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The rain for Saturday's race meeting at Braidwood came; medical emergencies tied up the town’s two ambulances so the first race, due to start at 1 pm didn’t start till 3 pm; then the track was so wet, the rest of the races were called off. The crowd remained good humoured and some shared shelter with the horses. REPORT PAGE 3

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Coalition putting a fox in charge of the chickens By John Mitchell Federal Member for Hume Angus Taylor has welcomed the announcement of the terms of reference for an independent review into the Renewable Energy Target (RET) and says he’s hoping for a significant overhaul to stop new subsidies to the renewable energy sector which are forcing up electricity prices. The RET, currently agreed to by both major parties, is to ensure that 20 per cent of energy comes from renewable sources, such as solar and wind, by 2020. Mr Taylor said, “We need to grab hold of this opportunity to reduce electricity prices, while continuing to maintain our emissions reduction target. We must also take pressure off the extreme divisions within many

communities, particularly in my electorate of Hume, caused by rapid wind farm development. “There is room in this review for significant change in the way the RET works. There is no question about that. The degree of that change will depend on the view of the experts appointed to look at the scheme and on whether they believe it’s achieving its objectives in an economically justifiable way. My view is that we can do a lot better. “The reality is that the vast majority of the RET is expected to be met by wind farms. Very little other renewable technology is being deployed. This was not the original aim of the program. This review is essentially all about wind farms,” he said. Mr Taylor welcomed the panel

appointed to conduct the review: Dick Warburton, Matthew Zema, Brian Fisher and Shirley In’t Veld. “I know two of the members of the panel and they are very capable individuals who understand the issues, and that augurs well for the outcome of the review,” Mr Taylor said.

“Putting.. climate denier Dick Warburton in charge of the Government’s review.. is like putting the fox in charge of the chickens..”

Climate Action Monaro (CAM) President Ms Jenny Goldie is less enthusiastic about the panel. “Putting manufacturing chief and climate denier Dick Warburton in charge of the Government’s review of the RET is like putting the fox in charge of the chickens. “Mr Warburton has said on

many occasions that the science on climate change was not settled and that “..there’s huge debate about whether carbon dioxide is the main cause.” “Contrary to Mr Warburton’s belief, the science is indeed settled and carbon dioxide, along with other greenhouse gases, is the main cause. “The review needs to be headed by an independent scientist, not a businessman with little understanding of climate science,” she said. “The starting point has to be an understanding that there is an urgent need to move away from fossil fuels as a source of energy if we are to stay below the so-called safe level of global warming of 2oC. Angus Taylor and Jennie Goldie “It’s not a matter simply ‘for

the market’ to determine since conventional economics takes no account of such externalities as the atmosphere. This is a clear case where government can shift the overall situation slightly and then the market can take over. “It is only a matter of maybe three years before solar has parity with coal. When that happens, Australia will be left with a lot of stranded assets, not least coal mines and coal-fired power stations. “Were the RET to be strengthened, it would give greater impetus to solar and wind power development now and there will be fewer stranded assets down the line. With Mr Warburton in charge of the review, however, this is unlikely to happen,” Ms Goldie said.




Wednesday 19 February 2014 BUNGENDORE MIRROR www.bungendoremirror.com.au Year 2014/ Week 8/ Page 2

Culvert will end nuisance floods Press Release Council work crews have recently commenced work on the construction of a new major culvert structure in Bungendore. Located under the Kings Highway near its intersection with King Street, the project aims to significantly improve the urban drainage arrangements for that part of Bungendore near Ellendon and King Streets, as well as the area immediately to its south. “Grades in Bungendore are notoriously very flat,” said Council’s Director of Works Gordon Cunningham. “This means is that it can be very hard to adequately drain parts of the urban area which can at times result in nuisance flooding.” The existing culvert located under the Kings Highway was installed many years ago and was not designed to cope with the development now occurring in its immediate area. “The new structure will be placed on a grade that better facilitates drainage and will incorporate flood control measures to mitigate the effects of backwater flooding from the downstream area of Halfway Creek,” said Mr Cunningham. Funding for the program will be sourced from a special developer contribution plan provided specifically for this purpose.

“..it can be very hard to adequately drain parts of the urban area..”

Competitive farming paper Press Release Member for Eden Monaro Dr Peter Hendy is encouraging farmers, researchers, peak bodies and associations, indeed anyone with an interest in agriculture, to participate in the development of the Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper,

C2 “The issues paper identifies the key matters the government would like input on being overseen by the Minister and will guide the development of the White Paper. for Agriculture, Barnaby Joyce. “Issues include access to “The Australian Government finance, competitiveness through wants an agriculture sector the value chain, reducing inefthat lasts, a sector that grows ficient regulation, enhancing agriand delivers a greater return to cultural exports and managing our nation. That is why we are drought for the longer term. developing this White Paper. “There are a number of ways “As the Minister stated, now you can have your say,” Dr is the time for those interested Hendy said. in agriculture to have their say In the coming months, an Agrion how Australia can build a sector that grows and delivers a culture White Paper Taskforce greater return to our nation and will visit 25 towns and regional C3 centres and the eight capital the farm gate.

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cities during the consultation on the issues paper. Those who are interested can also make an appointment to meet one-onone with the taskforce while they’re on the road. The towns and regional centres the taskforce will visit will be made available soon. To find out more visit www. agriculturalcompetitiveness. dpmc.gov.au. The issues paper is available at this website. Written submissions are also sought and these can be lodged via the website. Submissions are due by 5pm EST on 17 April 2014.


St Johns Presbyterian Church in Bungendore was built in 1875. It was dismantled to make way for the railway line and rebuilt at its present site in Butmaroo Street in 1886. It is now a private residence Union Church, Araluen (A) (U) Sun 16 Mar 2.00pm Holy Com St Andrews, Braidwood (A) Sun 23 Feb 9.00am Holy Com Wed 26 Feb 11.00am Holy Com St Andrews, Braidwood (U) Sun 23 Feb 10.00am Family St Bedes Church, Braidwood (C) Sun 23 Feb 10.00am Mass St Marys, Bungendore (C) Sun 23 Feb 8.30am Mass Wed 26 Feb 9.00 Mass St Philips, Bungendore (A) Sun 23 Feb 9.00am Holy Com St Pauls, Burra (A) Sun 23 Feb 8.00am Holy Com Sun 23 Feb 9.45am Holy Com Uniting Church, Collector (U) Sun 16 Mar 2.00pm Service St Bartholomews, Collector (C) Sun 2 Mar 8.00am Mass St Matthias, Currawang (A) Sun 30 Mar 9.00am Holy Com St Marks, Gundaroo (A) Sun 2 Mar 8.30pm Holy Com

Church denomination key Anglican (A), Catholic (C), Uniting (U)

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Gundillion Hall, Gundillion (A) Sun 16 Mar 11.30am Holy Com St Marks, Hoskinstown (A) Sun 2 Mar 9.00am Family St Peter & Pauls, H'town (C) Sun 2 Mar 10.30am Mass St Andrews, Jerangle (A) Sun 23 Feb 10.15am Holy Com St Patricks, Jerangle (C) Sun 2 Mar 8.00am Mass St Stephens, Majors Creek (A) Sun 2 Mar 11.00am Holy Com Church Hall, Nerriga (A) Sun 2 Mar 2.30pm Service St Peters, Sutton (A) Sun 23 Feb 9.00am Holy Com St Andrews, Tarago (A) Wed 9 Mar 9.00am Holy Com St Josephs, Tarago (C) Sun 16 Mar 8.00am Mass St Andrews, Wamboin (A) Sun 2 Mar 9.00am Holy Com St Bartholomews, Windel'ma (A) Sun 23 Feb 11.15am Holy Com

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Wednesday 19 February 2014 BUNGENDORE MIRROR www.bungendoremirror.com.au Year 2014/ Week 8/ Page 3

