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Joey Parent was born and raised in Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. He started exploring trails on an old Huffy BMX bike that his father pulled out of a dumpster when he was eight years old. While his bikes have gotten nicer and the trails he rides have gotten longer and more remote, his yearning to explore has remained the same. Currently, he directs the Outdoor Adventure Program at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA, where he hopes to inspire others to live their own adventures, on two wheels or otherwise.

Gabriel Amadeus Tiller is exploring the world one serendipitous misadventure at a time. Born in a canoe in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula; learned what good beer was in Duluth, Minnesota; and fell in love with the grandeur of Oregon ten years ago. Gabe brings good spirits, a crooked compass, and contagious optimism everywhere he goes. Co-founder of Limberlost. Contributor for Bicycle Quarterly, Outside Online, 1859, The Radavist, Northwest Sportsman, Portland Outsider, The Missouri Review, and Chicago Reader.

MARK REIMER Mark Reimer is a photographer and cyclist from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He spends his time riding around the many river trails, gravel roads, and forest routes Manitoba has to offer. With a growing interest in bikepacking, he is currently planning his next big trip, the Oregon Outback. If you see him out there, say hello! For more ride stories and photos, check out or follow along at

LOGAN WATTS In 2012, Logan and his wife Virginia liquidated most of their earthly possessions, packed the rest in storage, and made their bicycles home as they cycled from Mexico to Panama. The following year, the two refused to gather moss and pedaled from Cape Town to Tanzania via dirt roads and mountain passes. They are currently living in a van as they tackle bikepacking and mountain biking routes throughout the southeast. Visit for gear reviews, stories, and a comprehensive resource of Bikepacking Routes.


BEN WEAVER Ben Weaver is a songwriter and poet who tours by bicycle. This fall he rode from Minneapolis, MN, to New Orleans, LA, to support his current release, I Would Rather Be a Buffalo. Ben made stops along the 1,400-mile journey to perform at untraditional music venues such as farms, nature centers, bike shops, and schools. Many of Ben’s events included community stewardship. He spoke with students about music, bicycles, and the health of our rivers and our environment. Ben is now planning a musical tour of Europe by bicycle. Learn more about Ben at

Russ Roca and his partner Laura Crawford sold everything in 2009 and went on a meandering three-year bicycle trip. While traveling, they fell in love with small towns and discovered the potential economic impact cycling can have on a community. Now living in Portland, they are continuing their mission of making bicycle travel mainstream with their writing, photography, and film projects. Follow along at

KYLE THOMAS Kyle Thomas lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where he works as a designer and photographer. From growing up riding BMX, to spending time working as a bike courier, to Sunday night moped rides, Kyle loves riding anything with two wheels. Check out more of Kyle’s work at

LUCAS WINZENBURG Lucas Winzenburg is happiest while he’s out pedaling along dirt roads through unfamiliar places. He rides mountain bikes as an excuse to sleep under the stars, take photos, and eat unlimited snacks. He lives in beautiful Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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Bunyan Velo: Travels on Two Wheels, Issue No. 05  

Bunyan Velo is a collection of photographs, essays, and stories celebrating the simple pleasures of traveling by bicycle.

Bunyan Velo: Travels on Two Wheels, Issue No. 05  

Bunyan Velo is a collection of photographs, essays, and stories celebrating the simple pleasures of traveling by bicycle.