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The Look

The details… 1. I loved the bedspread you picked and suggest using the grey/steel blue color that is part of the medallion motif as your wall color. This will keep a soothing base behind the funky print & bright accessories I am suggesting. I’d also like to see a special design painted on two walls opposite the wall your headboard would rest. (see the attached diagram for paint layout). The motif could be stamped in evenly spaced vertical lines in a fresh bright white. I can pick up an antique wooden Indonesian stamp at our flea market here in NYC for around $40 if you are interested. After using the stamp it works great as a decorative accessory on a shelf or dresser. 2. To keep the youthful, ethnic vibe going I would suggest this knitted pouf in deep orange from CB2. 3. I thought this mirror worked perfectly mimicking the patterns throughout the room. I would suggest replacing the silver ribbon with an orange ribbon to match pouf & bedspread. This can be picked up from your local craft store. 4. I would suggest getting some white throw pillows to also create a little calm among the bed linens. Similar pillows to the picture can be found inexpensively at Homegoods, Target, etc. 5. I chose this white four poster bed from Ikea because of the clean lines & the fact that it does not require a bedframe, only a mattress. I’ve seen this bed in a room & loved it! 6. The white dresser is also from Ikea, it provides tons of storage and is on legs so the design compliments the bed. The mirror would look very nice hung above for a “vanity” feel and would be useful when her sister is hogging the bathroom. 7. This silver lamp carries on the exotic feel and was found on on clearance! 8. There isn’t too much need for more accessories but some silver picture frames with favorite photos & an Ikea lantern or two would be excellent finishing touches to the room. I hope you enjoy the design; I’m very impressed with your taste for exotic patterns & fun color! Hope to see the finished space soon! -Court

Sweet/Unique Tori's Bedroom Design  

June 2010 - Kid's Bedroom Design