Totally Locally Produce Swap

Palerang staff brought up to speed on drones

“..were treated to a viewing of the technology in action..” By John Mitchell The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) visited Bungendore recently to test unmanned aerial systems (UAS), more popularly known as ‘drones,' and while they were there briefed some Palerang Council staff members on their use. Bungendore resident Alexander Hayes, who has a keen interest in UAS, noticed the trailer set up in the carpark adjacent to the Preschool at the junction of Majara Street and Turallo Crescent, on his way across the Turallo Reserve 'off leash' area. He approached the vehicle and was pleasantly greeted by two CASA representatives. Palerang Council staff members also noticed the vehicle and were were treated to a viewing of the technology in action, from a safe distance, using onboard video systems wirelessly transmitted to the base station on the ground. They were later briefed on the rules and regulations regarding

the use of drones in domestic and commercial airspace. Alexander Hayes has recently returned from convening a symposium at Ryerson University, in Toronto, Canada where the public were invited to attend an open forum event with guest speakers focussed on the use of UAS in domestic and commercial airspace. Early this month he also attended a symposium at Flinders University, Adelaide, where the focus of discussion was the implications of unmanned aerial systems for police and other regulatory bodies, including CASA, across Australia. Hayes is also a co-Administrator of the Drones For Good online community that can be accessed at http://goo.gl/ KB0ZbF More information on the differences between unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and model aircraft can be found at http://www.casa. gov.au/wcmswr/_assets/ main/lib100071/uas.pdf

e You can rely on For Service and Advic

By Jennie Curtis For just an hour the footpath outside Wild Rose Organics transformed last Sunday into an excited, happy group of people swapping their surplus home produce and stories. A Totally Locally Bungendore Home Produce Swap is where you meet your neighbours, acquaintances and total strangers, work out what home produce you would like to swap and somehow get the impression that you take home more than you came with. First time produce swapper Penny Kothe was excited with her first Totally Locally Bungendore Food Swap. “I took in some squash, zucchini and thyme and came back with sourdough starter, tansy, borage, beetroot, parsnip, blackberry jam, strawberry runners and more.” The next swap is on Sunday 2 March at 10am outside Wild Rose Organics. Information about this and future swaps is posted on the Totally Locally Bungendore Facebook page and the Totally Locally Bungendore village calendar at www. totallylocallybungendore.com/ “..somehow get the impression that you take home more than you came with.” calendar Races came rain, hail or shine’ P1 All those prayers for rain paid off over the weekend, but it put a dampener on the annual Braidwood Race meeting, held on Saturday. Despite the wet conditions a crowd of over 1000 braved the drizzle in a display of great ‘rain, hail or shine’ commitment to a unique local event. The 1pm start of the races was delayed because the ambulance allocated to the event was called away to an accident on the Clyde Mountain. And, when a replacement ambulance arrived, it was

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track and poor visibility that resulted from too much rain. Luckily the muddy conditions proved no obstacle for punters with poor visibility as the result of too much moisture at the bar. Not letting rain dampen their spirits, revellers headed on into town to see the night out at local watering holes. By Kate Mitchell

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C2 The Fashions on the Field had strong competition. Clayton Webb from Goulburn won the Junior Men’s fashions and Samantha Davis won the Junior Girls. Jack McGlone and Cody Leigh Hirst won Best Dressed Couple and Pat Martin won the Men’s Fashion. Rebecca Lavaki from Sydney was the Best Dressed Young Lady (18-30), Gabrielle Kain the Best Dressed Lady and Tamara Dachs from Canberra won Best Hat. Unfortunately the races were cancelled soon after the first race because the jockeys were concerned with the muddy

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quickly commandeered to take away punter who had suffered a stroke. The first race was finally set to start at 3pm but the long wait proved too much for the horses and three broke out of the starting barriers, just as a group of large kangaroos crossed the racecourse. The first and only race of the day had a good representation of local mounts and trainers including Little Bombay (Aaron Clarke) and Morning Prayers (Rudi Stachow) with Warri (Neale Lavis) running a convincC3 ing first place.


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Wednesday 19 February 2014 BUNGENDORE MIRROR www.bungendoremirror.com.au Year 2014/ Week 8/ Page 4

REPORT FROM BUNGENDORE CHAMBER The Chamber conducted its first General Meeting for 2014 on Monday 3 February. These meetings are now being conducted monthly until December.

the community during 2014; and include a Calendar of Events. Members and guests are invited to visit the site and to provide thoughts and suggestions by way of the 'Feedback' tab, accessible on the Home Page. BCCI has asked speakers to showcase items of interest to Members. DAVID MACLAREN TALK This month we heard from David MacLaren who provided us with valuable data collected from his customers at the Woodworks Gallery over recent years. David highlighted that marketing for his business was not from highly expensive sources such as media advertising, but from return visits, word of mouth and drive-by visitors who were captivated by the building. Valuable lessons were discussed P5

“The site will be continuously updated [with new] material..”

CHRISTMAS FESTIVAL The Christmas Festival is now fully planned and documented with a finalisation report compiled by the Event Manager, Cecelia Klein. As a result it will be easier to forecast and manage for years to come. WEBSITE UPGRADE RELEASE The BCCI's upgraded website (www.bungendore.com.au) features beautiful photographs of the lake, sweeping landscapes, the station and heritage buildings created by Paul Kowalski. The site will be continuously updated with material in support of businesses and


Extra night for Café WW

SEGRA COMMUNIQUE SEGRA is a community of practitioners, government, business, researchers, regional development organisations, not for profit groups and regional communities whose objectvie is to create an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable regional Australia. The 2013 SEGRA Communique provides a summary of key issues arising out of the SEGRA 2013 Conference that was held in Coffs Harbour in October. SEGRA 2014 will be held in Alice Springs, from 8-10 October 2014. If you would like to pass on ideas for topics of speakers, contact Kate Charters on 07 3210 0021 or email kate@segra.com.au.

RDA GRANTS SUPPORT RDA Southern Inland has developed Grants Support, a One-Stop-Shop for information about grants and other forms of support available to businesses, community groups and individuals within our region. Grants and other support currently available are: •Industrial Transformation Reseach Hubs - Expressions of interest close 26/2/14 •Export Market Development Grants - Applications close 28/2/14 •Local Sporting Champions Program - Applications close 28/2/14 •The Australian Disability and Indigenous Peoples Education Fund - Applications close 31/3/14 •Connecting Up's IT Donation and Discount Program - ongoing Be sure to check the RDA Bungendore’s Café WoodWorks is now open for dinner on Thursday Southern Inland website regunights, as well as Friday and Saturday nights from 6.00pm larly for updates.

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One hundred children and teachers from three Beijing schools recently visited Sutton Public School for an annual cultural exchange. They were in Australia to perform at the Canberra Multicultural Festival Monday 24 February Wonderful Women of Wamboin 10.00am at St Andrew’s Church, cnr Poppet and Norton Roads, Wamboin. Contact 0416 097 500

Tuesday 25 February Bungendore Rotary Club 6.30 for 7.00pm at the CWA Rooms, Gibraltar Street, Bungendore. Contact 6238 1925

Monday 24 February Bungendore CWA Craft and Chat at the CWA Rooms, Gibraltar Street, B'dore. Contact 6238 1679

Wednesday 26 February Bungendore Bridge Club 7.00pm at the Bungendore Community Centre, Majara St, Bungendore. Contact 6236 9136

Tuesday 25 February Bungendore CWA Mahjong at the CWA Rooms, Gibraltar Street, B'dore. Contact 6238 1679

Wednesday 26 February Bungendore Quilters 7.00pm Sew and Chat at the Bungendore School of Arts. Contact 6238 1679

Tuesday 25 February Bungendore Senior Citizens 10.00am at the Bungendore Community Centre, Majara St, Bungendore. Contact 6238 1965

Monday 3 March B'dore Evening VIEW Club 6.00pm for 6.30pm at the Royal Hotel, 34 Gibraltar Street, Bungendore.

The Mirror welcomes details of groups and society events happening within its distribution area.

