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Antarctic Expeditions: ANARE

Explore equipment from Australian scientists working in the Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions in the mid to late 20th century. SCIENCE: Science knowledge can develop through collaboration and connecting ideas across the disciplines of science (Year 7 Nature and Development of Science)

Artefacts                      

Balaclava: Wool Biscuits Bowl: Aluminium Chocolate: Cashew Nut, Cadbury Crampons: Pair Fork: Steel Freeze Dried: Beef Steaks Freeze Dried: Carrots, Diced Freeze Dried: Strawberries Innersole: Nylon Mesh Mitt: Inner, Wool Mitts: Over, Oilskin with Cotton Lining, Pair Mug: Enamel Overpants: Windproof, Ventile Parka: Windproof, Ventile Plate: Aluminium Plate: Enamel Rope: Sledge & Carabiner Singlet: Long Sleeved Sock: Knitted, Wool Spoon: Steel Tea: Instant, Bushells

Replicas 

Mask: Blizzard

Printed Resources  

Antarctica: Secrets of the Frozen World, Pages 1-16 The AAP Mawson's Hut Foundation: Pages 1-8


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