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RED STRINGS Red Strings is a magazine about love and relationships. It aims to inform its reader about Valentinees Day.

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The Man of Love Origin of Valentine’s Day


ooking at the streets, with people having dates and buying gifts, one can see the essence of love in February 14. Valentine’s Day is a special day for lovers to celebrate their love for each other. This has become a time for everyone around the world to nourish and remember the relationships they have. But who or what actually started this global tradition? The exact reason behind the origin of Valentine’s Day is still unclear, but we know for legends tell us that Valentine’s Day was commemorated for a mysterious saint from the Catholic Church named St. Valentine. According to one legend, Saint Valentine is a Roman priest imprisoned and executed for performing secret marriages for young lovers. During his time, Roman Emperor Claudius II banned marriage for young men. Valentine continued to perform marriages in secret because he deemed the law decreed by the emperor as unlawful and promotes injustice. This was later found out by the emperor and he ordered Valentine to be imprisoned. Emperor Claudius II had a chance to interrogate Valentine before Valentine was executed. The emperor was impressed with Valentine and attempted to convert him from Christianity to Roman paganism. However, Valentine refused and instead tried to convert the emperor into Christianity. This action led him to be executed. Before the execution, Valentine was able to perform a miracle by healing Julia, his jailer’s daughter, from her blindness. Legend also tells that Valentine was the one who wrote the first “valentine” card. He wrote a letter for Julia, signed with the words “from your Valentine”, a very popular expression that is alive up to now. So, the man whom we commemorate Valentine’s Day is truly an honorable man, worthy of being a saint and being remembered. He sacrificed his life for the sake of love and marriage. Thus, let us celebrate Valentine’s Day knowing the heroic and romantic act done by its founder, St. Valentine.


Giving gifts is a popular practice among partners. especially during Valentine’s Day. It serves as a way to express their unconditional love to their partner. With the Valentine’s Day coming near, you may be wandering what gift is the best to give. There are five sweetest gifts on Valentine’s day around this time of year: flowers, teddy bears, cards with heartfelt messages, ornaments like bracelet and necklace, and chocolates.

Flowers are the most prominent and always present on Valentine’s day. They are perfectly captivating and they represent ripeness, love, marriage, and sentiment. Rose is the most special flower on valentine’s day, it conveys messages like “I adore you” and even as a way of being “sorry” to special someone who was wronged.

Teddy bears are now one of the most popular gifts on Valentine’s day. Asides from being cushy and huggable. Teddy bears represent love, care and delicacy that their warmness and softness will make you want to snuggle them. Compared to the traditional gifts, teddy bears are one of a kind since they can be a reminder of a man who gave it and the day when it was given.

Valentine’s card is a lovely kind of gift even today. It is a sweet way of showing affection, where people express and show their love and appreciation to someone special who inspired them, who made them feel important and made them smile through hard times. A Valentine’s card is a card with heartfelt messages in it that warms the heart of someone who receives.

Nowadays, ornaments like jewellery necklace or bracelet with hearts bling-bling is a popular gift between couples on Valentine’s day. It symbolizes deep love and connection as it conveys message like “I love you” without saying “I am submitting myself until the end of time”. It serves as a constant reminder of their love to each other.

As you can see chocolates are always present in Valentine’s day, do you know why? According to Queen Montezuma’s conviction chocolates are love drug or so called aphrodisiac, and so ended up noticeably famous on valentine’s day. Chocolates have sweet and incredible taste, they symbolized love, appeal, charm, commitment and even an earnest apology.

Now that you know the biggest gifts to give on Valentine’s day, you can now buy flowers, teddy bears, cards with heartfelt messages, jewellery necklace or bracelet with hearts bling-bling, or chocolates for your partner for they are the sweetest gifts to consider in choosing a gift to your special someone.