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Wednesday 19 February 2014 BUNGENDORE MIRROR www.bungendoremirror.com.au Year 2014/ Week 8/ Page 5


Recycling Station to be Relocated Press Release With a view to improving the operation of the Ballalaba Bridge recycling station Council will be moving the facility from its current site adjacent to the Shoalhaven River, south along Cooma Road to the area of widened road reserve approximately 80m south of the RFS Fire Shed. Council’s Director of Works, Gordon Cunningham said that the

Marketgoers and stallholders enjoyed the warm weather and the opportunity to browse and shop outside at the markets@ bungendore last weekend Saturday 22 February Braidwood Markets From 8.00am in Ryrie Park, Wallace Street, Braidwood. Contact 4847 5061

Sunday 16 March Windellama Markets From 9.00am to 1.00pm at the Windellama Hall. Contact 4844 5001

Saturday 1 March Captains Flat Markets 10.00am at the Captains Flat Community Hall, Foxlow Street, Captains Flat. Contact 6236 6070

Saturday 22 March Braidwood Markets From 8.00am in Ryrie Park, Wallace Street, Braidwood. Contact 4847 5061

Saturday 15 March Wamboin Produce Markets 9.00am at the Community Hall, Bingley Way, Wamboin. Contact 6238 3258

Saturday 29 March Dalton School Spring Fair 10am-2pm at the Dalton School, Jobson Street, Dalton. Contact 4845 6396

Sunday 16 March the market@bungendore 9.00am at the Memorial Hall, Molonglo Street, Bungendore. Contact 6238 3591

Saturday 5 April Captains Flat Markets 10.00am at the Captains Flat Community Hall, Foxlow Street, Captains Flat. Contact 6236 6070 The Mirror welcomes details of community events happening within its distribution area.


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“..has suffered from misuse on occasions with some irresponsible persons dumping putrescible and general waste items near the bins.”

facility has suffered from misuse on occasions with some irresponsible persons dumping putrescible and general waste items near the recycling bins. As well as offering safer turning and parking for vehicles visiting the site, the new location will also provide better control of its use with the assistance of a surveillance camera that will be installed. Council appreciates that most residents are keen to recycle and they use the facility in the proper manner. It will therefore persevere with the recycling service at the new site and will be stepping up monitoring to find and prosecute the few who currently misuse the facility and spoil it for everyone else. Any assistance that the public can give in identifying these people will be greatly appreciated. The new facility will be in place Recent misuse of the Ballalaba Bridge Recycling Station by the end of February 2014.

Class awards at Collector B'wood Show beer judging

Collector Public School students Connor Kruger and Noah Hill (K-2) and Nadia Zeller and Krystal Bridgford (3-6CK) received class awards at a recent assembly

By Matthew Hulse, Beer and Wine Section Steward The Braidwood Show Annual Beer and Wine Judging will be held on Thursday 27 February in the room above the kitchen at the Braidwood Hotel. Arrive at about 6pm. Meals will be available from the kitchen. For those not familiar with the procedure, this is an open judging event, where entrants are invited to witness and be involved

in the judging process. Our judge is Colin Marshall from Brew your Own at Home, Kambah. The results will be available on the night and will be displayed at the Braidwood Show which will be held on Saturday 1 March. If you have any questions please contact me on 0438 648 468. I'm looking forward to seeing old and new friends for a pleasant evening.

Report from B'dore Chamber P4 by the meeting. 'A BEAUTIFUL NOISE' The next event to be sponsored by BCCI will be the local bands event 'A Beautiful Noise' as part of the Weereewa Festival on Sunday 16 March from 1-7pm at the 'Bandstand' in Ellendon Street.

NEXT MEETING The next General Meeting will be convened on 3 March at the newest restaurant in town, La Porta Accanto, Gibraltar Street at 6.30pm. The guest speaker will be Jenny Curtis, showcasing the 'Totally Local' initiative. By Murray Gough

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Wednesday 19 February 2014 BUNGENDORE MIRROR www.bungendoremirror.com.au Year 2014/ Week 8/ Page 6

MAYOR'S REPORT TO MEETING Mayor Pete Harrison's report on his Council activities to the ordinary meeting of Palerang Council held on Thursday 7 February 2014 B'WOOD FARMERS MARKET Saturday 7 December/ Attended the formal opening of he Braidwood Farmers’ Market in Braidwood. This is an initiative of a group of dedicated locals to improve access to local produce. I am aware of a few such activities within the shire, and they are creating quite a bit of interest. DARGES REEF CONSULTATION Wednesday 11 December/ Attended the Dargues Reef Community Consultative Committee meeting at the mine site at Majors Creek. As people will probably be aware, in the face of falling gold prices, and difficulties finalising the ore processing agreement, mine operations have been suspended. A skeleton staff has been retained, with a view to reviewing the situation in 4-6 months. This does have the potential to impact on some partnership programs, like the Braidwood Recreation Ground redevelopment, but Council is working through these issues with the mine operator. CAPITAL REGIONAL LIVING Thursday 12 December/ Attended the Launch of the Capital Region Living website (www.capitalregionliving.com. au) in Canberra. This is a SEROC initiative, to promote the benefits of living, working

and establishing business in the South East Region, with specific information about living and working in the cities, towns and villages in the area. BUNGENDORE PARK Thursday 17 December/ Attended the Bungendore Park (Mick Sherd Oval complex) community consultation session at the Council Chamber. For anyone who missed that, and is interested, the plans are currently on display outside in the foyer of the Bungendore office. QUEANBEYAN AGE Thursday 9 January/ Interview with The Queanbeyan Age on the subject of the recently released report from the “While the Federation Flag proved popular and was widely Independent Local Government used on the east coast of Australia for over 70 years, it was Review Panel. While the buzz appears to focus on the prospect never officially adopted.” of amalgamation, the real issue is sustainable local government. C2 opment of the proposed At one stage, Palerang and effort of council staff members Queanbeyan were both seen as Joint Organisations of councils, and the community groups, only marginally, financially viable, which are somewhat like the Bungendore Rotary, the Captains and there was a sense that that current Regional Organisations Flat Community Association and of Councils (ROCs). The intention the Braidwood RSL, who helped situation might be improved through a merger. More recently, is that JOs will provide a broad to organise the day’s events. COMMUNITY SAFETY PRECINCT however, it has been recognised base for cooperation between councils and for the development Wednesday 5 February/ that the financial circumstances of resource sharing opportunities. Attended the Community Safety of both councils has improved, Precinct Committee meeting and there is thus less pressure to AUSTRALIA DAY consider amalgamation. The final SUNDAY 26 January/ Took part in Queanbeyan. It’s been a relatively quite 3 months, which report suggests that the situation in our Australia Day celebrations at Bungendore, Captains is good news. There has been be reviewed in 2017, with the Flat and Braidwood. There is an an increased Highway Patrol expectation that a clearer trend item later in the Business Paper presence during this period, in the viability of the two entities would be evident by then. acknowledging those citizens and while some people may In the mean time, it is more who were recognised on the not have been happy with this, likely that reform will focus, day for their contributions to there have been no fatalities amongst other things, on the our community, and I would on the our section of the Kings implementation and devel- C3 again like to acknowledge the Highway during this period.


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Unwilling to tackle climate The Prime Minister is planning to help drought-stricken farmers by abolishing the carbon price. I suggest that would have a pretty minor impact on the average farmer’s bottom line - the carbon price does not even cover agriculture. Abolishing a market mechanism designed to reduce emissions will however send a message to the world that Australia is not willing to tackle this problem. And this makes a global treaty much less likely. The legacy for Australian farmers will be a hotter, dustier continent. I suggest a better vision for rural Australia has two parts. First provide some global leadership to tackle the root cause

of the warming because Australian farmers lose in a warmer climate. Second our Government should focus on helping our farmers reap the benefits of a carbon-constrained world. There a many opportunities for farmers where it costs something to pollute the atmosphere and the right to do so can be traded-for example farmers can sell offsets by hosting trees, lease land for renewable plant, or compete with other nations by growing lower carbon food for local consumption and for export to the 300 million people just to our North. Luke Osborne. Hoskinstown Road, Hoskinstown

