‘s Luxury Toiletries ♦Jean Weller’s Quality Handcrafted Greeting Cards ♦Jan Appleton Fabric Craft delights ♦Jeanne Evans’ Phoenix Cards & wrappings ♦Pam Lovell’s Greeting Cards & Gifts of distinction ♦Book Swap ♦children’s play corner Please note that there will be 2 Coffee N Browses in November. The first one will be on 2nd November, first Friday as usual, and December’s Coffee N Browse will take place on 30th November because the Church Centre is needed on 7th December for Christmas Tree Sale preparations. See you there! Keeeeeeeeeeeep Browsing!! 1st Friday of each month

MARLBOROUGH & DISTRICT TALKING NEWSPAPER (MTN) FOR THE POORLY SIGHTED Quite a high proportion of us have some difficulty in reading, not because we can’t understand the written word but simply because our eyesight may be failing us to a greater or lesser extent. If you, or someone you know are in that situation, then maybe you should consider applying for our totally free weekly edition of the MTN recording of magazine articles and extracts from the local Gazette & Herald. MTN is a local community group based in Marlborough which records about 45 minutes of light magazine articles followed by a further 45 minutes of the main items of news every Friday from the Gazette & Herald and magazines. We provide this service via a simple playback system, supplied by MTN which also costs you absolutely nothing - the Royal Mail even delivers and accepts the weekly recording media, again totally free of charge. We cover not just Marlborough, but any of the surrounding villages in the area and currently keep a Listeners’ list of around 55 people up to date on a wide range of local and general matters 52 times a year. We are always keen to make contact with anyone (not just those who cannot see at all) who finds it very difficult to read magazine or newspaper text in any way. We are also keen to extend the number of volunteer readers, so if you feel you would like to add yourself or someone you know to either list, for further details contact your local reps Rodney or Sara Stone. Phone: 01672 810218 or Email: stone Thank you


Burbage Parish Council From desk



Village Maintenance: W it h many major improvements being made in the Spring and S u m m e r , t h e Maintenance team still have plenty of work planned for the Autumn and Winter. Projects currently under review include the tarmac re-surfacing of the White Hart to Ailesbury W ay footpath, Seymour Pond weed control, and the maintenance or replacement of some of the children’s equipment in the Recreational area. Wellbeing & maintenance of the Parish: The wildflower project was started on Saturday 15th September when two areas of Barn Meadow were sown with wildflower seed, so expect to see a marvellous display of flowers next Spring & Summer. The next area to be discussed for this project will be the Primary School, who earlier in the year said that they would like to be involved and to let the children see what can be achieved. Parish Communication: The first Parish Council Information Point is now open being the telephone box next to the White Hart pub. Neighbourhood Plan: The council gave its agreement for a team of councillors to review the need of a Neighbourhood plan for the parish, to review the requirements, to ascertain the costs involved and to report back in

December or January with its proposals. This review will not incur any costs to the Parish as it is a fact finding exercise. Precept 2013 – 2014: At the September Parish meeting, the start of the 2013 – 2014 Parish Precept commenced and all councillors were asked to submit suggestions during September to the Responsible Finance Officer. He will produce a draft precept to be discussed at a Finance sub committee meeting that will be open to the public and then, after any amendments, it will be put to the full Parish Council in December. If any residents have suggestions for work that they would like to be undertaken in the next financial year, please send your suggestions to the Parish Clerk or Chairman on the e-mail addresses shown below. Parish Council website: If you would like to have more information on what the Parish Council is achieving, what its Standing Orders and Financial Orders are, to see agenda & minutes of our meetings, they can all be found on the Parish Council’s website. Do you have any issues within the Parish that you would like to be actioned: Contact myself or the Clerk with any issues, good or bad by e-mail or Until next month, Keith Amiss


Burbage Parish Council Village Maintenance Team Report Speeding The team is working on two initiatives to tackle the issue of speeding in the village, which is seen by many residents as a significant problem. The first of these is to install village gates to alert drivers to the fact that they are entering the village and hopefully cause them to reduce speed. This is currently awaiting costs from Wiltshire Highways and until these are received nothing further can be done. The second initiative is to little launch a Community Speed Watch campaign. Here the news is more positive in that sufficient volunteers have come forward to allow the program to proceed. The next step will be to train the volunteers. Watch out for further updates. Seymour Pond The unusual weather conditions this summer has resulted in Seymour Pond becoming quite badly overgrown. Best practice for pond maintenance in order to maximise biodiversity has changed radically over the past few years, and accordingly before any work is carried out advice will be sought from the Wiltshire Council Biodiversity Team. We would ask that no-one attempts any clearance themselves as this may cause damage. Weeds The general standard of maintenance around the village has been maintained over the past month, and in particular WCC personnel have completed their programme of weed spraying. This said, there are one or two areas that need attention and these will be brought to the attention of WCC. Recreation Ground A recent report by specialist contractors has identified a range of issues relating to the children’s playground and more particularly, that the equipment in the 6 to 11year-old play area is reaching the end of its designed life. With this in mind the VMT will be developing a long-term redevelopment plan for consideration by the full Parish Council. Footpaths The work to improve the surface of the footpath between Burroughs Drove and Taskers Lane will take place between now and the end of the calendar year with the exact time being determined when the contractor is appointed.

