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As plans are being finalized for Beauty Under One Roof’s Annual Beauty Show. I stopped to take a look at what’s been happening in 2016, as you know this is an election year that’s taken the political process to an all-time low, black on black crime at an all-time high and the killing of minorities by police, crazy. (As a minority we all know there are 2 sets of laws, theirs & ours) So, what am I, what are we the Beauty Industry doing in the mist of the madness? Well, we have power so let’s use BUOR Live 2016 as a platform that offers attendees opportunities to be Enlighten & Empowered by focusing what We Are & what I Am equipped to do. I Am a part of the Political Process I Am Aware of Whose I Am I Am Seeking to Better Myself & Community I Am Respectful our Differences I Am Beauty Join us as we Celebrate each other through, Beauty, Fashion Shows, Barber Battles, Entertainment, Discussions, Latest Trends, Swag Bags, Retail Therapy & Pampering at BUOR Live 2016


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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past couple of years, you’ve seen that beards are a big male fashion trend started in 2014. Whether it’s a neatly groomed shadow beard, or the full grown mountain man look, beards are definitely in. Unlike many male fashion trends, the beard trend is being embraced by all age groups and cultures and is a look that even the ladies like. Bearded men have been traditionally seen as unprofessional, having bad hygiene, or a rebel. Now that beards have become so popular and are being worn by many different entertainers and athletes, society has relaxed it’s views on beards and has grown more comfortable with them. Because a beard is on your face instead of your head, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take proper care of it… it’s still hair. For the guys with long full beards, shampooing your beard, properly conditioning your face, and moisturizing your beard as you would do your hair and scalp is important in order to keep your facial hair growing healthy and minimizing breakage. With the popularity of beards increasing, the market for beard products is also on the rise. There are numerous beard creams and oils available to keep your beard looking neatly groomed, smelling fresh, shiny, and moist. If you’ve been looking to make a bold trendy new change in your appearance, try joining the Beard Gang. If you’re not so good at beard trimming and grooming, a skilled professional barber will be able to keep you looking fresh and in style. For More About Sean Bowie FB seanthebarber

Natural Health Scalp Cleansers We all want health hair, right? Well healthy hair starts with a Healthy Scalp which is something we don’t usually give much consideration. But the scalp is where the hair gets it nourishment, so for those of us who are product junkies or shampoo monthly here are something’s to think about Hair strands grows out of a hair follicle that’s imbedded into the scalp it’s just skin covered the hair, for most people anyway. Let’s go over some natural, safer, effective alternative to store-bought scalp /hair products and treatments. The following all-natural cleansing ingredients are known to clarify pores in the scalp, alleviate dryness and dandruff, and promote healthy hair growth. For the DIY-ers , these ingredients should be considered when making your homemade hair scalp cleanser and alternative shampoos. For those of us who are going to buy shampoo, the you should look for the following ingrediates to effectively and naturally cleanse the scalp. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) will gently remove any product build up while gently cleansing your hair. The acid in ACV referred to as an acidic rinse, helps to seal the cuticle (outer layer of the strand )making the strands smoother. Tea Tree Oil acts as a solvent for sebum (an oil naturally secreted from the scalp) and other dirt and oil buildups of the scalp and hair. The removal of oils allows the scalp to receive the benefits of shampoo and conditioning Consider researching formulations when creating your DIY scalp cleansers and shampoo for best results.


MAIR Remember When

MAIR….. Remember When luxury fragrance created by Mair Emenogu The idea to launch a luxury fragrance all started with my written signature. I was at work signing my signature when one of the company executives walked in. When he saw it, he said, “Mair, I can see this on a perfume bottle.” For the next three years every time I would hear my name, I would always hear perfume instead. It was a calling I could no longer shake, so one day I finally decided to dive into the world of perfumery and start creating fragrances with the mind of making women feel confident and sexy on the inside. Vision of MAIR My vision in creating this brand was to create fragrances that do not overpower, but compliment the natural aroma of women and men. I believe that the person is the centerpiece, and everything else should be the accessory. In making Remember When, I wanted to remind people that we naturally tie scents to a memory and this fragrance allows the opportunity to make each moment memorable. This scent captures my spirit of laughter and joy. When I wear Remember When, it makes me feel elegant in a way that a fancy dress cannot. I hope that this fragrance can do for women what it has done for me and embodies your sensuality and femininity as your wear it. About MAIR MAIR is a fine fragrance brand that launched in October 2015. The brand uses exclusive and rare ingredients from all over the world. Remember When, was designed and crafted in Grasse, France (the cradle of perfumery) and manufactured in the USA. Why We Are Different We look at perfume as an art not a job. Every step in the fragrance creation process was carefully mastered, weighed, mixed, and filled by hand to create the beauty of Remember When. Our main goal was to create an experience, present in the top, middle and base notes. It is truly a unique scent not matched to any other perfume on the market. Our Focus Our goal is not to just produce great fragrances. We focus on the individual and creating positive emotions for them through a combination of scents. Our Inspirations The brain’s relationship between scent and memory is very strong, we used that truth to help design the elegant packaging of Remember When. Our main inspiration came from brainwaves. Our bottle was made in Italy. The symmetric grooves around the edges were precisely measured and laser cut symbolizing a perfect memory. MAIR….. Remember When luxury fragrance a soft, fresh, citrus floral perfume handmade from the finest raw materials in France and Italy. The playful pairing of Italian bergamot and jasmine produces a sensual aroma that is warmed by hints of amber and guaiac wood giving the scent an intoxicating and romantic finish. The selection of notes in this eau de parfum were chosen by their characteristic of how it makes a woman feel and by how well it blended with Mair, the creator and owner’s two favorite notes: Jasmine and Italian bergamot.