Jupiter communities divided Communities affected by the proposed Jupiter Wind Farm are already divided. The land holders who have signed up to host turbines are the potential winners, at $10,000 to $15,000 per turbine, per year. Their neighbours are the losers. Potentially losing their lifestyle, their homes, and the lifetime investment that is the value of their land. Their peace of mind is already a thing of the past. The veil of secrecy surrounding EPYC's activities does not help the situation. Their map of

the proposed wind farm is not accurate, and includes properties that have not signed up, and who have not indicated to EPYC any intention of doing so. Rumours spread, unrest grows, as does anger. EPYC stand to be given government subsidies of $500,000 per year, per turbine. This is taxpayer’s money. Our money! Their processes should be transparent and accountable. Perhaps they have something to hide. Sharn Ogden Mulloon Road, Mulloon

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& Opinion


Benefit only to developers Robert Knight ('E4 zoning a no brainer' Mirror 12.2.2014) takes issue with my previous letter ('Maps show something else' Mirror 5.2.2014)) where I indicated that the Yass Valley Shire has restricted R5 zoning (Large Lot Residential) to the areas immediately adjacent to existing towns and villages where future developments for residential infrastructure could be encouraged and expected. Specifically he refered to two Yass Valley zoning maps, LNZ_005 and LNZ_001E and states that “Neither of these areas could in any way be considered as being adjacent to a town or village.” He needs to look at these two maps more closely. In the case of map LNZ005 the pink area marked R5 adjacent to the Federal Highway is clearly part of the Sutton village and its surrounds towards the Federal highway and service centres, while the corresponding area of LNZ_001E is adjacent to the Hume highway and associated with the region designated as IN1 (General Industrial) and SP2, (Infrastructure). Lobbyists and urgers for the R5 zoning of WamboinBywong (eg the leave us Alone Palerang campaign) have repeatedly used their interpretations of the R5 land use zoning adopted by Yass Valley Shire around villages and urban centres as an example to push for R5 zoning of the Wamboin–Bywong area by Palerang Council. However, they have been very selective and less than truthful in presenting their overall case, and this is clear from the many letters to the Mirror over the past year. Their failure to properly explain to their audience that the Yass shire (quite appropriately) uses R5 only close to developed towns

and villages is an excellent example of this selectivity. They have mounted a scare campaign claiming that the Palerang Council’s proposed E4 (Environmental Living) zone for Bywong-Wamboin will involve draconian restrictions on residents for accepted and everyday usage of their properties. They have also ignored or dismissed the precedent set by Queanbeyan Council which has zoned areas of similar developmental status and general character to WamboinBywong as E4. Finally they have failed to point out to residents that the primary purpose of R5 (as stipulated by the NSW Department of Planning) is “To ensure that large residential lots do not hinder the proper and orderly development of urban areas in the future.” There are very substantial differences between the urbanized regions of Yass shire and the existing character and development status of Bywong-Wamboin. For the R5 push to seriously suggest that all-or significant areas-of the Wamboin-Bywong area of Palerang should be zoned R5 rather than E4 (Environmental Living) on the basis of the land use zonings adopted by Yass Valley Council close to their village and urban centres, has been done as a complete misrepresentation of the planning and zoning intent adopted by Yass council. An R5 zoning of BywongWamboin would be an inappropriate imposition, and of benefit only to developers. While individual supporters of the R5 push maybe quite sincere in their views, the fact is that R5 is an agenda that would result in developments quite at odds with the existing rural- residential character of the area. Bob Angel, The Mountain Road, Bungendore

Wednesday 19 February 2014 BUNGENDORE MIRROR www.bungendoremirror.com.au Year 2014/ Week 8/ Page 7

Mystery flag is identified The flag shown in the photo accompanying Tony Shepherd's letter 'The proper national flag?', Mirror 29.01.2014, is the Australian Federation Flag, also known as the New South Wales Ensign, was the result of an attempt in the 1830s to create a national flag for Australia, which was divided at the time into several British colonies. 
Wikipaedia says, “Captain Jacob Gronow, Harbour Master of Port Jackson (Sydney), proposed the flag in 1831 in The NSW Calendar and Post Office Gazette; Gronow also designed the flag, which was based on the Colonial Flag of 1823. Like the Colonial Flag, the “..the pink area marked R5 adjacent to the Federal Highway Federation Flag features a is clearly part of the Sutton village and its surrounds towards combination of the Union Flag the Federal Highway..” and the Southern Cross, but the cross is blue, not red, and there are five stars, not four. C2 200 interested parties with enormous turbines impact- The flag's appearance varied greatly depending on where it at Tarago, which we both ing on our community and our was made: different manuattended, was: views to the coast, with the facturers produced Federation “When I came to Mount Fairy, inherent risk of the value of Flags with darker or lighter the property was rated as our properties (escape from rural. Later it was rated, obvisuburbia to a different lifestyle) shades of blue for the cross ously for the council’s financial being diminished.“May I suggest background; using five-pointed stars instead of eight; or posiinterests, as rural residential. It that, if the Jupiter Windfarm is tioning the stars in different remains as rural residential, approved, then I shall consider places. at the moment! We have the that I am no longer in a rural “The Eureka Flag, flown by electricity pylons; we have the residential area, but that I shall Capital Windfarm to the west; be in the middle of an industrial rebels at the Eureka Stockade we now have a solar farm just area. Hence, if I am surrounded in 1854, was reportedly influenced by designs such as the over a kilometre away (maybe by industry as in Hume, Federation flag. this is a better way to go); Fyshwick and Mitchell, I might “While the Federation Flag we have the bio-reactor in our consider asking the local council proved popular and was vicinity at Woodlawn Mine; to give me licence to open up widely used on the East Coast we have a composting facility my property as a bordello!!!” of Australia for over 70 years, in the region. Now there is a Brenda Reynell, Mount Fairy it was never officially adopted. proposal for a huge Windfarm Road, Mount Fairy

It was especially popular among proponents of Australian Federation and was also used as an unofficial ensign by the merchant marine. In 1884 Lord Derby of the Colonial Office banned the use of the Flag at sea, possibly because of its similarity to the White Ensign. “In the 1880s and early 1890s it was used as a symbol of the political movement towards Federation, with groups like the Australian Natives' Association and the Australian Federation League using it to promote national consciousness of their push for Federation, under the slogan 'One People, One Destiny, One Flag.' “The flag was a favourite of Australia's first Prime Minister, Sir Edmund Barton, who asked that a variant be considered for approval along with the competition-winning Blue Ensign.[2] The Colonial Office rejected the Federation Flag, issuing Barton a mild rebuke. [3] The Australian government received approval to fly the Blue Ensign in 1903, but the Australian Federation Flag was still being flown by Australian citizens as late as the 1920s. “It is still used in Sydney Central Railway Station main hall.” Maurice Cowan, Stoney Creek Road, Krawarree

What I should have said One of the reasons my late husband, John, and I came to live in Mount Fairy Road, nearly 19 years ago, was to not have other people’s rooftops all around us. From the high point of this property to the East, I can see Pigeon House in Moreton National Park, before it drops down to the coast at Jervis Bay.From my kitchen window, I have a southerly view across paddocks and bush to the hills south of the Kings Highway east of Bungendore. To the west, across the Bungendore/Tarago Road, I see now a few wind turbines, the nearest being 4km away and no problem. To the north the far view is hidden by another hill, but still a distance view. When we came here, there was a slight concern with the electricity pylons marching

across the landscape and the easement over our acreage, but, being in our fifties and having no children living here, we chose to go with that for all the other best reasons. Before John died in 2007, the Capital Windfarm was proposed but not yet implemented. Neither of us objected to ‘Green’ energy, but were supportive of our neighbours whose lives might be, and have been, impacted by the proximity of the turbines. I understand how the 67 turbines around Lake George impact on the vision, particularly, for those living on the escarpment above Bungendore and Lake George. Personally, I find the view of the few turbines I see on my western horizon not unattractive. I have been lucky to have been married again in my Third Age; both Peter and I just love living on our property the way it is and enjoy what it offers. What I should like to have said to the Sunday afterC3 noon meeting of over



& Food

Wednesday 19 February 2014 BUNGENDORE MIRROR www.bungendoremirror.com.au Year 2014/ Week 8/ Page 8

Bungendore Show Results [3]