LOVER’S NESTS BEST PLACES TO HAVE A DATE JOSHUA GABRIEL ROALLOS “Where are we having our date?” is just one of the several questions that people ask when they are about to have a date. This kind of situation frequently occurs in Valentine’s Day. It is important

for the date to be done in a

memorable place. So I give you

Restaurants is one of the best place to have a date because of its ambiance and the serving of food. Sometimes they make their valentines more special like playing a music and dancing so that it would be romantic for their partners, especially women. Also, some people make this Valentine’s day more special and perfect to propose marriage to their partners. Movie theater is also one of the best place to have a date because only you and your partner laugh, cry, and scared together while you are watching movies. And some people also play a move like putting your arm at the back of your partner or hug when your partner is cold in the movie theater.

Mall may be one of the best place to have a date because you and your partner can bond together. Some people go to the mall with their partner to buy flowers, chocolates or some stuff toys to surprise each other with love and sweetness but not too much sweetness (you know what it means). February is the sweetest month of the year. People also called it as the Heart Month, making everything memorable. This is the time people spend to express their feeling of love from their partners. People save a lot of money for this special day of their life.

But despite all these suggestions, the best place to have a date is somewhere your heart wants to go. Make your Valentine’s Day special and memorable in a place your heart desires.



| Online Dating

JARVISH ALMONTE The season of love is here again, annually being celebrated. This time of the year is also an opportunity to be the best date and to have the best date. Today’s technology makes our life more comfortable and provides us swift options. One of this are the portable cupids. I’m referring to those online dating apps or match making apps. Applications such as Tinder is an example of this portable cupids which is widely known for its service. There are tons of dating apps available on the app store (for iOS users) and play store (for android users). Many of these users are just looking for someone to talked to. Using these dating apps before valentines day may just give you the best date. And save you from being a hopeless romantic this valentines. If you haven’t try it, you might want to test it first. This is not a call for being desperate or thirsty. Using this digital match makers, parading your affection is more painless.

WHY PAINLESS? It is indeed painless in terms of time and effort. Because first of all, you only need a smartphone and an internet connection. Along with patience and confidence. With these ingredients, you are now capable in using these apps. It is also easy to learn on how to use these apps, with a few clicks and swipes, promptly you’ll get a response. It does still depends on the app that you’re using. However, pain may be felt if you get too attached to the person.

KNOW THE PERSON Wanting to have a perfect date means being certain with the person to whom you’re meeting with. Of course, you don’t want to have an intimate date with a complete stranger without knowing any single detail about the person. Dating apps has a solution on this by having an ice breaker to shun awkward encounters. Displaying information and narratives about the person is the ultimate ice breaker here, for us to be aware of each others interests and culture. Supposing that you’re not comfortable with your match, you can hit the block button with ease.


Present yourself as you are. This is the most important element in helping yourself to match with the right one and get the perfect date this valentines. Being true with your deeds and personality is the best way to know if the person likes you. To date the person who still talks to you despite of your flaws or your silly manners. If you are not honest of who you truly are, you’re the one who will suffer from this consequence. Example of this is when you pretend to like a movie that your match likes and starts ranting on you and caught you that you’re lying. It would be a major red flag. It makes you hard for people to trust you as well. Avoid this attitude, don’t act like someone you are not. Be consistent and real. There are times that “love finds itself” can no more be true. We sometimes set things in motion first rather than waiting for the inevitability. When we lack of patience, we ‘re the one who turn our fantasies into a reality. With the aid of internet, we can make things possible. And by possible, you cannot be anymore be a hopeless romantic or a loner this valentines. Be wise and fall in love with certainty and contentment.



Valentines Day, “the loneliest day for singles” as people would say, you may not care if caouples are kissing, hugging, flirting, or rubbing each others apart, you still don’t want your friends to see yourself as a total loner. So you invite all the other singles to hangout and have the best valentines day of your life without the burden of loving and dating. So here are the things you could do as a single in Valentines day

Study. Be it at work or at school studying is the key to success, why try to keep intimate relationships if you know you’ll just get a broken heart sooner or later? With studying, you could ace up your career and have the capability to earn more in the future, and who knows, you’re wallet might attract the person that you truly love.