The monthly Litter Pick will resume as from Saturday 20th October Meet outside the Village Hall at 10.30am for a maximum of 2 hours of litter-picking




Tennis Club News Andrew Gordon Now that we're all fired-up with good news from the Olympics and Paralympics, and inspired by the success of Andy Murray and Laura Robson, Here's some good news from closer home: Our Tennis courts at Red Lion Field are in excellent condition after re-surfacing and painting, and the installation of new floodlights last year. This means that tennis can be played all the year round when it’s not raining hard or icy underfoot. There’s plenty of opportunity for more children and adults to take up the game. Coaching Our coach, Phil Kerley, has run successful sessions for children and adults throughout the summer term, and is just starting the autumn term programme. There's something for everyone here - regardless of age or ability. You can join the club – or just come along to learn or improve your game. Contact

call 01672 811466 or see the notice at the courts for more details. Team successes We've had a great year, with three of our five Swindon league teams topping their divisions and gaining promotion. Many congratulations to everyone who took part. As a result, we can offer anyone who would like to try competitive tennis a chance to start at quite an easy level – perhaps progressing to the A teams, where the standard is fairly high. Friendly events Informal practice session every Sunday from 10.30 - just turn up and join in. Fun event for the Juniors and a Tournament for Adults on Sunday 7 October This is for club members, non-members who come to coaching, parents of our Junior Members, and anyone else who would like to give tennis a try. See our poster below.


Burbage and Easton Royal CC Marek Grabowski, Chairman

BURBAGE’S HEAD COACH WINS MAJOR AWARD. Paul Lavis beat 18 other nominees from all sports to pick up Coach of the Year participation, at Wiltshire and Swindon Sports Awards. He received his award from World Cup Champion (skeleton bob), Shelley Rudman and County Councillor, Jerry Kunkler, at the Steam Museum in Swindon. It's a great achievement for Pewsey born Paul and for the Club. We were the smallest community in Wiltshire represented, by a mile. The award was in recognition of the dedication of Paul and his team of coaches in bringing so many kids into the sport and equipping some with the skills to compete for county places. Paul's premise is simple: the more a kid enjoys his cricket the more likely he is to stick with it. His logic is sound; there are now one hundred junior members under the age of fifteen enjoying the game at the Club. They’re not all going to make it to the County, but they are having a good time. We’re justifiably proud of Paul. It's been a fantastic year for him, with the 1st XI, which he also coaches, performing out of their skins to take second place in the West of England Premier League’s Wiltshire Division. The 1st XI won promotion to WEPL from Wilts Division 2 over two successive seasons and the ambition at the start of the season was for the team to consolidate its position in its first year in WEPL. They did a lot more than that. Under the captaincy of Tom Wallbridge, a former Club junior and County player in the Wiltshire Development Side, we came close to winning the whole show. There were only three points separating Burbage and Easton Royal from the League winners, Lechlade, when stumps were drawn on the last day of the season. It would be great if even more of you can turn up to cheer on our teams next year; with your support who knows how far the Club can go?

Table Tennis Club re-opens on Tuesday October 9th in the Church Centre at 7.00pm Open to all We meet weekly from 7.00pm to 9.30pm Contact Brian on 811655 for further details


Free badminton for the over 50's David Line Are YOU over 50, wishing to improve your health and fitness, then this could be just what you are looking for and it's absolutely FREE. The Pewsey 50+ Badminton Club is repeating its very successful "taster sessions" aimed at encouraging anyone, irrespective of whether they have played before or not, and whatever their ability, to give badminton a go. The Club is holding a programme of 6 sessions which will be lead by a qualified coach and supported by Club members to encourage anyone interested in improving their health and fitness through playing badminton. The programme details are as follows: - held at Pewsey Leisure Centre - on Thursday evenings 7-9pm - commencing 11th October to 15th November - please wear appropriate footwear The Pewsey 50+ Badminton Club is a thriving, expanding and fun club for the over 50's where the emphasis is on enjoyment, socialising and keeping fit through playing badminton. The Club currently meets at the Pewsey Leisure Centre on Mondays between 12 noon and 2pm and Fridays from 9am to 12 noon. We currently have over 50 members and hope to make the Thursday evening a permanent feature. To register for the sessions please contact Pewsey Leisure Centre on 01672 562469 and leave your name and contact details. So don't delay, call the Leisure Centre today and commit to improving YOUR fitness in time for Christmas and don't forget it's FREE.


MINIBUS DRIVER WANTED Pewsey Area With clean car D1 driving licence £ 7.50 per hour. 4 weeks holiday plus bank holidays Averages around 7 hours a week – plus some extra hours available. Casual work for elderly and people with disabilities. Voluntary Drivers also wanted for a Thursday evening. Further details Contact Michael Braund Tel 01380-870274 Email We provide accessible transport for people who are elderly and with disabilities in the Pewsey and surrounding area’s.


November 2012 Edition Please send your news and articles from around the village by no later than: Wednesday 17th October. Use these details for Classified Ads, letters and messages: Email: You can post or deliver articles by hand to the editors below:

Keith Amiss Willow House, 3 The Withies Burbage SN8 3TT

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