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How we think Our vision is to influence society through the identification of a new breed of leaders for a changing world.

Perrett Laver connects some of the world’s most influential and vibrant organisations with some of the world’s most dynamic leaders – connections based on a common set of values and a shared vision for the future. As a firm we have moved away from the purely transactional relationship that so typifies our industry, in favour of forging genuinely close partnerships with our clients.

The new leadership challenge Organisations of all shapes and

We believe that authentic leadership

sizes face a greater breadth of

is critical in building successful

responsibilities and challenges

organisations and is only found

than ever before, and must build a

where personal and corporate values

leadership capability that can both

meet to create a common passion

manage these issues and seize the

and purpose.

opportunities they present. The new leadership challenge This new leadership challenge can

tells us that a constantly changing

only be met by people who not only

world requires a more imaginative

have the relevant experience, but

leadership response; one

who are also intrinsically aligned

unconstrained by rigid thinking,

with the organisation’s culture,

bias and partisan prejudice.

purpose and ambitions.

Globalisation, increased transparency, the clamour for authenticity and sustainability; the demands of today’s world are very different to those of yesterday

The success of an organisation has been shown to relate directly to the motivation of its leaders

Values drivers and societal impact We believe that today’s authentic

Founded upon groundbreaking

leaders can come from anywhere, not

research in some of the world’s leading

just the obvious list in front of you.

psychology departments, we deploy a

That’s why we undertake uniquely

narrative-based tool throughout all our

creative research that transcends

work which helps us to understand and

traditional sector boundaries to

appreciate candidates’ core motivations

identify leaders whose personal values

when pursuing a particular role.

are aligned with those of our clients. By going far beyond the CV, Recognising the importance that

demonstrable competencies and

a search firm has when helping

historic performance, and by exploring

its clients identify leaders of this

each candidate’s true potential,

kind, Perrett Laver has developed a

capabilities and beliefs, we deliver

unique approach to the identification

leaders who will be both inspired by the

of the core values drivers expressed

role they undertake and inspirational

by candidates.

to the wider organisation.

Global reach Our philosophy of search without borders applies as much to geography as it does to industry verticals. The world is now one stage and many of the highest performers available to our clients will be found beyond the UK. In a hyper-connected world, the ability to identify candidates wherever they may be is a basic requirement of effective executive search. But at its heart lies something of a conundrum: can the insights of your executive search partner survive the journey intact to a candidate thousands of miles away? Many firms effectively outsource international assignments, resulting

in people acting on your behalf whom you have never met and who have no understanding of your organisation. Perrett Laver takes a different approach by punctuating our globalised horizons with expertise drawn from our colleagues in some of the best executive search firms around the world. Responsibility for every aspect of a global search sits exclusively with our UK-based consultants and multilingual researchers. Having been briefed by you, it is this team that will personally deliver every element of the assignment – drawing as much on the global perspective of our domestic team as on the insight, experience and wisdom of our overseas partners – but ultimately conducting all direct contact with candidates themselves. As well as ensuring your organisation is accurately represented at every stage, this enables us to measure each candidate against the realities of the UK environment.

A philosophy of search without borders or boundaries

A limited perspective leads to limited results

Cross-sectoral perspectives The era of the silo mentality has

We can bring experience and contacts


gained from advising world-class commercial organisations to bear

It is simply not appropriate for an

on assignments in the not-for-profit

organisation to limit its pool of potential

sector and vice-versa, proposing

candidates to those with a monotone

a radically different vision for

industry background. Leading

executive search in not restricting

organisations across any sector have

our consultants to work in silo-ed

to ensure that there is diversity of

‘practice groups’.

experience, perspective and background within their senior management cadre.

Our belief is that leadership can be identified in every environment and

We believe that through the sheer

be brought to bear effectively in many

breadth of our track record we are

more. We never want to have a closed

ideally placed to deliver the greatest

mind when thinking about where the

value for our clients.

best possible candidate may be found.

Diversity is about methodology The efficacy of our values-based approach to executive search is contingent upon the use of innovative research methodologies to seek out the best talent wherever it may be found. The objective for every assignment is to explore candidates from a wide variety of backgrounds to unearth those people who genuinely reflect the needs and values of the client’s organisation. We have a consistent track record of promoting diversity above and beyond best practice and legal obligations.

It is part of the unique philosophy that runs through everything we do. This is not tokenism. It is simply a pragmatic response to the question, ‘Where can I find the very best candidate for this role?’ We believe in actions, not words; meritocratic hires, not quotas. A commitment to diversity underpins every search we conduct. We guide clients on current legislation and best practice, as well as on relevant advertising and search strategies. All of our methodologies guarantee a fair and open competition.

Leading organisations across any sector have to ensure that there is diversity of experience, perspective and background within their senior management cadre

Different people for a different world

Perrett Laver is a leading generalist executive search firm.

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Perrett Laver - How We Think  

Perrett Laver's corporate book.

Perrett Laver - How We Think  

Perrett Laver's corporate book.