Have a massage. With the stresses of

Try online dating. If you’re not a fan of

life weighing heavy in our shoulders, it is recommended for us humans relax and take it slow by releasing all of our stresses in a massage. According to Mayo Clinic massages also helps us in our anxieties, digestive disorders, insomnia, and headaches. Having a massage also imitates the very essence of valentines day: intimacy, comfort, and gentle rubbing.

reality or face-face conversation there’s always what we call online dating. Online dating is by definition, dating online. You could practically date anyone online as log as you have a chatting app such as Messenger or Kakao Talk, but applications or websites such as Tinder,, and, searches “the best partner” or “the best date” for you.

There are a lot of massage parlors in Naga City but I personally suggest “Nuat Thai” located in Panganiban Drive, Barangay Peñafrancia, because of its relaxing Buddhist theme, professional masseuse and a unique kind of happy ending where you would drink a tasty cup of tea.

Watch some movies with your friends. For hopeless romantics who would want to get in a relationship but lacks the skill nor the confidence to do so, you could always watch romance movies as reference or guide in how to get the girl/boy. As a hopeless romantic myself I have a fair share of knowledge of the best romance movies out there: 1. Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind 2. Wall-e 3. Lalaland 4. Titanic

Go to mass. If you aren’t happy with your situation as a single, having no luck in getting any woman/man, and having no experience, you could always ask for guidance from God. And in the end, you might even find satisfaction in being single and serving god as a Priest, a Pastor, or a nun.

Therefore valentines day is not a day to celebrate romance and love, it is also a day for singles to do what they want to do instead of romance and love.



Love is unpredictable. Your love for your partner may become stronger than ever, or may fade over time. Love is just like a flower. It has to be watered and cared for or else, it will wither. Thus, if you want to celebrate every Valentine’s Day with the same partner, here are some tips to have a long lasting relationship.

These tips may serve as a guide for starting or developing relationships. Just remember to keep your love for your partner as lively as ever, and do things that would your partner feel special.

Get to know each other

Trust each other

To know if you are compatible with each other, you must first open up and get to know each other. Tell more about your personal life and discuss your interest and ambitions. Don’t be afraid to tell him/her what you feel about things. Knowing that your partner knows who you really are and accepts you despite knowing may put yourself at ease. Plus, It is hard for you to trust each other if you don’t fully know each other.

Trust is a possession that is hard to give, and a privilege to be received. In a relationship, it is important to give this trust to the one you love. Why enter into a relationship if you can’t trust each other in the first place? Also, knowing that your partner trust you, you should not do anything that might break that trust.

Listen to each other Conflicts arise when partners fail to listen to each other. Remember that both of you have something to say, not just you. Listen to what your partner is saying to have a deep grasp and understanding of the issue. Respect each other’s view and answer or argue reasonably. With this, both of you can make an agreement that would be beneficial to the both of you. A small misunderstanding can result to big complications. Express your love Actions speak louder than words, and words must be proven with action. You have to tell your partner that you love him/her while showing that you really do. You can start by giving gifts and surprising your partner. You have to constantly express your love or else one of you may get bored of the relationship. Keep in mind that people enter a relationship to receive affection.

Avoid meaningless conflicts Conflicts within a relationship are indications that there is something unfavorable between the two partners and hence, must be resolved. These conflicts, when solved by both partners, can further strengthen the relationships. However, there are conflicts that aren’t healthy for the relationship. Thus, you have to choose carefully and focus on the major issues that needs urgent attention Do something special Relationships, when left unattended, can get boring — and such tedious relationships will soon leave existence. The spark must stay as lively as or more than . Thus, it is important to do something special once in a while. Have some time alone Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you always have to be with your partner. It is also important to do your interest and own agenda, like hanging out with your friends. People need some time alone to realize the value of the relationships they have.

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A magazine about Valentine' Day. Created for the purpose of education.


A magazine about Valentine' Day. Created for the purpose of education.