Young riders waiting to be called for their event Results of the Horse Section of the Bungendore Show Tahiti Champion Ridden Hack Jimmy Choo, ridden by Indiya Povey H.G. Smith Memorial Pleasure Hack Limerick XL, ridden by Michelle Balaz Champion Ridden Galloway MP Royal Flush, ridden by T. Benton Hall Champion Ridden Pony Hack Willowcraft Miss Saigon, ridden by Hunter Taylor Champion Show Hunter Pony Bamborough Jabiluka, exhibited by Hocking Family Champion Show Hunter Galloway Paulgreen Park Phoenix, exhib-

ited by J.Waite Champion Show Hunter Horse Axon Magic, exhibited by A.Levin Supreme Show Hunter Horse of Show Paulgreen Park Phoenix, exhibited by J.Waite Champion Led Trakenher Son Et Lumiere, exhibited by Nynka Lucas Champion Ridden Trakenher Aspenview Aladdin, exhibited by Aspenview Supreme Trakenher Exhibit Aspenview Aladdin, exhibited by Aspenview Supreme Champion Led Purebred Arabian Exhibit

Ohf Oh La La, exhibited by A. & R. Hudson Champion Ridden Purebred Arabian Agent Provocateur, ridden by Maddy Smith Supreme Champion Led Arabian Derivative Exhibit Warrawee Bellageeo, exhibited by L.Lyon Champion Ridden Arabian Derivative Rathowen Redyard, ridden by L. Olsen Champion Local Rider U 11 Yrs Brook Ellis riding Whisper Champion Girl Rider U 11 Yrs Jamie Jordan riding Mindaiire Mystro Champion Boy Rider U 11 Yrs Tom Ellis riding Laddie Champion Local Rider 11 & U 17 Yrs Genie Stuart riding Eddie Champion Girl Rider 11 & U 17 Yrs Jessica O’Sullivan riding Jasper Champion Boy Rider 11 & U 17 Yrs Hunter Taylor riding Poppy John Harrison Memorial Supreme Champion Rider U 17 Years Jessica O’Sullivan riding Jasper Champion Lady Rider L. Polkinghorne riding Monopolise Champion Gentleman Rider Ryan Carbine riding Anarchy Supreme Champion Adult Rider L. Polkinghorne riding Monopolise Supreme Champion Clydesdale Arunga Wisconsin exhibited by R. & J. Pierce Supreme Champion Shire Southern Cross Caledonian Dragon exhibited by S.L.Weir Champion Heavy Horse (any other Breed) Diablo exhibited by Darrel Bossley Champion Ridden Shetland Redacres Mambo ridden by Charlotte Fouracre Telephone/ Facsimile/ Email T (02) 6238 8111/ 1300 735 025 F (02) 6238 1290 E records@palerang.nsw.gov.au

Champion Ridden Australian Saddle Pony Saravale Focussed ridden by M.Haber Supreme Led Welsh Pony Exhibit Cwycaren Tywysog Du exhibited by Dale Turgeon Supreme Led Pony Exhibit (Rings 6 & 7) Solten Park Shilo exhibited by Michelle Davis Supreme Andalusian Exhibit BHM Silver Jaguar exhibited by Black Horse Manor Champion Led Paint Kingston Park Badboy Billy exhibited by Ellen Winters Champion Led Pinto Colour by Numbers exhibited by Steph Debaecker Champion Ridden Paint/Pinto Colour by Numbers exhibited by Steph Debaecker Champion Led Palomino Amaranda Storm exhibited by Cleary Champion Led Buckskin Swan Reach Gold Charm exhib- Ann Elder won the Most Successful Exhibitor Award for her entries in the Preserves Section at the 2014 Bungendore ited by S.M.Frew Champion Ridden Palomino/ Show Buckskin/Roan Saturday 1 March Saturday 5 April Fernbrook Dee Light ridden by Geary’s Gap/Wamboin Landcare Geary’s Gap/Wamboin Landcare D.Robertson 9.00am propagation 9.00am propagation Champion Led Standardbred Where’s Wally exhibited by Phil Leahy session. session. Champion Ridden Standardbred Contact 6236 9158 Contact 6236 9158 Kenny Run ridden by Monday 17 March Tuesday 8 April L.Livingston Sutton Landcare Group Champion Pony Club Rider U 11 yrs Taylors Creek Landcare 7.30pm monthly meeting at 7.30pm at the Sutton School. Kayla Hogg riding Blue Champion Pony Club Mount ‘Nardoo’, 322 Taylors Creek Contact David Vincent Dolphin, ridden by Estelle Wenn Road. Contact 4844 6250 on 6230 3584 Champion Pony Club Rider 11 Monday 24 March Monday 21 April years and Under 17 years Burra Landcare Group Taylors Creek Landcare Sarah Olsen riding Denali Champion Pony Club Rider Assoc 7.15 for 7.30pm at the Burra 7.30pm monthly meeting at Phoebe Jenkins riding Hall. Membership open to all ‘Nardoo’, 322 Taylors Creek C5 residents. Contact 6236 3371 September Quarter Road. Contact 4844 6250 Office/ Postal addresses 10 Majara Street, Bungendore 2621 144 Wallace Street, Braidwood 2622 PO Box 348, Bungendore 2621

DEVELOPMENT APPLICATIONS PUBLIC NOTICE The following development applications have been received by Palerang Council from 20 January. to 14 February 2014

Application No. Description Received Property Address DA.2014.016 Change of Use - Alterations & Additions 20/01/2014 2 Gibraltar Street/ BUNGENDORE DA.2014.017 Dwelling 20/01/2014 245 Tomboye Road TOMBOYE DA.2014.018 Two Lot Subdivision 22/01/2014 1183 Bungendore Road/ BYWONG DA.2014.019 Continued Use of Kitchen/Change of Use to Food Premises 24/01/2014 42 Ellendon St./ BUNGENDORE DA.2014.020 Tree Removal 30/01/2014 98 Wyoming Road/ BYWONG DA.2014.021 Dwelling 05/02/2014 26 Simms Drive BUNGENDORE DA.2014.022 30 000 Litre Tank 05/02/2014 6 John Dwyer Crescent/ BUNGENDORE DA.2014.023 Change of Use to B&B 07/02/2014 2 Clyde Street/ MONGARLOWE DA.2014.024 Two Lot Subdivision 07/02/2014 1986 Sutton Road/ SUTTON DA.2014.025 Change of Use (Shed to Dwelling) & Garage 07/02/2014 612 Bombay Road/ BRAIDWOOD DA.2014.026 Removal of Trees 07/02/2014 222 The Forest Road/ BYWONG DA.2014.027 Shed, Water Tanks & OSMS 10/02/2014 108 Jones Road/ MANAR DA.2014.028 5 Lot Subdivision 10/02/2014 Nerriga Road/ DURRAN DURRA DA.2014.029 Alterations & Additions to Existing Dwelling 12/02/2014 1938 Collector Road/ CURRAWANG DA.2014.030 Tree Removal 12/02/2014 73 Monkittee Street/ BRAIDWOOD DA.2014.031 Alterations & Additions to Existing Dwelling 13/02/2014 79 Millynn Road/ BYWONG DA.2014.032 Tree Removal 13/02/2014 82 Butmaroo Street/ BUNGENDORE DA.2014.033 Two Lot Subdivision 14/02/2014 244 Weeroona Drive/ WAMBOIN DA.2014.034 Continued Use of Above Ground Swimming Pool 14/02/2014 436 Weeroona Drive/ WAMBOIN

A Proposal for the Implementation of a 40km/hr High Pedestrian Activity Zone for Bungendore CBD At its meeting of 6 February, Council resolved to seek public comment on a proposal to implement a 40km/hr High Pedestrian Activity Area (HPAA) for a number of sections of the Bungendore CBD. A joint initiative of both Council and NSW RMS, the proposal would include both signage and street scaping in accordance with current RMS and Transport for NSW guidelines. Details of the areas proposed for treatment and the system more generally may be obtained from Council’s website at www.palerang.nsw.gov.au or by visiting either its Bungendore or Braidwood offices. Comments on the proposal will be received until the close of business on Monday, 17 March 2014. Peter Bascomb General Manager


