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Michigan Student Life Campaign Case Statement

Draft V10

29 AUGUST 2013

The first-ever campaign to preserve and enhance the Michigan student experience

“This is really about giving students transformative experiences that go beyond their time at Michigan – it’s about preparation for a much longer journey.” – E ROYSTER HARPER, VICE PRESIDENT FOR STUDENT AFFAIRS We know our students make the Michigan Difference. From founding the Union in 1904 to creating more than 1300 organizations on campus today, our students have always taken pride in defining their own collegiate path. Their dedication to Michigan sustains the dynamic campus experience that all students come to expect. As Student Life, we constantly enhance this experience to meet the changing needs of students entering an increasingly complex world. We’re not just encouraging students to get involved on campus– we are instilling lifelong skills that will shape the rest of their lives. By supporting Student Life, you help create and sustain one of the great college experiences. You provide students with the tools they need to become graduates we admire – forever changing their outlook on the world by instilling in them the confidence of the victors valiant.

Our Work As new challenges emerge every day, our students must be prepared to innovate, take risks, and effectively lead diverse groups of people. An education needs to extend further beyond the classroom than ever before, and we provide the tools that make this learning possible: We help students make Michigan their own. With more than 40,000 students on campus, Michigan can be an intimidating place for any student. From Greek Life to Residence Halls to student organizations, we create communities that make Michigan feel more personalized and connected. We provide students with real-world learning opportunities. Students spend about 14 hours in the classroom each week. At every moment in between, Student Life is there to further student learning. We help students acquire the practical skills needed to apply their world-class education to solving worldwide problems. We challenge students to discover and pursue their passions. We introduce students to new ideas and causes, expanding their worldview and developing a strong sense of civic responsibility. With this backbone of support, students leave campus confident in their ability to lead change across the globe.


Our Vision It is not enough for Student Life to provide resources and programs to only those students who seek them out. Instead, we strive to actively engage all students in the creation of a dynamic and meaningful college experience. With your support, we will be able to provide transformational learning opportunities for every student at Michigan. We have identified five components of Student Life that all Michigan students should develop during their time on campus. By actively supporting any of these areas, you help our students acquire a balanced perspective that will serve as the foundation for their futures.

1. LEADERSHIP – You can help to establish personalized leadership education and training for every student at Michigan. 2. COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT – You can help make service learning an integral component of every student’s education. 3. HEALTH & WELLNESS – You can help us develop a comprehensive wellness initiative that engages students in all areas of student health. 4. DIVERSITY & IDENTITY – You can help create immersive, multicultural experiences for every student at Michigan, whether on campus or abroad. 5. CAREER PREPARATION – You can help provide intensive coaching and career exploration opportunities for all Michigan students.



Goal: For all students to leave Michigan with the dedication and capacity to be leaders in any field

Leadership is at the heart of the Michigan experience and is the cornerstone for our work in Student Life. To ensure that every student has access to leadership education, we are constructing a robust leadership development model that engages students throughout their entire education. This initiative calls for intensive, personalized leadership training that takes place beyond the classroom. Leadership Connection, Intercultural Leadership Seminar, and LeaderShape are all weeklong seminars offered to a select number of students throughout the year. Your support will broaden the reach of these programs, providing transformational leadership experiences to a greater number of students and student organizations on campus. As Student Life, it’s our responsibility to prepare students as leaders for life after graduation. With your generosity, they will be able to develop their personal leadership potential, gaining the confidence and practice needed to lead positive change for the rest of their lives.



Goal: For all students to make a lifelong commitment to giving back in their communities and the world

As a public institution, it is our goal to spark a strong sense of social responsibility in all of our students. Michigan is positioned to lead global social change, and we owe students the chance to fully recognize their responsibility to society. At the Ginsberg Center for Community Service and Learning, our students are making a significant impact in Southeastern Michigan. By connecting volunteers to imminent social causes, students learn firsthand the importance of intentional community engagement. In order to involve more students, we must provide a greater continuum of experiences – from one-time volunteering to long-term placements. By providing scholarships that defray costs of participation, you help ensure these opportunities for a broader and more diverse student population. Exceptional leaders have the insight to see where change is needed and the power of mind to make a difference. With your support, all Michigan students can become such leaders, choosing to incorporate social responsibility into their lifework – no matter what career they pursue.



