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Our world is filled with amazing people, fascinating places and wonderful organizations that work toward building a peaceful and beautiful place to live. We all play a role that may seem small but can make an enormous impact. If U want to learn more about those who are making this world an even better place, read your digital copy (or request print). Your digital copy is always free! We are ready to show U how U can become a change-maker! We can’t wait to meet U! Looking beyond today’s agenda to inspire, enlighten and encourage authenticity through Philanthropy, Education, Action, Compassion, Evolution, Charity, Optimism, Responsibility and Enthusiasm (P.E.A.C.E.C.O.R.E. Inc.), bUneke Magazine shares positive information that makes U feel good. Founded by industry professionals, this 501c3 tax-exempt organization features charitable organizations and individuals who make our shared planet a better place to live. We bring U news about unique humans and corporations with a philanthropic outlook to their business plans and align our brand with other parties that advocate for children, animals, veterans, the homeless, our environment and living authentic lives, among a multitude of other fantastic stories! Do U have good suggestions or tips U would like to share? Submit your ideas on our website or email Read your digital copy TODAY and start making a difference! Always free of charge. bUneke Magazine is a monthly publication. We are not responsible for the return or loss of or for damage or any other injury to unsolicited manuscripts, unsolicited artwork (including, but not limited to) drawings, photographs or any other unsolicited material. Those submitting manuscripts, photographs, artwork or other materials for consideration should not send originals, unless specifically requested, in writing, to do so by bUneke Magazine. If you want your submitted materials returned, they must be accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope with adequate postage.

PEACECORE, Inc. is the 501c3 organization that provides a free media outlet for other nonprofit groups and charitable organizations that might not otherwise receive the recognition they deserve for doing good in this world. To do this, PEACECORE, Inc. uses a tool called bUneke Magazine, a free, interactive, digital publication. A print verison is avaiable for a small fee. We tell stories about amazing people doing extraordinary things every day and we need your help to spread their messages. We find these people and organizations with dedicated research, through word-of-mouth and when we attend meaningful events such as conferences, conventions, tournaments, festivals and other celebrations. These gatherings give us the opportunities to not only showcase our work, but it gives us the chance to meet the people and businesses or organizations that are important to U. If U have an upcoming event and would like bUneke Magazine to attend, contact to discuss the best way to give your event optimal coverage and exposure.


bUneke Magazine is an educational resource based on the personal experiences and opinions of contributing writers and special guest features, and is in no way offered as legal advice. It is up to the reader to thoroughly research all suggestions, opinions and offerings presented in the articles. Address all editorial, business and production correspondence to: P.E.A.C.E.C.O.R.E. INC, 4520 Deanna Ct., Merritt Island, FL 32953. For permissions and reprint requests, please email: Copyright 2018. All rights reserved. Printed in the USA. Vol. 1 • No. 5

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bUneke Magazine Oct 2018  

Oct 2018 Highlights • Growing Fresh Herbs • Blessing Bag Ministry • Variety is the Spice of Life • Express Yourself • Un-contaminating our...

bUneke Magazine Oct 2018  

Oct 2018 Highlights • Growing Fresh Herbs • Blessing Bag Ministry • Variety is the Spice of Life • Express Yourself • Un-contaminating our...

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