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MATT RECKON’S HE’S GOT A LOT TO LEARN ABOUT LOVE Matt tells us he likes rave music, he loves a night out clubbing, says he's an oldfashioned romantic, and even believes that he is especially good at painting! But what if these things aren't true? Are we being tricked into believing the artist is all that he says he is? Selfless Portraits by Brisbane-based artist, Matt Malone is a fun and interesting look at popular culture, advertising and society’s relationships and views of celebrities as a marketable commodity – asking the question, to believe or not to believe? The exhibition which opens at the Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery this Wednesday night the 14th July, seeks to make known the role played by the media in constructing identities that can then be marketed for public consumption - the most common subjects being celebrities and their private lives. “This series [Selfless Portraits] reveals my interest in the way the reader or audience starts to have a relationship with a public figure or celebrity. Even with no first hand experience people begin to relate to them based on their empathy,” says Matt. The works in Selfless Portraits are text-based paintings and drawings that mimic the style of the source material. The quotes are lifted from published celebrity ‘fan’ books and then doctored with ‘Matt’ standing in for the celebrity. The works suggest that the quotes are now from ‘Matt’ spoken in the third person and are statements on his experience of love and relationships, likes and dislikes, and everyday life in general.

“The viewer is placed in a point of reference with ‘Matt’ through the text. Similar to the basis for most relationships is a feeling of identifying with another person and their experience of life. We relate to one another through our empathy for the other’s situation,” says Matt. The ‘Selfless portrait’ brings into question the identities that we are familiar with through the media and questions the truth behind these constructed portraits. The slick font styling and designer layout of the text reminds us of a marketing campaign. It all sounds too good to be true. Which means it often is. Has Matt somehow constructed an identity beyond that of the actual artist? Matt is currently employed as an Exhibitions Project Officer at the University of Queensland Art Museum in Brisbane. He also established Oldspace artist studios in 2008 located in Brisbane. [ENDS]

Selfless Portraits opens Wednesday 14 July at 5pm at the Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery | Exhibition continues until 29 August 2010 1 Barolin St | Entry is free. For further enquiries or to arrange an interview, please contact Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery Marketing Officer, Chloe Camilleri on [07] 4130 4750 or via email