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medics follo talkhealth is one of the UK’s leading online health communities, providing free interactive support and information on a wide range of health conditions. Our audience is predominantly patients and carers looking for the latest information, products and services connected to specific chronic health conditions.

let’s talk health!

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New look, new website... brand new opportunities! We’ve invested heavily into our brand and website to meet the growing need of patients and carers seeking condition and treatment information in order to take control of their chronic health condition in a positive way.

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talkhealth provides in-depth, trusted information on a wide range of chronic ailments and health concerns. It is an interactive platform for connecting with like-minded individuals as well as healthcare experts to talk about current health issues, products, services and treatments. Our active community of patients, carers, healthcare professionals, charities and celebrities contributes daily to the talkhealth blog, 16+ specialist health forums and on Twitter and Facebook. Offers, freebies, and links with high profile charities increases our visibility, and our unique NHS-partnered Online Clinics are groundbreaking in the online health arena.

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Advertise with talkhealth — one of the UK’s leading online health communities.

your advertising opportunities 6+ condition-specific health hubs ...offering you precisely targeted advert placement 16+ condition-specific forums ...enabling you to sponsor topics relevant to you Monthly Online Clinics in association with NHS Choices and 75+ participating clinicians ...sponsor a Clinic for authoritative placement Network of 65+ bloggers, including medical experts & celebrities ...offering viral marketing opportunities Over 70 offers, freebies & surveys per year ...perfect for product promotion, sampling and consumer research Active on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn... ...we maximise opportunities across all social media channels to drive traffic to our site... and to your product or service.

Feature opportunities start from only £250 — let’s talk today, call us: 0870 042 9500

look who’s talking We’re a growing community of patients, carers, bloggers, We’re reaching out talkhealth has developed into a vibrant community engaging daily across its extended network. Our membership comprises: ✓ mostly patients, carers and healthcare professionals ✓ 86% UK-based ✓ 95% spread broadly across 26 – 65 year olds ✓ a steadily increasing male proportion ...actively seeking information, resource, support – and solutions – to help manage chronic conditions.

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Advertise with talkhealth — one of the UK’s leading online health communities.

Member distribution and demographics, October 2012

M: 25% F: 75%

UK: 86% USA: 8%

Others: 14%

< 25


Rest of world: 5%


36 – 45


56 – 65 >65

Carers: 13%


46 – 55 Australia: 1%

Medics: 5%


26 – 35


Patients: 68%

charities, sponsors... plus medical experts and NHS Choices advertise with talkhealth to... Reach key target markets ...from patients and their carers to medical experts, increase exposure and awareness of your product or service Get the benefits of our social networking ...we tweet, blog and facebook for maximum reach, hits and cross-linking Leverage your brand ...sponsor our initiatives co-branded with high profile charities as well as NHS Choices.

Opportunities start with a FREE directory listing, call us for information: 0870 042 9500

health centres... on Our condition-specific health hubs offer you highly targeted advertising opportunities. On-topic information, resources... and conversations The specificity our health hubs offer enables you to place your product or service directly before those actively seeking the solutions you provide. The array of content within each health hub – including NHS-syndicated content – offers multiple advertising opportunities. From leaderboards, slides and banners... through to bespoke full page advertorials, talkhealth offers precise contexts for your brand or promotion.

...with more hubs launching soon!


Advertise with talkhealth — one of the UK’s leading online health communities.


your advertising opportunities Condition-specific health hubs ...offering you precisely targeted advert placement relevant to your product or service Advertorials / Disease-Awareness pages ...feature pages to raise brand and product awareness in highly relevant locations Directory Listings ...Entry level advertising, from free listings to enhanced entries Leaderboard, MPUs & Banners ...Prominent slots to get you noticed across relevant health hubs, or sitewide Factsheets, Videos, e-Newsletters & Posters ...valuable resources for you to provide or co-brand.

discounted packages available We’ll help you tailor a bespoke package to suit your budget, brand and marketing strategy – call us and let’s talk health!

Let’s talk about strategy-based advertising for maximum impact, call: 0870 042 9500

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online clinics your unique sponsorship opportunity, only available with talkhealth talkhealth is breaking new ground in hosting the first ever live Online Clinics for key chronic health conditions such as Mental Health, Contraception, Skin Cancer and Prostate Disease.

advertise with talkhealth to...

Clinics are promoted across social channels and by all partners involved for maximum uptake, and their global hits reflect the recognition and authority bestowed by the NHS’ involvement and their participating medical experts.

Sponsor an Online Clinic ...position your brand atop an NHSlinked medical forum with keystone charity partners

Clinics are partnered by high profile UK-based charities and each offers headline sponsorship opportunities so your brand can benefit by association with these relevant charities, as well as the NHS.