10 Majara Street (PO BOX 348) BUNGENDORE NSW 2621

EXTRAORDINARY MEETING BUNGENDORE MULTI-PURPOSE SCHOOL HALL Council will hold an Extraordinary meeting in the Bungendore Multi-purpose School Hall, located in the school grounds on Gibraltar Street, on Thursday, 27 February 2014 starting at 5.00 pm Items of business on the agenda for the meeting are as follows: 1. Opening 2. Apologies 3. Disclosures of Pecuniary or Conflict of Interest 4. Items for Determination 4.1. Draft Palerang Local Environmental Plan 2013 5. Closure

The Mirror welcomes details of land related events held within its distribution area. C4 Supreme Pony Club Rider Sarah Olsen riding Denali Champion Led Junior Australian Stock Horse Camelot Justice Star, Camelot Stockhorse Stud Champion Led Senior Australian Stock Horse Stellar Park Rock Star, Hardrock Stock Horses Supreme Led Australian Stock Horse Exhibit Camelot Justice Star, Camelot Stockhorse Stud Champion ASH Rider U 13 yrs Brielle Powell riding Runaroo Tom Cat Champion ASH Station Hack Pemberton Major Contender ridden by Georgia Hope Champion ASH Hack Ozi Ozi Ozi Bodacious Luke exhibited by Camelot Stockhorse Stud Champion ASH Working Horse Asar Glitter exhibited by Asar Stock Horses Supreme Ridden Australian Stock Horse Pemberton Major Contender ridden by Georgia Hope Champion Non-Hackney Pony Riverlodge Vanity Star, Barlow Family Champion Hackney Pony Dunally Nickoli, Barlow Family Champion Non-Hackney Horse Canberra Park, Keir Family Supreme Champion Horse or Pony in Harness Dunally Nickoli, Barlow Family Champ Pleasure Horse or Pony Redacres Pamela, Biggar & McCormack

Champion Delivery Horse Canberra Park Stepalong Crown St George, Keir Family Gentleman Driver 18 yrs and over Shane Keir Lady Driver 18 Years and over Michelle Suthern Champion Driver Shane Keir 8 years & Under Bending Sidney Keir riding Boo 9 & U13 years Bending Archie McGrath riding Holly 13 & U17 Years Bending Chloe Blackwell riding Bella Open Bending Champion Jess Pearce Riding Star 8 years & under Flag Olivia Erland riding Mickey 9 & U13 years Flag Georgia Smith riding Codey 13 & U17years Bill Lilley Flag Tahlia Smith riding Elle Cliff Sillis Open Flag Paul Keir riding Danielle 8 years & Under Barrell William Layard riding Fyn 9 & U13 years Barrell Georgia Smith riding Codey 13 & U17 years Barrell Rhys Smith riding Abba Open Barrell Keeley Gamble riding Maverick 8 yrs & under Western Bending Tom Rudd riding Aladdin 9 & U13 years Western Bending Lauren Woodward riding On Time 13 & U17 years Western Bending Chloe Blackwell riding Bella Open Western Bending Aleira Plath riding Rawlee Ranger




Wednesday 19 February 2014 BUNGENDORE MIRROR www.bungendoremirror.com.au Year 2014/ Week 8/ Page 9


Sellers pleased with B'wood sale Report on the monthly cattle sale held by Braidwood Associated Agents at Braidwood on Friday 6 February 2014, by Paul Costigan of Landmark Daniel Walker

’Hanging Out’ by Barbara Spence and ‘Bungendore’ by Spike Farrawell, from an exhibition of works by four artists showing at Bungendore Fine Art for the month of February Karijini Photographs by Stephen Best Huw Davies Gallery Manuka Circle, Manuka ACT Ongoing exhibition

Leslie Mcintyre Works by Leslie Mcintyre Vivi Muchmore Gallery Foxlow Street, Captains Flat Ongoing exhibition

The four artists Spence, Farrawell, Grieves, Aronsen Bungendore Fine Art Gallery 42B Ellendon Street, B’dore Until end February (6238 1640)

Upfill-Brown, Richardson Works by Upfill-Brown, Richardson B’dore WoodWorks Gallery 18 Malbon Street, Bungendore Ongoing exhibition

Cloudscapes Paintings by Kate Carruthers X Gallery 32 Gibraltar Street, Bungendore Ongoing exhibition (6238 0550)

Philip O'Brien Paintings by Philip O'Brien Foodlovers Market Molonglo Street, Bungendore Ongoing exhibition

Ephemeral and Transient Paintings by Susan Doherty Altenburg&Co 104 Wallace Street, Braidwood Ongoing exhibition (4842 2545)

Summer Firings Pottery by Richard Murray Richard Murray Gallery Solus Street, Braidwood Ongoing exhibition (4842 2130)

The Mirror welcomes details of arts related events held within its distribution area.

The agents yarded 973 cattle made up of 563 scale cattle and 410 store cattle. Buyers travelled from Moruya, Bega, Canberra, Goulburn, Tarago, Yass, Queanbeyan, Harden, Wagga, Moss Vale, and there was also a good following from the Braidwood area. The Store cattle market was made up of a large run of steers and heifers, with a good supply of cows and calves Store cattle summary Cows and Calves sold to a top $800.00 to average $624.00 Steers sold to a top $585.00 to average $380.88 Heifers sold to a top $480.00

to average $310.00 Scale cattle summary Cows up to 500kg average 83.2c/ kg sold to 106.0 c/kg $515.87 Cows over 501kg average 106.3 c/kg sold to 122.0c/kg $890.60 Steers 301kg to 400kg average155.2c/kg sold to 171.0.c/ kg $666.90 Steers 401kg to 500kg average 149.6 c/kg sold to 166.2 c/kg $805.95 Steers over 500kg average142.8c/kg sold to 150.0c/kg $1053.00 Heifers 301kg to 400kg average135.3c/kg sold to 163.00c/kg 592.45 Heifers 401 to 500 kg average 140.8 c/kg sold to 145.0c/kg $591.60 Weaner steers 201kg to 300kg average152.6 c/kg sold to 161.00 c/kg $415.95 Weaner heifers 201kg to 300kg to average 115.6 c/kg sold to Auctioneers taking bids at the February monthly sale at B'wood 150.00 c/kg $413.00

Pasture cropping workshop Hopefuls for LLS Boards Press Release If you have an interest in improving the grazing potential of your property, you are invited to attend a workshop on pasture cropping, to be held at 'Bobar,' Braidwood on Tuesday 11 March. Colin Seis will present information to demonstrate how pasture cropping has the potential to help improve soil health, improve the management and function of pastures and farm profits. “Pasture cropping is the combining of cropping and grazing into one land management system where each one benefits the other. The potential for profit and environmental health in being able to do this are enormous and a lot of landholders in many regions of Australia are showing this to be the case,” Colin Seis said. Participants will have the

opportunity to review information from the 'Bobar' pasture cropping trial, established in 2009 and review the changes occurring within this site. The workshop will also include a paddock inspection and opportunities for discussion with Colin Seis; native grasslands advisor, David Eddy and landholder Jamie Ramm. The workshop will be free and lunch will be provided. To register, or for further information contact Rebecca Bradley (Senior Land Services Officer for the South East Local Land Services at PO Box 9 | ,Braidwood 2622 or (T) 4842 2594 | (F) 4842 2655 (E) rebecca. bradley@lls.nsw.gov.au Please RSVP by no later than Wednesday 5 March 2014. The workshop will be held from 9.30 am-4.00 pm at 'Bobar,' 8299 Kings Highway, Braidwood.