Goal: For all students to form a strong sense of balance that promotes personal health & wellness

We are working to shift the collegiate paradigm so that all students prioritize their personal health and wellness. Through a holistic approach that connects mind, body, and spirit, we meet students where they are, always honoring their experiences and encouraging their efforts. With your partnership, we will bring health and wellness to life on campus. By supporting our programmatic efforts, you provide the necessary resources for our staff to creatively address campus health concerns – from eating disorders, to alcohol and drug abuse, to untreated mental health conditions. You also can help establish state-of-the-art Wellness Centers – conveniently located spaces in our facilities where students have greater access to both physical and psychological support. As Student Life, we must help all students develop lifelong health and wellness skills so they can fully achieve their academic and personal potential. With your help, students will learn that self-care isn’t just beneficial; rather, it is essential to establishing meaningful, long-term success at Michigan and beyond.



Goal: For all students to develop an authentic understanding and appreciation of diversity.

Students expect their time at Michigan to reflect real-world diversity of both persons and thought. For many, college is the first time they begin to consider their social identities as part of a larger, multifaceted community. With your partnership, we can increase opportunities for students to connect cross-culturally at Michigan. Through the programmatic work of our units, from the Spectrum Center to the Program on Intergroup Relations, students can openly discuss differing identities while promoting a safe campus climate. Our Student Life International Center supports Michigan students who make international learning part of their collegiate experience. Whether these are domestic students traveling abroad or international students without access to federal aid, you can help create immersive, life-changing experiences for students on a global level. At Michigan, we place high value in developing a strong sense of self and connecting interculturally with others. By leveraging the diversity already on campus, you will help us prepare students for the world that awaits them after graduation.



Goal: For all students to fuse their passions with their future careers.

With the cost of education at an all-time high, pressures have never been greater for students to secure meaningful employment after graduation. Through our Career Center, we teach students how to best share their stories with potential employers. With your support, we can provide meaningful career exploration opportunities for all students to determine their professional goals. Our Immersion Excursion program features “day-in-the-life� experiences where students engage in diverse companies and organizations. Participants learn about different work environments, network with Michigan alumni, and gain an understanding of the hiring expectations for permanent and internship opportunities. Your generosity will help grow the number of students and industries reached through this program. Students arrive on campus already exceptional scholars. To excel at Michigan and beyond, they need not only display success in the classroom, but also be able to speak to their passions, values, and capabilities. With your help, our students gain a strong sense of what matters to them most, pursuing their passions in their future careers.


Opportunities to Support When students fully embrace their time on campus, the result is life changing. They leave Michigan with clear knowledge of their passions and confidence in their abilities to pursue them. By supporting one of these giving opportunities in any area of Student Life, you can transform the life of a student by helping reimagine their Michigan experience.

STUDENT SUPPORT Student Life scholarships reduce the financial burden of a Michigan education so that students can make the most of their college experience. You can provide scholarship opportunities for students currently working within any Student Life program: with thousands of student employees, leaders, peer educators and volunteers, you can support students whose work and passion matches your own. PROGRAMMATIC SUPPORT It is our vision for all Michigan students to experience transformational learning at every stage of their college careers and in every aspect of Student Life. With your support, we will ensure that a Michigan education continues to reach far beyond the classroom by offering a vast array of adaptable, effective programming. ENDOWED DIRECTORSHIPS Our staff creates intentional learning opportunities for students outside the classroom, in addition to serving as personal mentors. By endowing our directors, you will help us recruit the leaders and best – expanding our programs and focusing our leaders around the changing demands facing Michigan’s third century. STUDENT LIFE FACILITIES To best support student needs, we must enrich our facilities with state-of-the-art technology, spaces for collaboration, and physical enhancements. With renewed facilities, we will be able to provide our students with spaces to develop as leaders, forge friendships, foster academic success, and promote healthy lifestyles. UNRESTRICTED GIVING Gifts to Student Life provide funding for immediate use where need is greatest. As support for Student Life increases, our ability to rapidly address change enhances as well. Gifts are a powerful way to regularly commit your support to Michigan students for years to come.


A Victor for Students “If you want a complete Michigan experience for our students, then you have to be committed to Student Life. We allow our students to grow into their own wisdom, truth, and sense of the world. If that is your priority for students, then please join us” – E ROYSTER HARPER, VICE PRESIDENT FOR STUDENT AFFAIRS Student Life sets the foundation for the Michigan experience and supports students at every step of their collegiate path. We are preparing students with essential life skills and an expanded worldview that shapes who they are long after they leave campus. So today, we ask you to join us on this journey. No matter how you choose to invest in Student Life, the impact will be deeply felt for generations of students to come. We are faced with the responsibility of shaping a new generation of leaders – academics, artists, and activists all poised to move the world. With your help, we will ensure that all Michigan students have access to a complete Michigan experience that extends far beyond the classroom. With your help, we will enhance their learning, challenge them to grow, and prepare them to positively impact our world. This is Student Life at Michigan – where leaders become their best.


Student Life Case Statement V10  
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