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Our Talent.

Adam Fortner

Adam Fortner is a stylist based in Austin. After a career in the magazine industry, he combined his love of architecture, objects, and photography into a new vocation. Several years and hundreds of beautiful photos later, he thinks he might be on to something.



Tolly Moseley

Tolly Moseley is a writer and reporter based in Austin, Texas. She is the author of the forthcoming The HUNT: Austin (Spring 2014), an aspiring home cook and possessor of a black thumb. Her work has appeared in Salon, Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine, the Austin AmericanStatesman and on her parents’ refrigerator.

Christi Minter

Christi Minter weaves her background in design and photography with a communication and marketing degree to turn personal stories and concepts into powerful visuals that her clients can proudly call their own. Christi thrives on seeing the world through a different set of lenses as she collaborates with people and organizations, chronicling their stories into a unique brand.


Aubry Roach is a fashion and art photographer/makeup artist in the Dallas area. Picking up a camera and makeup brushes as young as 11 years old, Aubry has a distinct vision and passion for what he does. With a strong belief that art has no limitations, Aubry’s work stays fresh and eye-catching. His photography can be found in various magazines and Internet publications. To keep up with him or view his full portfolio, visit www.

Bungalow Magazine Winter 2014  

A quarterly home magazine created for the vibrant urban lifestyle of Texas.

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