Press Release Nominations for the Local Land Services Board Member elections have now closed, with a strong number of candidates received from across the State. Chair of the Local Land Services Board of Chairs, John Macarthur-Stanham said over 260 nominations have been received, ensuring Local Land Services will be well represented. “The strong interest in the Board Member positions is a good indication that landholders across NSW are invested in the future of agriculture and want to play their part in shaping Local Land Services.” “There is still time to enrol to vote in these elections and I encourage you to do so,” said Mr Macarthur-Stanham. The Palerang local government area is part of the South East Board and the field of 36 candidates includes five current or former Palerang residents; Bill

Bateman (Delegate resident and former Tallaganda councillor), Phillipa Gabelle (Charleyong resident), Mark Horan (Braidwood resident and former Palerang councillor), Ian Peters (Araluen resident) and Alan Walker (Charleyong resident). Enrolment for eligible voters closed at 5pm on 17 February and those who appear on the electoral roll will be invited to vote for the candidates of their choice. Three (3) candidates are to be elected for each of the the regions Board (except for Western which needs four (4) candidates). The election is conducted by postal ballot. Shortly following the close of enrolments, those whose name appears on the electoral roll will receive their ballot papers in the post. To ensure your vote is counted it must be received by 5pm on 12 March 2014. For further information visit www.lls.nsw.gov.au


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Wednesday 19 February 2014 BUNGENDORE MIRROR www.bungendoremirror.com.au Year 2014/ Week 8/ Page 10

Watching the Royals winning At the markets@bungendore LIVE PERFORMANCES IN THE PALERANG DISTRICT

Vanessa and Lucy watching the Bungendore Royals beat the Queanbeyan Hotel on Sunday 9 February

Lucy Hill with her daughter Bronte at the markets@bungendore last Sunday


Action during the Captains Flat Touch Football Competition, played at the Colin Winchester Oval last Wednesday. Results: Koombahla Tavern d Pink Ladies 10-2; Charazand d Niggity Bombshells 5-4; Skinner Welding = Doms Team 4-4; Queanbeyan d Plattout Driveway Services 3-2

Dave and Renee Argaet will be performing at the Royal Hotel, 4 Gibraltar Street, Bungendore, on Sunday 2 March, starting at 4.00pm Friday 21 February Brewn 9.00pm at the Lake George Hotel, 20 Gibraltar Street, Bungendore. Contact 6238 1260

Sunday 2 March Dave and Renee Argaet 4.00pm at the Royal Hotel, 34 Gibraltar Street, Bungendore. Contact 6238 1219

Sunday 23 February The Roys 4.00pm at the Royal Hotel, 34 Gibraltar Street, Bungendore. Contact 6238 1219

Friday 7 March Music and Poetry 7.30pm at the Royal Hotel, 34 Gibraltar Street, Bungendore. Contact 6238 1219

Sunday 23 February Sunday Sessions 3.30pm at the Braidwood Hotel, 180 Wallace Street, Braidwood. Contact 4842 2529

Friday 7 March TBA 9.00pm at the Lake George Hotel, 20 Gibraltar Street, Bungendore. Contact 6238 1260

Friday 28 February TBA 9.00pm at the Lake George Hotel, 20 Gibraltar Street, Bungendore. Contact 6238 1260

Sunday 9 March Sunday Sessions 3.30pm at the Braidwood Hotel, 180 Wallace Street, Braidwood. Contact 4842 2529

The Mirror welcomes details of live related events held within its distribution area.

Sunday Session


in the courtyard

Ring 4842 2529 to register interest in performing

Sunday 23 February at 3.30 pm

180 Wallace Street, Braidwood 4842 2529


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Wednesday 19 February 2014 BUNGENDORE MIRROR www.bungendoremirror.com.au Year 2014/ Week 8/ Page 11


Mudchooks already on the wing

Captains Flat Touch Football Competition organiser Leslie Platt discussing arrangements with one of the players at last Wednesday's round, played at the Colin Winchester Ground

The Mudchooks sevens team at the Crescent Head Sevens Competition recently. REPORT

Thursday 20 February Bungendore Swimming Club 4.10pm at the Bungendore Swimming Pool. Contact 6238 1544

Wednesday 26 February Bungendore Oztag Competition from 6.00pm at the Bungendore and Elmslea Ovals. Contact 6238 3062

Saturday 22 February Social Bowls@Captains Flat From 12 noon at the Captains Flat Bowling Club, Foxlow Street. Contact 6236 6284

Wednesday 26 February Captains Flat Touch Footy 6.45pm at the Colin Winchester Oval, Captains Flat. Contact 0402 867 010

Saturday 22 February Men’s and Women’s Golf@B’wood 12.30pm at the Braidwood Golf Club, Victory Street, Braidwood. Contact 4842 2108

Friday 28 February Burra Cricket 6.00pm at Burra Park, Burra. Contact 6236 3651

Wednesday 26 February Women’s Golf at Braidwood 10.00pm at the Braidwood Golf Club, Victory Street, Braidwood. Contact 4842 2108

Sunday 2 March Wamboin Golf Club 12.00-12.30pm at the Community Hall, Bingley Way, Wamboin. Contact 6238 3358

The Mirror welcomes details of sports related events held within its distribution area.

Win brings dancing in the street By Scott Preston A great day of pub cricket was again played by the Bungendore Royals at the ECG on Sunday 9 February. This time we took on the might of Queanbeyan. The Top Pub was coming to us after a win last week against Walsh’s Hotel and they were thirsty for another scalp. The cricket was great, the weather was hot and the beer was ice cold. Bungendore Royals batted first. Chris Gavel retired (again) on 55 and showed us all that he has plenty of class. Frank Palombi retired hurt due to an ‘old man injury’(OMI) on 38. Someone overheard a conversation saying that the pretty boy didn’t really hurt himself and he just wanted to protect his average. Sandy hit 39, Hobba smacked a quick 24, and with a total of 226 the Royals were

“Dancing in the street continued all night until Shaken took his shirt off. Reality then set in and everyone went home.”


Mark Osarek Licensed builder NSW Lic: 149698C · ACT Lic: 19926069 Email: mojoconstructions@bigpond.com

Tel: 0411 647 697

Dancing in the street continued all night until Shaken took his shirt off. Reality then set in and everyone went home. Next game is on 23 February against Walsh’s Hotel. It is the pink stump day, with the proceeds for the day going to the McGrath Foundation for breast cancer, so we hope to see you all there!

B'dore Royals’ Mark Roberts

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15/03/10 7:49 PM

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needed for the final couple of looking pretty good and feeling overs. Victor and Brett got the last confident! After lunch and a few refresh- two wickets which meant, at the last over, the Queanbeyan Hotel ments at the Royal Hotel, Brett got both the Queanbeyan Hotel needed 18 runs. Brett saved the day. The Bungendore Royals won openers out in the third over by 10 runs, drank from the VB cup and things were looking good. all night, and there was dancing But two of the Queanbeyan's in the streets. The boat race was batsmen for had something close too, but the video camera different in mind. Chris retired didn’t lie, and the Royals still mainon 51 and Jeremy scored a nice tain their unbeaten status! 29. This was backed up with a handy 28 by Robin, and 27 by Hoppo, and the total of 226 was looking under threat. Because of the hot day, the spectators didn’t hang around. A few overs of watching and then back to the air-conditioning of their homes, but those who hung around saw some great cricket. Harry West, filling in for his first game for the Royals, showed plenty of potential bowling straight and proving hard to hit, as did Anthony. But the big guns were


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French cooking classes available in Bungendore For a tour brochure or more information please contact: Christophe and Josephine Gregoire, Le Très Bon Restaurant 40 Malbon St, Bungendore NSW 2621 Ph 02 6238 0662 www.letresbon.com.au Email: info@letresbon.com.au




Wednesday 19 February 2014 BUNGENDORE MIRROR www.bungendoremirror.com.au Year 2014/ Week 8/ Page 12

DISTRICT WEATHER Bunyips gave final their best shot PALERANG THIS WEEK'S FORECAST WED THU BRAIDWOOD Rain increasing Mostly sunny 12oC/30oC 10oC/23oC 80% / 1-5 mm 40% / < 1 mm 21 kph/N 16 kph/W 47% 30%


Mostly sunny 6oC/22oC 70% / 1-5 mm 11 kph/E 43%

Mostly sunny 7oC/23oC 30% / < 1 mm 14 kph/ESE 42%

Mostly sunny 7oC/24oC 10% / 1-5 mm 15 kph/ENE 50%

Fog then sunny Possible rain 9oC/26oC 10oC/26oC (1) 50% / < 1 mm 70% / 1-5 mm (2) 13 kph/NNE 1n kph/N (3) 55% (4) 47%

