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JOHAN BJÖRKLUND Johan Björklund lives in Vänersborg, Sweden, but considers all of Dalsland his home turf. You can usually find him out on a long ride somewhere in the area. When not on a bike, he’s a librarian and a player of instruments. He’s looking to push his cycling limits even further in 2015 and always hopes to have time to take it easy enough to enjoy the views and find some adventures along the way. Find more of his photography at

ESZTER HORANYI Eszter Horanyi discovered the joy of bikes in fifth grade when she realized that if she could pedal to school, she didn’t have to take the dreaded yellow school bus. Since then, her travels on bikes have taken her to school and beyond. When it comes to bikepacking, she avoids roads as much as possible and seeks out remote trails in the high mountains and low deserts. She currently resides in Tucson, AZ, in the winter and somewhere on Earth in the summer. Follow her travels at

GLENN CHARLES Glenn Charles is a professional photographer, adventure traveler, writer, and speaker. Glenn can often be found traveling the road by bike or the water by kayak. Recipient of The Ted Simon Foundation’s Jupiter’s Traveller Award, Glenn strives to inspire others to grow in their own journey of spiritual discovery and life simplification. He has travelled more than 18,000 miles by kayak and bike over the last four years. Online at

LEAH JOHNSON Whether commuting to her graduate work at the University of Washington or exploring landscapes near and far, the bike is Leah Johnson’s preferred way to get there. Urban cycling evolved into high country, single-track, wild camping along the Pacific Crest and Continental divide – a clear trajectory toward wider tires, lower gears, and bigger skies. She loves to ride with her partner Jake, her twin sister Sarah, and the amazing community of cyclists throughout Washington and Northern California.

JOE CRUZ Joe Cruz is a professor, writer, and expedition cyclist. He teaches Philosophy and is Chair of the Cognitive Science program at Williams College, where he specializes in philosophy of mind and knowledge. He has toured and raced bikes the world over, most recently in the Andes of South America. These days his main bikepacking wheels are a Surly Pugsley and a Rob English folding 29er. Joe lives in his native New York City; his blog is Pedaling in Place,


BRETT DAVIS Brett Davis is the quintessential jack of all trades when it comes to outdoor activities. His interests vary from climbing and skiing off big mountains to kayaking and pack rafting remote rivers with cycling and canyoneering thrown in along the way. Brett believes in the simple life and thinks it’s best experienced on two wheels. He avidly pursues adventures by bike in far off locales and at home in Durango, Colorado. Follow him at


Rain, sun, snow, sleet, hail, Paul Krahn rides the windblown rural prairie gravel to and from his barn (he really does live in his barn) in Neubergthal, Manitoba, to his job teaching high school in Altona. He rides with his fellow bicycle enthusiasts, the ABES, on Thursdays. During summer it’s lycra and road and at least one multi-day gravel adventure, in fall it’s cross, and in winter it’s creek riding and a few longer excursions to prepare for Actif Epica. A day without a ride is an odd day. Occasionally he blogs his journey at

Ryan Krueger is a professional photographer from Bozeman, Montana, where the singletrack is terrible and the views are obstructed by tall, pointy rocks. When he’s not lost on a bike in the Gallatin National Forest, guessing his way back to the trailhead, he can be found pinballing down a river in the wilderness or wallowing in snow, searching for an untracked line. More at at

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Bunyan Velo: Travels on Two Wheels, Issue No. 05  

Bunyan Velo is a collection of photographs, essays, and stories celebrating the simple pleasures of traveling by bicycle.

Bunyan Velo: Travels on Two Wheels, Issue No. 05  

Bunyan Velo is a collection of photographs, essays, and stories celebrating the simple pleasures of traveling by bicycle.