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Secure advertising hotspots ...leaderboards across the entire clinic Benefit by association ...present your brand alongside the NHS and charity partners on the clinic’s info page.

Advertise with talkhealth — take advantage of our unique NHS partnership: let’s talk

health on 0870 042 9500

freebies, offers, trials & surveys Product launches, promotions, consumer data... results! talkhealth can help you promote specific products and services as well as collecting feedback from a highly targeted audience. Advertising opportunities start from providing product samples, taking an advertorial / disease awareness page, to offering a discount code to our members in â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;mytalkhealthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;.

advertise with talkhealth to... Promote your product ...increase exposure and awareness of your product or service among patients, carers and healthcare professionals

Surveys, trial and focus group campaigns provide direct feedback, whilst our bespoke trials offer in-depth customer feedback analysis reports, face-to-face meetings and customer testimonials.Â

Collect valuable consumer data ...each of our promotions collects data from, on average, 2,800 respondents

Following promotional activity, whichever approach you take, talkhealth can provide a marketing list of respondents... each happy to be contacted directly.

Have us market your brand ...we tweet, blog and facebook for maximum reach, hits and crosslinking, promoting your offer in our ongoing social media activities.


Advertise with talkhealth today

everybody loves a freebie! Letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s talk health on 0870 042 9500

forums, blogs & social media We’re hands-on in spreading the word Understanding that chronic health conditions can be very alienating, talkhealth provides vital interactive resources for patients, carers and healthcare professionals to interact and support each other. Our clients’ products and services are frequently discussed among our members and followers: your advert can start a new conversation... and there’s nothing more powerful than a personal recommendation. talkhealth interacts with its audience through key digital channels to provide fresh, updated content from our in-house team, forum participants and co-bloggers... and benefits from being shared by all their respective networks across Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and beyond.

60+ active bloggers


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Advertise with talkhealth — and share our active, growing social network.

advertise with talkhealth and... Sponsor a forum ...be visible in the most interactive parts of our site where members discuss issues that your product or service may help Enjoy the benefits of our social networking ...we tweet, blog and facebook for maximum reach, hits and cross-linking. Our site’s reach is far beyond its membership - extending to the networks of all our followers and bloggers — including patients, carers, charities and medical experts.

our blog is now available on amazon.co.uk for kindle readers — with all proceeds to our partner charities

go viral with talkhealth! Feature opportunities start from only £50, call 0870 042 9500

talking helps talkhealth have helped millions of people understand and learn to manage life with their chronic conditions. To date, weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve started online conversations and put patients in touch with other sufferers, medical experts, organisations and companies like yours for information, support and treatments. Our network extends to include some of the foremost and highest profile UK health-related charities. You can benefit not only from their co-branding, but also from their promotion of the initiatives they support.

letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s talk health together!


Advertise with talkhealth â&#x20AC;&#x201D; we can tailor a package to suit your promotion and budg

I would just like to thank you for creating such a wonderful website. My partner didn’t want to ‘talk’ to other people who had also been diagnosed with prostate cancer so I did it for him . Your site gave me access to the top surgeons who gave us the information we both needed – so helpful . I can’t praise the site enough and will be spreading the word. Thank you very much. You’ve been a Godsend. Hilary (Nov ‘11)

get. Feature opportunities start from only £50 — let’s talk today, call us: 0870 042 9500

opportunities Promotions, consumer insight, online conversations... start talking health! From Leaderboards to full Advertorial pages... MPUs to Directory entries... Online Clinics to consumer insight Surveys... promote your brand, product or service with talkhealth and place yourself directly before the most relevant, intentional audience actively seeking help. We can tailor an approach employing our diverse range of options to suit your marketing goals. Condition-specific deployment or site-wide presence, you can take over entire pages or sections for maximum click-throughs. talkhealth’s branding & design partner can work with you on artwork and messaging to give best results for your marketing spend.

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opportunities with talkhealth... Advertising ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

Leaderboards MPU banners Free / Enhanced Directory Entries Advertorial / Disease-Awareness pages Factsheets Videos Newsletter insertion

Sponsorship ✓ NHS Choices Online Clinics ✓ talkhealth forums

Surveys & Trials Freebies & Offers

Advertise with talkhealth — tailored packages to suit your promotion and budget.

Letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s talk today: 0870 042 9500

For more details on how to promote your brand, product or service on talkhealth, please contact us directly: 0870 042 9500 talkhealthpartnership.com info@talkhealthpartnership.com @talkhealth @onlineclinics @healthfreebie talkhealth find us on Facebook

letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s talk health! www.talkhealthpartnership.com


Profile for Bungalow Industries

talkhealth partnership  

talkhealth partnership's new marketing brochure, November 2012. Designed & copywritten by Bungalow Industries.

talkhealth partnership  

talkhealth partnership's new marketing brochure, November 2012. Designed & copywritten by Bungalow Industries.