LET’S TALK ABOUT IT... LET’S TALK ABOUT IT …with Jan Taylor, Revitalize Communities

& Sylvester Brown, Black Heritage Society BUOR: We’re here with Ms. Jan Taylor, Chief Operating Officer of “RC” REVITALIZE COMMUNITIES, an economic & social development consulting firm. Jan, tell us a little about yourself and what the existence of “RC” means to H-Town. JAN:..Years of entrepreneurial exposure & experience has equipped me to build a coalition of business persons. RC concentration is to stimulate economic diversification and ensure that social/health/nutritional wellEarker Coleman, Sylvester Brown, Jason Walsh & Jan Taylor ness is included in the revitalization and sustainability of many minority communities. BUOR: Mr. Brown as (Project Manager) of Black Heritage Society organization. Give H-Town a synopsis on the history of the Black Heritage Society organization. MR. BROWN: The Black Heritage Society organization was established in 1974 by founder & executive director Ovide Duncantell. Prior to becoming the BHS, it operated under the name of the “Central Committee for the Protection of Poor People”. Ovide Duncantell and the organization held Houston’s first MLK, Jr. Birthday parade in 1978. BHS organization moved the City of Houston to designate an area in Southeast Houston to place a statue and memorial plaza in Dr. King’s honor. The City of Houston and the Metropolitan Transit Authority paid for the entire statue and plaza (located in MacGregor Park) in order to move forward with the rail transit planning. As such, Black Heritage Society organization continues to advocate and champion social causes in behalf of the members of our Houston communities that it serves. BUOR: Now tell us how BHS plans to help ensure economic empowerment reaches the minority communities, as it relates to the upcoming Super Bowl LI. MR. BROWN: Local communities who are often responsible for bond issue that supports much needed revenue for building these large venues and sports complexes are often unfairly represented or provided opportunities to compete and participate in revenue sharing resulting from these events. As such, the BHS has successful developed an advantageous plan that insures community inclusion when it comes to these kinds of events. BUOR: Briefly tell us about BHS involvement in helping to “heal our land” bringing peace and unity to our hurting city. MR. BROWN: For 2017 upcoming MLK, Jr. Birthday Parade and Celebration, BHS organization will host a “Value of Peace in the Community” movement that will take place on Saturday, January 14th at MacGregor Park. Non-profits and community organizations, as well as corporations throughout the city are encouraged to participate and support the peace and dignity of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s LEGACY. BUOR: Now, Jan, of Revitalize Communities. Thank You for the invitation to the Showcase at Davis Street Restaurant Penthouse venue. Tell us how this venue plays a vital role in your quest for entrepreneurs, heading into Super Bowl LI. JAN: The black owned business, Davis Street Restaurant (5925 Almeda Rd) speaks the language of Revitalize Communities This event headlined the platform that Mr. Brown spoke of earlier because there are many minority owned businesses in Houston, creating an atmosphere that clearly promoted that more economic and social development is needed in Houston. BUOR: Jan, give a bit more on economics and entrepreneurs in Houston. JAN: Revitalize Communities’ immediate focus, is to reach across the cultural lines, creating empowerment and inclusion in areas of minorities in Houston. For instance, our partnership with the International Trade Center and Southern News Group, Bellaire, headed by Mr. Wea Lee sets the stage for just that. This area of the city is well known globally for its substantial international economic influence, aka “H-Town’s International Zone”.

Martin Luther King Statue At Mc Gregor Park Houston, TX.

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