Possible rain 6oC/25oC 40% / 1-5 mm 12 kph/ENE 35%

Mostly sunny 8oC/27oC 10% / < 1 mm 16 kph/ESE 38%

Mostly sunny 9oC/27oC 20% / < 1 mm 16 kph/ENE 40%

Mostly sunny 10oC/29oC 30% / 1-5 mm 13 kph/NW 38%

Mostly sunny 6oC/22oC 70% / 1-5 mm 11 kph/E 43%

Mostly sunny 7oC/23oC 30% / < 1 mm 14 kph/ESE 42%

Mostly sunny 7oC/24oC 10% / 1-5 mm 15 kph/ENE 50%

Fog then sunny Possible rain 9oC/26oC 10oC/26oC (1) 50% / < 1 mm 70% / 1-5 mm (2) 13 kph/NNE 1n kph/N (3) 55% (4) 47%

Possible rain 8oC/24oC 40% / 1-5 mm 13 kph/E 40%

Possible rain 11oC/25oC 40% / < 1 mm 17 kph/ESE 42%

Possible rain 11oC/24oC 20% / < 1 mm 18 kph/E 48%

Possible rain 11oC/27oC 20% / 1-5 mm 14 kph/NNW 42%

Mostly sunny 6oC/22oC 70% / 1-5 mm 11 kph/E 43%

Mostly sunny 7oC/23oC 30% / < 1 mm 14 kph/ESE 42%

Mostly sunny 7oC/24oC 10% / 1-5 mm 15 kph/ENE 50%

Fog then sunny Possible rain 9oC/26oC 10oC/26oC (1) 50% / < 1 mm 70% / 1-5 mm (2) 13 kph/NNE 1n kph/N (3) 55% (4) 47%

Possible rain 17oC/21oC 50% / NA 15 kph/SE 64%

Rain clearing 16oC/23oC 40% / NA 19 kph/SE 59%

Possible rain 17oC/23oC 30% / NA 14 kph/E 58%

Possible rain 18oC/27oC 40% / NA 22 kph/NE 58%

BUNGENDORE Poss. thunderstorm Mostly sunny 14oC/29oC 10oC/23oC 60% / 1-5 mm 5% / < 1 mm 27 kph/WNW 25 kph/W 47% 30%

Mostly sunny 12oC/30oC (1) 70% / 1-5 mm (2) 14 kph/NNW (3) 43% (4)

CAPTAINS FLAT The Bunyips with the Runners-Up Cup. Captain David Boyd is second from the right Mudchooks already on wing P11 The 2014 year has commenced for the Bungendore Rugby Football Club with a win in the Lt Col Jack Fletcher Memorial Tug-of-War Competition at the Bungendore Show, participation in the Crescent Head Sevens Tournament, the annual general meeting and the start of preseason training. Earlier this month the Mudchooks took a sevens team to Crescent Head rather than going on the big trip to Darwin as in the past two years. However, the local boys found the competition even tougher than Darwin with the team playing three games without managing a win. Nevertheless the trip was a success from a pre-season preparation and

fitness training point of view. Special thanks to the trip sponsors Royal Hotel, Braidwood Soil Construction Services, Supa Glass and Udo’s Bungendore Computer Services. The annual general meeting was held on 10 February with Garry Cook being returned as club president, Peter Callander elected senior vice president, Sandy Beggs junior vicepresident/treasurer, Alison Cook secretary/registrar and James Pryde club captain. David McDonald has been re-appointed head coach assisted by Sio Langi. The 2014 season Monaro competition draw has been released with the competition consisting of five teams playing three rounds. It will commence on Saturday 2 May with C5

By Penny Sillis The Lake George Bungendore Bunyips unfortunately couldn’t back up with a repeat performance on Saturday 21 December. Having beaten the Coolavin Cowboys the week before, the boys missed a number of chances in the Goulburn Cricket Second Grade Competition One Day Final. The Cowboys batted first, for a total of 114. Excellent bowling by Dan Bozic, with 6 for 18, gave our boys some momentum going into bat. ‘Nads’ Thivy was

the Bunyips top scorer, with 22, followed by Steve Duhigg on 16. A middle order collapse saw the ‘Yips with a total of 82. The boys were magnanimous in defeat, promising the Cowboys a return bout in the season proper, which begins in the New Year. The Cowboys have finally won the One Day Final, after 13 years of competing in the Second Grade. Well done to the Lake George Bungendore Bunyips for getting into the final, and giving it their best shot!

C4 Bungendore playing a home game against Jindabyne, and finishing on 6 September with the grand final. Pre-season training has commenced with training runs being held every Tuesday and

Thursday nights at 6.30pm at Mick Sherd Oval. All interested players are welcome to come along to training and should contact the coach on 0422 896 507. By Garry Cook

BUNGENDORE SENIOR OZTAG REPORT By Ken Gordon It was a real mix of results as we get half-way through this part of the competition. We had our first draw since the break and some very close results, as well as a few high scoring games. It is still great to see the spirit in which the majority of the games are played and the support provided by players and families.

Round ten results Bush Bashers 5 = Killa Beez 5 Southern Hoes 5 d Mudrunners 4 RamRod 7 d Shake n Bake 5 Q-Town Jets 6 d Victorious Secret 3 Connors Trophys 8 d Mukka Madboys 3 Hit n Run 7 d The Phanny Pack 0 Sporties Allstars 10 d Out of Hand 4 Get In2It Plumbing 14 d TJ's Taggers 6

8 Shades of Grey 16 d Bungaroos 6 Mighty Maxxis 13 d COG 2 T-Nuk 13 d The Potentials 2 Sutton Slammers 15 d Linray 1 Round eleven games (19.2.2014) Elmslea Oval 6.00 Connors Trophys V T-Nuk 6.00 Mukka Madboys V Southern Hoes 6.50 Hit n Run V TJ's Taggers 6.50 Out of Hand V The Phanny Pack

Bungendore Oval 6.00 Bevans Tribes V Bungaroos 6.00 Killa Beez V Linray 6.50 RamRod V Sutton Slammers 6.50 8 Shades of Grey V Get In2It Plumbing 7.40 Mighty Maxxis V Mudrunners 7.40 Bush Bashers V Shake n Bake 8.30 Victorious Secret V COG 8.30 Q-Town Jets V The Potentials

Action during the round ten games of the Bungendore Senior Oztag Competition, played at the Bungendore Oval last Wednesday

Rain increasing Mostly sunny 12oC/30oC 10oC/23oC 80% / 1-5 mm 40% / < 1 mm 21 kph/N 16 kph/W 47% 30%

COLLECTOR Poss. thunderstorm Sunny 16oC/29oC 12oC/22oC 60% / 1-5 mm 10% / < 1 mm 23 kph/NNW 25 kph/W 52% 33%

Mostly sunny 13oC/28oC (1) 70% / 5-10 mm (2) 15 kph/WNW (3) 46% (4)

KRAWARREE Rain increasing Mostly sunny 12oC/30oC 10oC/23oC 80% / 1-5 mm 40% / < 1 mm 21 kph/N 16 kph/W 47% 30%

NERRIGA Poss. thunderstorm Sunny 16oC/29oC 17oC/25oC 60% / 1-5 mm 60% / NA 23 kph/NNW 15 kph/ESE 52% 49%

(1) Temperature/ maximum, minimum (2) Rain/ chance, likely amount (3) Wind/ speed, direction [pm] (4) Relative humidity [pm]

LAST WEEK'S RAINFALL Week(1) Month Year So far Average(2) So far Average (3) Araluen 22.0 25.0 59.0 63.0 526.4 Braidwood 37.8 39.4 52.8 44.2 502.4 Bungendore 54.6 57.6 40.8 65.4 534.2 Burra 25.0 25.5 NA 31.5 NA Captains Flat 30.0 37.4 51.9 43.4 604.6 Charleys Forest 42.0 44.0 NA 59.0 NA Collector 94.0 97.0 38.1 110.5 463.7 Krawarree 18.0 22.0 68.6 28.0 672.7 Nerriga 31.0 32.0 58.3 42.0 580.5 Taylors Creek 52.0 53.0 NA 64.0 NA (1) Reading is taken at 9.00am on Tuesday (2) Long term average for month (3) Long term average for year

Reference towns and localities